Curvey Jaqui

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Of course she had often thought about it. The fact that he was officially unavailable didn’t seem to have any affect. if anything it rather spiced it up. Very frequently they saw one another in the pub, he with his buddies or sometimes with his boring north country girlfriend, Alison or whatever her name was,and Jaqui with a girlfriend. He stood at the bar now, chatting about football with the men around him, drinking his pint with obvious enjoyment.

He was half turned towards her and through his jeans she could see the tight curvature of his arse. He was broad shouldered and powerfully built in a pleasant rugby player way. Her eyes drifted down to his groin and she surprised herself by giggling out loud at as she caught herself wondering what his cock might look like without the denim. God this was ridiculous, she was being like a schoolgirl. But then maybe he liked schoolgirl uniforms on a big girl. She had once had a boyfriend who was really into that,and she had let him take photos of her, which had turned both of them on a lot. Bloody hell, if she kept thinking like this she would have to go to the ladies’ and finger-fuck herself. She squeezed her legs together.

“Hi, it’s Jaqui isn’t it? How are you? Would you like a drink?” Jaqui snapped out of her day dreams to see to her surprise that Dave had come over. She had a moment’s panicked and delight mixed with embarrassment, as though he could read her thoughts. “Of course,” she said. “That would be great.

“Large one?” He asked.

“Ooooo,” she said, “Large like me.”

He grinned at her and looked in here eyes.”I can’t think of anything better.” That was it, she was definitely turned on now. His Alison was stick thin and hawk-like. She turned some possibilities over in her mind.

“So Alison gave you the green light for a night in the boozer then?” She joked as he came back from the bar and sat opposite her with the drinks. He smiled.

“No, in fact I am a bachelor this week. Ali’s gone away on a conference. Its on “The Effect of Bio-fertilisers on Beetle Populations. Something like that anyway” This confirmed everything Jaqui thought about Alison, and she noticed that halkalı bdsm escort Dave couldn’t say the title without a smile either.

They had a good time in the pub. Dave had abandoned his friends in favour of her, and when the closing time bell rung, the unspoken question which had been unspoken between them arose.

“Would you like…”

“May I walk you”….

They both laughed, finished up their drinks, and after twenty minutes’ found themselves in Jaqui’s sitting room.

It was Summer so they were wearing very little. Would you like a drink?” she asked. ” Or maybe tea or coff…”

“I cant think of something I have been wanting very much better all evening,” he said, and put a tentative arm round her as she turned from him in the ritual dance of heading for the kitchen.

She turned round immediately and kissed him, their tongues playing with one another. She could feel his erection through his jeans. He took her hand and led her to the sofa. “Good idea”, she said. giggling.

He flumped himself full length on on the three-seater and she bent over and kissed him, rubbing his hardness through his jeans and making him moan. He reached up to the front of her shirt and unbuttoned it before releasing her bra. She gasped as he took her right breast,

running his fingers gently over her stiffened nipple. Immediately she felt the suck-my-tits excitement that transferred to her clitoris just by having her boobs stimulated. She could of course get some of that sensation for herself, her 44E boobs making it easy for her,though you couldn’ t have a proper finger wank or rabbit fuck like that. . After some of time enjoying one another like this she decided that however delightful, she was in a rather uncomfortable position, She sat on the thick carpet her divorce settlement had allowed her to buy, and began to undo his belt and unzip his his fly. She reached inside and released his prick,which, she noted with pleasure, was engorged with lust.

She was gently grasping the base of his shaft now, squeezing gently and wanking him as he gasped and said, “Oh Christ” and “Mother of halkalı elit escort God that’s great” several times. She knew he was near coming, so when she saw a glistening drop of pre-cum on his glans she stopped wanking. No way was he going to finish.

“Not yet, lover boy,”she said, and flicked the top of her tongue over his purple helmet before standing up and facing him.”Let’s have some music” She walked to the computer and put on her favourites playlist before dimming the lights. As she turned back she was pleased to see him expertly playing with himself, retaining what was clearly his his huge excitement for her without coming..”Enjoying yourself?,she asked, and she knew she was grinning”

“Oh yes indeed,very much”he said.”I love it.”

” Good. It’s certainly doing a lot for me. Watch.” She began to take her clothes off in front of him, quickly and efficiently divesting herself of anything that could conceal her desire for him. She kicked the clothes into a corner of the room and came to stand beside beside his head .Placing her left foot on the sofa sot that her sex was exposed for him, she opened her cunt and ran her fingers around her clitoris before pushing two of them inside herself.

“You like that? She said. “You like watching me fuck myself?”And on the word “fuck” she pushed her fingers deep inside herself to emphasise the point.”

“Oh God ,yes” said Dave. He appeared to be having trouble breathing.

“Good.” She gave her clit a few more strokes for him and turning her shoulder, looked at how his engorged knob was now so hard it was pulsating in time to his heat beat. Enough teasing him now,though,and besides which she desperately wanted his penis inside her,to feel him licking at her cunt, to explore his cock with her mouth and tongue.

“Take your clothes off and come here, she said. He didn’t need much encouragement. Very quickly they were lying together on the carpet, their hand exploring one another. His fingers inside her made her gasp. He swung himself round into a 69 position, his dick offering itself to her mouth and she parting her legs so that he could lick halkalı escort her cunt. She tasted the beat of his cock in her mouth and the way his body shivered as she explored him with her tongue told her that yes, he was enjoying this very much.

He was extremely good at cunnilingus, spending time and care to bring her near the point of screaming orgasm with his practised tongue before expertly prolonging her pleasure by a gentle attention to her vagina. His boob work had been great, so no wonder he was so good at this too. Most men slobbered and slurped like a geriatric patient with a peach, She smiled at the thought – at least as much as she was able to as much as she could with Dave’s cock in her mouth and his tongue deep in her cunt,anyway. “Can I fuck you?”Dave said, with a laugh.

“Christ, yes, go on, I’d love it.” She rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide for him.

He shifted to between her legs and she grasped them and lifted them for him to see her arse and cunt openings. He deftly slid he cock up and down her well- lubricated clitoris, sending shudders of almost unbearable pleasure and a now desperate desire to be screwed through her. ” Stop teasing,” she said.

“You were teasing me earlier, he said.

“Yes, but that…….oh Jesus.” As she was talking Dave had slipped his cock into her and now was fucking her in long, slow strokes, pleasure all over his face so that she gasped and laughed. “Christ, you’re good,” she said.

“If were good I wouldn’t be doing this,”he said, pushing deep inside her as he said it, grinding into her playfully hard.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said, and at this he withdrew and .He wriggled out of her and she moved so her arse was presented to him. She wriggled, her amply round buttocks playfully. “I’d love to,” he said, and eased himself into her, his urgent penis now plunging into the deeper strokes this position gave. Jaqui wanked her cunt furiously, and was moving her arse back and forth to meet his strokes. As they slammed into one another she felt her climax building. His was too, his breaths becoming harder and his fucking wilder.”Go on,” she said, “I want you to come inside me. “Oh God, “he replied breathlessly”, it’ s very close now.”and with that they orgasmed in a roar which blanked out everything in the world except pleasure.

As Jaqui and Dave lay on the bed afterwards, both of them were silently thinking that what with Alison away, the coming week held considerable promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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