Dinner For Two Ch. 02

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Aiden Starr

Denna slowly walked, feeling as though she would trip along the way. Her legs were heavy, not quite under her as she took a deep breath, passing the bar. Her nipples scratched at the inside of her dress as it slid against her body while she moved. Her skin was on fire, boiling just below the surface. Her teeth pierced her bottom lip, still feeling and tasting his passion that had been pressed against them only minutes ago. Her shoulder length hair, tickled her neck, reminding her of his firm grip, holding her in the tight embrace.

“Okay, you can do this. Just act normal. How hard can it be?” she muffled the words under her breath as she began smile, talking through her teeth.

Denna neared the booth, the gentleman and his date not visible, as she past the waitress along the way.

“No need to look at him. I’ll just sit down and focus on Brian.” she said, trying to convince herself.

Approaching the booth, she fixed her stare toward Brian, sliding around into her seat. “Hope I didn’t miss dinner.” Denna said, wondering how long she’d been gone.

“Nah. Women always take awhile when in the bathroom…” Brian chuckled and then winked, letting her off the hook.

Denna lifted her leg, crossing it at the knee, she felt the white heat, kissing her lips beneath the laced thong she wore. Shifting her weight, appearing to get comfortable, she pressed her hands flat against the padded booth. There was no escape from it, the wetness was trapped and pressed against the one thing he hadn’t touched. She bit at her lip again, fighting back the feeling to sigh with pleasure.

“…Are you alright? Your skin is flushed.” Brian said, looking concerned.

“I’m fine, it’s just a little warm in here I guess.” Denna answered quickly, trying to change the subject.

“If you’re warm, then why do you have goose bumps?” Brian said, baffled.

“Hmm…” Denna felt stumped, flustered and unsure of what to say. “…Good question.” she giggled, hoping he’d drop it.

“I actually ordered for you.” Brian said, picking up the conversation.

“Oh? Really?” Denna smiled, taking a breath in relief.

“Yeah. Jen had said that you weren’t picky. So, I took a chance.” Brian said, looking satisfied with his choice.

“Well, I guess I’m in for a treat then.” Denna winked, picking up her filled wine glass.

“You already ordered another glass?” she smiled, not recalling if she had finished it all before leaving for the bathroom.

“Yes I did. Was that okay?” Brian looked worried. “Be careful Brian, I’m starting to like you.” she giggled, thinking to herself.

“Absolutely perfect!” Denna replied, taking a big swallow, watching him smile.

“It would have been better if I wasn’t drinking alone.” Denna shivered, just realizing how that might have sounded.

“I have to work in the morning. I don’t want a hang over.” he said, looking over to see the waiter standing at their table.

Denna sighed, feeling as though she was on a date with herself.

Setting the large serving tray down on top of a tray holder, the waiter leaned forward, placing Brian’s plate of food in front of him. Denna caught a glimpse of the gentleman’s table. He was no where to be found. The redhead sat there, sipping at her fruity drink, playing with her straw, patiently waiting for his return.

“How come you’re not back yet? Where did you go? Were you waiting for me to get back to my table first?” thoughts rushed through Denna’s mind.

The waiter placed Denna’s plate in front of her. “Sides are hot, don’t burn yourself.” the waiter said, removing the potholder from the side of the plate. Denna studied her plate, filled with dark green circles, and some cheese sprinkled over marinara sauce with a slice of sour dough bread at the side.

“Eggplant Parmesan, I hear they make it great here.” Brian said, looking at her plate, satisfied.

“Great!” Denna said, smiling back at Brian, feeling a lump in her throat.

“I guess I’ll wash it down with my wine.” she thought. Reaching for her wine glass, as the waiter picked up his tray, bracing the tray rack at his hip as he walked away.

Denna looked over to see if the gentleman and his date were eating. He returned and was now seated next to the redhead, Denna sighed, resting the edge of the wine glass at her parted lips.

His sexy, unmistakable, smile was rippled with heat as he drummed his finger against his lip. His eyes spoke volumes, still feeling their kiss. The redhead suddenly broke his stare, by wrapped her arm around his neck, draped over him. Her laugh echoed in their booth as she whispered in his ear. Amused but, less interested, he flashed a different smile to his date, one Denna hadn’t seen before.

“Well, come on. It’s getting cold.” Brian said, nudging her arm, as she turned, almost dropping her glass into her plate.

“Whoa! Easy now!” Brian teased, grasping her hand, holding it tightly around her glass, above the plate of food.

“I got it.” Denna giggled, quickly responding, sarıyer escort waiting for him to let go. Denna set her glass down on the table, as she picked up the sour dough bread, ripping off a piece, taking a bite.

The rest of dinner dragged on, Denna taking only a few bites of her dinner as she exchanged glances with the gentleman. The redhead sat, toying with his ear, taking up most of the conversation, completely unaware of the heated stares he was sending Denna’s way.

The dinner plates were taken away as Brian leaned to the side, leaving his napkin at the edge of his plate.

“You didn’t eat much.” Brian stated.

“Yea, I guess I lost my appetite.” Denna shrugged, acting as though it was nothing.

“No desert then?” Brian winked.

“Not tonight.” Denna said, flatly, forcing a smile.

“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.” Brian chuckled, sliding out of his seat.

Denna laughed, thinking that wasn’t a half-bad idea. Then glanced at the gentleman, he was signing the slip, handing the hard candy to his date.

Brian suddenly returned, sliding back in his seat as the waiter followed, setting the bill at the center of the table. Brian reached forward, handing his card to the waiter.

“Oh, I am stuffed.” Brian said with a sigh.

“Thanks for dinner Brian. It was great getting to meet you.” Denna said, ready for their date to be over, as the waiter returned with the receipt.

“Thank you. Have a great evening.” the waiter said with a smile.

“Yeah, it was fun…” he smiled at Denna, “…Are you ready to go?” he added.

“Yeah, I have to work tomorrow too.” Denna replied.

They slid from the booth as Denna looked over, the gentleman’s booth now empty. Brian touched the small of her back, pushing her along in front of him, headed for the front door.

The redhead’s familiar laugh rang over the voices of the restaurant as they approached the front desk. The gentleman and his date stood near the front door. Denna stopped just short of standing behind the redhead, feeling trapped, wanting to stay as long as she could to be close to the gentleman.

“I need a cab.” Denna spoke, getting the attention of the man standing at the appointment desk. He picked up the phone, calling her a cab.

“I can give you a ride…” Brian paused.

“Oh no, that’s okay. I have to make a few stops before heading home.” she said, touching Brian’s shoulder, looking just past him as the redhead kissed the gentleman, on his cheek.

“…Are you sure?” smiling down at her.

“Yes, thank you…” Denna paused, “…One more stop before the cab gets here.” pointing toward the ladies room.

“Ahh, the wine eh?” Brian chuckled.

“Yea…” Denna laughed, kissing him on the cheek. “…Talk to you soon.” she said, walking away from him with a wave.

“Bye Denna. Tell Jen, I said thanks.” Brian waved back.

“Goodnight Brian, I will!” as Denna smiled, watching him walk out the door.

“Cab’s here!” the guy at the front desk, spoke in a loud tone. The redhead kissed the gentleman, walking toward the open door, as the gentleman looked back at Denna.

Denna broke her glance and headed to the bathroom. “Just put him out of your head, he’s leaving anyway.” Denna muffled, walking down the hallway. She pushed the bathroom door open and walked into a stall. The bathroom was loud, women stood in front of the mirrors fixing their hair and make-up, chatting about dinner.

“I just loved the burnt cream.” one lady said, as another agreed.

Denna could feel her stomach flip, she was starving. With just enough wine, she’d make it home to eat. She left the stall, straightening her dress as she walked over to the sink. Washing her hands, she tuned out the conversations that were going on. Flashbacks of his sexy smile, passed before her eyes. The steady steps he took toward her, before his lips met hers. Denna glanced in the mirror and then sighed as she grabbed a paper towel to dry her hands. Tossing it into the garbage, she pulled the door, leaving the ladies room.

She arrived at the front desk. “My cab here?” she whispered to the man on the phone.

“Yes, he’s parked out front.” he motioned with a smile.

“Thanks” Denna waved, walking out the door.

Denna stopped under the awning, digging in her purse for cash. She looked up to see the cab parked at the edge of the street. The back door was open with someone sitting inside. Looking around, there was no other cab. Denna took a few steps getting closer until she was at the edge of the door. Suddenly the gentleman’s sexy smile appeared. With no words, he winked, his smile getting brighter.

Denna felt her heart slam inside her chest. Her strapless dress became tight as goose bumps peppered the back of her neck. Resting her hand at the edge of the door, she turned then slid into the cab. His scented cologne returned, making her sigh with pleasure, feeling as though she’d forgotten to breathe.

“Where sefaköy escort too?” the cab driver spoke, interrupting the long stare between them.

“A tour of the city, please. And then where ever the lady would like to go.” the gentleman finally spoke.

Intoxicated by the sound of his voice, Denna hesitated. It was the first time she heard him speak. She turned to the cab driver, trying to find the words.

“E. 311…” she paused, shaking her head. “…3911 Maple Dr.” almost forgetting her address.

The cab began to move as Denna sat back into her seat. Looking into his eyes, she couldn’t find the words to start a conversation. With so much to say, not sure where to start, her mouth gaped open.

“You look hungry.” the gentleman spoke with a seductive smile.

“I am. I didn’t get enough dinner.” Denna spoke, with a paralyzed voice.

“I wasn’t referring to food.” he wickedly chuckled, scooping up her hand, kissing the back of her wrist and then turn it over, leaving a wet kiss at the center of her palm.

The gentleman took Denna’s hand and then pressed against his chest, his strong heartbeat thumping against her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Denna. My name is John.” he flashed a clever grin, rubbing the top of her hand, his muscular build felt against her fingers tips.

Denna sat in the cab staring into John eyes, realizing his attention to details. She hadn’t told him her name yet but, he already knew it. It was obvious that John wanted to know everything about her. He now knew what she felt like, having tasted her lips. And now this mystery man had a name. John sat in her cab, waiting and wanting to get close to her once again.

“It’s pleasure to meet you as well John.” Denna crossed her leg toward him, as he clutched her hand, placing it into his lap. “An interesting night this has turned out to be.” Denna said with anticipation, glancing back at the curious cab driver.

“Quite. It’s getting better and better with each passing hour.” John whispered at the edge of her ear. “Such a lovely voice you have.” John smoothly added.

“You took quite a chance walking into the ladies room like that.” Denna said, watching the cabby return his gaze to the street, as the cab took a turn, down another street.

“There’s a connection between us. What’s the worse thing that could’ve happened? Other than a slap across the face, telling me to get out.” John said, confidently.

“Hmm, thrown out of the restaurant? Your date really pissed off at you?” Denna giggled, glancing at him, playfully.

John chuckled, raising his arm, laying it across the back of the seat behind her. Denna sank into the seat a little further, fitting perfectly next to his side.

“My date hmm, I don’t think Rebecca would’ve noticed. She talked so much through drinks, we never made it to dinner.” John said, flatly.

“I guess Brian ordered the wrong thing, eh?” he teased, giving her a wink. “It is Brian, right?” even though he knew the answer, having heard her speak his name on the way to the ladies room.

“Yes” she answered, giving him a smirk. “I love Italian food but, Eggplant Parmesan… yuck!” Denna shivered, remembering the taste.

John chuckled, watching her wrinkle her nose up, like she could still smell the food. “So, I guess both of us are hungry.” Denna laughed, looking back up into his eyes.

John released her hand and touched the edge of her jaw with his finger. The heat returned to his eyes, as he brushed his thumb over her bottom lip. Folding her lip down, he stared at her open mouth. Denna inhaled deeply, just as he tilted his head, leaning in toward her.

“Mmm, kiss me, again.” she breathed, blissfully exhaling.

John’s mouth reached the edge of hers and it began, the invading pressure, parting her lips further. Softly he tasted her and then began to explore, licking against her tongue. Hard and then soft, the kisses came, as his hand slid from her jaw, trailing down her neck. He gripped firmly at her shoulder and then her arm, only inches away from her breast. Denna arched her back, offering it to him as her head felt heavy, tilting back further and further.

John reached back, filling his hand with her hair, leaving her untouched breast peeked, aching to be felt. The soft, brown, circle turned hard around her nipple. Like a sharp needle, it now pierced the inside of her dress.

His fingers curled around the waves of her hair, tugging. Each kiss grew into a different one, lasting longer than the first. And then his mouth broke away, leaving Denna breathless again with her lips slightly open, eyes still shut, aching for him to continue.

“Have you ever wanted to act on an impulse?” he softly breathed, as Denna opened her eyes slowly, feeling the white heat pooling at her entrance.

“Yes” she muffled.

“Have you had any with me?” John whispered, at the corner of her lips, as her hair fell through his fingers.

“I’ve already acted on one, by climbing into silivri escort this cab with you.” Denna softly answered, lifting her head back up, glancing at the cabby.

The cabby smiled with wanting eyes then returned his focus back to the street.

“I liked that impulse…” John’s lips curled at the edges, leaving a soft kiss at the corner of her lips. “… Do you act on every impulse?” he said, seductively.

“No…” she exhaled. “… Not always.” smiling just under her eye lashes.

Denna looked out the cab window. The sites of the city went unseen, as they sat consumed by their conversation and closeness. The street lights flashed against the tall buildings, shooting the flickering lights down into the dark cab. John’s hand returned to hers, and with a strong squeeze, he lifted it, kissing the top of it once again, rubbing it along his cheek.

Denna looked deeply into his eyes again. “Am I going to see you again? Have I been alone to long or is this just one of those fast burning connections, soon to die out just as the night ends.” she thought.

She turned her stare back to the window, watching the city lights as the cab kept it’s steady pace. Her emotions felt so close to the surface. “John, are you reading my body language?” she thought to herself, glancing at him, asking with her eyes.

Denna looked at his hand, his fingers over lapping hers. She pulled it toward her parted lips, biting at the edge of his finger. John watched in amazement as she began sucking at the edge of it, closing her lips around it. Her wanting stare became deeper, taking in his reaction.

A small rumble came from her stomach as she grinned wildly. “I’m really getting hungry.” Denna hissed in a wicked tone.

Denna released his hand, sliding hers down to the edge of her dress. Uncrossing her legs, she slowly pulled the black laced-edge, revealing more and more, her thighs now uncovered. Denna stopped just short of the triangle at her center as she placed his hand to the inside of her heated thigh. His wet finger slid against her skin, sending a chilling thrill, as it shot up into her pounding heart.

“I just had another one of those impulses.” Denna’s voice dropped to a whisper as she released his hand.

John squeezed the inside of her thigh. “Mmm, another great impulse.” he said heatedly, looking down at her parted legs.

Denna looked up into the rear view mirror, the cabby’s eye’s now locked with hers. He turned back to the road, only for a second and then returned his eyes, hoping to catch another glimpse.

John turned in his seat toward Denna, his hand moved slowly to the other thigh, giving Denna another generous squeeze. Her eyes became heavy, feeling his soft touch, moving against her skin. The tips of his fingers slid up into her dress, rolling up and over her hip then down over her cheek. He squeezed tightly and then pulled, tugging Denna into his lap. Straddled at his waist, Denna pressed her hands against the seat behind him. His hardened excitement was felt, braced up against the soft zipper of his slacks.

“Ohh, I want you so bad.” she thought, looking down at him, her hair hanging just above his eye’s.

Denna felt her knees press into the seat, as John gripped her cheeks tightly, pulling her down tightly against him. His grab moved her back a little, only to pull her forward again.

“I still haven’t finished my original impulse.” John said with a husky voice.

Releasing his grip, John moved his hands, into her hair. Her lips open and at the edge of his, John began to kissing her roughly.

“Mmm…” Denna moaned into his mouth. “…And what’s that John?” Denna breathed roughly between them, as she heard a horn go off behind them.

She looked just past his open lips at the car behind them. The lights flashed as a shadow of a man, waved his arms in protest.

“I can’t show you unless you have dinner with me.” John seductively whispered, tilting his head, nibbling at her neck.

The cab began to move, taking another turn. It was now driving down Denna’s street. The cab slowing to a halt as it stopped at the edge of the curb. John sat back, running his hands up and down Denna’s thighs, his soft touch grazing the goose bumps left in its path.

Denna slowly slid off of John’s lap, realizing they were stopped. Reaching forward he rubbed the edge of her soft lips, leaving a small kiss, as he watched Denna tug her dress down.

“That’s me.” Denna smiled, pointing toward the townhouse.

John smiled, opening the cab door. He stepped out, his hand held out, at the opening of the door. Denna slipped her fingers into his hand, as she slid against the seat, stepping out onto the curb. Standing before him once again, she took a breath as he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her tightly against him.

“Dinner for two…” John said smoothly. “…Same place, same time. Tomorrow evening.” he continued, leaning down, kissing her softly at the edge of her lips. “I’ll be there, waiting for you, if you decide to show. Maybe this impulse will lead to another.” John smiled, releasing her from his arms as he stepped away, climbing back into the cab. The door shut and Denna felt a chill. The night air left her frozen in her stance, watching him smile through the glass window while the cab pulled away.

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