Common Ground Ch. 1

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Cammie Devries sighed nervously and checked her watch for the hundredth time. It was two minutes later than the last time she’d looked. Her stomach felt like she was riding a roller coaster, and her palms were moist with perspiration. She had been waiting for her blind date to arrive for 20 minutes and the wait was taking a toll on her nerves.

She sat on a bench in the crowded waiting room of the upscale steakhouse where the meeting had been arranged, her heart pounding a little faster each time the front door opened and someone new entered. Cammie had arrived earlier than she’d planned, and she knew now that was a mistake. Too much time to think about what could go wrong. Her date was only a couple of minutes late, but already Cammie was sure she’d been stood up. She had a bad habit of always expecting the worse when she was nervous.

She swore to herself that she’d never, never accept another blind date. Of course, she’d said that before. Terry was always so persuasive, and downright persistent. Terry Carpenter had been Cammie’s best friend since they were eight years old, but at that moment Cammie wanted nothing more than to throttle Terry and Terry’s boyfriend, Mike Parker, for talking her into this.

She could hear Terry’s voice pleading, “Come on Cam, Alec is an old friend of Mike’s from high school. He just got out of the Navy and is looking for someone to date. I haven’t met him yet myself, but Mike swears he’s a great guy.” Terry just loved playing matchmaker. Her philosophy was that to be truly happy a person had to be getting laid on a regular basis.

Cammie, who absolutely loved sex and had gone without for longer than she cared to think about, agreed wholeheartedly with Terry’s theory. Her craving for a new lover was very strong, but Cammie was gun-shy. She was only six months out of an ugly relationship that had left her hurting and leery of risking her heart again so soon.

Cammie’s most recent relationship wasn’t the first one to have a bad ending. She wasn’t sure if it was because of the men she chose, or simply because of bad luck. Whichever the case, Cammie always seemed to end up getting hurt.

Her most recent boyfriend, whom she now affectionately referred to as Tom the Asshole, had been cheating on her during their entire year-long relationship. Even six months after they’d broken up, it still stung. Before Tom the Asshole, there was Steven the Shithead. Cammie and Steven had never dated exclusively, but it was still painful when he told her that he was in love with someone else. Ouch.

Not surprisingly, Cammie had adamantly resisted the idea of the meeting until Mike showed her a picture of Alec. She took the picture and scrutinized it, finally looking up and grinning at Terry and Mike. “Okay. Even if he turns out to be another asshole I’d be happy enough just looking at him!” Alec appeared to be one fine specimen of masculinity, attractive enough to encourage her to push her worries aside.

Mike told Cammie that the picture had been taken at Alec’s going away party just before he left for the Navy. Cammie was taken by his ruggedly handsome face and lopsided grin. His face had strong, masculine features and his hazel eyes appeared to sparkle with good humor. He had close cropped medium brown hair that nicely framed his face. He was only visible from the waist up in the photo, but that was enough for Cammie to make her decision. He had a broad chest, with darker brown curly hair peaking out of the collar of his shirt, and muscular arms that appeared to have been chiseled from granite. Cammie had always had a fondness for men with nice chests and arms.

Terry whooped in victory when Cammie finally agreed to the date. “I knew you’d want to fuck him the minute you saw his picture! I know I sure did.” Her expressive brown eyes were filled with mischief and she clapped her small hands together in delight. Terry was very petite at only five feet two inches tall, and she had a youthful appearance. When she got excited she sometimes looked like a kid who’d just been told school had been cancelled permanently.

Mike gave his girlfriend a freezing look and she smiled innocently. “Just kidding, baby. You know you’re the only man for me.” She sauntered up to him, stood on her tip-toes to reach him, and gave him a reconciling kiss on the cheek. She then turned her back to him and flashed Cammie a conspiratorial wink.

Cammie laughed, shaking her head. “I don’t recall saying that I wanted to fuck him. What I said was he’s good looking enough for me to get through an evening with, even if I find out he’s an asshole. But if he’s nice…mmm, THEN I’d have to say he appears to be entirely fuckable!” She sounded like she was joking, but deep down inside she was completely sincere. The idea of getting next to a man that looked like Alec appealed to her in a pulse quickening, carnal way.

Mike rolled his eyes dramatically and said, “Gawd. You women are worse than us guys are. All you think about is dick! Seriously though, Cam, Alec is one of the good aksaray escort guys. I think you’ll like him.”

“And if you don’t,” Terry teased, “I’ll let you have Mike for a night. You won’t get out of this situation still being horny.” She reached up and affectionately ruffled his sandy blonde hair. Mike let out a long-suffering sigh and merely shook his head in immitated aggravation.

Within a couple of hours of agreeing to the date, plans had been made. Cammie was to meet Alec the following Friday night at a local steak place that was extremely popular. Mike and Terry were not going to be there since they had previous plans to visit Mike’s sister who had recently given birth to a baby boy.

Cammie had been shifting back and forth between being nervous and being excited at the possibilities ever since. Sitting on the bench at the restaurant, however, the minutes crawled by with excruciating slowness and there was no sign of the excitement, or of Alec either.

Ten minutes later Cammie went from feeling like a nervous wreck to feeling mad. After all, she had spent a fair amount of money on this new dress. Not to mention the time she had spent getting ready and the long drive to the restaurant. She had made an investment that apparently wasn’t going to have a chance to pay off.

When Alec was officially half an hour late, Cammie got up from the bench and grabbed her purse, preparing to leave. She thought it looked like it was going to be a long Friday night of being pissed at the male gender, followed by a less than satisfying solo masturbation session. She was angry at having been stood up, but she was also more than a little disappointed. No lovin’ for Cammie tonight, she thought with a stab of frustration.

As she grasped the handle of the main entrance door and pulled, it was simultaneously pushed open from the other side. And there he was, standing directly in front of her, looking flustered.

“Camille?” he asked breathlessly.

She looked up at him and momentarily couldn’t respond. Alec had a tremendous physical presence that couldn’t be perceived from a photograph. Although Cammie was no shorty at five feet seven inches tall, Alec towered over her. She guessed him at close to six feet five. He was solidly built, beefy and muscular all over. He was a mountain of a man, probably weighing in at 250 pounds or so.

Cammie took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, I’m Camille. Or you can just call me Cammie. I didn’t think you were going to make it, Alec.” She was surprised that there was not even a trace of lingering anger in her voice.

“Oh, Camille…Cammie, I’m so terribly sorry I’m late! As silly as it sounds, when I got home from work I found my cat was really sick and I had to take her to the vet. I tried to call here to let you know I was running late, but they told me they don’t pass on messages unless it’s an emergency. I couldn’t convince them that a sick cat and a blind date really was an emergency!”

He was smiling sheepishly and seemed mildly embarrassed at admitting his fondness for his pet.

Cammie thought it was completely endearing, this masculine giant of a man worried about his pet kitty. Her aggravation at his lateness evaporated and she grinned. His story was just odd enough that it had to be true.

“Sick cat? A likely excuse! You were just on the verge of chickening out and changed your mind at the last second,” she teased.

Alec smiled back. “I really do apologize. This is a lousy way to make a good first impression. How about we start over again?” he said, offering his hand to her.

“Hi Cammie, I’m Alec Masters. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you,” he said, shaking her hand. Cammie liked his firm but gentle grip, and the way his massive hand made hers look tiny.

“Well, Alec, I’m Camille Devries and the pleasure is mine. I really am glad you made it.” She thought this guy had real potential.

“You look great,” he said. “Your picture really didn’t do you justice.” He gave her a frank, appraising look that started at Cammie’s face, moving downward over the swell of her breasts, continuing down to her legs and back up again. Cammie liked the way his gaze travelled over her body, making her feel warm everywhere his eyes passed.

“Why thank you, Alec. I just bought this dress today. Do you like it?” Cammie smiled flirtatiously and looked directly into his penetrating hazel eyes. She knew she looked damned good in her new teal colored sweater dress. It was a fine knit that clung in all the right places, and the deep v-neck displayed her abundant cleavage attractively. The teal green color was the perfect compliment to her green eyes and auburn red hair. The dress’s skirt fell just above her knee, displaying just enough of her shapely legs to fire the imagination.

His eyes gave her another appreciative full body scan. “I love the dress. It’s beautiful, which means it suits you perfectly,” he said in a sincere tone.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” she replied. anal yapan escort

Cammie meant it, too. He managed to look completely comfortable without appearing sloppy. His tan Dockers looked freshly ironed, and his dark blue short sleeved polo shirt fit him nicely, showing off the impressive angles and planes of his muscular body.

Cammie’s blood pressure went up a few notches when he offered her his taut, toned arm. “Thank you. Now that we know neither one of us thinks the other is hideously ugly, how about we have some dinner?”

She linked her arm over his and replied in a deliberately suggestive tone, “Sounds sooo good. I’m really hungry.” Suddenly she had the feeling that instead of killing Terry and Mike for talking her into this, she’d be thanking them instead.


“So baby, do you think Cammie and Alec will end up fucking on their first date?” Terry asked Mike. They were on the highway in her ancient volkswagen van and Terry had been wondering how her best friend’s blind date was going. According to her watch they should have met by now and should be well into dinner.

Mike glanced over and his girlfriend in the semi-darkness of the van and grinned.

“Will you be jealous if they do?” he teased. “Knowing how bad you want to fuck Cammie I’m surprised you wanted to set her up with Alec.”

Terry’s pretty face clouded in mock anger and she gave Mike a half-hearted swat on the shoulder.

“You want Cammie just as bad as I do. And yes, I do want her, but until I work up the nerve to tell her, I want her to be happy. She’s been without a man for way too long. You said Alec’s a good man, and I believe you.”

“Alec’s a great guy, and he hasn’t been in a stable relationship for a long time. He’s ready for somebody like Cammie. And you really should just tell Cammie the truth, sweetie,” Mike said. “Cammie’s cool. I don’t think finding out that you’re attracted to her will freak her out nearly as much as you’re afraid of.”

“I know, I know,” Terry replied, her tone growing serious. Her big brown eyes filled with apprehension. “I’ve come close to telling her so many times, but I always wuss out. She’s been my best friend since second grade and I’m just so scared that she’ll think differently about me when she finds out that I’ve been lusting after her. But unless I do tell her, there’s no chance that I’ll ever have her. It’s enough to drive a person crazy!”

Mike smiled sympathetically and reached out and ran his hand through her shoulder length dark brown hair. “It’ll be okay, baby. Even if you never have Cammie you still have me to worship the ground you walk on.”

She favored him with seductive grin. “You know how much I love you too, Mike. No man has ever made me feel like you do.” She reached out and ran her diminutive hand lightly across his cheek.

“And just how do I make you feel?” he asked, his clear blue eyes switching back and forth from Terry’s face to the road in front of them.

“You make me feel like doing this,” she replied. Terry reached across and massaged his cock through his jeans. Her wide dark eyes were now clouded with desire.

As Mike’s cock stiffened and his breathing became shallow, Terry said, “And this too.” She unzipped his pants and slid his briefs down as far as she could, exposing his swollen dick to her touch.

Mike moaned lightly and Terry whispered, “And this.” She slid out of her seat and got on her knees next to him. She leaned over, stretching out her neck, and licked the sensitive head of his cock. Mike shuddered with pleasure, and without warning she took his entire cock into her warm, wet mouth and began sucking.

“Oh fuck that feels good, baby. But if you make me wreck you’d better not bite my cock off,” Mike said breathlessly. He kept one hand tightly on the wheel and tangled the fingers of his other hand in her fine, silky hair.

Terry giggled in response, without ceasing her oral assault on his tool. The vibration from her laugh thrummed over his cock, causing him to moan even louder.

Terry’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking hard and occasionally running her tongue over the head. She could feel every bulge and vein of his cock passing between her lips, causing her to groan with lust.

Mike struggled to keep the van between the white lines as his body responded uncontrollably to Terry’s enthusiastic efforts. He could feel his climax building.

Terry could also tell that he was about to come. His dick seemed to swell even larger and became even more brick hard. As he just began to spasm, Terry forced the entire length of his cock completely into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. She began swallowing over and over, contracting her throat rhythmically around his cock head.

Her unusual swallowing technique drove him over the edge every time, and this was no exception. Mike hissed, “Yessss!” and he shot what felt like a huge load of hot cum down her still-swallowing throat. Terry moaned atakent escort as he came and greedily sucked every drop out of his spent tool.

When she was done, she carefully tucked his cock back into his brief and zipped up his jeans. She climbed back in her seat and smiled wickedly at him, her tongue darting out and capturing a few stray drops of his cum from her pouty lips.

As Mikes vision cleared and the last few orgasmic sensations stopped, he smiled at Terry and said, “You are so fucking awesome, baby, and I’m the luckiest man alive. Do you want to drive now?”


They were escorted to their table by a perky young hostess, and Alec played the perfect gentleman and pulled Cammie’s chair out for her. He slid into the chair next to her and looked around.

“Really nice place, isn’t it?” he asked.

“It sure is! If the food is as good as I’ve heard, then I can see why it’s so popular.”

The place had an elegant atmosphere, with subdued lighting and tasteful decor. On the tables were real linen tablecloths, heavy silverware that had a distinctly expensive look, and in the center of each table was a small crystal oil lamp that gave off a cozy, flickering light.

Their waiter appeared, and they decided to order a bottle of good Chablis. Their wine arrived, and their waiter took their dinner order and discreetly disappeared. Cammie and Alec sipped their dry white wine and comfortably started their getting-to-know-you conversation.

Cammie told Alec about her unfashionably normal childhood, growing up as an only child in a small rural town. She told him about how she’d spent most of her time alone until Therese Carpenter had come to her school when she was in second grade, and how she and Terry had been best friends ever since. She and Terry had moved sixty miles from their small hometown to the city when they graduated from high school. For two years, she and Terry shared an apartment and attended college while both worked part time.

They’d had a marvelous time living together, two young, free-spirited girls enjoying their first tastes of freedom. There had been numerous parties and other wild and crazy times. When they were twenty, Mike Parker came into Terry’s life and they fell head over heels in love.

Not long after, Terry dropped out of school and moved in with Mike. Cammie kept the apartment, and had picked up another part time job to make the rent. For the next two years she’d had almost no social life. All her time was spent either working, sleeping, or studying, with the occasional evening out with Terry and Mike to break the monotony.

At college she majored in English and and minored in marketing, and when she graduated two years ago with her degree she was able to get a job as a copy editor with a local advertising firm. She had been regularly promoted and got good pay raises, so she was happy with her job.

Once she was able to work full time, she had much more free time on her hands and she started dating again. Cammie grinned sheepishly at Alec as she told him of her rotten luck with men and of her string of less-than-stellar relationships.

“Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?” she said, laughing.

“Not at all! I think it sounds very normal and you come across as having your shit together…with the exception of your lousy love life,” he replied. His tone was teasing and he seemed vaguely amused with her dating woes.

“Let’s hope we get along much better than you’re used to,” he added in a more serious tone.

Cammie felt her face flush with pleasure. She liked the way he looked her directly in the eye when he really wanted to make a point, and she took his comment to mean that he liked her.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said. “Tell me all about the exciting life of Alec Masters.”


Alec couldn’t believe his incredible good luck. Here he was, sitting with this beautiful, intelligent woman, and she was actually single and unattached. Mike had been right about Cammie. She was great.

He had been enjoying listening to her speak, talking about herself in her sweet, clear voice. And he’d been damn near enthralled watching her full lips move, her animated facial expressions, and her gestures as she spoke. She had graceful, long fingered hands that she used to punctuate and enhance her words.

He had meant it when he’d said her picture didn’t do her justice. Cammie was a knockout, no question about it. She was of average height, slenderly built, yet she had curves in all the right places. She had captivating green eyes that were accentuated by her fair skin and shiny auburn hair. Her face was pretty, with high set cheek bones, a fine, delicate nose, and sensuously full lips. When she smiled, which was often, she had a single dimple on her right cheek.

Alec loved the way her dress fit her. She displayed just enough skin, tantalizingly showing off the ample cleavage between her very full breasts. The effect was deliberately intriguing, making him and probably every other man in the room want to see more.

As Alec started filling her in on his life story, she leaned forward, listening intently as he spoke. He liked the way her posture suggested that anything he had to say was important to her. It also gave him a slightly better view of her decolletage.

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