Danielle and Rod

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The following is written in multiple first person point of view. The characters speak, not me. It is fiction, intended to entertain. If it doesn’t, by all means erase, exit or otherwise eliminate it from your life, as is your right. If I offend or disturb you in anyway, I am sorry, for that is not my intention. If by chance, I make you smile, or maybe wiggle in your seat, well, you’ll be getting a touch of what I felt while writing this story. And that’s exactly why I wrote it. Thank you sincerely, for your precious time.


Rod: Fuckable, so totally fuckable. She is so hot my dick is dancing in my pants. I want that broad so bad I could cum right now, just standing here. Damn she is hot! Look at those tits! They gotta be “D’s” or maybe double, but so firm! They stand right out there, begging for me.

Danielle: I can feel my heart bumping and that’s trouble. What a gorgeous guy. He’s kind, considerate, gracious and just plain hot! What else could I ask for? I like him, a lot. I don’t think at this point there’s anything I wouldn’t do for him. This is so dangerous…

Rod: “Dinner was nice. Thank you, for coming.” That was lame. I don’t care. I can’t take my eyes off her. Her hair is so long, and wavy, and full of motion as if blowing in the breeze. It’s cold out here on these steps. Damn, I wish she’d ask me in.

Danielle: “Thank you!” I don’t dare ask him in, do I? I might attack the poor guy. I don’t trust myself. I can see myself telling him to sit on the couch while I freshen up and then disappear to change into a “fuck me” outfit and come back begging. What am I going to do?

Rod: “It’s a bit chilly. Here, take my coat.” That was brilliant! Give her my coat so she knows I don’t want to leave. I want this to last as long as it can.

Danielle: Oh my God. He’s too good to be true. “Thank you, but, why don’t we go inside where it’s warmer?” Damn! I did it now. Oh no, how am I going to stop this?

Rod: “Sure.” Count the lucky stars, look up and count the lucky stars. Hold the door for her asshole. That’s it, oh man, look at that lovely ass. Those cheeks are bulging just for me. Ugh!

Danielle: “Why don’t you sit here for a moment while I freshen up?” Ieee Yieee Yieee. I am sooo predictable! Now what am I going to do? Where is that light weave spandex tube top? No need for a bra in that. Good, the nipples are showing, oh, I hope not too much. Wow, if he doesn’t go for my tits shaped like that, so perfectly formed in this skin hugging material, he’s brain dead, or dick dead, hehe. Now the thong, there, and the “fuck me” leather skirt. Hmm… just a touch of lip gloss… and a pencil…, brush the hair but not too much… and one final shake… he’s not gonna be able to resist this. Danielle! What the hell is the matter with you? Are you nuts? There he is, oh my God. He’s hot! “Nuts? I have some wine too, red?”

Rod: She is the hottest woman I’ve ever been this close to! Period! She’s hot looking, and hot acting. Look at those breasts so succulently encased in that top, her nipples poking right through. She’s gorgeous. I could jump her here and now and live with the prison sentence — she’s worth life. Just look at the heft of those tits! I love the way they bounce in that stretchy stuff when she walks. I would give anything to cup those and hold them in my hands right now. She is too much! “Nuts? Sure, and red is fine.” So fucking fine it’s incredible. Look at her hips sway — they’re calling you Rod, their looking for the Rodster, bobbing and weaving through the forest, searching for their master. I’m gonna have a heart attack.

Danielle: Is he still looking? He hasn’t sat down. Oh no! I hope he isn’t leaving! He couldn’t be. He just asked for red wine, and nuts. I hope I get a couple of his nuts tonight. Danielle! “Here we go. I’ll just put these down and…”

Rod: “A toast?” That ass she’s bending over is crying out for me.

Danielle: “Of course. To…” What is the matter with me?

Rod: “Us.” Duh, can we do a little better? “To a great night — that’s not over yet?” Too forward?

Danielle: “That’s not over yet.” I’m out of my mind. Hmmm. What’s he doing?

Rod: “Daneille?” Let me get my arms around you baby and we are home free. The moment of truth.

Danielle: “Oh yes!” He’s wrapping me up! Hold me you gorgeous hunk. Pull me in and don’t let go.

Rod: She’s buying it! She’s so warm. No bra, I’m sure now. Her back is so smooth with this top. I feel her pushing her mound up against me. This is too good to be true. Her legs just spread to wrap around one of mine, just a little, probably testing the waters. I must kiss her more passionately.

Danielle: Mmmm, that’s it. Send that tongue in here and let me work it over. How’s that for a nibble, Mister? Now let me plunge right back. Oh, yes, he tastes delicious. No cigarette breath. Listen to me! I quit three months ago and now I hate the taste. The wine is helping. Oh! His leg is responding. Mmmm.. that feels so good eve gelen escort on my mound. His thigh is pushing against me, just a little lower, just a little harder.

Rod: She’s sucking me in! I love it. Let’s try something. My thigh is getting warmer. Let me push just a little more. Yes. She is squeezing back. She wants it man, so bad, almost as bad as I do! This is gonna be some night. Whoa, wait a minute. If she’s that hot, let’s slow this down, make it last. I mean, passion fucks are great, but we’re talking all time classic here. Let me just try my hands a little lower, slowly.

Danielle: “Ohh, that’s nice.” His hands on my ass, they feel so good. Knead me, you horny hunk. Make me squirm. Damn. He’s taking his time, but then again, the way he is massaging, not too hard and not too light, just right. Let me wiggle back a little encouragement.

Rod: She likes that. Let me grab just little harder, let her know who’s in charge.

Danielle: That feels so good. He really does know what he’s doing.

Rod: Now thigh pressure. She’s pushing back, her mound hot on my leg. Her hair is exotic, like a forest of scent all over my face. “You smell so nice, Danielle.”

Danielle: Oh my God. I’m gonna cum if his thigh rubs any harder on my clitoris. He’s doing this perfectly. What will he think when I cum? I hope he’s not offended like some guys — creeps with no idea what it’s like to be a real woman. And will he be able to keep up? Oh, I need him to be right for me.

Rod: She’s shaking! My God! Is she going to cum already? What do I do? Stop? Move more to make her cum? Oh what the hell. Let ‘er rip. There, the knee and thigh moving up and down and I can feel her skirt pushed up, her wetness, ohhhh, man, that’s hot. She’s so wet my pants are wet! I feel her heat on my skin! This is too good to be true.

Danielle: I’m gonna cum. He’s too good, or it’s been too long. I don’t care. I hope he’s ready.

Rod: She’s shaking like an earth quake! Wow! She’s holding me so tight I could do a cartwheel and she’d still be there with me, clinging for her life. And the quaking… What’s that? Oh! She’s gushing! Holy shit! She’s running like a faucet all over my leg! Yes! Do it baby! “Do it! Yes! Cum on me baby! Let it go for me Danielle. It’s okay. It’s… so wonderful.”

Danielle: So wonderful? Can he be for real? He likes my flooding? “Oh yes! Oh my! Oh yes! Rod you are too much! I want you, so bad! Yes, make me cum, Rod! Yes, yes, yes…” Okay, that’s enough already. Stop, Danielle. You’re spent. What is it with this guy? How does he do so much to me? Who cares? That was the best orgasm I’ve had in years and we aren’t even in bed yet. Bring it on, Mr. Rod Man, bring it on!

Rod: “You are unbelievable, Danielle. Are you okay?” She was still trembling, but snuggling into me like a cub to its mama. She feels good, too. I just hope that’s not all.

Danielle: I have to look into his eyes. Warm, soft yet firm, protective, understanding, sensitive. Pinch me. “Yes, Rod. I’m okay. I think I’m more okay than ever.” I have to look. How bad did I wet him? Oh no! He’s soaked all down the front of his leg, all the way to his ankle. He’s gonna leave, I just know it. Oh oh, he’s looking too. A smile? I’m gonna feint.

Rod: Her face is fearful for some reason. “Danielle, it’s okay.” That didn’t do much. “Hell, okay isn’t the right word. It’s glorious. Really, knowing I had something to do with turning you on that much is the hottest feeling I could ever have.” She’s beginning to smile. “Your body is as passionate as your mind.” Wow! Where did that come from?

Danielle: I am in heaven! I can’t speak. I can only hold him tighter. I’m never gonna let him go.

Rod: “I’m not just saying that,” Now where was I going? “I feel like I just landed on some cloud someplace. You’re beautiful, inside and out. Trust me, I mean it.” I can’t believe how lucky I am. She’s actually worried I might be offended by a really wet cum? She’s crazy! Pour it on, baby.

Danielle: I love his chest, so hard, and yet comforting. I love his motion against me. I love his restraint. Hell, by now just about every other guy I have been with has taken my easiness to please as a signal to cum anytime, anyway they want, and then vanish. It’s so frustrating. But Rod was different in this too. I love this man!

Rod: “I want to hold on to you and never let you go.” Time for a bold move. Scoot down and get a good hold on her ass, that’s got it, and scoop her up, legs on my hips. Ahhh, that’s nice. She’s light, a perfect fit. I feel her slopping pussy on my belly already. She’s so wet it’s incredible. And that is so hot I don’t ever want her to leave. What would it be like to take her home like this? Then to work? Sheesh!

Danielle: He’s unreal. This is so good, soooooooo good. I can lock him up with my legs and suck his tongue right out of his mouth. I’m looking down on him, just enough to take charge and ravish his fatih escort lips, his eyes, his hair, he’s edible. More! Oh, we’re walking?

Rod: She’s gonna suck me right in, head and all. I love it so! Where’s that bedroom? It’s gotta be this way. Ah, yes, a king. Oh nice, brass rails headboard, and footboard too. This is just too good to be true.

Danielle: I’d give anything to read his mind right now. What does he think of my room? My bed? The wood floors? What am I thinking? If he’s thinking about my room, and not me, his mind is in the wrong place, girl. Take me to bed and fuck my brains out Mister Rod Man!

Rod: I don’t want to let her go, but I have to put her down to move on. There, sitting on the side of the bed. An idea. Let her watch me get undressed first. What the hell, everything else is perfect, maybe this will appeal to her too. First the shirt, one button at a time.

Danielle: Oh, my God! He’s torturing me. So considerate. What am I saying? So hot! He knows it too. He’s setting me up. I love it. Set me any way you want, the Rodster. Oh, look at that chest, that taught abdomen. I can see his jockeys, that’s what it says on the band, riding his hips above his pants. I’m gonna cum again just sitting here.

Rod: She’s liking this. I am so horny, watching her openly stare at my body. And judging from the look of it, she’s enjoying what she sees. Let’s drop the pants.

Danielle: “Mmmm…” I can’t believe I just did that, moan out loud. What does he thing now? He makes me feel so free. His pants and socks came off in one fluid motion. He’s like a pro. But he’s mine, at least for tonight. I can’t believe my luck. I’ve cum once already and the same man is still trying to please me! Oh my God. Look at that bulge.

Rod: That’s it, Rod Man, hold it, hold it, let her stare. You are getting really bold, man. Let’s not stop here. Off the shorts, there. Let the damn thing just stand out there as proud and stiff as it can be. No holds barred. Let her see and decide.

Danielle: “If you don’t bring that over here and let me suck it, I’m gonna pass out” Danielle! So bold! This is so unlike you, and so damn fun!

Rod: That’s all I needed to hear. There you go baby, oh yes. Take it slow, long slow strokes, oh that’s so good. Oh! I hope I didn’t scare her off, jolting too much. That finger snaking down my crack is one helluva shocker! I never would have believed such a bold move from such a nice girl, despite her looks. But I sure love it. Oh, yes, linger there, tease my ass, push, back off, push harder, back off. My God, I’m actually humping her finger, while she’s sucking the daylights out of my cock.

Danielle: I thought so – he’s as sensitive there as I am. He’s one hot hunk of male meat, Danielle, and you better not leave one stone, or nut unturned. Hehe. Now let’s see how long he can last. That’s it, second finger, in to the hand, slow pumping, cock sucking to the back of my throat and… Hey, this would be a good time to try that deep throat bit. I’ve always wanted to try, but never thought I could take the criticism if I failed. Rod is probably the only guy in the world I feel comfortable enough with. He would never criticize me. I have to try.

Rod: “Augh! That’s so good, Danielle!” She’s deep throating me, or trying to. I feel the head pushing hard into her throat again now. She’s gagging, getting it down more, then out. The pressure on the head of my dick when she does that is incredible, so hot and kind of raspy, yet so dirty it’s just unbelievable. More, baby, more. “That’s sooo good Danielle, but only if you like it too.” Might as well tell her the truth — I wouldn’t enjoy it at all if she didn’t enjoy doing it.

Danielle: I just can’t believe how nice he is! No guy every showed more than the slightest concern for my side of sex. Rod can’t show me enough! Gaggh, ugh, choke, free again. Damn! I’m really doing it — getting it into my throat, getting it an inch or two down my throat, and it isn’t bad at all. It’s like the kind of pain that I get in my ass when a guy first enters, it hurts, then goes away after a minute and actually feels good thereafter. I love this guy! His cock must be seven inches. I hope its right for me in my pussy. It sure is hot taking it into my mouth now…. Gaggh, ugh, no choke! Look! I have it all the way to the hilt! It’s all he can give! I can hold my breath a little longer. Maybe I can move on him a little, there, back and forth an inch or so, so the heat stays back there. So fucking hot! He’s boiling! He’s gonna cum! I feel him tensing, then releasing. His balls, sometimes I can feel a guy getting ready by fondling his balls. I have to try.

Rod: “Oh God, Danielle! You are a goddess! You are so good! I can’t believe you are taking my cock so deep in your throat. No one, no one, has ever done that for me before! Oh! Baby, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up…” I have to try to hump her more, but not hurt her. She’s driving me nuts. That halkalı anal yapan escort feels so different, so hard on the head of my dick. It’s as if she had one of those electric cow milkers on my dick, pulling relentlessly, there being nothing I could do about it except for maybe joining in. I have to try to pump more.

Danielle: “He is! He is! He’s cuming! Feel those balls tense up. Oh God, to think I am doing that to him. He’s just so damn hot, so horny, and he’s all mine, at least for now. That’s it baby, let it cum to me. Wow, I have to decide whether to let it just rush down my throat, or pull back and suck him dry. Surely I want to swallow every drop of this magnificent guy, but I’ve never… Oh, oh, there is cums!

Rod: “Yeah! Oh Yeah! That’s it, Danielle. You are a goddess! I worship you! Take me baby, right down your throat! That is just unbelievable.” She’s truly heavenly. She’s magnificent. She’s all mine, at least for now. Wow that’s just unreal! Feel it all going right out the end of my cock and down her gullet. What did I do to deserve this?

Danielle: I have to taste some of him. I just have to. I’ll pull back and let the last of it into my mouth. I need air anyway. I can’t believe I actually took a man’s cum directly into my throat and down. That is so horny, so naughty. Who can I tell about this! Sherry? Yeah, she would understand. But no one else. Oh Rod, please have more to give.

Rod: Damn, she’s taking the last of me in her mouth now. I sure hope she likes the taste. I remember more than one blow job that ended badly, the chick not liking the idea after all. Pray, please like it…

Danielle: I have to stop, or I’ll cum just thinking about all this. “You taste so good, Rod. I mean it, sooo good. I, I can hardly believe what we just did.”

Rod: “You and me both. You are wonderful, Danielle.” She’s amazing. This had to be her first time, at least down her throat. I was that privileged. Unreal. Simply amazing. How did I get so lucky? “Oh Danielle, that was all you, baby, and all of you is just what I want. Come up here again.” I have to get her to my hips again. Feel her against me. Our naked bodies seem to fit so well together. It’s as if this whole affair was meant to be, our destiny finally fulfilled. Oh, feel that, her tits on my chest, her mound pressed up against my upright cock, her legs wrapped around me in a death grip like she was never going to let me go. This was one prison I could spend a lifetime in.

Danielle: He’s too much, just too damn much. After I jus took his entire load of sperm in my mouth, he’s hoisted me up and is kissing my dirty lips. I love him so. This is too hot not to tell Sherry. She’ll never believe me. Ohhh, I just want him inside me right now. He feels so good up against my crack. Oh my, fuck me Rod, fuck me until I die.

Rod: I can’t believe I have to have her right a way, even after the best blow job of my life. My cock didn’t shrivel an inch after cuming. That’s new ground for me. I can usually go again, but not just keep right on going! Energizer Bunny, stand aside — Rod is cuming!

Danielle: Oh yes, he’s setting me on the bed. I wonder, what does he have in mind? Straight sex now, or something different? I’m ready for anything. Surprise me, Rod.

Rod: It’s as if she’s reading my mind. Her deep green eyes are looking up and into my brain. I know she is having the time of her life, just like me. I can feel it. I have to try something. There, in the closet, her robe, and yes, another. The belts. I’ll leave her a moment, oh, a moan of displeasure. I hope I can change that. There, two excellent ties. First, straddle her. Love the bed. The feather bed feel is so hot. And now, the moment of truth. Will she resist? Her right wrist. I have it, attach the robe sash with a clove hitch, with a loop in the last hitch so I can pull the rip cord if she panics. She’s letting me! Oh yes. Now what, tie her to the brass rails at the head of the bed, or fix the other sash to her left wrist. Awe hell, if she were going to stop me, it would have been before now. There, one hand fixed to the bed. Three more points to spread eagle her and make her totally defenseless. Will she let me?

Danielle: This is just too much. I have always wanted to be tied up by a strange man and taken advantage of. In my own bed is even better, taking some of the unavoidable fear out of it. And even though I have already swallowed Rod’s seed, he’s still new enough to give me that feeling I wanted. My hands, both tied to the bed I bought for this very reason. I would never admit it to anyone else, not even Sherry, but it’s the truth, and till now, a dream unfulfilled. Now what? He’s off the bed. I’m tied to the rails, but, wait, my feet? He’s going to secure my feet too? Do I trust him? Look, the knot on my wrist has a looped end. I can see it can be pulled easily, freeing my hand. Hell, I could probably pull it myself by reaching my fingers to it. No, no fear, Danielle, only pleasure. Then again, what if pleasure to him is pain to me? What if, naw. It can’t be. He’s gentle, considerate. He’d never hurt me, or do anything against my will. Maybe he needs some time to let his penis rest. No, I don’t think that is the case, look at that thing! I sure hope I can take all that without hurting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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