Conference Confidence

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She’d been watching him, trying not to let him see that she was watching. The last thing she needed was to be wrong about who he was and be horribly embarrassed and considered a crazy stalker woman. But the man across the room looked too much like the photo she carried around with her and she just had to know for sure.

He’d been surrounded by other military men for nearly an hour now and Emma wasn’t about to approach him. She had struggled all her life with introversion and being at this conference certainly wasn’t helping to bring her out of her shell. Wondering once again why in the world her employer picked her to come, she kept her eyes trained on the man sitting at a table several feet away.

Emma had been nursing her own drink as too much would send her sliding under the table for a nap instead of dancing on top of one. Not that either of those options was very attractive. Sighing, she ran an hand through her almost shoulder length, soft brown hair and squinted her green eyes, trying to see how much beer he had left in his bottle. Surely, he’d go for a refill soon and then maybe she’d get her chance to approach him.

Her mind drifted back to why she knew a military man in the first place. A few years ago, after a particularly nasty break up with a long time boyfriend, her sister had been chatting about signing up for a email pen pal service for soldiers in the military. Feeling alone, but not in any way ready to start another relationship, Emma was intrigued enough to check into the program.

After signing up, she’d been matched with a man a few years older than herself. He wasn’t stationed in a war zone, but was still far from home and looking for someone to chat with. It all started innocently enough, but eventually they both started opening up to one another. As the comfort and trust level grew between them, they exchanged photos of each other.

At first the photos were carefully edited to maintain a bit of privacy and security. Emma was a single woman conversing with a strange man, even if he was in the military and she felt that some caution was due. But the longer they were in contact, the more revealing and even risque the photos became, as did the the emails and chats . They’d even managed a few phone calls, although those were kept to light friendly banter.

Emma felt a slight blush at the memory of some of the photos she’d sent to Jason. She’d attempted to keep them tasteful and provocative, but he’d still seen more of her than was appropriate for a simple pen pal. The fact that she still carried one of him caused a deeper blush to tint her cheeks.

Their communication was nearly non-existent now. He’d returned to the states to a very busy, demanding job. His leisure time for chatting and emailing simply dwindled away. Emma had missed him horribly for a while, but had come to the conclusion that this was just the way things were going to be now.

Finding Jason here at this conference though was not something she had expected. But then again, she wasn’t positive that it was him. All she needed was to get a glimpse of his name tag and she’d know for sure. It was driving her mad with the indecision of what to do with the information if it did indeed turn out to be him.

Did she introduce herself? Let him know who she was? Their last email exchange had been a couple weeks prior and neither of them had mentioned the conference. Emma simply didn’t know what to do, but she had to know for sure if it really was him.

Her mind jerked back to the present when she noticed him stand and walk away from his tablet. He went to the bar for another beer before moving outside to lean against the hotel terrace fence railing, away from the crowds of people. He relaxed against the waist high fence, long legs out front and casually crossed at the ankle. As he leaned one hand on the railing, Emma felt drool pool in her mouth at the firm rippling muscles clearly on display, even in his conservative, dark-gray polo shirt

He had told her of his workouts and the daily runs he did to keep in shape. It had actually inspired her to start working out herself since she’d managed to put on a few pounds in the last few years. His body was big and firm, well muscled and very attractive. Remembering the photo, she recalled his brown hair with just a small sprinkling of silver at his temples and brown eyes that she’d stared into many times.

Finishing her drink, she carefully stood and went to the bar. Ordering a fresh one, she did her best to walk casually toward the terrace railing. As she passed him, Emma shot a quick glance at the name tag hanging from a lanyard resting on his casual dark gray polo shirt. The letters printed there in black clearly said, “McKinney, Jason.”

Her stomach gave a fierce lurch and she nearly stumbled. That was Jason’s name, this was really him. He was almost 6 feet tall, with wonderfully broad shoulders that were even more impressive up close. There was no longer any doubt of his identity, but now what did she do with the information?

Swallowing ataşehir escort hard, she turned and leaned against the railing, completely at a loss as to what to do now. Tossing a quick look his way, she found him staring at her. There were the brown eyes she’d looked at so many times in the photos, looking so much better now in person. She could read the curiosity in his gaze and gave him a weak smile, her tongue tangling into a million knots.

He nodded to her and sent his own smile which caused all kinds of fluttery things to happen in her stomach. “Hi, nice crowd we have here.”

His voice washed over her, sending tingles down her spine. Emma discretely cleared her throat before attempting to speak, afraid of simply croaking instead. “Bigger than I expected.” She immediately berated herself for the ridiculous answer. Couldn’t she have come up with something better than that?

His smile grew, little lines crinkling at the corners of his eyes causing the flutters and tingles in her body to increase to hard zings and trembling legs. He stepped closer to her and held out a hand. “Jason McKinney.”

There it was. The complete and utter confirmation that this was her Jason. The man she’d fantasized about, stroked herself to orgasm over night after night. Her breath caught before starting back up rapidly and nearly out of control. She stared at the hand extended to her before automatically reaching for it.

He closed his fingers around hers and the heat shot straight to her center. She felt her panties grow wet and had a wild fear that he’d be able to smell her arousal. Licking her lips she took a deep breath. This was it, as soon as he learned her name, he’d know. “Emma Corman.”

Jason’s fingers tightened reflexively on her’s, his eyes growing wide. “Emma?” he asked, incredulity filling his voice.

She only nodded, “Hello Jason, we finally meet in person.”

“Oh my god Emma! Wow I can’t believe this.” His body came alert and she watched as his gaze traveled down her body; a body he’d seen pictures of that brought the blush back to her face. A big smile transformed his face and he pulled her close for a warm hug. His masculine scent drifted to her and the feeling of his hard body gently squeezing her’s sent a weakness flooding her body. She was starting to feel lightheaded at his nearness before he spoke again,

“I’ve wanted to meet you for so long. This is incredible.”

Terrified that her eyes would betray the longing her body was feeling, Emma kept her eyes on his broad chest. Nodding, she replied, “I wasn’t sure it was you, but I had to find out.”

“I’m so glad you did.” A burst of laughter from a nearby table made him pause. “Hey, lets get out of here, go somewhere more quiet and talk.”

He had released her but kept her hand in his. She knew her trapped fingers trembled, but there was no hope for it. “Sure.”

He released her hand, but only to settle one at her back as he escorted her from the terrace. The heat from his hand radiated to her back and Emma was briefly afraid that she would actually begin to squish as she walked from the amount of fluid pooling between her thighs.

Jason led her into the dimly lit indoor bar and found a fairly secluded table. After pulling out her chair and seating her, Emma marveled at his gentlemanly manners but realized that it was all part of him and the man she had come to know. As he sat beside her, their shoulders were close enough to brush against each other and kept her continually on edge.

They chatted, keeping the conversation light, helping Emma to relax. Eventually she was comfortable with him, and they were laughing and sharing stories as if old friends reunited. Her body had seemed to settle down, so that she was no longer fighting the urge to climb on his lap and go for a ride.

But then he leaned in close and took her hand in his. Brown eyes looked into her startled green ones as the fire from his touch raced up her arm. “I am so glad we’re here together like this. I’ve dreamed of the day that we’d meet, but this beats any dream I had. You’re so beautiful, inside and out.”

She shivered from his low husky words, the tingling returning to her body, setting her on edge. Her innate shyness struck once more and she was unable to speak. Meeting his gaze she hoped he could read her desire in the dim lighting of the bar.

He lifted his hand and one finger traced the curve of her cheek. “Come to my room?”

Her heart stopped in her chest before resuming it’s beat in a frantic tattoo. Nodding since she didn’t trust her voice, her body soared in desire and thrill. She’d fantasized about him for so long and now those fantasies were becoming real.

Jason stood and then helped her to her feet. He quickly took care of their bill and with a warm hand, once more at the small of her back, led her from the bar. The trip to his room passed in a daze for Emma and she feared she’d never remember her way back to her own room later.

Once inside the hotel avcılar anal yapan escort room, Jason turned and placed his hands on her shoulders. “This is the only chance you get to change your mind. You have touched me in ways I can’t explain with your words over the years. Now that I have you here in person, I don’t want to let you go.”

His hands slid slowly across her shoulders and up the sides of her neck. As he cupped her face in his big, warm hands, she closed her eyes and lifted her face to his. There was no way she was leaving, no way she was refusing what he was offering. When his lips met hers, it felt like she’d finally found the missing piece of herself.

A slow burn slid down her body as she melted into his embrace. Lips touched and retreated, only to return once more. They tasted and explored, exchanging desires through their kisses and stoking the fires higher. Soon they were straining together, their kisses lasting longer, growing hotter and more intense. Tongues met and swirled, dancing an erotic dance of pleasure that sent them both spiraling with need.

Jason eventually pulled back and just stared at her for a moment. Brushing the hair from her face, he dropped one last, sweet kiss on her lips. He gently turned her away from him and carefully slid her soft black, lightweight cardigan from her shoulders. Tugging it down her arms and removing it, he draped it carefully over the back of a nearby chair.

Sliding his hands up her now bare arms, he relished the smooth silky skin. Leaning down, he nudged her hair aside to press tiny kisses across her shoulder and up the side of her neck. Emma dropped her head back against him giving him better access, her hands reaching back to grip his waist.

He continued his trail of little kisses over her neck, occasionally meeting her lips as his hands traveled down her arms. He settled his hands at her hips, gently squeezing the rounded fullness there before starting a journey back up her sides. Her soft white shirt began to bunch up and he took advantage, slipping his hands under it to find the warm skin underneath.

Emma gasped at the contact, her legs going weak. Jason crossed an arm around her body to support her weight his free hand continued slowly up, pulling her shirt higher as it went. Their lips met again, she was nearly frantic with need, but through the contact, he absorbed her nerves and helped to calm, to relax.

When his large hand covered her small breast, she couldn’t stop the moan that escaped. Nimble fingers quickly found the tightly budded nipple through the lace of her bra and with a tweak, had her gasping against his lips. Jason groaned himself, she could feel his large iron hard erection against her buttocks. “You’re so damn responsive. I love it,” his whisper and busy fingers had her burning with desire.

Getting frustrated with the material of her shirt getting in the way of his enjoyment of her breast, Jason quickly pulled it off over her head. Taking in the sight of her pert breasts cupped in the white lace of her bra, seemed to drive his own desire higher. Covering the luscious mounds with his hands, he cupped their fullness, relishing in the hard nipples poking into his palms.

Emma writhed against him in need. He was driving her crazy with his soft touches and those incredible kisses. She could feel him against her, could feel how hard he was, how big. She wanted to touch, to taste but he kept her prisoner against him. When he pulled the straps of her bra down to release her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers she thought she might explode on the spot.

Emma quickly tossed her bra to the floor before sliding out of her casual black slacks. Wearing only a tiny pair of black lace panties, she forcibly turned in his arms and wrapped herself around him, their lips meeting in a frenzy of lust and heat. The quick, hot contact of her bared breasts against his heated chest caused a tightening deep inside her. Relishing the heat of his body, the rasp of his chest hair against her tender skin, Emma whimpered; her nails raking across his firmly muscled back.

Jason carefully walked them to the bed, not releasing her or breaking their hold on each other. Once there, he let go of her long enough to finish removing clothes before they reached for each other once more. Jason carefully picked up Emma and laid her on the bed, his body covering hers on the way down.

The feel of his big body pressing hers into the mattress felt wonderful. She felt safe and secure and it only made the fire burning inside her that much brighter. Gathering her close, Jason rolled, pulling her on top of him. Emma settled against his chest, her legs moving to cradle his hips.

Finally she was able to do her own exploring of the body that had fascinated her for so long. She nibbled a trail of kisses down his neck, inhaling his warm male scent. Running her fingers through his chest hair, she gave gentle tugs while her lips found his flat male nipples avcılar bdsm escort and gave them a lick. Catching his quick moan, she decided to spend more time on his nipples, sucking and licking until he was squirming beneath her, his hands tangling in her hair.

Moving slowly downward, her hands drifted over his hard abs. Feeling his quick intact of breath, she nibbled gently on the rigid muscles, letting her hands drift over his body. He was moving restlessly and shy Emma was thrilling on the power she had over him. Kissing her way over to his hip, she licked that tasty muscle straight to his groin.

Moving carefully around the bobbing penis scant inches from her face, she ran her hands over his hard thighs, raining little kisses all around. She looked up to see the fierce expression on his face, his hands clenched tightly into the bedspread beneath them. Giving him her most mischievous smile, she kept her eyes on his as she licked his throbbing rod from root to tip.

A hiss of indrawn breath from him had her smile increasing. His look turned almost threatening and with a feeling of giddy happiness, she closed her mouth fully over him. His body arched up, shoving him further into her hot, wet mouth. Emma loved his taste, the musky salty flavor filling her senses and causing her pussy to sing with joy.

Using her hands, lips and tongue she worshiped the large member, driving him higher and higher with need. Licking, sucking and stroking him, she had him gasping for air. When she cupped his balls and gave a slight squeeze he nearly came off the bed.

With a growl he reached for her, pulling her up his body, making them both shudder from the exquisite contact. He gripped her tightly before once more rolling them over and tucking her underneath him. His mouth devoured hers, his hands racing over her body.

Finally leaving her mouth, his lips wrapped around a nipple and pulled it tightly into his mouth. He sucked it hard, his tongue laving the rigid tip before he released it to scatter hot open mouthed kisses over her breast. Moving to the other one, he gave it the same treatment and had her whimpering beneath him.

Jason began his own torturous decent down her body, grazing her smooth skin with lips, teeth and tongue. Reaching her hot weeping center, he breathed in her musky scent, taking a moment to marvel over the cleanly shaved lips that left her completely open to his gaze. “So pretty,” he whispered.

His tongue darted out for a taste of the sweet honey. Her sudden cry at the contact just infused the heat roaring through his veins. Dipping his head, he lapped at the wetness; his hands pushing her thighs open wider for better access. Her fingers slid through the soft short strands of his hair as she tried to pull him even closer to her.

She could feel her walls grasping his tongue as he stabbed it deeply inside her.. Continuing to fuck her with his tongue, he began to rub circles around the tiny hard nub at the top of her cleft. Emma began to moan and cry, her breath coming in harsh gasps. Switching places, Jason slid two fingers deep inside her while his mouth clamped around her clit.

Emma exploded in a fury of lights and waves of pleasure. The orgasm rolled through her and as Jason continued to stroke his fingers in and out of her grasping channel, it just kept going and going. When he gently bit her hard, little clit, another minor quake went off inside her. She lay twitching and gasping as the sensations washed over.

Finally, she lay still, feeling the quiet aftermath of drifting down. Jason pulled his fingers free and kissed his way back up her body. Meeting her lips, they shared her essence on his tongue. Reaching down, he cupped the back of her knees in his hands and pulled her legs high. As green eyes fused to brown, she lifted her hips to meet him.

His throbbing rod pulsed with need as he slid it through her slick wetness. Emma reached between them, and pressed him against her wet valley, coating him with her juices. Keeping their gazes connected, she gently pressed him down to her waiting entrance. Jason leaned down and closed his lips over her’s as he began to push inside.

It was a tight fit and he only made it a couple of inches before he had to pull back and press in again. Emma’s tunnel walls squeezed him, seeming to try to push him back out as he eased his way inside. She was so wet, so ready and he was so hard, he plowed through the resistance until he was seated deep inside.

Emma shuddered through a small orgasm at just having him so full inside her, so deep. Jason groaned as he felt the tight grasping muscles working along his cock. He slowly began to move, began to drive her up once more.

After a bit he let go of her legs and Emma wrapped them around his waist, pulling him close to press her aching breasts against his chest. Their lips met in a tangle of need before Jason pulled back, pulled away. When she whimpered at the loss, the sudden cool air across her body, he only smiled. “Turn over.”

She grinned and in a flash had flipped her body over, presenting her ass in the air facing him. Reaching with one hand between their bodies, Emma rubbed her clit while he pressed against her, and slowly reentered her. Using her fingers to guide him, she pulled him deep inside her once more. This time though, he seemed to go so much deeper than before.

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