College Slave Ch. 01

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Hi! I’m Izaya and this is my first story, so criticisms are appreciated, either as a comment or to my email on my profile. Chapter 2 will up in a month or two, or whenever I get around to finishing it.

Chapter 1: Arrival

Abigail let out a deep sigh as she surveyed her new room. It was sizeable enough, with a single twin bed fit snuggly in one corner and a large dresser sitting opposite. Compared to the tiny room she had to share with her sister back home, this was a considerable upgrade, especially for a college apartment.

“How do you like it?”

Abigail turned around to see a petite blonde, no older than twenty, standing in the hallway behind her.

“Oh I love it! I’m so thankful you guys are letting me rent out a room here.”

“No problem,” the girl replied. “We were in need of more girls like you,” she said with a sly grin.

Weeks earlier, Abigail had been complaining about her housing plan for freshman year on a forum, when she received a private message from one of the other users. She said her name was Cassidy, and she and her roommates were looking for another girl to share an apartment with at the same college! Abigail accepted; she didn’t have the luxury of being overly cautious, as her alternative, the dorms, were infamous for being overpriced and cramped. Still, she had some reservations about the move. She didn’t know any of these girls, and wasn’t it odd that they had just so happened to be on the same forum as her and saw her complaints?

A knock at the door snapped Abigail out of her thoughts.

“That’s probably Celine! I’ll go let her in,” Cassidy said, and rushed towards the door. Apparently her new roommates already knew each other from last year. Although it would be weird to be the only freshman, Abigail was happy for the oppourtunity to make friends, given that moving out of state for college had left her with a grand total of zero allies here. She followed the hallway back to the living room, where she saw two new girls; one dragging a pair of suitcases and the other bounding straight at her, with her arms spread wide.

“Omigosh! You must be Abby!” she exclaimed, pulling in Abigail for half-tackle, half-hug. “You’re just as cute in real life as I had hoped!”

“I see you’ve met Celine,” Cassidy remarked.

Abigail blushed. Celine was still embracing her tightly, pinning her arms to her side. Celine was a few inches shorter than Abigail, and certainly more plump. She was wearing running shorts and t-shirt that was too small, revealing a slight muffin top. Wild green eyes shown out from under a mess of frizzy black hair, her C-cup breasts pressed flat against Abigail’s D’s. Abigail’s breast size was something she often found an awkward

hindrance, and this moment was no exception.

“And look at the rack on her too! They’re somehow bigger than Cassidy’s!” Celine smiled, finally releasing her. “We’re gonna have fun with you!”.

Abigail blushed deeper and stepped back, crossing her arms protectively against against her chest.

“Don’t mind her,” the other girl said. Abigail looked up to see that the girl was speaking with her back turned, bent over a bag as she unpacked. “Celine’s a bit energetic but you’ll… get used to it.” She stood up and faced Abigail. “I’m Savannah.”

At 5’8″, the redhead stood just taller than Abigail. Although she couldn’t compete in bust size with the rest of the girls present, she had a sleeker build with a more prominent ass.

“Why don’t you come sit down with us? We can get to know each other better, and we have something to… show you,” Savannah said slyly. She took Abigail to the living room and sat her down in the middle of the couch, with Celine and Cassidy flanking her closely on either side. The proximity of the unfamiliar girls was a bit unsettling, but Abigail suspected nothing. Savannah remained standing and brought up several images on her phone.

“I’ll cut right to the chase. We know you cheated on your entrance exams and paid for admissions essays online.”

Abigail was speechless. Her heart began pounding relentlessly. How did they know? What’s going on? Savannah giggled at the panic on her face.

“We saw you asking around on the other forums for someone willing to write your essays so you could get into this college. Here, I have screenshots of all the essays, and the conversations of you asking for them. Then, I kept tabs on your internet activity until we saw someone from the same IP on a different site talk about living arrangements.” She placed her hand on Abigail’s cheek and brought her face closer. “And now, here we are.”

Abigail tried to pull away, but found that Cassidy and Celine had a firm grip on her arms. They also had each pinned one of her legs against the couch with their legs, fully immobilizing the girl with her legs spread.

“What’s going on? What do you want?”

“Simple. You do as we say, and I don’t rat you out to administration. I’ve done my research on casino siteleri you, little Abby. We both know your family would disown you and cut you off completely if they found you cheating. And where would you go then?”

It was true. Abigail’s whole family had graduated from prestiguous universities, and held honor and integrity in high regard. They would never forgive her.

“Well, what do I have to do?”

Savannah grinned. “From now on, you are ours. In every way. Anything the three of us command, you must carry out. Failure to do so results in punishment. Fail enough times and, well, these screenshots might happen to make their way to the dean’s office…”

Abigail gulped. What were they going to do to her? This is sick. You can’t do this to someone. But then again, if that evidence gets out, I’m done for. I’ll have no home, no money, and no college will ever accept me.

“So,” Savannah said, breaking Abigail out of her thoughts. “Do we have a deal?”

“Uh, uh…” Abigail glanced down, too nervous to make eye contact with the redhead staring her down inches from her face. With the girls holding her down on either side, and Savannah in front of her holding her entire life in her hands, she had to comply.

“Fine. We have a deal.”

“Excellent!” Savannah grinned. “First, hand over your phone.” Abigail reluctantly complied. “Now, stand up and strip for us.”

“Wait. What!?”

Celine sighed. “You’re not really getting this, are you? You’re like, our sex slave now. We did say anything.”

Abigail was stunned. This is what they want? I can’t do this, this is sick!

“Here, you seem to need some help.” Savannah leaned forward and grabbed Abigail’s shirt, flipping the front of it over her head.

“Hey what the hell!” Abigail screamed. She tried to struggle free, but Celine and Cassidy had too tight of a hold on her. She couldn’t see, but she could feel Savannah reaching behind her and undoing her bra. Abigail screamed louder and continued to try to shake the girls off of her. Through the fabric of her shirt, she felt a hand clamp down over her mouth.

“Listen here bitch,” Savannah said, “we have an agreement. You obey us now. If you cause us trouble, I’ll expose you right now and your future is gone.” She leaned in closer, and whispered in Abigail’s ear. “Be a good girl.”

Weighing her options, Abigail eventually came to the realization that she had more to fear from her plagiarism being leaked than she did of the three college students manhandling her on an apartment couch. So she shut up.

Savannah stepped back from the poor restrained girl, taking her bra with her. Abigail’s enormous tits fell out onto her chest, but before she could protest she was groped relentlessly by the two girls.

“Wow I am legitimately jealous,” Cassidy said. “These are fucking huge!”

“Right?” Celine said, giggling. “I could play with these all day.”

“Unfortunately, we have other matters to attend to,” Savannah said. “Get her up.”

Without warning, Celine and Cassidy shoved Abigail forward, forcing her to stand. Finally free, she pulled her shirt down from her face and tried to cover her breasts with her arms.

“Nuh uh girl. No covering up. Shirt off, then hands behind your head.” Abigail hesitated, but remembered Savannah’s threat. She reluctantly pulled off her shirt and placed her hands behind her head, putting her tits on display for her new owners. Her face burned a bright red, and she was holding back tears.

“Perfect. Now get those shorts off,” Celine said. Embarassed, Abigail began to unzip her shorts and slide them down.

“No no no! Don’t just take your clothes off, strip for us! Shake that ass like the good little slut you are!” Abigail turned around and, bending over, slipped her thumbs into her waistbands of both her shorts and pink panties. She wiggled her butt as she pulled them down, putting her shapely ass on display for the girls. She took off her shoes and socks, and now stood naked in the middle of the living room. Again, she tried to cover herself with her hands.

“No covering up! Weren’t you listening?” Celine said.

“Dumb bitch,” Cassidy said. “Now pay attention. There’s gonna be a few rules from now on. You break them, you get punished. First off, you are always on display for us. Wearing clothes is a privelege that you no longer have while in this apartment. Got it?”

Abigail stared at her feet. “Yes,” she whimpered, too ashamed to say more. Immediately, Savannah slapped her across the face.

“Second,” she said, “you will always refer to as ‘Goddesses. Got it?”

“Yes… Goddess,” she muttered, her face stinging.

“Good. Now, as you’ve already misbehaved, it’s time for your punishment.” Savannah sat down on the couch and bent Abigail across her lap. “I think thirty spankings should be a good warning. Count them out loud, and every five spankings I want to hear a ‘thank you Goddess.'”

“Yes Goddess.”

Celine canlı casino picked up the discarded panties from off the floor and shoved them into her new slave’s mouth.

“Hold onto these for me, slut,” she said.

Before Abigail could offer thanks in response, Savannah began her punishment from behind.

“Ow! One! Ow! Two!” Abigail yelped, muffled by her gag. Savannah’s slaps were brutal. As each one found its mark, Abigail’s ass became redder and more tender. Her eyes again began to well up with tears.

“Owwww! Ten, thank you Goddess!” After only a third of her spankings, her ass was on fire. Each new spanking built upon the soreness of the last. Her legs flailed vainly behind her as she shook from each new hit.

“Ahh! Twenty, thank you Goddess!” Savannah was distributing her strikes evenly across both cheeks. The pain in Abigail’s ass was building to unbearable levels as the onslaught continued. She found it more and more difficult to yell out the count in time before the next spank landed. Savannah was adjusting her aim, hitting Abigail closer and closer to the sensitive thigh area. She desperately wanted to struggle out of Savannah’s firm grip and escape, but she knew an even worse fate awaited her if she did.








“OW! Thirty, thank you thank you thank you Goddess!” Tears were now freely flowing down her face as she panted heavily around the now-soaked panties still in her mouth. Savannah pushed Abigail off her lap.

“Good job slut. Now, all that moaning is making me horny. Get up on your knees.”

Abigail obediently sat up on her knees, still trembling from the spankings. Savannah stood up and slipped out of her shorts.

“Ever eat a girl out?” Savannah asked. Abigail shook her head. “Thought not. Take those panties out of your mouth and take mine off.”

Abigail obeyed. She noticed that Savannah’s pussy was shaved, and shimmering with moisture.

“Now,” Savannah said, grabbing a fistful of Abigail’s hair and pulling her head in between her legs, “stick that tongue out and I’ll teach you.”

Reluctantly, Abigail brought her tongue in between the redhead’s lower lips. She scrunched her face as her tongue made contact with the inside her new owner’s cunt. The fluid that had built up inside was a mix of sweet and sour. The pink inside was soft and warm. It would have been pleasant, had she not been getting face-fucked by a girl with power over her whole life.

Abigail began licking, and Savannah directed her on how to service her pussy, pulling harshly at her hair when she made a mistake. Eventually she fell into a rythm, her tongue making long strokes across the entirety of the girl’s cunt as Savannah began to moan. She could smell the overpowering scent of the girl’s sex as her nose was repeatedly pressed against the opening. The other two girls, still sitting at the couch, had slid their hands down into their own panties, turned on by Abigail’s ordeal.

“Mmm, look at her go. How is she doing there Savannah?” Celine asked. Savannah only moaned louder in response. Celine grinned. “Natural born cunt-licker, isn’t she?”

“It’ll be nice having a slut like her around,” Cassidy said.

Deeply embarassed, Abigail tried to focus on the task at hand. If she could just get Savannah to finish, this would all be over. She didn’t have to wait long. Soon, Savannah’s moans had peaked in volume.

“Now start licking my clit you whore,” Savannah said, gasping. Abigail turned her attention upward, flicking her tongue across the girl’s bud. Savannah let out a loud groan as she climaxed, pressing Abigail’s head in even harder, and leaning forward into the kneeling brunette. As the pressure on her mouth and nose increased, Abigail found it harder to breath, and her back was bending backwards as Savannah leaned into her. Still, she licked and sucked at the girl’s clit, more afraid of what would happen if she stopped. Finally, the redhead’s orgasm subsided, and she released her grip on Abigail, who was left gasping for air.

“Not bad for your first time,” Savannah said, breathing deeply.

“When do we get a turn?”, Celine asked, licking her lips. Her hand had absent-mindedly wandered to her crotch during Abigail’s display of dominance over the poor flustered brunette.

“Not yet”, Savannah said sternly. “I think we should get her… situated in her new room for now. You girls can have your fun tomorrow.” Cassidy looked disappointed as she grabbed Abigail by the hair and hauled her upwards. She brought the terrified down the hall, but passed what Abigail thought was her room, tossing her roughly into a neighboring room. She look around in fear as Cassidy turned on the lights. There was a bed to one side, but she also saw a dog crate in one corner. An ornate wooden chest sat next to the bed. Cassidy pulled a key from her pocket and undid the large lock holding it shut. From inside, kaçak casino she removed a metal collar and attached it around Abigail’s neck. A small padlock in the back latched into place, securing it. A metal tag hung off the front, the word “Abby” printed on it.

“As you can see, we’ve done some preparing for you already,” Abigail said. “So let’s go over the rest of the rules. You must always wear that collar around your neck, but since it’s locked I don’t think you have much of a choice there. Next, you can only sleep in your bed if you’ve been a good girl. Today, however, you’ve been a bad girl. So you get to sleep in the cage.”

Abigail backed up as Cassidy said this, sliding across the floor away from the cage. This is fucked up! she thought. How did I get myself into this?

“Next,” Cassidy continued, “you will wait on us at all times. Bring us food, clean the house, all that shit. I’ll get into the details later. You’ll shower with one of us each night. You’ll go straight to class and come straight back afterwards every day, unless one of us tells you otherwise. One of use will pick out your wardrobe for you every morning. Get all that, slut?”

Abigail stared at the ground and nodded. “Y-yes Goddess.”

“Good. Now get in your cage and stay put until dinnertime like a good pet.” Abigail obediently crawled inside, and Cassidy shut the cage door behind her with another padlock. She turned out the light as she left the room.

Abigail was left caged in the dark, wearing only her new slave collar. In the course of a few hours, she had lost all her free will, and had been thrust into a life of servitude. She felt alone, ashamed, and embarassed.


Without a phone to tell the time, Abigail could only guess at how long had passed, but it felt like hours. She had spent the time silently crying at her situation, trying to find a position in the cramped space that didn’t leave her resting on her sore butt. Eventually, Savannah came back and freed Abigail from her cage. When she went to stand, Savannah forced her back onto the ground.

“Nope! Walking is a privelege, bitch. You’ve been a bad girl today, so you can crawl for now.” Her face a bright red, Abigail crawled out of the room on her hands and knees, following the redhead to the kitchen.

Celine was finishing setting the table and serving dinner to the rest of her roommates.

“Oh! So nice of the little slut to join us. I’ll have you cook normally, but you’re off the hook today,” Celine said with a wink. “But you get the extra special dinner!”

Confused, Abigail was led over to a corner of the kitchen with two dog food bowls, one empty and one filled with water. This is so degrading, she thought to herself. Celine brought out a bag of dog kibble from a shelf and poured some into the bowl.

“Now don’t worry, this mix is a special blend of nutrients that’s perfectly healthy for human consumption. It’s got all the vitamins for a growing girl like you!” Celine straddled Abigail from the back and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, securing the long black locks in place with a hair tie. “Bon appetit!”

Abigail stared concernedly at the brown food that lay before her. She delayed too much for her new master’s liking, and Celine shifted forward from her position on Abigail’s back and shoved the back of her head forward with one hand.

“I said EAT bitch!” Abigail’s face was pressed hard against the rough pellets of food. She felt the pressure on her head let up, followed by a hard smack on her ass. Fearing further punishment, Abigail reluctantly began eating.

The kibble, while tasteless and crunchy, wasn’t necessarily bad tasting. She wouldn’t have minded eating it if she wasn’t naked and eating from a dog bowl on the floor, while her roommates watched her from the dining table.
“How was your dinner, Abby?” Cassidy asked as soon as her pet finished.
“It was good, Goddess,” Abigail mumbled. Celine shook her head.

“Didn’t even thank us for feeding her, what a bitch!”
“Thank you Goddess!” Abigail quickly blurted out.
“Nice try,” Celine said. “You’ll still be punished later. Now drink some water.”

Abigail moved to face the water bowl. She considered lifting the bowl to drink from it, but after thinking about how her Goddesses wanted to objectify her, she decided against it. Her ass was still sore from her spanking, and she didn’t want to face unneeded punishements. Swallowing what little pride she had left, she began to lap water from the bowl with her tongue.

She waited for more orders after she was done drinking, but none came. Instead, she sat in silence as her roommates conversed over their dinner, completely ignoring her. Finally, Celine stood up and stretched as she finished her meal. She turned to Abigail and patted her leg.

“C’mon bitch, it’s shower time!”

Abigail followed her, crawling towards the bathroom.
“Don’t forget her punishment,” Savannah called out as she cleared away the dishes.

“Oh don’t worry,” Celine said with a grin. “I won’t.”


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