Community Involvement Ch. 12

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The two weeks that comprised the end of term one holidays in New South Wales, which also included Easter this year, had come and gone so fast. It only seemed like yesterday that I had left the mercurial Clare on what had effectively been the last school day of the term, for Clare and I; the government schools still had the Friday to negotiate.

My wife worked through the break, as was usual (she referred to bank her leave and use it during our summer holiday period). However, my daughter and I had not done anything overly exciting during that time but, then again, it had not been boring either. A bike ride or two and a game of squash and tennis, things of that nature, had filled in some time, plus some school assessment tasks required a visit to the library for additional research. We had had a good time together regardless and the days had slipped by quickly. To my pleasant surprise, leading up to the last Friday of the break, one of her friends had asked her around to their place. After dropping her off early that morning I had taken the opportunity, after doing a few domestics, to put the feet up and relax.

“Arrgghhhh! Who the fuck…” I moaned and cursed under my breath.

The phone had rung which made me jump; startling me back to reality from the cosy, dreamy world I had slipped into, remembering that last week of term one and all that amazing sexual activity I had come my way (pun intended). That had been one crazy week for me, and I would gladly do it all again and again and again.


“Yes.” I replied, still trying to clear my head.

“Sorry, it did not sound like you at first. I hope I haven’t disturbed you too much?”

The soft, lilting intonations of the soothing, friendly female voice on the other end of the land line, slowly filtered into my foggy brain, “If you can, I would love to see you around here, but only if you have the time? I bumped into Daniella while I was on the return leg of my morning walk and she told me that you had just left after dropping your daughter off at her place. So I…” Her voice faded out, but I was not sure if it was intensional or just the bad line.

“Sure Michelle, like you said, I am flying solo today. Is everything okay?” I asked.

My senses had flown into hyper-drive upon hearing her sultry voice. I had not expected to hear from my dear, lovely and extremely sexy neighbour for at least another three weeks.

“All good. I dropped my son off last night at a mates house and now, like you, I have some free time. I know surprises are not your thing, but…”

I listened closely as the land line connection was not a good one…I got the distinct impression that she was up to something. “Are you sure?”

“Definitely! I was just pottering around wondering what to do with myself. You know how it is, sometimes having unexpected free time can be difficult to fill in. Anyway, I thought of you, as I do often when I am alone (this last comment was made in a hushed sext tone), and I got to wondering if you might like to come around and catch up…”

“What are you up to?” I asked warily. I knew that she was conjuring some sort of mischief, which knowing Michelle would be of the ‘fun’ variety, but I did not want to go spoiling things for her either. As she said, I am not usually good with surprises but for this particular lady, I was willing to make an exception.

“Little ol’ me?” she asked in a really bad Henny Penny voice. Her laugh that followed her reply brightened my day considerably.

“I will be on your doorstep in about 5!”

“Could you make it 10? That would be so excellent if you could. See you then.” She promptly hung up. I shook my head in disbelief, not only at the coincidence of both of us being sibling free on the same day during the school holidays, but also at the rather unusual verbalisation Michelle had used.

“Oh well,” I said out loud to myself. “beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, it is a great opportunity to tell her my news about Clare and the music tour.”

The day was a touch grey and overcast. Though the clouds were not low and foreboding, the light was still dull and uninspiring. Everything looked drab…to be expected when winter is approaching I suppose. However, I was not going to let the weather keep my heart from soaring as I hopped the small fence into Michelle’s carport, rounded her small silver grey Mazda 3 and bounded up onto her veranda.

I rang the doorbell. A long moment of silence greeted my ears as I stood there eagerly awaiting the door to open. I was just in the throws of ringing again when Michelle finally answered.

“Hi Ray!” she said excitedly. “Um…sorry, I got caught with another phone call, and therefore, I misjudged the time it would take for you to get here.”

“Are you okay?” I asked quizzically.

“Me! Sure. Well…yes and no.” She looked (facially) as beautiful as always, but her expression told me she was caught in two minds about something.

“Can I come in?” I asked, laughing slightly at her indecision.

“Yes…. NO! Wait, please.” She looked at me smiling wanly.

“I can come ataköy anal yapan escort back?”

“Ugh, I knew I should not have rushed.” She said aloud, although it seemed more of a reprimand of herself. She looked at me apologetically. “You don’t have a clue what I am talking about do you?”

Her infectious laugh and cute smile made me reciprocate as I shook my head.

“I wouldn’t have the foggiest. But I do get the impression you have something planned. Would it be something that you were going to deliver after your holiday, which you are now rushing to try and deliver today?”

“Very perceptive.” She said with a cute, shy look.

“Hand caught in the cookie jar.” I thought looking at her expression.

“I know you don’t like surprises, but…” Her eyes peeked at me from under her slightly down cast brow, their sky blue colour and her cheeky smile held and melted my heart, all in one quick moment.

“Sorry, I had better not leave you too much longer standing there.” She apologised and quickly continued. “Do you want your surprise straight away or should we have some tea and chat first?”

“As much as I would love to know what you are up to, I am going to take the tea option first…just so you have more time.”

“I was hoping you might say that, my dear man.” She definitely seemed relieved. “I hate to ask…but…sorry, but can you give me a few minutes to get sorted? It is up to you. You are more than welcome to come in and relax on the lounge or you can go home and come back.”

“I will be back right at this spot in fifteen minutes.”

“Cool.” The overjoyed look on her face was priceless. “Oh, Ray, do you know how to get around the back so you can enter via the deck?

“Yep, I think I could manage that.”

“Phew, thank you. That saves me having to worry about opening the front door. Just knock and come straight in. See you in fifteen?” She promptly closed the door and I heard her squeal like a little girl as she ran off down her hallway.

“Curiouser and curiouser.” I thought as I returned home.

I busied myself getting some invoicing out of the way while I waited. Twenty minutes had actually passed by the time I finally reached her rear deck / entertainment area, the site of our first ever encounter that involved anything sexual. I let those happy memories pass as I walked to her door and knocked as she had suggested.

“Come in.” She called. “Thank you for being fashionably late. I totally screwed up my timings for…well, I got behind schedule, as it were.”

“Happy to oblige.” I answered opening the door.

Michelle knew I prided myself on being punctual so her greeting, together with the sound of gratitude in her voice, made me smile and laugh to myself. I entered and immediately turned right which put me on a course straight toward my lovely hostess who was busy in her open plan kitchen. As I closed the door behind me, I noticed Michelle took a quick peek over her left shoulder but as I approached, she studiously kept her attention forward as she continued to plate up the array of small cakes she had to accompany our morning-tea. The nearer I got the more I noticed a small upward movement of her cheek; it appeared her anticipation of my greeting her matched my own heart-felt excitement. I pressed my body into hers from behind, feeling the gentle curve of her behind as I closed my arms around her waist. I breathed deeply, the heady perfume she wore filled my nostrils with a delightful mix of florals and earthy tones. I grazed my lips across her left shoulder and gently kissed my way along the slope of her fragrant flesh up along her soft neck and nuzzled her ear. She shivered slightly as I repeated my greeting on her right side.

“Hhhhmmmm, you will make me weak at the knees if you keep doing that.” She breathed, obviously enjoying my greeting as she rolled her head to the side to give me better access. She snaked her left arm upward and cupped the back of my head and ran her fingers into my hair. “I have missed you too.”

“You can read my mind can you?” I asked in mocked shock.

“It’s a good read too.” She purred. ‘Don’t stop…I was quite enjoying the way you were saying hello.”

I placed a series of small butterfly kisses from the tip of her right shoulder, up to her ear and down the other side. Michelle tilted her head each time, offering her neck to me.

“Your lucky I am not a vampire.” I whispered. “I could’ve sucked the very life blood out of you by now.”

“I doubt that my dear.” She said in a hushed voiced as she rested the back of her head on my shoulder with her eyes softly closed. “You give me life not take it away.”

I gently sucked on her neck as a vampire would have which made her giggle quietly.

“Before I forget,” I whispered to her, “I have secured the contract teaching position. I am a proper subsidised staff member for the music tour.”

“Oh Ray,” she breathed, “That is wonderful news.”

She turned in my ams and kissed me tenderly. I responded and hugged her closer, feeling the swell of her breasts ataköy bdsm escort against my ribs. We kissed with a soft passion that spoke of the depth of feeling between us. Long minutes passed as we entwined yourselves in each others arms and reacquainted ourselves with heated kisses alone.

Minutes passes and then, smiling broadly, Michelle broke away. “Now that was the best hello I have had for quite some time.”

I concurred wholeheartedly.

Eager to hear more of my recent achievement, Michelle told me to sit, indicating the lounge a few metres away, while she finished off the tea prep.

“So how is Clare?” Michelle finally asked as she flopped on the lounge next to me. She curled her subtle body into the corner of the cushions behind her and brought her left leg up and folded it, forming a comfortable number four shape with her right leg resting over her left ankle and planted onto the floor. I drank in her every curve, it seemed ages since I had been in such close proximity to my lovely neighbour, confidant and dearest friend…okay, lover. There, I have said it.

Her shoulder length hair was brushed to a shimmer and was cut so that the sides barely brushed upon her shoulders but followed the curve and crossed her back in a soft arc just below the nape. It suited her beautifully, which I complimented her on, causing her to blush noticeably. Her eyes were neither huge nor small, but they were as bright as a summers day at midday, despite the current external gloom. Her lips were slender and curled slightly upward at the corners, giving her a look that seemed to reflect her infectious good humour. Upon them she had donned a peach coloured lip stick, which matched her soft feminine cardigan that she wore over a simple white T-Shirt styled top with a low sweeping arc for the neckline. Her lithe legs were covered by ankle length leggings made from a stretch electric blue denim coloured fabric with a little dark blue leaf patterns running through it.

“You look sensational.” I blurted, running my eyes from foot to head and back again for the umpteenth time.

“I am glad you appreciate my efforts.” She responded warmly. “It is not everyday that I get such compliments and your eyes seem to be enjoying themselves as well.”

“Yes, they are.” I laughed at being caught out. It was not hard I suppose, I had not surreptitiously gone about looking her over.

“Clare was great.” I stated, getting back on topic. “We met up on the Thursday before the end of term. That is when she told me about the tour and that I was to be included as a staff member.” I had not personally dwelt on the events of that day all that much since, but doing so now made me sit up straight. “It’s kind of exciting now that I think of it.”

“You certainly understate things sometimes, my dear.” She laughed. “It’s not just exciting (said in a flat, off hand manner)…it is fantastic!”

We laughed together like a pair of BBF’s in an American sit-com.

“And what else did she say?” Usually when asked this sort of question by certain other people I could mention but won’t, I would sort of shy away from a direct answer. This style of question usually invoked in me a feeling of being interrogated but the way Michelle posed the question, it was not of the probing variety. It was a relaxed, communicative way of asking for more information to keep the flow of dialogue going.

“Um…well…you know.” I trailed off, cheekily avoiding coming straight out and telling her what actually transpired.

“Ohhhh, I see.” Michelle picked up her tea and sipped it and gave me a knowing stare over the rim. “You did not do much talking…again!”

“Um…no.” I admitted.

“At least you admitted to it.” She shrugged. “Not like last time. I had to pry it out of you.” Michelle looked at me and remained silent for a second or two and then threw her head back, and theatrically brought her hand to her brow.

“Oh, I am love with a serial fucker…what am I to do?” She burst out laughing at her own humour.

“Fucked if I know.” I replied. We both broke into gales of laughter, tears rolled down both our cheeks.

“Actually, I spoke to Clare earlier in the week.” She inserted this piece of information quietly with the precision of a surgeon…she knew when to strike.

“Oh, really.” I replied with raised eyebrows.

“She did not tell me about the staff appointment. I suppose she left it to you to tell me the exciting stuff. I had to ask her about instrument insurance and the like, as I am part of the tour organising committee. But she did prompt me to ask you about her aunt…Daph?”

I had just taken a mouthful of tea. Unfortunately, I sprayed it instead of swallowing as she mentioned Daph’s name.

“What…(cough, splutter)…about Daph?” I finally managed. “Sorry…it caught in the throat.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Michelle indicated the tea spray dismissively. “I have to clean the house tomorrow. Anyway, it will mostly have dried by then. I gather you have ‘spoken’ with Daph, as well as Clare, and there is some sort of connection ataköy elit escort I gather?”

“Clare is Daph’s niece…” I did not get to finish what I was going to say before Michelle broke in; a light bulb moment for her.

“You fucked Daph!” She said loudly. Not that she shouted in anger or anything, it was more out of astonishment. She looked at me for confirmation. ‘Oh my god, you had sex with dear old Daph. I don’t mean old, as in old…you know what I mean…you’ve seen her naked?”

‘Yes…I have fucked her. And my hairdresser as well, on the Monday of the last week of term. I confess my sins and pray for your forgiveness.”

“There is nothing to forgive, is there.” She said, a slight look of shock on her face. “Daph…I would not have picked the one.”

I explained the circumstances of my going to see my hairdresser and then about going to see Daph. The hairdresser was just a case of right place at the right time and, as such, did not command much attention. However, for the Daph episode, I related how one thing lead to another and then to another, so on and so forth. Michelle quietly drank her tea and offered me cakes as I spoke and asked appropriate questions as I went. She even asked for explicit details relating to my discovery of Daph’s masturbatory forays and how we had ended up in the shower, and finally, even the minutest detail about my deflowering of Daph’s arse.

“Are you okay?” I asked, feeling a bit sheepish.

“I’m just feeling a little jealous, ’tis all.”

‘I’m sorry if I have…”

“You’re not sorry. I can tell.” She sort of snapped, then softened her tone.

‘Well, no…not really.”

“Good. I am fine with all of that, really. However, I am just jealous because I have missed out on all your ‘fun’. We made a pact about this area of our relationship, and I do not pull back from that one bit. It’s just that I have not had any…sex, yet you have had heaps, by the sound of it. Why shouldn’t I be jealous of you for that?”

“I could remedy that?”

“Not right now but thank you for the offer. Always the gentleman. Anyway, I have…” she stopped herself from going on with her sentence. It made me wonder, again, what she was up to.

“So what happened with Clare?” She asked quickly trying to change the subject, as she took my hand and kissed my fingers softly.

“Another ploy to distract me from asking more about what she was up too.” I assumed quietly to myself.

It was also a gesture of acceptance of what I had done and gratitude for being open with her and telling her about it all. As well as a confirmation of the bond between us and the strengthening of our relationship.

I proceeded to tell her about Clare’s telephone conversation with her contacts in Salzburg. I had already explained to Michelle, as part of the Daph confession, about my Aunt Renee, and how Clare’s mum had been a parachute packer with my aunt in Wagga, and as such, both had known Renee’s war time, and later in life, man-friend and companion, Bob.

“You did what?” Michelle asked suddenly.

“I went down on her while she was on the phone.” I smirked.

“You naughty boy. Don’t get any ideas if my phone rings.” She said, scolding me playfully.

I gave her a blow by blow run through of what Clare and I had got up to. Michelle took all I had to say in eagerly. She even started to squirm as she sat and listened and even asked questions for more detailed information at certain points. I assumed she was getting sexually twitchy by what I was relating. To tell you the truth, I was enjoying telling her. Not from some perverted sense, it just felt wonderful to have a beautiful female companion to share such intimate details with…quite extraordinary.

That said, I could not deny, my penis had grown appreciably as well.

I moved my hips and squirmed as I sat, trying to give the ever increasing length in my crotch some extra room to expand. Michelle noticed and smiled. I looked at her as I finished off my tale and as I did so, her look changed. It appeared that something she had been mulling over in her mind had suddenly become clear…I got the sense that she was about to put her plan into action.

“That was some week, that last week of term, by the sounds of it.” She said, uncurling her legs. “I’m surprised you have any spunk left to give to any other cock starved woman. I must admit, you certainly are embracing the spirit of community involvement?”

“I guess I am. Not that I planned any of it.”

“It would appear that I have unlocked a monster…” Her eyes were a calming blue but there was a fire in them that burned bright. She snaked herself along the lounge. Her hands reached forward and the rest of her subtle body followed. I remained sat were I was watching her approach, wondering what she was going to do. Her hands found my knees but did not stop there. They pressed into my thighs firmly as she snaked her body along mine, her breasts grazed across my legs and abdomen, her mouth slowly parted as she neared my face. She crushed her body flat onto mine, her hands feverish as she fumbled and tore at my jeans, desperately trying to tear them open. Her mouth clamped to mine, her tongue attacked and pushed deep inside my mouth, scouring and probing every tooth it contacted. Our breathing, rhythmically syncopated, grew deeper and deeper as the passion of our kiss increased. I reached for her, slipping my hand under her upper layers.

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