Course of Passion Ch. 01

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Stuart worked for a major logistics company in their Engineering department and was often being sent here and there on training courses to improve his performance. This time however he wasn’t looking forward to the week away as he would be the only person from his company going and he hated anything to do with computer training.

“Bloody computers, When have they ever fixed a broken Motor!!??” he grumbled as he began his four hour drive to where the course was being held.

The drive was highly uneventful and Stuart checked in to his hotel, dumped his baggage in his room and headed for the bar.

“Only bloody good thing about this course is the all expenses paid!”

Stuart sat at the bar drinking his beer, watching the Football on the T.V and minding his own business when in walked an absolute knock out of a woman, dressed in a suit obviously made to measure with the material taut across her shapely buttocks.

She was about 5’3″ tall with shoulder length black hair and the most petite frame imaginable. She strode to the bar and ordered a Vodka Ice. The sound of her voice caught Stuarts attention and he swung round on his chair and almost fell backwards as he took in her appearance.

A flicker of a smile appeared on her face as she noticed the reaction that she had caused. With a glance sideways at the flustered man she took her drink and moved to a table and sat working on a laptop computer, casually glancing around at the man at the bar, finding him increasingly attractive at further glances.

Stuart, embarrassed by his reaction, sat there staring at the football and hurriedly drank the rest of his beer before returning to his room as quickly as possible. The picture of the woman’s lithe figure burned into his memory as he took a shower to compose himself before turning in for the night.

“At least it took my mind off of the computer course tomorrow!” he thought to himself.

Stuart woke early and once dressed, headed to the dining area for a couple of cups of coffee to prepare him for the days tutoring. With minutes to spare he got up and headed for the training room which had only three other people waiting for the course to start. He introduced himself and took a seat.

As he sat there Stuarts mind began to replay what had occurred the previous evening and he inwardly cursed himself for the reaction,

“Real cool Stu, Real cool!”

He was brought out of his reverie by the course tutor entering the room. It was the same woman from the bar the previous night! At that point Stuart wished that the floor would just swallow him up.

The woman flashed a bright smile at the four of them sitting there as she introduced herself.

“Good Morning, my name is Lyn and I’ll be tutoring you this week on the basic methods of producing computer presentations.”

As she said this Lyn gave them all another look and when her gaze met Stuarts, a little smile played at the corner of her mouth as she saw him squirming under her gaze. Then the four in the class gave a quick introduction about themselves before the class began.

After her introduction Lyn began the course proper which involved a lot of individual tutoring as all the class members had to use their own computer terminal. After explaining what the class was expected to do Lyn went round and assisted them with any queries. Stuart was the last in line for help and when she came near a hint of fragrance wafted over Stuart, instantly making him forget everything she had said previously.

“Well Stuart, what have we done so far?” Lyn asked. As she did so she leant over Stuarts shoulder so that her breast brushed against him.

“Um Uh not much!” Stuart stammered in reply as he felt his face starting to crimson.

Lyn then proceeded to walk him through a particular process whilst pressing herself lightly against him, enjoying his unease and though totally unprofessional, enjoying the idea of turning on a pupil of hers.

Stuart could not help but become aroused at the thought that Lyn was doing this on purpose and better still maybe, just maybe she wasn’t just teasing him. When Lyn finally moved on to another class member it allowed Stuart to readjust himself without making it obvious to anyone what had happened.

Stuart had to admit to himself that this was the best start to a course he had ever been on but mentally chastised himself to concentrate on learning something to do with the course content.

All morning Lyn helped the four class members with their queries. Each time she tortured Stuart by brushing against him, or leaning forward allowing a view of her chest, or even just touching him a little longer than necessary. Then just before lunch Lyn surpassed all of this by licking her lips whilst looking over Stuarts shoulder and into his lap. She moved away to attend to the whole class and announced that it was time for lunch.

As everyone got up to leave Lyn followed them out and once out of view of the others bursa escort stroked Stuarts buttocks as he was leaving. Startled, Stuart turned to face her and saw Lyn wink as she continued through the door.

All through lunch Lyn made small talk with everyone but whenever possible furtively winked or pouted towards Stuart, even glancing at his crotch to show that she was watching his response. Stuart simply had to get away at some point as he felt that surely everyone would see his erection underneath his trousers and soon made his excuses to go to the toilet.

Stuart headed straight for the cubicle to straighten him self out before splashing his face with cold water in the sink and headed back out. As he exited the toilet Lyn was standing there waiting.

“Ah Stuart, the rest are all back in the class. All ready for the afternoon session?” she grinned, “I know I am!”

“Lyn, what are you doing? I’m loving every minute of it but I’ll never pass the course unless you stop teasing me”

“Stuart, you will definitely pass the course, I guarantee it! What’s wrong with having a little fun along the way? I noticed the reaction I got from you last night and to be honest was flattered that you liked what you saw. I really want us to have some fun this week but if you say ‘no’ then I will stop what I’m doing and just teach, ok?” Lyn asked.

“I really can’t afford to fail this course, but I would love to have some fun along the way!” Stuart replied.

“Excellent. I decide who passes anyway, so let the games begin,” laughed Lyn, as she lightly grabbed Stuarts swelling penis before turning and marching back into class.

Stuart couldn’t believe his luck. He followed Lyn back into the class wondering when he would wake up from this amazing dream.

All afternoon whenever she had the chance Lyn would tease Stuart before helping another classmate with their tuition, leaving him all hot and bothered until just before the end of the first day she put a note on Stuart’s desk before calling time for the day.

“Room 312, hurry!”

Stuart left the room and headed for the bar as Lyn disappeared upstairs and the three other students went their separate ways. At the bar he ordered a JD and coke and a bottle of wine to take to her room. He downed the JD and headed for Lyn’s room, his anticipation building with every step.

A few minutes later he arrived at her room and knocked and waited. Lyn answered the door and stepped aside to let him in. As he passed her she let her hand wander to his groin and stroked his penis. After she closed the door Lyn flew at him, pressing herself against him as they kissed for the first time. Her lips were inflamed, hot yet soft as silk as they pressed against his. Her mouth opened and her tongue searched hungrily for his. Lyn’s pert little breasts were pressed against Stuarts chest with her nipples hardening with every second. Stuart was becoming consumed with lust as he kissed her passionately back, His groin pressed against her flat, taut stomach. His cock was as hard as iron, desperate to be released.

Eventually Stuart had to come up for air and broke the clinch and took in Lyn and her beauty once more. Her eyes glittered blue like a sapphire sea, her cheeks were flushed with desire and matched her soft pink lips. Her small yet perfect breasts were swelling upwards aching to be touched. The longing in Stuart rose to a new crescendo as his eyes devoured the vision before him. He moved a hand down to envelope Lyn’s breast and gently, through the material of her blouse, began to titillate her nipple. Stuart could feel her nipple hardening further under his soft and gentle touch and Lyn’s breathing became more laboured as he continued his stroking.

Not to be outdone Lyn slid her hand down across Stuart’s stomach and began stroking Stuarts erect cock through his trousers. A groan of pleasure escaped Stuart’s lips as her expert hand worked its way inside the zip of his trousers and released his throbbing member from its prison. Lyn’s hand grasped his cock at the base and slowly and gently massaged its length up and down, exposing the end of his cock again and again.

Emboldened by his desire Stuart undid the buttons on Lyn’s blouse and let it fall to the floor, exposing her amazing pale globes held in a tiny, lacy white bra. Her nipples were as hard as nails and protruding out through the thin material. Next he reached behind Lyn’s back and unclasped the bra releasing her wonderful boobs. He bent his head down and took one of her nipples in his hot mouth, rolling his tongue around the aureole, gently sucking her nipple to an even greater hardness. Lyn began moaning aloud as waves of pleasure rippled through her, her breasts electrified at Stuart’s touch. All the while Lyn’s hand continued stroking the length of Stuart’s swollen cock, the head glistening with pre-cum.

Stuart could barely contain himself and was in danger of cumming so he picked Lyn up and carried her to the bed, laying bursa escort bayan her down gently with her legs hanging over the edge. He knelt between her shapely thighs and held them apart making her skirt ride up to reveal the tiniest white thong, slightly dampening as he gazed at Lyn’s sexy underwear. Stuart lowered his head and slid his tongue along Lyn’s pussy through the material, adding to the dampness before pulling the thong to one side revealing the sexiest, smallest pussy imaginable. Lyn was completely shaven, her pussy lips were slightly apart and her delectably small pussy was glistening with her excitement. Stuart dipped his head again and tasted her sweetness for the first time, His tongue delving slightly deeper into her pussy, making her shudder with pleasure. The tip of his tongue continued exploring deeper and deeper into her warm, moist cavern of delight as Lyn held his head between her legs and began pushing herself against his mouth. Stuart’s tongue began circling her rapidly swelling clitoris, occasionally lightly flicking across her swollen bud. He began using his tongue to write the alphabet on her pussy causing Lyn into convulsions of ecstasy as she forced her pussy against Stuart’s face.

“Oh fuck yes, that’s it, there! there!” Lyn panted as Stuart’s tongue tormented her clit once more.

Stuart concentrated on Lyn’s clit and gently sucked on it, rolling it between his tongue and lip, sending Lyn in to raptures as wave after wave of pleasure flooded through her body. He then alternated between toying with her clit and plunging his tongue deep inside her core until he felt her tense as she ground her pussy against him and the first waves of a thunderous orgasm flowed from her vitals. Stuart lapped at her sweet honey for all he was worth as Lyn’s orgasm reached its crescendo.

As Lyn’s orgasm slowly subsided and Stuart drank the last few drops of her cum Lyn roused herself,

“That was amazing,” She panted, “For that you deserve a reward! Lay down for me.”

Stuart did as he was told, laying flat on his back, his cock was standing erect like a flag pole. Lyn placed herself between his muscular thighs and took hold of his manhood and began working her hand up and down his shaft again, revealing his fantastic cock in all its glory. She then began flicking her tongue over its head, causing it to swell further and began sliding her tongue along its entire length. Lyn took one of Stuart’s balls in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it causing Stuart to groan with pleasure. She then slid her tongue up his rock hard cock and closed her mouth around then end of his manhood. Lyn began sucking on his erect penis, gradually lowering her head lower and lower, taking his engorged cock farther into her warm, wet mouth. Stuart felt the end of his dick nudging against Lyn’s throat as she bobbed her head up and down, sliding his rampant cock in and out of her mouth.

The sensations flooding through his cock nearly sent Stuart over the edge but with willpower he never knew he had he managed to stop himself from cumming. Lyn was feverishly sucking his cock, masturbating it at the same time. Stuart began thrusting upwards in rhythm with her hand and mouth, getting more and more excited. In his excitement Stuart took hold of Lyn’s head and began pushing her head lower and lower, forcing his cock further into her wanton mouth. Lyn sensing Stuart was near to oblivion gave in to his demands and let his cock slide down her throat. Stuart groaned at the delicious feelings as Lyn’s throat contracted around his length, milking his rock hard cock for all its worth. Stuart continued forcing his cock down her throat again and again, holding Lyn’s head, making her take all of him into her throat. Alas it couldn’t last long, the sensations were too great and with one almighty thrust Stuart came with a loud cry. The semen flooded from his cock, splashing into Lyn’s mouth and throat. Lyn swallowed hungrily, eager to take Stuart’s full load knowing how much that usually turns men on.

Stuart finally relaxed spent, amazed at how good Lyn’s mouth felt. But before his cock could shrink Lyn had straddled him and guided his cock into her sopping wet pussy.

“God Lyn!” Stuart exclaimed, ” I dunno if I can stay hard after that!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you hard again soon enough! Besides I like feeling a mans cock growing inside me.” Lyn countered.

With that she leant down and started planting kisses all over Stuart’s face, forcing her tongue into his mouth whilst stroking his chest. Stuart reciprocated, kissing her back ardently, running his fingertips down her spine, stroking the pale globes of her arse and running a finger between the crack of her bum.

All the time Lyn was gyrating on his now flaccid cock sending ripples of sexual pleasure through his penis. In between kisses she talked dirty to him, encouraging his cock to swell once more.

“Did you like fucking my mouth? Did you like cumming in my slutty escort bursa little mouth? I loved sucking your big fat cock and swallowing your cum. Yeah that’s it play with my arse, feel how wet you have made me.”

With Lyn’s pussy massaging his cock and her filthy mouth causing the blood to pulse around his body Stuart’s cock soon began to grow, filling her tight, little pussy. This made Lyn more animated and she began sliding her pussy along Stuart’s cock, increasing the length of her strokes as his cock grew. Soon his cock was as rampant as before, stretching her cunt to its limits as her tiny little slit barely managed to take all of him.

“Yeah that’s it, fill my wet pussy with your cock baby,” Lyn gasped, as the size of his member engorged her wonderful pussy. She continued sliding her wet pussy up and down his throbbing cock, devouring his meat in her glorious shaven cunt. Stuart then sat up and began sucking on Lyn’s sexy tits whilst she rode him, alternating between her nipples, nibbling them gently then sucking harder on them. Stuart reached behind her and furiously rubbed her swollen pussy lips, moistening his fingers with her cum then began teasing her puckered little arsehole with his finger.

A little at first he pushed his middle finger into her tight little arse, guaging Lyn’s reaction. Her moans and groans grew louder as both of her holes were being stimulated. Emboldened by her favourable reaction Stuart forced his finger further into her anus sliding his finger in and out in time with his cock dissappearing into Lyn’s horny pussy.

“Oh god yeah Stuart, Finger my fucking arsehole you fucking Bastard!” Lyn ordered, “Fuck my tight little arse while I fuck your big hard cock.”

Stuart couldn’t believe how horny he felt as this stunning woman was fucking his brains out like never before, her gorgeously tight little slit was squeezing his cock tightly whilst his finger worked further and further into her round little butt.

Lyn began thrashing about harder and faster as she built towards cumming once more, her hot, bald snatch on fire as she ground her clit against his groin.

“Yes that’s it, finger my arse baby, I’m gonna cum with your finger in my arse….Ugn I’m gonna cum all over your big fat dick. Yeeesss!!” Lyn cried as her cunt spasmed on Stuart’s cock and her cum exploded over his penis. Lyn was lost in rapture as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body from tip to toe.

Lyn collapsed down onto Stuart, her pussy still gorged on his cock and her rock hard nipples pressed into his chest and lay there panting uncontrollably. Stuart’s finger continued, gently now, to stimulate her arse, her sphincter loosening as Lyn relaxed further.

“Mmmm that felt amazing. Stuart I want you to use me however you want. Do whatever you like to me, I don’t care. I just want you to fuck me every way possible!”

“I must be dreaming!” Stuart replied, “I have never been fucked so hard as I have already and still you want more!”

With that Stuart flipped Lyn over onto her back and withdrew his dick from her. Then he swivelled round so that his cock was hovering above her head and her sopping wet pussy was staring him in the face. Instantly he felt Lyn’s warm mouth close over his cock, tasting her own cum as she drew his deep into her slutty mouth. Stuart held apart the lips of her gorgeous quim, gazing at the pinkness before plunging his tongue as far into her as he could.

Stuart devoured her pussy with his tongue, tasting her honey as he held her cunt open. Lyn in response pushed her pussy against him, encouraging him to tongue her willing pussy even more. Not to be outdone Stuart was furiously fucking Lyn’s mouth again, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. The end of his dick plunged down her throat as he fucked her mouth as deeply as he could. There they stayed furiously fucking each others mouths in the most glorious 69 until Stuart couldn’t stand it any longer.

He made Lyn get on all fours, her arse proudly sticking in the air. Stuart made his way behind her just stared at her for a second. Her slim figure so alluring, her puckered little arsehole so appealing and her pussy so wet with her lips apart and the pink inside of her slit good enough to eat.

However it was not her pussy that Stuart chose to eat. He lowered his head and for the first time, with the tip of his tongue, probed at Lyn’s sexy, tight arse. Slowly and gently at first his tongue teased her anus, his strong hands holding her arse cheeks apart to gain better access.

Lyn actively encouraged him, talking dirty once more.

“Oh yes you dirty fucking bastard. Shove your tongue up my arse. Rim me you nasty man! Tongue fuck my slutty little arsehole, Stuart.”

Stuart did as instructed and forced his tongue deeper into her anus, making Lyn groan with pleasure as she furiously rubbed her pussy and clit at the same time. Stuart continued to lubricate Lyn’s butt with his saliva whilst she frigged herself off and it was only a matter of a couple more minutes before Lyn screamed out loud as she came for the third time, all over her hand which she preceeded to lick clean. Stuart could stand it no more and got up onto his knees.

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