Country Road

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It was a gorgeous day for a drive. She drove along listening to the purring power of the red Mustang’s engine, top down, sunglasses on, her long blonde air billowing in the breeze. She cruised along the backcountry road leaving a trail of dust in her wake. She had left that day with no particular destination in mind, just a need to get out of town and escape a bit. Not knowing how the day would go she had dressed up a bit for the occasion, white billowy blouse that would show her breasts to good effect, black mini skirt and calf-high, low heeled, black leather boots to show off her legs. A black thong and a sheer white bra, that let the color of her nipples show, completed the ensemble. She liked to show her self off when ever the opportunity presented itself.

Her stomach growled and she glanced at the box she had packed for lunch and decided she would find a place to picnic. About 10 minutes down the road she found a spot with a few picnic tables next to a rushing creek.

Two cars were parked there. One at the far end of the picnic area, a couple was eating at that table at that end. A sheriff’s car was parked at the other and she could see the deputy had his hat pulled down over his eyes napping the afternoon away. She parked close to the deputy and glanced at him. “Not bad,” she thought from what she could see. She casually undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, a twinkle in her eye, gathered up her lunch and got out of the car. Walking to a table not to far from her car, she could see the husband looking at her. She pretended to drop something on the ground and bent over to pick it up, exposing her breasts to the staring husband. She glanced up, smiling, licking her lips, as his eyes grew round in astonishment at the sight of her breasts. She sat down at the table facing the couple making sure the young husband had a good view of her as she ate.

She jumped a little in surprise when she heard a voice behind her. “Miss, I just might have to take you in for indecent exposure,” he said. She turned towards him as he sat down, uninvited, beside her, straddling the bench. She had been right he was good looking, a rough but handsome face and his uniform showed his body off nicely. She licked her lips a little.

“Why officer, I don’t know what you are talking about,” she replied.

“Oh, I think you do, your damn near bare ass naked under that short skirt,” he grinned in return. The young husband continued to stare at them from the far end of the clearing. The deputy moved one hand and rested it lightly on her lower back. “In fact, I might just put you in handcuffs and take you away with me.” She stiffened slightly as his hand moved down her back and over her ass. He leaned towards her resting his other hand on the table. She continued to eat pretending ankara escort not to notice where his hand was. She could feel her pussy start growing moist and her nipples hardening at his touch. “I think I need to check to make sure you are wearing something underneath that skirt.” She felt his hand slip underneath her skirt and caress her firm ass. “Well, I’ll be, you are wearing something underneath there. Not much of something though.” His fingers slipped under her thong as he spoke to her. His other hand slipped underneath the table resting lightly on her thigh. She could see the young husband still staring at her as he talked with his wife. One of his hands had moved into his lap and she could see him rubbing his crotch as he watched them.

“I think I want you to stop touching me,” she whispered hoarsely to the deputy, but she could feel her legs spread slightly the fire starting to smolder in her pussy.

“I don’t think you really want me stop now, do you?” He questioned. His hand slipped underneath the front of her skirt, gently rubbing across her thong covered pussy, his other hand caressing and squeezing her ass. She closed her eyes and held back a moan, squirming a little on the bench, her legs spreading wider apart. At the other table, she watched the young wife got up clearing the picnic table as the husband continued to watch, his had moving faster across his crotch. The wife sat back down across from her husband.

“Ahhh, yes, I do want you to stop,” she stuttered, her voice growing husky with desire, her face flushing. Her nipples growing harder and poking through her blouse as her pussy became wet with her juices.

“Well then, I’m just going to have to take you in then,” he replied. The hand on her pussy slipped underneath her thong, rubbing across her wet lips and flicking across her clit. Her thighs tensed as her desire grew, her legs spreading wider. Across the clearing the couple had stood up, a huge bulge in the husband’s pants clearly visible. He grabbed a blanket from the bench beside him and he and his wife disappeared into the brush.

The Deputy’s hand left her ass. She heard something jingle then he reached around her grabbing her hand and forcing it behind her back. She felt cold steel wrap around her wrist and a click as something snapped home. Before she could react he had grabbed her other hand pulling it behind her back and closing the other half of his handcuffs around it. One finger slipped into her pussy his thumb rubbing her clit. A low groan escaped from her lips, her back arching, shoving her breasts out for all to see as he pulled the handcuffs tight behind her. His hand left her pussy, pulling her blouse out from her skirt slipping across her firm stomach to fondle one pliant breast, pinching her hard, throbbing escort ankara nipple through her bra. She moaned again.

“Stand up,” he grunted. He helped her as she struggled to her feet her hands bound behind her. Walking her over to her car she could feel his hard cock rubbing against her ass as they moved. “Now, I’m going to have to search you for any weapons. He leaned her across the trunk of her mustang her face pressed against the sun-warmed metal, her breasts crushed against the car, her hard nipples trying to poke through the trunk lid. His hands moving down her body, raising her up slightly, slipping across her breasts, pausing to pinch and tweak her nipples then moving down her sides and caressing the firm cheeks of her ass. His hands fell away. She moaned lightly.

“No, don’t stop now, please touch me some more,” she whimpered.

“You said you wanted me to stop,” he replied.

“No, God no, please make me cum,” she begged.

She felt one hand on her ass. She wiggled her hips and spread her legs trying to incite him further. She felt him lifting her skirt up exposing her ass to the sun, one hand slipping underneath her thong and spearing her rectum. She squirmed up the car trying to escape the probing finger. He grabbed her hip with the other hand holding her tight, his finger lodging deep in her ass. She turned her head and moaned as he began to thrust his finger in and out. She began thrusting back at the finger her hips start to roll and buck trying to take the finger deeper. She could feel his hard cock through his pants rubbing against her as she impaled her self on his finger. His free hand started rubbing her throbbing clit through her thong stoking the fires of her desire to new heights. Pulling her thong to the side he thrust a finger into her hot, throbbing pussy. She tried to arch away from the sudden penetration but the hand and finger in her ass held her tight against the car. His fingers were moving fast thrusting into her and she strained against the cuffs binding her hands trying to take each finger as deep as she could. One finger crept up her wet slit to her clit, rubbing the hard sensitive organ and she cried out.

“Ohhhhh, please fuck me, I need your cock pounding inside me,” she begged.

“Your not ready for my cock yet, you hot little slut,” he whispered. His fingers were moving faster, in and out of her ass and pussy. She was on fire her body writhing against the warm metal of the car. Another finger joined the one in her pussy and she felt her thighs tensing her body beginning to go rigid as her orgasm approached. He stopped and held still, she tried to keep fucking her self on his fingers but could only strain against the cuffs.

“Noooo, don’t stop, make me cum!!” she cried again. His hands withdrew and ankara escort bayan she whimpered for more. She felt something hard at the entrance to her pussy. Desperately wiggling her ass she tried to make the hard intruder slip into her throbbing pussy. She jumped as he thrust hard into her with his rigid cock. She squirmed up the car trying to escape the big cock that was splitting her in two. His hands came down and held her hips thrusting the full length of his cock into her pussy in one long stroke. It felt like hot, hard steel filling her up completely and she cried out in pleasure and in pain. One hand reached around and under to her breasts to pinch and tease one hard nipple, the other teasing her ass as his cock began long slow strokes into her pussy. Her mind exploded in white light as her orgasm thundered through her, her body going rigid and bucking against the massive intruder buried in her pussy. She turned her head and through her lust glazed eyes could just see the other couple in the bushes watching them. The wife was on her hands and knees staring at her and she could just make out the husband pounding into her from behind. Just like the deputy was doing to her right now.

The deputy stopped for a moment then went wild pounding into her. Both hands were on her tits kneading the soft flesh, pulling and pinching the blood-engorged nipples. She groaned again and felt the fire building anew inside her ravaged pussy. He continued to fuck her in long strokes and she was thrusting back to meet him taking him as deep as she could, trying to trap the rigid cock inside her body. Her own juices betrayed her though, allowing the hot pole to slip from the grasp of her pussy. He groaned and increased his pace, one hand beginning to slap her ass with each thrust.

“Damn, I’m going to cum in you now, you hot little bitch,” he groaned. She could feel her own orgasm rising again, each slap sending an electric thrill straight to her clit. Her breasts were on fire, throbbing in time to her pulsing cunt. She felt him stiffening, the rigid cock driving even deeper and she could feel the hot seed, shooting into her from the throbbing head. Her orgasm raced through her like a freight train as the massive cock throbbed and bucked inside her. She moaned and strained against the handcuffs her body bucking against his, trapping his shaft inside her for a moment.

He collapsed against her for a moment, his prick going limp inside her. He stood up, running his hands gently across her back. “Well, I guess I don’t have to take you in after all,” he said breathlessly. She felt completely drained unwilling to move from the warm metal of the car. She heard him pulling up and zipping his pants and then he unlocked the handcuffs “You have a nice day Miss and be sure to see me if you come this way again.” He said. She could hear him walking to his car and a door close. She stood up smoothing her skirt waving to him as he pulled away.

“Yes, I will have to come this way again,” she thought to herself with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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