Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 15

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my editor.


The morning was spent on the beach, with Chris and Jennifer getting sun and Megan and me enjoying the waves. By noon, though, Chris and Jennifer had had enough. Despite sunscreen, they were looking pink from two days in the sun. They left the beach to relax back at the house. We didn’t want to leave our guests alone, so Megan and I went back after one more quick swim.

Megan held my hand as we walked. We were both still wet and just carrying our blanket and towels. We stopped once we hit hard ground to put our flip flops on before continuing across the road. Megan pulled me close to talk as we walked slowly.

“Last night was wild, watching them have sex on the beach, huh?”

“Incredible,” I replied.

“Did it bother you that they watched us too?”

“Ah…no…not really. Maybe a little at first, but not after a while.”

“Me too. It was a little upsetting with you paying attention to them and not me, but as I watched them I got really hot, especially with Jennifer smiling at us.”

“I know…I got the impression they were comfortable fucking in front of us.”

“It’s almost like they had before. You think they have…fucked in front of other people before?”

“Maybe, but Chris has never said anything.”

We were nearly back to the house. We could see Jennifer and Chris on chairs, having a beer together, in the shade of the front porch. They had been watching us approach.

“They’re watching us,” I said.

“Maybe they’re talking about the same thing right now we are,” Megan suggested.

“Could be,” I agreed, but then we shut up as we got to the porch.

“Hey, guys,” I said.

“Beers?” Jen offered from a cooler by her chair.

“Sure,” we said.

There were only two wide-armed, Adirondack style, large wooden chairs on the porch, so to make room Jen sat with her feet between Chris’ legs on the seat of his chair and her butt on the arm. With our beers, Megan and I assumed the same position in the chair Jen had vacated. I noticed, and I’m sure Chris did too, that we each had a crotch shot of the other’s girl if she parted her legs, as Jen had slightly done. I tried not to be too obvious and waited impatiently for Jen to look away. The temptation to steal looks at her tight and tiny bikini bottoms were too much. It barely covered her lower treasure making it difficult not to look. I shifted my eyes around to avoid being detected and noticed Chris occasionally glancing at the lower half of Megan. Looking down at her legs, I found them to be parted at least as much as Jen’s.

The girls were making light conversation about meals to be made or recipes they might want to try while we were here. They seemed completely at ease and unaware of the lack of conversation from Chris and me and the glances we were stealing. The girls seemed to open and close their legs as they emphasized particular points in the conversation. I’m positive Jen saw me, at least once, when she spread her legs apart more than normal. I could clearly make out the camel-toe of her pouty lips beneath the thin strip of material. I know she caught me because when I looked too long and glanced up to her face she was smiling at me as she listened to Megan talk about making spaghetti and meatballs. My meatballs, and my sausage for that matter, were getting excited at the prospects.

When we finished the first beers, Jen got up to get us more from the cooler. As she lifted the lid and retrieved the last four cans, I had a clear shot of her bikini top struggling to container her ample breasts. Her tits hung wonderfully away from her chest like dangling fruit. I wanted nothing more than to cup those two orbs in my big hands. And, I couldn’t help think about doing her from behind and pushing deep inside those pouty lips. My cock surged against Megan’s leg, the side of her calf strategically pressed against my groin. She looked down at me with a smile as she took our beers from Jen.

Chris and I managed to contribute more to the conversation when the girls started asking us questions about ideas for dinner. I tried, as I think Chris did, to refrain from our lecherous stares. My cock actually softened enough that by the time we’d drained our last beers, I could stand to go get more. The women might have noticed, though, as I caught Jen smiling at me again as Chris and I left the front porch for the garage.

“Wow! The girls are looking super fine in those bikinis, don’t you think?” Chris asked as we entered the garage.

“No doubt.”

“Jen has great tits, doesn’t she?”

“Ah…yeah…I’d say so.”

“Megan looks like one of those women track stars with her long, tight legs,” Chris observed.

“Yeah, she’s got amazing legs. Jen looks great in her bikini, too.”

“I know. Sometimes I wish we could be on a nude beach together. Those magnificent tits of hers deserve to be out in the open and not caged in stupid material.”

“That would be cool,” I agreed, starting to wonder where this was bakırköy escort going.

With more beers in hand, we exited the garage to see the women entering the house by the side door into the kitchen. My stomach was demanding attention so I hoped they had lunch in mind. I said so to Chris and he definitely agreed.

We entered the kitchen to find Megan rooting through the refrigerator and Jen opening a loaf of bread. She had the toaster pulled out so it looked like sandwiches were in the offing. Chris and I opened four more beers while the girls worked. Megan handed me lettuce to wash and Chris some tomatoes to cut, while she started to open some cold cuts we had bought.

After lunch, the guys did the clean up while the girls disappeared upstairs. I’d noticed them talking quite animatedly before going up the stairs. Megan seemed to be explaining something funny to Jen and they were both laughing as they ascended the stairs. Chris and I finished the short clean up and headed for the garage for more beer.

“Did you see those two laughing before they went upstairs?” I asked Chris.

“Yes…what do you think that was?”

“Not sure, but looks like they’re getting along great.”

“Definitely. Jen tells me she thinks Megan is amazingly beautiful and sexy.”

“Yeah, Megan told me she thinks Jen is gorgeous.”

We opened four beers and went to find the women. As we left the garage the two bikini-clad beauties were coming out the side door. I immediately noticed they were giggling and they had both put their hair in pigtails. Jen had her blonde hair in tails on either side of her face, and Megan’s were long and thick, framing her face. They smiled at us as we met in the middle of the backyard.

Chris was the first to comment. “What’s up with you two?”

“Megan explained to me how we could entertain you two this afternoon,” Jen replied.

“I told her what pigtails on us would mean to Dave,” Megan added.

“What?” Chris questioned, looking at me.

“Tell him, Dave,” Megan chided.

“She’s referring to a couple girls at our high school who used to wear their hair in pigtails a lot. They were somewhat known for giving blowjobs when they wore their hair in pigtails.”

“Yeah, and two of them demonstrated their oral skills for Dave,” Megan added with a laugh.

“No kidding,” Chris replied. “I thought you told me all about high school. I don’t remember you mentioning pigtails.”

“I may not have mentioned that, but I did tell you about the two of them, Anna and Penny.”

“Oh, they were the pigtail girls?”


Everyone laughed at my expense and Megan added, “They were known for more than just BJ’s too.”

“Ha ha,” I responded. “They’re reformed now.”

“Ooh,” Jen joked, “listen to him defend them.”

“Well, why are you two wearing your hair like that? Just to tease me?”

“No, we thought we’d copy them,” Jen declared.

“Including the BJ’s?” Chris asked excitedly.

“Definitely,” Megan affirmed.

“That sounds good,” I said. “How’re we doing this?”

“What do you mean?” Jen asked. “We weren’t planning on switching partners if that’s what you’re asking.”

Jen and Megan shared looks while I glanced over at Chris to get his take on things. Jen’s comment just seemed to hang in the air unchallenged by anyone. I couldn’t tell if she had purposely floated it as an option, or if she was just pointing out the obvious. From the looks on Megan’s and Chris’ faces, I decided they were thinking the same thing. Further conversation was cut short by Jen.

“Come on, honey…we’re in here,” Jen said, as she pulled Chris to the garage.

Megan grabbed my hand and pulled me to around the back of the house. She opened the shower door and we entered the enclosure. With the door shut, she pulled me to her for a kiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and she held my head softly to her lips. We kissed for a little before she pulled back.

“You ok with me telling Jen about the pigtails?”


“I only did it because I thought it would be fun to excite you guys like this.”

“Good plan,” I said. “It works for me.”

“I hope you don’t think I was trying to embarrass you or anything.”

“No problem.”

“Good, now get those swim trunks off,” Megan commanded.

I took my trunks off and watched Megan quickly shed her bikini. Her nipples were already stiff and my mouth watered to get at them. My dick was still flaccid from all the kidding, but I could feel new life coming to it quickly. Megan came to me, to kiss again, only this time she wrapped her hand around my expanding appendage. We kissed passionately and my hands pulled naughtily at Megan’s distended nipples. I stretched her tits away from her chest erotically as she pumped my cock. We’d not turned the water on and it was hot in the sunny, somewhat confined shed.

“God, that feels incredible on my nipples,” Megan gasped. “I know with these pigtails I promised you a blowjob, but my pussy is so wet for you too.”

“We bakırköy eve gelen escort can do both,” I offered.

“That sounds great to me, but I don’t want to gyp you of getting some head.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll suffer through it.”

Megan shifted me around as she sat on the small wooden bench seat in the shower. She didn’t have to bend forward much to align her mouth with my stiff cock. She looked up at me and smiled before flicking her tongue across the sensitive head of my cock. Her tongue teased me by just working on the bright red head and into the little slit.

“Oh god,” I groaned.

“Don’t forget to use my pigtails,” Megan offered with a giggle.

I reached out to hold her pigtails. I remembered doing this to Anna and Penny and pulling Anna until my cock entered her throat. I couldn’t do that with her, but Megan’s thick hair felt better in my hands than either Anna’s or Penny’s had. She was still licking away at my knob, but with a little suggestive pull she giggled and took me into her mouth.

“Mmm, suck on it, Babe.”

Megan giggled around my cock and sucked on the top half of my dick. Her saliva wet my shaft and she sucked even harder bringing delicious tingles to my dick. I pulled a little harder on her pigtails, forcing her to take me to the back of her mouth. This time I had to laugh, as she put her hands flat on the tops of my thighs to push back if I went too deep for her. She obviously feared me getting too aggressive.

“That’s my girl…take that cock deep,” I urged.

Megan surprised me by shaking her head back and forth. She wasn’t telling me no, but rather trying to work the head of my dick against the back of her throat. I’d never seen or felt her try this before. She still gagged a little and fought back her gag reflex, but my dickhead worked against the opening of her throat. The feeling was incredible as her muscles worked on trying to get me down.

“Oh god, Babe…That’s nice,” I complimented.

Megan backed off me gasping for air. She filled her lungs quickly and said, “When I nod my head pull hard on my hair.”

“You want me to force myself into your throat?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, let’s try it. It might work.”

“Ok…but I’ll back off quick if you choke.”


By pulling on Megan’s pigtails, I brought the tip of my cock against the back of her mouth. I held it there and Megan started in working it around by maneuvering her head back and forth. I could feel the tip teasing at the entrance to her throat. Sucking and wet squishy noises filled the air around us as she bobbed on me. I watched her nod her head after she seemed to get comfortable with the pressure on her throat opening.

I knew she wanted me to pull hard, but I didn’t want to hurt her or discourage her efforts, so I hesitated briefly before pulling only half hard. Megan nodded again more urgently and pushed herself a little more. With my hands around her pigtails, I pulled with a strong tug. I felt the head of my cock lodge in her throat entrance then break through. The head of my dick squeezed into the tightness of her throat.

“Oh fuck,” I yelled.

I was in her throat and could feel her muscles fighting against her gag reflex. The contracting and flexing of her throat muscles felt incredible on my cockhead. Megan held me there for as long as she could. It must have seemed like a long time to her, but really was maybe ten to fifteen seconds. She pulled off with a quick jerk of her head.

“Babe, that was amazing,” I praised.

“Oh god…that was hard,” Megan gasped. “Let’s try again, though.”


We repeated the procedure and it worked again. I even gave a second jerk once I was in her throat and another inch of my cock buried itself in her throat. She had all but an inch or two in her mouth and down her throat. Megan held it for a second, but had to back off quickly until she had me totally out of her mouth. Her hands were pushing me back as she gasped for air.

“Wow, that was fantastic, Babe,” I declared.

Megan gasped a bit for more air before she wheezed out, “Oh, my god…I did it. I had you down there. I think if we work at it, I can go all the way like Anna. I can’t believe I did that.”

“That was unbelievable. Come here,” I said, trying to get her to stand.

Megan did stand, and I turned her around so she could lean back onto the bench. I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock to the very wet entrance to her pussy. She was hot for my dick and ready to be fucked. I slid my cockhead from her bottom gash to her clit and back. After a few swipes, I moved it to her wet hole and thrust in. My dick parted her aroused sex and sliced into her female channel.

“Oh god…fuck me, stud. Drive that big cock deep into my cunt. Make me cum over and over.”

“Do you feel my big dick in you?” I growled at Megan.

“Yes…fuck that big cock into me. So good…so good…make me cum, Babe.”

I grabbed Megan by her hips and thrust bakırköy grup yapan escort back and forth. My cock probed deep and caused her to groan and shake. I moved her slim hips around as I pounded my dick so deep our hips were smacking together, my groin grinding against her firm ass. Megan groaned and wiggled her butt back on my driving cock. She threw her head back and moaned. Her legs began to tremble.

“Ah…ah…ah, I’m going to cum,” Megan yelled.

Sweat began to form on our hot bodies. The full mid-afternoon sun against the back wall of the house reflected into the small enclosure. It caused waves of heat to assault our fucking bodies. Megan’s body ignited with a heat from both within and without. She finally detonated inside with a shout to the blue sky.

My cock felt Megan’s spasming pussy muscles and it pushed me over the edge. I erupted with a force of a hundred kilotons. The first explosion of my sperm into Megan felt like my dick went with it. I wanted to shout, but Megan howled loud enough for both of us to be heard across the yard. The pleasure was incredible until the last of my spasms fired off.

I pumped the last of my cum into Megan and staggered back to the other wall of the shower. My cock popped out of Megan’s pussy covered in our combined juices. Megan hadn’t moved and globs of cum began to drip from her gaping pussy to the floor of the shower. After catching my breath, I moved to Megan and helped her stand out of the way of the shower. I turned on the cold water and then the hot a little. When the shower got just right, I pulled Megan and me into it. The water felt so great cascading over us.

I held Megan against me, cupping her wonderful breasts. They fit in my hands like oranges with wonderful pink stems to pull on. I played with those wonderful mounds and tweaked those stretchy nips. Megan moaned and leaned harder into me. She wiggled her ass across my soft dick.

“Ah…that’s so nice. I love it when you play with my tits.”

“Me too.”

“You know that always revs my engine.”


“Ah…What’d you think when Jennifer mentioned switching partners?”

“I thought she was serious.”

“What if she were?”

“What do you mean, you want to?”

“I was asking if you wanted to.”

“That’s the wrong question.”

“Oh, what’s the right one, then?”

“The question is do I want my girl to be with another guy, even if he is my best friend?”

“I guess that is the question,” Megan said leaning back into me and kissing my cheek. “What’s your answer?”

“No…not even Chris.”

“Really…even a blowjob?”

“Even that. Why, you want to?”

“I think I already proved I would do that for you with Anna. Jennifer saw your big dick on the beach and I think she’s interested. In so many words, she led me to believe Chris would be, too.”

“Oh, so it’s up to me then.”

“I guess so.”

“No, I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“Really? That’s sweet,” Megan said pulling my face to her and kissing me.

“You disappointed with my decision?”

“No, babe. Whatever you want.”

“Now I feel like the party pooper.”

“Don’t…you have every right to feel the way you do.”

“All I want to do right now is play more with these,” I said, tugging on her suckable buds.

Megan and I let the lukewarm water wash over our sweaty bodies. I grabbed the soap we always kept in the shower, and used the suds to lather Megan’s tits. They felt great in my hands and Megan groaned as I worked her tits like the teats on a milking cow. She wiggled her sweet ass into and across my cock as I teased her breasts.

“Oh god…you’re driving me crazy,” Megan moaned.

My cock was already back and ready for action, so I bent my knees to align it with Megan’s twat. I moved it around, teasing her clit and all around her slick lips. My hands still tortured her soapy nips. She tried to get me inside her, but I held back to torment her a little.

“You’re killing me…I want you so bad…put that big thing inside me please, Dave. I want you to fuck me hard and make me scream.”

I found her slick hole and thrust hard into her, our remaining cum easing my entrance into her core. My dick sunk deep into Megan and she pushed back onto me as I thrust again.

“Oh good…so good…my pussy loves your long thick cock.”

My legs were bent and I thrust up into Megan. I could feel my still loose balls slapping against her clit. Megan’s fingers touched my cock and I knew she was playing with her clit as I fucked her. I was deep inside her on the inward thrusts and pulled back nearly all the way each time to drive back in.

“Oh, shit…I’m going to cum soon,” Megan said, her arm moving fast. “Make me cum, babe.”

I picked up speed and could feel my balls starting to twitch. My legs strained as I moved faster into her soaked cavity. Megan stiffened in my grasp and began to shake. My hands pulled hard on her rigid nipples. She couldn’t take any more as her bliss peaked.

“Fuck…I’m cumming!” she screamed. “Cumming…cumming.”

I was getting close too, but Megan’s clasping cunt made it harder to fuck her. I tried as she groaned through the waves of bliss running through her. She shook and spasmed on my cock until the last of her pleasure passed. Little tremors still shook her as I started fucking her hard again. I need to cum.

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