Crush Ch. 02

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We left the kitchen, and her husband and two kids, behind us and ventured out into the expansive yard. I followed her tremendous tush through an overgrown vegetable garden to a sort of ramshackle tool shed, behind which was about 5 feet of open space between the shed and the neighbor’s fence.

I was impressed with her plan. Here we could not be seen by anyone, and would hear someone approaching from the house in plenty of time.

She flashed a nervous smile and said, “So, I really don’t know what I’m doing, but…” And with that she pushed me against the tool shed and gave me a long, frenzied tongue kiss, during which I managed to get my hands into the waistband of her skirt far enough to find that underneath it she wore matching black silk panties. A quick slide under those and I had full access to the smooth skin of her naked ass. I’d dreamt about this at least once a week for 10 years as a teen, imagining soaping her up in a post-football game shower, enough to feel that now I knew every inch by heart.

Before I could get fully reacquainted, though, my hands slid out as she quickly knelt in front of me and nervously undid my zipper, in one motion pulling down my jeans and underwear and freeing the erection esenyurt anal yapan escort which was now starting to become painful.

“Oh…wow,” she breathed just before taking my shaft into her mouth, covering it quickly in her saliva. The visual was almost enough to make me shoot my load right then: my dream girl for 12 years of school, finally on her knees sucking my cock for all she had, looking up at me with those piercing green eyes. She hungrily licked the shaft from balls to purple head, occasionally sucking in the entire length as though she hadn’t tasted cock in years.

Not knowing how much time we had left before we were missed, I decided to make the most of the chance and stood her up, turning her around and placing her face forward against the shed in the “under arrest” position. Now it was my turn. I quickly lifted her skirt up to her waist and grasped the waistband of her panties, lowering them just to her knees, which put me square at eye level with her amazing bare ass.

I have to say here that there have always been certain girls that I thought were so incredibly hot that I would eat out their asshole at any time of day or night, esenyurt escort with no regard for hygiene, and Natalie was certainly one of those; maybe even the original one.

I ran my fingers up her ass and parted those silky cheeks, kneeling on the ground with my pants around my ankles and my erect cock pointing at the sky. I dove in and licked her now very wet and hairless snatch from her clit to her taint, my nose buried in the sweet musk of her asshole. After I’d tasted a good bit of her flowing juices, I went to the fleshy hole itself and rimmed it with my tongue, marveling at how sweet her scent was in the middle of a hot, sweaty day.

There no sound but a slight breeze through the trees and a few birds. Natalie simply kept whispering, “Oh God…oh God…oh, my God” over and over, with my name thrown in a few times for good measure.

Since my hands were on her hips, my cock wasn’t getting any attention whatsoever, but regardless I was ready to pop. I stood up with the intention of sliding into her pussy from behind, but instead began rubbing my erect shaft between her ass cheeks and across that stunning anus. A few seconds of this proved too much for me to handle, and esenyurt eve gelen escort I soon felt myself squirting hot cum all over her ass, the spurts of white stickiness reaching up her back while a few drops dripped down onto her panties, which were still around her knees.

“Oh, yes, baby, cum all over my ass,” was all she needed to add to the scene, and I felt an even stronger surge, almost like a second climax. More steaming jizz erupted, coating her asshole and running down her smooth, tanned thigh.

As if on cue, we heard the ‘swoosh’ of the sliding glass door and her husband calling to Natalie. I hurriedly pulled up my pants, trying my best to fit my still hard cock into my jeans and paying no mind to the wetness covering my hands. Natalie slid her panties up and dropped her skirt down over them.

‘Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to cop a feel anytime soon,’ I thought. We came back through the garden just as he came off the patio, and it the whole situation looked perfectly innocent from his perspective. Of course, had he looked close, he might have noticed the white stains on the bottom of my t-shirt or the glistening droplets of white cum on her black shoes.

I drove home that afternoon literally tingling from the experience, sorry only that it may have been my only chance to fuck the brains out of my high school crush, and I’d popped off before I could close the deal. That little problem was resolved when a text message showed up on my phone: ‘I’m done teaching at 4:30 tomorrow…meet me at the school.”

To Be Continued…

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