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Cowgirl Position

Russell lives next door to me. I’ve known him, like, forever. He’s about a year older than me, nearly twenty. It’s funny, but even though he’s smarter than me I win nearly every argument I have with him, even when we both know he’s right.

It’s not that I’m better with words than him and I’ll admit he knows more than me, but Russell depends on facts and logic when he debates a point, and that’s really an incredibly silly thing to do when you’re arguing with me. (Or most women, come to think of it.)

Russell will make a sound and logical argument justifying his position, and it really irks him when I just totally ignore everything he says and approach the subject from a different direction. Usually a highly emotional direction. I can make arguments based on the fact that it feels right and, if it’s not, it should be.

This sort of logic has the same effect on his arguments that a sandbag would have on him. Knocked for a loop and I win again. It’s a real hoot. I’m quite prepared to argue that black is white, pointing out that grey is just a darker shade of white and black is just a dark grey.

Would you believe that after all these years he finally came up with an argument I couldn’t beat? It happened like this.

I was over at Russell’s place and we were having an argument. Again. It was a case of, um, a case of, ah. . . OK. I’d screwed up and I was trying to prove it wasn’t really my fault. I was waving my hands about a lot and talking fast, not really listening to what I was saying, just flooding the argument with words so that Russell couldn’t contradict me.

I wasn’t paying particular attention to what Russell was doing, either, which proved to be a mistake. The first indication I had that things weren’t taking their normal course was when Russell calmly lifted up my dress and pulled my panties down.

As you might be able to guess, my words dried up somewhat at that stage and my attention was full on Russell. Without even blinking he dropped his trousers and stepped out of them and he had an erection. Russell had an erection and it was pointing at me.

He took my hand and closed it over his cock. I couldn’t believe he was doing this.

“Rules halkalı eve gelen escort have changed,” he told me. “You seem to know everything so you’ll know exactly where you have to put that. If it’s not done by the time I have you naked I’ll put it away myself.”

Then Russell started undoing the buttons on my shirt, leaving me holding his cock. Did he really think I was going to put it in me? I suspect he did because after he undid my buttons he reached around behind me and unfastened my bra.

I had a moments respite when he took my hand off his cock, but that was only so he could slide my shirt and bra down my arms. Then he handed me his cock again while he unfastened my skirt and pushed it down.

I’d been standing there, mouth open, trying to come up with the proper word to bring him to his senses but I couldn’t think of anything. For crying out loud, what do you say when an old friend just starts undressing you?

Next thing I know his hands are holding my bottom and he just picks me up and pulls me towards him. I could feel my skirt and panties falling away from around my ankles when he did so.

Then he was holding me tight against him, my hand still holding his cock and he was telling me to put it away now.

I must have been in a state of shock as I just reacted to his tone of voice and pushed his cock between my legs so that it was pressing up against my pussy. Against, hell. It was busy pushing into me even before I let it go.

I squealed a protest, threw my arms around Russell’s neck and my legs around his waist, trying to hold myself up and off his cock. Well, it was too late for off, but I wasn’t going to allow it to go any deeper, I assure you.

Russell calmly strolled down the hall to his bedroom, carrying me clutched to him, my weight not hampering him in the least.

Reaching his bedroom he sat on his bed and then laid back, me sitting astride him and his hands on my hips, stopping me from rising.

“Now I’ll just wait here while you argue the point with gravity,” he told me. “We’ll see which wins. Your words or your weight.”

It was obvious to me which halkalı grup yapan escort one would win. I couldn’t pull up off him and I could feel myself sinking onto his erection. I might not have been sinking quickly, but I was definitely sinking and I could feel Russell creeping up inside me.

I tried my words of course. I explained to him why he didn’t want to do this. Why I didn’t want him to do this. I told him we could settle any differences we had with reasonable discussion. I waxed eloquent, and Russell lay there smiling while his cock continued to creep up inside me.

By the time I ran out of words I’d also run out of cock. There was no more available to stuff inside me. Quite a reasonable situation as there seemed to be an awful lot of it jammed up inside me.

“Gravity appears to have won that one,” said Russell. “Penalties apply. You’ll have to start rocking.”

I just glared at him. I still couldn’t believe that Russell, of all people, was doing this to me. Russell just looked back at me with a perfectly bland face, apparently assuming that I’d do what he wanted and start rocking.

So I did. I figured I’d fix him by doing the smallest possible movements that I could. I just leaned forward a tiny bit until I felt his cock start to slide inside me and then I leaned back again, resettling it in position. And I kept on doing that, figuring it would be slow torture for him, not what he wanted at all.

The grinning hyena had the gall to laugh at me as I moved, and didn’t seem at all concerned about the slow torture, which was more than I could say. Those subtle movements were getting to me and I had to fight down the urge to scream and start bouncing frantically up and down on his damned dick.

I kept it up for five long minutes, and it was driving me crazy. I was so horribly relieved when Russell decided enough was enough.

“It appears you need a lesson or two,” he told me, and then he twisted and I was flat on my back and under him and he was driving down into me.

There was nothing subtle about Russell’s movements. He was hauling his cock almost completely out of me and then halkalı masöz escort slamming it back while I squealed and rose to meet it. And he wasn’t content to take his time either. I could still hear one squeal ringing in my ears when he’d be driving back down and I’d be squealing again. I think towards the end there I barely had time to draw the breath needed for the squealing.

He was pounding me hard and I was squealing and then I was screaming instead as I hit a climax and just turned to mush under him.

When I dazedly surfaced from what had happened Russell was still moving inside me, just lazily driving in and coming out again. When he saw I was looking at him he grinned and said “One point to me” and then he was driving in again, hot and hard.

I was squealing again before I knew it.

“What are you doing,” I managed to wail at him and he just said “scoring”, and continued to pump me good and hard.

I was already high and excited and it didn’t really take much effort on Russell’s part to push me up and over the edge again.

I could feel it coming and I just gave a wail and succumbed to it, feeling my very bones melt inside me.

I took longer to come out of it that time, and when I finally started to take notice of the world I found things had changed.

Russell had flipped me over onto my tummy and lifted my hips. He was standing on the floor behind me, just keeping his hand in. Or his cock in I suppose I should say, as I could feel it moving lazily in and out.

I managed to turn my head and look at him, and he grinned again.

“That makes two points to me,” he said, and then he drove his cock into me so hard I’ll swear my eyes bulged from the pressure.

He didn’t bother to slow down either. He hammered into me like crazy, apparently trying to drive me across the bed, but holding me in place with his hands clamped on my breasts.

He went on and on and I could feel myself rising with every thrust. I just knew that this time when I came I was going to die and I was eager to get it over with. I was screaming long before that last climax hit me, but it was pure anticipation. I felt Russell burst inside me and then I literally died under him.

When I finally surfaced again Russell was lying next to me, one hand cupping my breast and a smug look on his face.

When he saw I was final back with the world he winked at me.

“A final score of three to me and one to you,” he announced. “It looks as though I’ve finally won a debate. When’s our next one due?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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