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She had just got out of the shower, and was sitting at her computer drying the beads of water off her body when the thoughts came again. She tried to stop them, but somehow they overpowered her. She knew these thoughts were so wrong, and having them went against everything she believed in. She felt guilt, and shame, yet somehow all of this excited her.

They had been talking for a short awhile, and she had grown quite fond of him. They shared similar interests; their thought pattern was the same. She couldn’t help but think this was partly the reason for her interest, yet although she didn’t even admit it to herself, she knew there was more.

She opened her messenger, and saw that there were some offline messages for her. She waited for what seemed like an eternity for the messages to load, and yes, they were from him. Her heart started beating faster, the guilt was back, but she found herself smiling a soft little smile. She leaned back in her chair, and let her mind wander…

They were at a lake. It was a gorgeous summer night; the moon reflected a bridge over the lake, making everything in its path glow. The bond fire in front of her was warming her legs, making her face glow. There were people all around her, talking, dancing, and drinking. She was slowly sipping her beer, watching everyone, feeling slightly tipsy. She wasn’t much of a drinker. Someone was playing a guitar; soft music flowed in the air. Her thoughts on him…

She gets up; deciding to go for a walk, and slowly makes her way out of the clearing toward a path that leads through the hills. Walking slowly, deep in thought, she makes her way up the steep hill. The air is so warm against her skin, the moon shining brightly illuminating everything in its path. She makes her way to the edge of a cliff and sits down, watching the lake below her. It is so peaceful up here, she thought, so quiet. The soft summer breeze esenyurt otele gelen escort was rustling in her hair.

Sitting there, her thoughts return to him. Sudden urgent need mixed with guilt fills her. She knows she’s alone, and lets her hand brush against her already moist sex. She can feel the heat of her need through her thin shorts, the dampness. Leaning back she slowly rubs herself, moaning softly. Her need getting more urgent, her hand slipping inside her shorts, she rubs faster. She hears a something, like a branch or twig breaking, and stops. Her breath heavy and uneven, she looks around, but sees no one. She waits awhile, listening, but doesn’t hear it again.

Her hand returns to her hot wet sex, slowly rubbing in circles. Her eyes are closed, she moans quietly. Suddenly she knows she’s not alone anymore. She can feel his presence. Somehow she knows it’s him. Her hand quickly moves to her side…she’s fighting to get her breath even. Then she turns her head and sees him standing there, watching her. She feels slightly embarrassed, knowing he had seen more than he should have. She stands up and says “hi”.

“Hi, I was wondering if you were ok” he replies with a sly grin on his face.

“I’m great thanks” she replies coldly. “I was just heading back,” she says, quickly walking past him.

He grabs her arm roughly, and holds it tight. He pulls her hard against him. She’s startled for a moment, then starts to fight back. “Let me go” she hisses at him.

His arms tightly around her, she slaps him hard. “You like it rough I see” he laughs. He’s forcing her to walk backward until he has her backed up against a tree. Pinning her against it with his body. His hand roughly pulling her arms above her head. She struggles harder, but he’s much stronger than her. He forces her legs apart with his, pressing hard against her. esenyurt rus escort She tries to fight him. He leans closer, his mouth close to her ear now. She can feel his hot uneven breath, it is making her shiver. She feels his hard cock pressing against her. She moans involuntarily.

“Tell me you want me,” he demands harshly, pushing hard against her. She won’t answer him. Her hot, anger filled eyes locked in his. “Tell me,” he repeats softer this time as he moves his head, his hot lips pressed lightly against her neck.

Her body is on fire, but she fights him, and the feelings he has aroused within her. “This is so wrong” her mind keeps repeating over and over. He pushes her harder against the tree. His lips crushing hers. She bites him hard, drawing blood from his lip. It trickles down his chin. He laughs against her mouth, forcing his tongue in. She can taste the blood, as his tongue forcefully explores in her mouth. His lips pressed so hard against hers, it’s painful. Yet she’s getting more and more aroused.

He lets go of her arms, his one hand slipping inside her shorts. His mouth never leaving hers. She’s gasping for air, her head spinning. His hand pushing her shorts down, past her knees. “Say you want me, say it,” he demands hotly against her mouth. “I can feel it, you’re soaking wet,” he whispers. “SAY IT,” he demands again, she refuses.

He drops down to his knees in front of her. She leans helplessly against the tree gasping for air as he removes her shorts and lifts her legs onto his shoulders. He buries his face between her thighs, his tongue exploring her dripping wet pussy. His mouth moving up, finding her clit, he gently bites it. She’s moaning wildly, her fingers digging into the tree for balance. Then he pulls away. She whimpers in disappointment.

“Now tell me,” he demands again, as he stands up, pressing against esenyurt türbanlı escort her shaky body.

“NO!” she snarls at him as she tries to push him away.

He forces his mouth on hers again, crushing. She tastes blood and herself on him, as he skillfully explores in her mouth. He moves his hands to her hips, and quickly lifts her up. Her legs wrap around him tightly, her back hard against the tree. “Why are you fighting it baby?” he whispers, “You know you want it,” he says sarcastically. With one hand he reaches down to undo his pants, they fall down his narrow hips to the ground. His cock so hard, it’s pressing against her. She can feel it throbbing against her skin. She moans. Taking it into his hand, he rubs the head against her pussy, teasing her. She’s throwing her head back, moaning loudly. “Tell me now” he demands.

“Oh god I want you” she whispers, her voice shaky.

“Louder,” he demands harshly. “I can’t hear you”

“Yes, Yes, I want you” she screams. He laughs.

Crushing her mouth again, he lowers her down his body, and with one hard thrust, he pushes deep into her. She gasps against his lips as he starts to move in her. Deep thrusts, followed by short quick ones. Her nails digging into his back, scraping down, drawing blood. The heat building within her. “Oh god,” she screams as he moves faster, deeper, harder in her dripping wet pussy. Her back scraping against the tree, he’s slamming hard into her. She’s moaning wildly now, her head trashing from side to side, sweat dripping down her spine. His hard cock pounding into her, over and over. She can’t take it anymore. She digs her nails into his back, losing control. Her hips start to shake, she’s moaning in ecstasy as her cum gushes out of her, soaking him. It runs down his thighs, dripping to the ground. Her pussy contracting around him, pumping hard, squeezing tight. He’s fighting to stay inside her, holding back until he senses she’s almost done, then pushes deep into her with one hard thrust, and explodes deep inside her.

Through a haze she hears the phone ring, bringing her back to reality. She’s shaking, there’s a puddle on the floor beneath her. She fights to catch her breath as she reaches for the receiver. “Hello” she says with a shaky voice…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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