Dice Fishing

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This story originally began as a sexual roleplaying thread at Literotica’s Bulletin Board. Many thanks go to Ravenloft who co-wrote this with me, and to Renegade, Vivid, Neale, and Miguelito Breathstealer who contributed their writings and ideas for the characters they portrayed.

* * * * *

“Dammit, Jacen, you said we would go out on a date tonight! You promised!” Muff yelled.

Jacen waved her off absently and pored over some book or other. “Okay, Sirus the Knight is…”

Rolling her eyes, she threw herself on the couch and pouted. Damn him anyway. Never take up with a gamer, all of her sorority sisters said. Never never never. She glared at him. He was just so darned sexy. And when he wasn’t gaming and actually paid attention to her, he was the greatest guy. He just spent more time gaming than paying attention to her.

His hand hovered over his dice for a moment, then he took it away. He preferred to not use them, to tell a story through his gaming by gestures and actions. He liked to visualize the story he and his gamer pals were creating night after night, month after month. Sometimes though, he had no choice. The element of chance was left to a roll of the dice. He reached for them again.

Lightning fast, she leaped from the couch and snatched his dice. Thankfully her lithe body was good for something since enticing him away from his gaming never worked.

It was the penultimate no-no, the gamer’s nightmare. Bad Dice Karma. He howled and leaped after her while his friends laughed and carried on raucously. He slammed into her back, wrapping his arms around her and pinning her hands down by her thighs.

“Give those back! Dammit, Muff, you know that no one is allowed to touch my dice but me!” he bellowed in her ear.

Fine. She twisted her arm, shoved her hand into her panties, and stuck his dice right up where the sun don’t shine. “You want your dice baby, go fishing.”

“My friends are over for Chrissakes, Muff!” Her name didn’t help any in this case. He blushed a deep red as he looked over at the guys at the table. Tim was fighting a laugh, holding a can of soda to his lips to hide his mirthful expression. Scott laughed his goofy laugh and gave Jacen the thumbs up. Or was that meant for Muff? Erica could only stare dumbfounded.

“Muff, er, hon. Come on, I am not going to reach into your, um…” Looking back up at the group, they all stared at him expectantly. “Please, babe!”

He tried to use his puppy dog eyes, but he thought he might be too wired on the soda for that to work.

Muffin crossed her arms over her chest and stuck her nose in the air. The dice clacked around inside of her when she shifted her weight. Crap, she hoped the damned things came back out. Explaining this to an ER doc would be entirely too embarrassing.

“You promised you’d take me out on a date,” she pointed out. “To Denny’s, not the Wendy’s 99cent value menu cause you have coupons and need new books or whatever.”

“Baby, we can do that any night! This was the only day Scott was free.” His tone was a pleading whine.

Muff stared him down, unimpressed. Scott was free pretty much every night as long as gaming was involved. Even an idiot knew that much.

“Whoa there, champ,” Scott chimed in, “don’t be pegging this one on me, coupon boy!”

Jacen winced at the mention of the coupons. The guys really didn’t need to know about that, dammit. He stared into Muff’s eyes; it was apparent she wasn’t gonna budge on this one. “So, what? Your gonna make me reach in and dig them out then?” he demanded incredulously. He had to shift so the group couldn’t see his hard on. As mortifying as his unruly girlfriend was, this was turning him on. His dice were, well, they just were lucky damned dice.

“Yes, I am, and you’d better hurry up. Your little sparkly d20 is moving northward if you know what I mean.” She gave him a lingering look, then inspected her perfectly manicured fingernails. Perfectly manicured because she spent her time manicuring them while he gamed.

He stared at her in horror, his eyes dropping to the junction of her thighs. Most of them were lodged between the labia right then. They felt, well, actually kind of good. Muff wiggled experimentally. They felt really good.

“And they’re getting wet. I wonder if the paint comes off?” she added, just to see his look turn to panic.

“Fine!” he exploded in exasperation. Did she just wiggle? “Stop that! You’ll, um, lose them.” Hesitantly slipping his hand down her between her panties and her, er, soft, warm skin, Jacen shivered a little. The group was watching like Pee Wee Herman at a spooge convention. “Guys! Gawd! Turn around or something! Jesus!”

They obliged, though Jacen thought he saw Scott wink. He shook his head, naw. He looked back at Muff. She snuck a glance at him.

“Your really enjoying this, aren’t you?” He hissed with far less bitterness then he’d meant to. She just grinned at him unrepentantly.

Jacen slipped his hand down along her pussy lips. innovia escort He felt a couple of the dice and snatched them into the safety of his palm. Three of them were left inside. Jesus, she was wet. He had to shake his head, to clear the dirty thoughts out. That just seemed to rattle them up even more though. Dammit! He had to stick his fingers into her to get the rest out.

He groped across the four-sider, pressing its pointed edge into her tender flesh. Even before her reaction, he cringed. She winced, but when she didn’t say anything, he gently tugged it out. It was the d4. Muff licked her lips, she had an idea how he ought to game with that particular one, and it had nothing to do with his roleplaying.

Muffin spread her legs a little more accommodatingly, so he could slide his fingers in better. Behind him, his buddies were watching with rapt attention. She glared at them. Despite the embarrassment of having a group of people watching her boyfriend grope through her pussy, she was getting turned on. Her nipples grew harder and she shut her eyes, waiting for his next seeking probe.

Inside of her pussy, he hooked a finger around a die and began pulling it out. Her tight muscles contracted, squeezing his finger and the die he was trying to make off with. They both groaned.

“Muff, come on, don’t do that,” Jacen moaned. He moaned? Looking up, the guys were still staring avidly and he blushed crimson. “Turn around!” They laughed and did so grudgingly.

He had the d4 both d10’s, and the six-sider. That left the d8, d12, and d20 still inside of her. His fingers were around the eight-sider and he had been gently tugging it out. Until she had gone and tightened herself up and he’d lost it.

He had to trace around inside of her to find another die. The eight-sider again. He curled his fingers around it, slipping it out of her. The die was wet, slippery, and hard to hold onto. His erection painfully constricted in his pants. He considered the situation, his fingers, his dice, his girlfriend’s pussy, and he began to smirk a little.

A couple of minutes had passed since they had started this whole fiasco. Dice fishing, he thought. In a few more the guys would think he was just stalling or something. He could hear them stir in their seats. Jacen locked eyes with Muff again. “Um, Hon, I can’t find two of them,” he said as quietly as he could. His fingers still probed for them, finding nothing but slick flesh gliding under his fingertips. It would be nice to be inside of her right now. No! Gotta stop that! he chided himself. He looked helplessly into her eyes as he searched for the last two dice. One of them was his special twenty-sider, too. Gawd dammit!

He felt around a bit more, his blush doubling over on itself. “Baby, oh shit, oh shit! I can’t fucking find them, Muff!” He tried to stay quiet so the group of perverts wouldn’t overhear, but he was beginning to panic. He was as afraid for having lost his precious dice as he was for losing them deep inside of Muff. Deep inside of her… Ah! Gawd! Stop that, Jacen! Just stop! He pulled his fingers out of her. The air in the room quickly turned his slick fingers cold and sticky. He tried to ignore it, he should be panicking, not panting, dammit!

“Jacen?” She sounded a little panicked herself. “They’re in there, I can feel them.”

“Having a little trouble buddy? Want some help fishing them out of Muff’s, ah, muff?” Scott laughed hysterically at his own wit. “And here I thought Dice Purifying Rituals involved water. This is a new one on me, Coupon Boy!”

“Just shut the fuck up, will you, Scott? Jesus!” Jacen hammered his point home with the patented ‘shut the fuck up’ glare as well. “Turn the hell around! Dammit! This ain’t no free show here!” Jacen was annoyed. Every time he looked up another one of them was peeking. Even Erica! What the hell was that all about any way? Turning to look back into Muff’s eyes, he whispered. “Um, can you, you know, squeeze them out or something?”

“I might could do that,” Muff told Jacen. She put an elbow on his head and leaned her weight on it a little. Scott opened his mouth to say something that he, no doubt, thought amusing. She pointed rudely at him. “You stay out of this.”

Down between her legs, Jacen was starting to whimper quietly. She guessed that he was mourning the fate of his prized d20. “Maybe you could suck it out,” she suggested loudly. Devilishly, she knew he was wildly embarrassed to be down there fishing his dice out to begin with, bringing everyone’s attention to it would drive him nuts.

Muff grinned, it hadn’t been planned or intentional, but she’d just guaranteed that Jacen would be thinking about sex and her pussy every time he gamed from now on.

An evil grin spread across his face. “Fine, if you want to play it this way,” he whispered. She didn’t like that tone or that look. He began to tease her clit with the four-sider, hell it was already coated in her scent anyway. “I’ll just have to make you istanbul escort squeeze them out when you cum.”

Her jaw dropped in surprise, Jacen was calling her bluff! She never would have thought in a billion years that he’d get so bold in front of his gamer pals. Oh my Gawd.

She locked eyes with a smug looking Scott and barely suppressed the urge to run. No doubt running would suck up the precious d20 into places in her pussy that it wouldn’t come out of. She had no idea what to do at that point.

Then Jacen twirled one of his dice against her clit, the bumps and friction made her whole body shimmy. Oh my Gawd.


“Yes Muff? You need something?” He was calm, almost smug, as he made the pointed end of the four-sider rub and nudge around her clit. She wasn’t going to win out on this one. “I think you want to give me my dice back. Is that it?”

Muffin narrowed her eyes and swallowed a groan. That ratfink was enjoying this. “Give you back your dice? I don’t think so Jace. You want them, go get them.” Erica smothered a giggle and either Scott or Tim snorted. Muff’s money was on Scott for that. Jacen just grinned up at her. Hah. She’d show him.

“Go ahead baby, make me cum. I bet you that your d20 stays in my pussy. I bet you a whole weekend away from gaming that you can’t make that d20 pop out without using your fingers to pull it out.”

“C’mon Muff, we gotta get movin on this game!” Tim exclaimed. “When he’s done it’s my turn!”

“Yeah right! Like Jacen would give you a turn at Muff’s muff.” Shiela sounded disgusted.

“I didn’t mean that!” Tim backpedaled. “I meant at the game.”

Scott laughed, obviously tickled stupid at the whole situation.

His fingers and dice were already coated with her arousing scent. How were they gonna play “Crimson Mystical Mages” with pussy scented dice floating around? Shit, the session was already spoiled. Maybe, just maybe, he could throw some of the embarrassment back on her. He teased her clit with the die some more. Just to see if she’d cry uncle. Or pant it, may groan it orgasmically.

“Enjoy the free show, guys. My lady here, she’s being, um, difficult.” He slid the side of the four-sider’s pyramid shape harder along her clit. It was getting slippery. He set his jaw, her wetness and the situation had gotten him was so hard he was almost to the point of shaking. He left off from her clit for a moment and ran the spiked tip of the die along her slit. Glaring back at her, he showed her who was boss. “You’re on, one weekend’s worth of gaming if I can’t make you cum it right out of ya then, babe!”

“Fine then. You’re gonna lose. What do I get when you welsh? There ain’t no way you can keep from gaming for a whole weekend.” She sucked in a breath and tried to ignore the die cruising around her pussy lips. Flicking her eyes at the amused gathering, she upped the stakes. “Why don’t you take off your pants Jace? You know I can’t cum without seeing your cock.”

She was such a bald-faced liar.

“Oh, don’t even play that way! In fact, if you cum without seeing my cock, I think you ought to buy me another tube of dice, love.”

He prodded at her clit again with the four-sider. She wasn’t gonna win, he wouldn’t let her. No sirree! He lightly pinched her clit, rolling it tightly between his finger tips. He thought he might still be blushing, but lust was slowly creeping in to win out over the embarrassment. He loved to tease her, to go down on her, but that was something, even in the privacy of his own mind, that he had never dared to think of doing in front of his friends. He was determined to get his damn dice back though, and if pushed, he would go so far as to go down on her. Maybe. But nothing more. Maybe. He couldn’t bring himself to fuck her in front of his friends. Maybe.

“So be it, if you can make me cum without seeing your cock, then you can have a new tube of dice. I’ll even let you pick up that special set you’ve been drooling over for the last year.” There was no way he’d make her cum, not with that crew ogling like drooling monkeys. Not to mention one of the dice still lodged inside was poking her a little painfully. She couldn’t feel the d20 anymore. Gawd, she hoped it hadn’t tried to make its acquaintance with her cervix.

He grinned up at her, pure mischief showing through his neon red blush.

“You can do it!” Scott yelled in his best Rob Schneider, “Waterboy” voice. He smirked, crossing his arms, not only enjoying the unexpected floor show, but enjoying the hell out of seeing his best friend in such an embarrassing position. “Need some help there? Maybe you could roll a catch a fish +5. Oops, I forgot, Muff’s muff has your dice.”

Scott covered his mouth, but it did nothing to disguise the laughter. Tim’s deeper voice joined in, so did a snicker or two from Sheila. Jacen vowed to strangle Scott the first chance he got. After he’d saved his dice and won the bet.

“C’mon Jace, are you gonna finish the game or screw kadıköy escort around with your girlfriend all night?” Erica grumbled.

“Screw!” Tim took up the battle cry, pounding on the table. Scott joined in, both of them barking until it nearly knocked Tim’s Big Gulp over. “Screw! Screw! Screw! Screw!”

“Knock it off!” Jacen yelled. They dissolved into more laughter, not even trying to hide the fact that they were going to intently watch until the end.

“Jace! You got Hard 8’s Hotline? We need to get a ruling on this one. How are we supposed to interpret a roll after your girlfriend’s pussy swallowed it? The accidental eating rule? The feline interference rule?”

“I’m gonna kick your ass, Tim! This isn’t funny,” Jacen growled.

“Hate to tell you this, buddy,” Scott snickered. “It’s hilarious.”

“Shut up, Scott!” Muffin snapped. She slipped her fingers through Jacen’s hair. “My poor baby is embarrassed enough.”

“Embarrass me, will you.” At his tone, Muff froze, the deer caught in headlights effect.

He tugged her skirt down past her hips revealing a skimpy pair of black lacy panties. Jacen grinned at the sight. He fingered the soft, satiny fabric, grinning wickedly. She reached for the skirt, trying to tug it back up her legs, but he smacked her hands away and whisked it off. He tossed it over his shoulder, not paying the slightest bit off attention. From the sound of the snickering and the curious thump, he surmised that it landed on the table. He ignored those jackasses and pressed kisses to her belly, tasting her golden skin right above the band of those sexy panties.

“A sudden hush descends on the crowd as Gladiator Jace employs his specialized weapon, the Tongue of Fiery Cunnilingus, +5. Can Gladiator Muff make her save versus orgasm? We shall see.” Tim and Scott dissolved into laughter.

“Muff can’t roll a save,” Scott pointed out between laughs, “the dice are where no dice have gone before, and I’m not talking Star Trek here.”

The two hyenas laughed even harder. Erica picked up the discarded skirt and whacked the two guys over the head with it. “Knock it off! Jace! Quit playing with your girlfriend, we’re gaming here and you’re screwing it up!”

“Screw!” Scott took up the battle cry this time. Tim joined in, bellowing in unison and pounding on the table. “Screw! Screw! Screw! Screw! Screw!”

“Will you two knock it off!” Erica bellow, flailing around with the skirt. “You’re screwing up my character sheets! They’re irreplaceable!”

Sheila’s cries of, “Hey! That’s my skirt you’re going to ruin it!” went unheeded.

Jacen ignored them entirely. He gently tugged the panties down, burying his nose in the soft pubic hair he revealed. He pulled them off of her body, nudging her legs open. He caught her eyes along the length of her belly. “You can always concede, babe, cause I ain’t gonna back down.”

Fine. Two could play that game. She glared at him. While he was licking his way down her to her brand new pair of we-finally-are going-on-a-real-date- and-not-a-trip-to-the-local-gamer-emporium- for-more-gaming-books panties, she worked her new black lacy maybe-I’ll-get-laid- instead-of-help-come-up-with-new-characters bra off of her body from beneath her shirt and wrapped it around the back of Jacen’s neck. Using the trailing ends of the bra as reins, she directed his face where it ought to go.

“C’mon Jacen, you’re usually a lot better at this,” she taunted, trying to keep from swallowing her tongue when he slid his down around her clit. He lifted his head up and grinned warningly at. She smiled sweetly at him and stuffed two of the previously liberated dice right back up in there. “Oops,” she twittered with false sincerity, “did widdle Jacen wose his widdle dice again?”

“We need a camera right about now,” Scott contemplated.

Tim furrowed his brow. “A nice digital set up. We could make cash on the Internet.”


“I don’t believe this!” Erica exploded. She renewed whacking them with skirt. Sheila grabbed the hem and jerked it away from her.

Jacen did a little something with his lips that crossed Muffin’s eyes and made her entire body go rigid. She cut loose with a scream that was a helluva lot more than the situation called for, a long piercer that surely made people nine blocks away wonder who was being tortured to death.

Jacen clamped his hands over his ears and glared at her. She grinned smugly down at him.

“Jesus, Muff!” he hissed as he pulled away from her sweet sex. “You want something to scream about! I’ll give you something to scream about!”

Without another word he pressed his mouth back against her and slid his tongue between her pussy lips. He breathed in with a slight moan. It would be so easy to just drown his senses in her, to become her impassioned lover. His hands were kneading at her hips, as though that would bring her closer to him some how. The only thing that stopped him was the thought of a new tube of extremely expensive dice. Delivered by a properly contrite Muffin. Maybe Harem girl Muffin, or French Maid Muffin. Ooh, Love Slave Muffin. Barbarian King Jacen fresh from the battle with Slave Girl Muffin to clean, pleasure, and gift him with the Extremely Expensive Dice of the Bear God. Jacen renewed his attack on Muff’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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