Computer Setup Ch. 3

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Nick smiled as he replaced the phone on the hook. He was still remembering how Cindi had reacted to hearing about the afternoon he’d spent at Matt’s. He’d been later than he intended to be and he was afraid Cindi would be upset about dinner. When he explained how he had helped a guy set up his new computer she seemed to understand. All through dinner he tried to figure out how to tell her about the rest of what they had done. Although they had discussed sex with other people, it was kind of understood that it would be with both of them there and he wasn’t sure how she would respond to the knowledge that he had gone out on his own. As it turned out, he needn’t have worried. Cindi not only accepted the news without a fuss, she got so turned on by the idea that they had enjoyed the best sex ever.

He waited until the dishes were done and sat on the couch with Cindi curled on her side with her head in his lap. She liked to watch tv like that while he stroked her hair. It was long and brown and incredibly soft. The shampoo and conditioner she used left it silky soft and he loved the feel of it between his fingers, especially when he was holding her head while she sucked his cock. For her part, Cindi loved having her hair played with and would lay there quietly while Nick petted her. He used one hand to work the remote and one on her.

“Something happened this afternoon when I went to Matt’s house to setup his computer,” he began.

“Oh?” Cindi sighed as he continued to run his fingers through her hair.

“I thought I had locked the door at closing time yesterday,” he continued, “but I hadn’t. I was watching a clip of a hot movie and he saw me.”

“What kind of movie?” she asked.

“It was a porn clip. A guy on guy porno.”

“And?” Cindi could hear a touch of nervousness in Nick’s voice as she prompted him.

“I was jacking myself when he looked in the backroom.”

Cindi rolled onto her back so she could look into Nick’s eyes as they talked. “What did he say?”

“That’s the thing, he didn’t say anything. He just turned around and started to leave. I was gonna let him leave but someone else came in so I had to go out front and at least lock the door.”

“So he didn’t say anything?” she asked incredulously.

“No, but he kept glancing at my crotch,” Nick answered. “He had a hard-on and I was still about half hard from the movie. He ended up buying a computer and then he said he didn’t know how everything worked on it.” He shrugged as he looked into Cindi’s face. “I ended up offering to help him set it up and to show him how it all worked.”

Cindi laughed. “Is this the new version of “come up and see my etchings” that people used in the olden days to get someone to come to their apartment?”

Nick flushed. “No, it wasn’t a come on. The guy really needed help,” he said a little forcefully as Cindi continued to giggle. “He was really nice.”

“I’ll bet,” she snickered.

“Look, the guy isn’t gay. He lost his computer because his ex-wife won it in the divorce. I’m the one who came onto him!” he snapped. That got her attention and stopped her laughter.

“You came onto him? What did you do that for?”

“He was nice and he seemed interested. His wife left him with stacks of bills and he hasn’t been dating. He didn’t have an ulterior motive or anything. He just wanted some help with his computer and he got down on his knees…”

“Down on his knees?” she interrupted. “What part of setting it up were you into when that happened?”

“He was plugging it in.” This wasn’t going how Nick had expected. He was certain she’d be mad and all she could do was laugh and ask questions. “Are you going to be quiet so I can tell you about it?” She made a zipping motion over her lips but he could see her eyes still sparkling with merriment.

“He was trying to plug it in and I kept thinking about that movie. His head was right by my knee…” his voice trailed away as he struggled for the words to tell her how erotic it was having Matt’s face so close to his cock. He looked into her eyes and they were no longer laughing. He could see her trying to picture it in her mind.

“What does this Matt look like?” she asked.

“He’s tall like me, dark hair, he looked okay. You’d like him,” Nick answered. “I was showing him how the thing worked and he was so nice and so agreeable and I got hard again. So I dropped my pants to see what he would do.” He glanced down at Cindi and saw that her hands were on her shirt and she was playing with her nipples. Her face had a faraway look on it.

“Don’t stop now,” she begged. Nick pushed the button on the remote to mute the tv and tossed it onto the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Well, we were talking about how easy the computer was to use. Then I dropped my pants and told him I was hard. He turned around and started to suck my cock.” Cindi moaned and squirmed around a little on the couch. Nick could feel his cock start to lengthen and get hard under her head. Cindi could feel it, too. She turned to the side and rubbed her cheek against his ataköy masöz escort erection. He leaned back against the couch as she continued to rub her cheek and chin against him.

“What did it feel like?” she asked breathlessly. One of her hands reached up to cup his cock through his cutoffs. “Did it feel good? Did he suck it good?”

Nick was having a hard time concentrating as she continued to rub him and his cutoffs got tighter. “Yes, it felt good,” he finally groaned out. Suddenly Cindi rolled off the couch and spun around so she was kneeling in front of him.

“Was it like this?” she asked as she put her mouth on the engorged head of his cock which was peeking out of the leg of his shorts. She licked it as her hand continued to rub him. She watched as it appeared to throb whenever her tongue touched it. She reached up and unzipped him. Nick lifted up so she could pull them down. She immediately went back to licking the head and up and down the shaft. It wasn’t the same as Matt but it still felt good. She took it in her mouth and slowly began to suck the length into her mouth. She looked up at him for an answer and he couldn’t believe how sexy she looked with her mouth full of his cock.

“Yes, it was kind of like that,” he answered.

She pulled her mouth back off his cock. “What do you mean, kind of? Is it not as good or what?”

They were heading into treacherous ground. He wasn’t sure what she would say if he told her the truth. No woman could ever suck a cock as good as a man. They could do it good, but a man just knew what to do because he knew what he wanted done to him. “It’s just different is all. A guy doesn’t waste time with licking and kissing it,” he explained as he watched Cindi doing just that to his rock hard rod. As he expected, she immediately stopped and looked up at him.

“Don’t guys like that?”

“Sure they do, but a guy doesn’t do that to another guy.”

“Well, I’ll tell you a little secret. We girls don’t do that just for you, you know. It takes a bit to get used to it. Sometimes we kiss it and lick it to get it wet so it will slide in easier. It also feels good.” She gave his cock a gentle squeeze. “See it’s such an odd combination of things. It feels so hard and yet the skin of the head is so soft. It just feels neat against our lips and tongue. I guess a guy doesn’t think about things like that.” She paused for a moment. “You know some girls like to do this.” She nodded toward his cock as she continued to squeeze and stroke it rhythmically while she talked. “And it feels hot and we can imagine what it is going to feel like when you slide it in us. We suck cock because we like it and it turns us on. Some of us don’t do it just because we want to make our men happy. We do it because it makes us happy,” she finished.

Nick was enjoying the sensation of her hand sliding against his cock and wondered if she knew how sexy it was hearing words like cock coming out of her mouth. The slow stroking was driving him crazy. He wanted her to swallow his cockmeat and suck him dry. He was fully extended and the head was dripping precum all over her hand. Cindi would reach down and lick it off then go back to stroking him. She didn’t get any faster and the alternating mouth and hand action was causing his balls to tighten up.

“Come on,” he finally groaned out. “For God’s sake, suck it,” he begged. In answer Cindi released it entirely. She rose up off the floor and started unbuttoning her shirt. She let it fall standing right in front of him as his hand went to his erection.

“Uh,uh,” she shook her finger at him. “You had your fun this afternoon. This is for me,” she stated as she dropped her bra onto the couch beside him. Her hand went to the button on her shorts and they dropped to the floor. “I need fucked,” she stated boldly. She wasn’t wearing underwear and her shaved mons was glistening with her juices. She was incredibly turned on and Nick thought she’d never looked sexier than she did right then.

She reached down and pushed his legs together and straddled him. Reaching between them she pushed the swollen head of his cock right up against her pussy. Nick held his breath and waited. She rubbed it around getting it slick with her secretions then she lowered herself down onto his lap. His cock slid right up inside her and Nick let out the pent up breath as he felt her pussy muscles suck his cock in. She wriggled her hips a little to seat him completely inside her. Leaning back against his knees, she reached down and dipped two fingers into her slit.

She brought the wet fingers up to his face and Nick obediently opened his mouth so she could stick them in. He sucked them off with a loud slurping sound as she pulled them back out. Bending over him, she fastened her mouth on his. Their tongues met and mated. Her hands went to his shoulders to brace herself as his found the tips of her tits. Her nipples were hard little nubs and he pinched and pulled them as she moaned into his mouth. Finally the pleasure/pain was too much and she broke ataköy otele gelen escort their kiss to gasp for air.

“Oh God, Nick!” she cried out as he lifted one up to his mouth and sucked hard on the nipple. She began to squirm around on his legs as she wrapped her arms around his head and held him against her. “Tell me more about this afternoon,” she begged. His cock was throbbing inside her pussy and he wanted so bad to just fuck the hell out of her. He couldn’t believe she wasn’t mad about it. He released her nipple as she began to rise up and down on his steel cock.

“I let him suck me for a while but I didn’t want to cum yet. So I sucked him for a while and he almost came in my mouth,” Nick continued the story. “I don’t know what it was, but I just had to see what it would feel like to fuck him. I asked him to bend over and he did. I got him worked up again and then I shoved my cock up his ass.”

“Oh God,” Cindi moaned as she started sliding up and down faster. He was being squeezed by her pussy muscles on each stroke. “Did it feel good?” she whispered.

“God, yes,” he answered. “His ass was tight.” He grabbed her hips and started lifting her up so she could slam down harder on his cock. Her thighs were gripping his hips tightly as she rode him.

“Did he like it?”

“Yes,” he grunted as she slammed down again. “He came all over the place without even touching his cock!”

“Oh Nick, I’m cummmming,” she cried. “I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop, Nick,” she moaned as he felt her body start to shudder. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Please!” He felt more shudders wrack her body as she came on his cock. He could feel his own excitement building as she continued to whimper and beg.

“Oh God, baby. You’re gonna make me cum,” he groaned. He continued to grind his hips up against her as he pulled her tight against him with each thrust. “Here it comes!” he shouted as his balls pulled up against his shaft. “Here it comes!” He felt the spasms starting as Cindi shoved her hips down on him one more time. He held her still and let the action of her eager cunt pull the cum up out of his balls. He continued to make shallow thrusts against her as her muscles clamped down hard on his surging organ.

Cindi collapsed against him and they kissed again. Finally she put her head on his shoulder as they waited for their breathing to return to normal. “Can I tell you something?” she asked.

“Sure,” he whispered as he continued to hug her against him.

“I want to watch,” she whispered.

“Watch what?” he asked although he suspected he already knew the answer.

“I want to watch you and another guy. I want to know what it feels like to get two cocks excited and watch one of you screw the other one.” Nick felt his cock twitch at her words. “That would be such a turn on to get you both hard,” she continued with her mouth against his neck. She began placing soft kisses on his jaw. “I want to stroke you and suck you both until you’re so hot you can’t stand it.” Her lips began moving down as she pushed him back against the couch. “I want to see you and touch you both. I want all three of us to get so turned on that we can’t wait and I want to watch while one of you fucks the other one in the ass. Do you think something is wrong with me to want that?” she asked as her mouth finally reached his nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and he felt the heat rising up between them.

“No, baby, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. That is as natural as us guys wanting to watch two chicks together,” he replied. He gasped as she raked her teeth across his turgid nipple. His cock jerked inside her. It was still half hard even though he had cum twice already today. He felt her satiny sheath tighten around him. Her seeking lips had moved on to his other nipple and he waited in anticipation of what she might do next. Her hips were beginning to rotate a little as she rocked him inside her. He could hear her breathing hard again as she sucked and nibbled his ripe nubbin.

Finally she pulled her mouth off him so she could breathe deeply. His finger reached down to mash against her hard clit. Her tight little ass was rubbing against his thighs as she continued to grind down on him. He circled her clit with his fingertip then pinched it a little between his thumb and index finger. He rubbed them back and forth against the wet, pink hardness of her. Her pussy lips were puffy and he alternating rubbing her clit and pulling on her outer lips.

“Uhnnnnnn,” she moaned as her hips pressed closer to his hands. He knew what she wanted, what she liked best. He lifted her up so his cock slid out of her. “Noooo,” she moaned as she tried to stop him.

“Shhhhh, I know what you need,” he assured her. He turned her so she was laying flat on her back on the couch. He bent down between her legs and rubbed the swollen tip of his hardon against her. He knew she loved the feel of the head on her clit. She was wet with their cum as he slid the mushroom up and down over ataköy rus escort her tingling nub. It didn’t take long before she was spiraling out of control again. He was throbbing against her and rubbing faster as she pinched her nipples between her fingers.

“Oh, Nick!” she cried as she grabbed handfuls of the couch cushions and forced her hips up against his hand. “Rub my clitty!” she begged as she began to climax. Her entire body shook and he felt her hot juices run down over his hand. He continued to rub her forcefully as her orgasm pounded through her. When he felt her begin to wind down he grabbed her legs and lifted them up into the air. Moving his hands to the backs of her thighs, he plunged his rigid manmeat deep into her dripping pussy. She immediately whimpered at the force of his thrusts.

They had never tried this position before and he was momentarily worried that he might hurt her with the deepness of his thrusts. She didn’t appear to mind though and he couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to. She had mashed her breasts together and was pinching and pulling at her own nipples as he pounded into her. Her breath was coming in small grunts as he slammed in and out of her cunt. She was completely lost in the hard fucking he was giving her and he couldn’t believe it when he felt her spasm yet again.

“Oh God, Cindi,” he groaned. “Let me fuck your ass,” he demanded as he pulled his mammoth rod out of her cunt and ran it back down to her asshole. He paused to see what she would say. She just looked up at him as he pushed her legs back against her chest so her ass rose further into the air. It was already glistening with the juices that had run down while he was fucking her pussy. He put the head against her hole and rubbed it around. He pushed against her and watched as her asshole opened up a little under the pressure. He pushed harder and the head stretched her even more. He didn’t know if he was going to be able to get it inside and then she reached her hands down and grasped her cheeks. She splayed her fingers and pulled on her buttocks. He gave a push and his massive cock slid inside.

“Oh,” she squeaked as tears filled her eyes.

“Is it too much?” he asked as his arms shook with the effort to stay still. The feel of her tight little hole closing on his member was driving him closer to the edge of his third orgasm of the day.

“No,” she shook her head. “It took too much to get it in. Don’t take it out,” she moaned. She released her cheeks and hugged her arms around her legs. “Do it!” she commanded.

He didn’t need any further urging as he started moving his thick cock further inside her. He knew it wouldn’t take long to cum and he shuddered when he went the last couple of inches that buried him to the hilt inside her tight little ass. He rested a second then began to pull back.

“Oh,” she gasped as she felt him slipping out of her. He thrust into her tender canal again and felt her arch up against him. “Oh,” she whimpered again as he buried his meat all the way inside her once more. He felt the cum boiling up out of his balls as he drove himself into her again. He began to thrust faster and she felt his hot spray coat the inside of her ass. He dipped his head to watch himself thrust into her again and he felt her tight little sphincter squeezing the base of his shaft as he continued to flood her with his seed. Finally he looked up into her eyes and saw a blissful smile spread across her face.

He released her legs and pulled his spent cock out of her. She spread her legs on either side of his hips and opened her arms. He didn’t need a second invitation as he collapsed on top of her. Her arms closed around him and he braced himself on his arms so he wouldn’t crush her with his weight. They both lay there smiling as their heart rates slowed.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked quietly. The orgasm had been wonderful but he couldn’t help being afraid he’d done some damage given the length of his hefty tool.

“No, you didn’t hurt me,” she answered. “It felt wonderful. I haven’t come like that in a long time.” She hugged him close and turned her face up to his. “Really,” she assured him softly as his lips gently caressed hers. Nick smiled to himself as he thought about how lucky he was to have found her. Anyone else would have been upset and his girl just got turned on by his liaison with another guy. Of course, that was before he realized that she wanted his one afternoon with Matt to become a threesome.

“So when are you and Matt getting together again?”

“Huh? Um, we’re not,” he answered.

“Why not?”

“Well, we just aren’t.”

“Well how come? You said it felt good. You said he came and you did too. What’s the problem?” she continued.

“Look it just wasn’t like that,” Nick replied. He remembered how it had felt to be inside Matt’s warm mouth and remembered how tight he had been. It had felt good, in fact it felt wonderful, but guys just didn’t do things like that, not straight guys. It was a one-time thing. Matt knew that, didn’t he?

To Cindi it didn’t seem that complicated. The guys had fun together, she wanted to watch them together and they weren’t gay. Matt had been married and Nick liked girls so why couldn’t the three of them enjoy each other? Surely another person could only make the sex better! Over the next couple of days Cindi continued to talk about the three of them getting together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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