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I wrote this as a distraction for my husband. He works unending hours and gives me all that is left and more. I really don’t like to read erotica where “you” is a character and I hope you all will give me leeway this one time. Thank you LaPatitMort for your email, and yeah he did like it.


My dearest love, I hope this morning will give you encouragement throughout the day knowing that whatever happens I am home waiting for you. I am devoted to you as a man and husband. Your commitment and desire to please me never cease to move me. I know at times I confuse you especially in the last few years as I feel I have shed many shackles and misconceived expectations. I feel your hesitancy at times fearing you might offend me or push me too far. I so want you to push, not me but yourself.

You have long held back your passion and imagination in fear of trespassing a delicate sensibility or decorum of decency. I love the passion you have for me. I feel desirable, hot ankara escort and sexy. I walk with confidents knowing what an amazing lover I have. I love it when you take me, bite me and hold me, direct me. I want you to mark me so everyone will know I am yours and you have claimed me, over and over, letting the world see your power over me.

I want you to talk to me, make love to me with your words. Tell me what you want.

I want you to come home one night, and while I’m asleep blind fold me and bind me to the bed with the straps you have set up and lay hidden beneath the mattress. I am upside down, with my head draped down over the mattress edge. You caress my body with warming oil; strap a vibrator, set on random, onto my clit, then leave me in the darkness. The only sound is the incessant buzz grinding against me and my shallow breathing, Waiting for you, expecting.

After a while you return to find me wet and desperate. You’ve been thinking of me, maybe filming me struggle escort ankara aching, arching and straining to have more. You are straddling the edge of desire hard, throbbing and ready. Standing in front of my face, my mouth perfectly level for your pleasure I feel your heat and smell your scent. I know it so well. I know when you are home or in my bed instinctively. I know it is there pulsing for me just out of reach. I open my mouth and seek you with my tongue. Watching, then pulling away you enjoy my struggles and delight as I squirm. I feel you so close, want you, and need you. Silently you grasp my nipple. You like the right one best. Is it more sensitive? Quickly, tightly, a pull and then it’s gone.

I feel you circle my body, a predator silently appraising its prey. You push the vibrator into me giving me a little more but not enough. You laugh at my frustration as I arch into your hand. You know how I will scream for you when you have finished. When you have lead me to the cliff ankara escort bayan of pleasure, my knees weak and I am too blind to see anything but my need to come. You smile as you imagine my face in the final moments before the final push, and fall into a deep sea of pleasure. But first..

A few more pushes and I am panting, drooling, desperate. It is perfect for you to take advantage of my wide open mouth. The blood is pounding in my head, I can’t see and my body is on fire. I feel your thigh brush against my hand as you rub against it showing me how hard you are. I smell you getting closer to my face. I feel your hand brush against my breast again, then a bite. Fingers drift along my neck, ears and jaw. My puffy lips open anticipating. I lick my lips. I expect you to thrust into me; instead your fingers invade my mouth, stroking my lips, teeth and tongue. You watch imagining yourself thrusting into my helpless face. My spit coats your hand and is dripping like my pussy. Your done waiting. With hands on my shoulders you push into my mouth. The angle is perfect as you fuck my throat. My nipples call to you so you grasp them like reigns on a horse and go for a ride.

What do you think cow boy?

Have a great day

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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