Destination Anywhere

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Special thank you to Calypso and Debbiexxx for editing, and to my Muse for this story.

My heart raced, pounding so hard, like a heavy metal band doing a drum solo inside my chest. I vaguely remember hearing the pilot’s voice echoing across the loud speaker, “We are coming upon our final destination at McCarran International Airport. The current Las Vegas temperature is a very hot 102 degrees with the high expected to reach a scorching 111. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with us today, and, thank you for flying America West, flight 799.”

I quickly grabbed for the compact mirror in my hand bag. I wanted to take one last look at myself and make sure I didn’t look as nervous, as I was feeling. Knowing it would be a typical hotter-than-sin day in July, in the Las Vegas desert, I went with the natural look in makeup. With just a touch of light pink cotton candy flavored lip gloss. My cheeks had a nice rosy glow from my summer tan.

I felt a little silly checking myself over again, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t spent all week planning for this day. I had thought of everything; from the burgundy wine nail polish that graced my fingers and toes to the silver jewelry that accentuated the color of my skin. On my wrist, I wore my lucky silver heart charm bracelet, a plain delicate silver band (ring) on my left thumb, and an amethyst silver ring on my right ring finger, a tiny silver bracelet on my left ankle, with a couple of dainty toe rings to match. You name it, I thought of every last detail, no matter how minute it may have seemed.

“Ari, get a hold of yourself!” I whispered out loud.

I mean, why am I so nervous. Ian is been my best friend, if anyone knows me completely, it is him. We have talked on the phone for hours on end, telling each other more than we have ever told anyone else for more than a year now. I am nervous though. I am about to meet him face to face for the first time. He knows what almost every part of my body looks like. He has seen my face a million times. I can be quite the exhibitionist for him through my pictures.

But, who am I trying to kid, I am nervous as hell. Nothing I tell myself is going to convince me otherwise. “Breathe in… breathe out… this is all you can do, Ari. Another rather large gulp of your Bloody Mary, couldn’t hurt either.”

I ran my fingers through my silky brunette curls. Then I sprayed a bit of raspberry scented body spray on the insides of my wrists, nape of my neck and the swell between my breasts. Brushing my hands over my body, making one last final adjustment to my dress. I am ready, I think.

I honestly hope Ian will be pleased with my choice in outfits. I chose a pale pink sundress (his favorite color on me) that came to mid thigh. It definitely revealed a very tantalizing view of my cleavage, not to mention how it clung to my voluptuous curves. It took me weeks of serious searching through the shops in the mall, to find the perfect high-heeled shoes to match. Eventually, I had found a pair of strappy 5-inchers. They looked good on me, but could I actually walk in them? I practiced a little before I left home and managed fine walking to the plane. The visual of tripping right into Ian’s arms, both an arousing and embarrassing thought, made me chuckle.

As far as I can see, everything is in place. I look fine, despite my nervousness. Not much I can do now, if I wasn’t. Taking one last sip of my watered down Bloody Mary ataşehir escort I handed my cup over to the flight attendant to dispose of it. Locking my tray into it’s upright position, I casually sit back in my seat with my legs crossed, head resting on the back of the chair. This is it, I could feel the pull of the plane as we get ready to land.

I closed my eyes as we landed, and envisioned Ian’s smile. Memories of all the nights we spent together over the last year on Lit, in chat and on the phone, flooded my mind. The silly conversations, bubble baths, and even sometimes coming in appreciation for allowing me to muse for him put a smile on my face. I hoped that in person, we would be just as relaxed around one another as we have been in the virtual realm.

The plane finally came to a complete stop. When the fasten seat belt sign turned off, I unlatched the buckle, leaned down and grabbed my bag from under the seat. Looking at my hands, I realized I was shaking. Mumbling under my breath once again, Ari relax! Just keep saying it, I thought.

As the plane doors opened, I instantly felt the very warm desert air caress my body. I walked down the isle and to the open plane door. I must have been quite a sight to see trying to walk in these heels, while juggling my purse and carry on bag and shaking nervously. I repeated my prayers, don’t let me trip and fall. This is it, my arrival at Gate A-15.

A crowd of people mingled as they greeted the passengers over the ramblings of the slot machines. Finally through the crowd I spotted Ian, at the same time he spotted me. We made direct eye contact. The biggest smiles graced both of our faces. Synchronicity, I thought to myself. The same as it always was in the virtual realm. If I weren’t wearing these damned cute shoes, I would have shoved my way through the crowd directly to him.

Ian is every bit as handsome as I imagined he would be. I have seen pictures of him before, but they were very old outdated ones and not high quality. It really didn’t matter to me anyway. I had seen him, many times before through my dreams and astral experiences. It is his intellect and passion for people and life that attract me to him most. He simply has a way of bringing out the best in me, and that is no easy task in itself, for any man.

It was at this precise moment, I found myself standing right at Ian’s feet. I let my purse and Gucci travel bag hit the floor. In his raspy accent, he greeted me, “Hello, lovely Arianna.”

He wrapped his arms gently around my waist and pulled me to him. My body was completely against his, instantly reacted to his touch. It sent shivers up the back of my spine. I couldn’t stop smiling. My body trembled. Somehow I managed, “Hello Ian.”

I kissed him softly on his mouth, leaving just a faint smear of my pink lip gloss on his lips. I knew at this point he was every bit as nervous as I am. Strangely this calmed me, if only for a minute.

Ian brought his hand to my face, and brushed a few soft curls away from my cheek. “How was your flight, Ari?” he asked.

“The flight was okay, it was rather nice not to have any delays. I was a bit restless, and very nervous, not to mention impatient trying to get to you.”

Ian just laughed, “You impatient? Never!” Smiling he picked up my bags.

We worked our way outside the airport into the busy parking lot. Instantly remembering how hot avcılar escort Vegas is in July. Made me grateful for choosing the outfit I did, and it wasn’t just to please Ian. It is also about comfort in this summer heat. There wasn’t much to my dress. It was a very lightweight, thin material, held together on my body by one very delicate strap around my neck. A moment later, a black ultra stretch limo pulled up in front of us. Ian said, “Here is our ride, Sparkly.”

Pleasantly surprised, I smiled. The driver came around and opened the door for us. Ian motioned his hand for me to go inside. I crawled in, with Ian quickly following in behind me. We both sat back into the plush seating, sitting side by side. I looked around. It was apparent Ian had something planned. A bucket of ice, champagne chilling, a silver dish filled with a variety of fresh fruits, a crystal plate with dark chocolate covered strawberries, graced the back of the limo. The makings for Midori sours with extra maraschino cherries didn’t go unnoticed either.

I felt very relaxed now in Ian’s presence. No longer did I have any doubts. The same connection and sexual chemistry between us existed here as it did in our virtual world. The comfort of the limo was nice after being on a plane cramped in small quarters for so long. The air conditioner must have been set on high, as the powerful cold air on my skin felt wonderful, causing my nipples to stand attention.

Without any thought, I grabbed Ian’s hand into mine, gave him my most soft and sultry look. Batting my eyelashes at him, I said, “Thank you, thank you for this weekend.”

Ian replied with a devilish grin, “You’re welcome, it is my pleasure, and I have many surprises in store for you this weekend, Arianna.”

Thinking to myself, that sounds so mysterious and exciting. I then noticed, Ian holding in front of me, the most beautiful crimson colored silk scarf, I had ever seen. Opening my mouth to ask him about it, he drew a finger over my lips, whispering, “Don’t speak.” My curiosity and desire urged me to obey him and go along with whatever he wished for. Ian brushed a few loose strands of hair away from my face, then securely tied the scarf over my eyes. The smooth silk against the skin felt amazing. My body trembled with the uncertainty of what was about to take place next. Ian said, “Ari…know that no matter what I am about to do, it is for you, all for you and your pleasure.” Those words echoed shockingly through me like electricity. I waited with anticipation.

Next I heard liquid being poured over ice, knew Ian was making a drink. He pressed the cold glass against the delicate skin of my neck. I gasped, sucked in my breath. I felt startled and excited at the same time. He rolled the glass from side to side, trailing down to my collar bone resting it there. My flesh all goose bumps, my nipples hardened in reaction to the chilling sensations. Soft moans escaped me, yearning for Ian’s touch.

I felt his fingers on my lips as he slid a piece of ice into my mouth. He quickly covered my lips with his. Ian’s soft lips pressed firmly on mine, Offering me his tongue. Together our tongues danced, exploring one another’s mouth. The heat in our fiery kiss made the ice melt instantly. I didn’t want it to end. I could get lost in his oral exploration. Our kiss so hot, deep, passionate, so full of promise…

That’s when he broke the kiss. avrupa yakası escort Left me whimpering, breathing erratically, my body aching for so much more of him. I didn’t have to wait long. Extremely cold water droplets splashed against my chest. Beads of water rolled down between my breasts. Ian whispered in my ear, “How does it feel Ari?” as he grazed his hand across my breasts. Breathlessly I answered, wonderful, simply wonderful. His hand reached behind my neck, and untied the strap of my dress, letting the top half fall to my waist. There I sat, blindfolded, aroused with dampness collecting between my thighs, and my hardened nipples, exposed to Ian’s full view.

I felt the heat of his mouth on my breasts. Teasingly he flicked his tongue over each of my nipples circling around the areolas. Cupping my breasts with his hands caused my nipples to stiffen even more. Readying to take leave of all my senses, trembling, squirming so wet my panties were soaked. I arched my back pushing my breasts harder against Ian’s questing mouth and talented tongue. Each nibble, each lick, each sucking motion so deliberate, he knew exactly what he wanted from me, and I was more than willing to give myself to him, mind, body, and soul.

He raised his head to catch his own breath. Putting his hands on my shoulders he began giving me butterfly kisses all around my neck and behind my ears, lifting then slid my dress over my hip, down my legs. The only thing left that covered me was my pink lace thong, and the blindfold over my eyes. Ian reached over me to grab a piece of fruit from the silver dish. The sweet scent of pineapple filled the air. Gently he rubbed the piece of fruit around in the dip between my breasts, letting the juices drip down my stomach. Slowly he licked and tasted the sweet trail of juices from my skin. His mouth reached my navel, lingering there while teasingly licking around the inside. Bringing his mouth back up to mine for another tantalizing kiss, mixing our natural flavor with that of the delicious fruit.

Ian got on the floor kneeling in front of me. Slowly running his hands and long fingers up the entire length of my smooth legs, resting his hands on my inner thighs. Feeling his hot breath only inches from my sex caused me to let out a throaty moan. Desperately, I needed Ian to taste the desire he stirred inside of me. Instead he kissed my inner thighs, and then lightly grazing with his teeth, bit my soft flesh, sending my body into convulsions. In a soft voice he said, “You’re so beautiful Ari, I want to drown myself in your sweet nectar and savor your taste, just not yet. We will have plenty of time for that later.”

Letting out the deepest sigh, “You are merciless Ian.” My entire body aching feverishly, needing, wanting him buried so deep inside of me, I didn’t know how much more I could take.

Ian sat back down next to me. Reaching over he grabbed a strawberry generously covered in chocolate and parted my lips with it, “Taste the sweet confection Ari.” I snaked my tongue out and swirled it around the silk like chocolate, dribbling a bit of chocolate on my chin. He licked the chocolate from my chin kissing me on the cheek. It was then he removed the blindfold put my hand into his, staring deep into my eyes and placed my hand over his hard erection and he said, “This is for you, all for you in time. But first, we need to get you dressed. We are about to arrive at our destination. Speaking of which, my lovely Arianna, aren’t you the least bit curious where I am taking you?”

“No,” I replied, “the destination can be anywhere, just as long as I am with you.”

The limo came to a complete stop, and Ian had the most mischievous grin gracing his face.

To be continued…

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