College Intern

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It was the last week of my college internship at a radio station in the city. I was majoring in both marketing and communications and my advisor thought some radio experience would be beneficial for me. I just completed my sophomore year and still had time to decide what I wanted to focus on. The station I was with was mostly talk radio with music on the weekend. The people are nice, but this isn’t a place where I would like to work. The experience was good for me, if for no other reason then to let me know this isn’t a media I would like to work in.

Just a little about me; I’m 21, single and not dating anyone special at this time. I’m 5’6″ with long legs, an okay butt and if I may say so myself great breasts. I’m bisexual and have an exhibitionist streak, but I haven’t demonstrated either of these interests here at my internship. I live in a townhouse in the suburbs which is a short drive to my college and just a train ride into the city. I like to think I’m independent, but my Dad owns the townhouse and doesn’t charge me rent. Something he points out to me on a regular bases.

As soon as I arrived at the station on Monday morning to start my last week I was summons to the general managers office.

Grace is a woman in her, I would guess early 50s. She is very attractive, with a nice figure. I know the guys that worked for her thought she was hot and always gave her the eye when she would walk by. She always dressed business professional in a nice suit, but her skirts could be considered too short, but she had the legs to make it work. Her dark red hair was always perfect and her make up was just right. She isn’t married, but I don’t know if she never was or she is divorced. She was all business so I never got much insight into her personal life, but like the guys I thought she was hot also.

“Hello Gloria, have a seat,” she said as I entered her office.

“Hi Grace,” I answered as I sat down in one of two chairs that were in front of her desk.

“This is your last week, and as you know I have to send a report to your advisor, I just wanted to tell you that I wrote it this weekend.

I really like the way you get things accomplished with little or no prompting and all your work as been excellent. This is one of the best evaluations I’ve ever sent for an intern.”

“Thank you so much Grace I’ve really enjoyed my experience here, “I said.

“I’m glad to hear that and I hope when you graduate that you will consider going into the radio business. I would love to have you work here”

“Oh I sure will,” I lied.

There was a pause so I took that as a signal that our talk was over, so I stood up to leave the room.

“One more thing Gloria,” she said.


“I’m going to miss having such an attractive woman in the office,” she said, and then she broke our eye contact and looked down at her desk for a second. I could tell she felt a little embarrassed from making that comment.

“Thank you for saying that Grace, I’m flattered that you think so,” I said with a smile and left her office.

I was back at my desk doing the daily paper work choirs that I did every morning. I would pause every now and then thinking about how cool it was that I was getting a very good report. Plus the personal comment made by Grace, which caught me completely by surprise.

The next day was pretty much routine and I was looking forward to finishing the week so I could enjoy the ten days vacation I promised myself before classes started.

On Wednesday afternoon as I was shutting down my work station Grace asked me to come into her office. I was hoping she would say I didn’t have to finish the remainder of the week.

“Gloria, sit please, I have a personal favor to ask you,” she said as soon as I entered her office.

“Sure what is it?” I asked.

“I’ve been debating whether to ask you or not, it’s completely out of character for me to ask this and I tossed and turned all night debating this.”

She really had me curious now; I hope she wasn’t going to offer me a job.

“Just ask Grace,” I said thinking how I could decline the job offer.

“You may or not know that I’m a lesbian,” she said.

“I didn’t know,” I said, and I also didn’t know why this is being mentioned.

“Well, I am, I was married once, got divorced and a few years later discovered I was gay,” she said as she looked at me for a reaction. I just nodded my head and said nothing.

She continued “Okay here goes, I socialize with a group of businesswomen and we get together a couple times a year to have dinner and party. They’re all lesbian or bisexual, the bi’s are mostly married and I would guess never told their husbands. Many of the ladies bring dates or their significant other. I don’t have a steady partner; most of my trysts are with women I meet on business trips or the ladies in this group. At our last get together some of my friends were saying I should have steady partner and they wanted to fix me up with people. No way in the world would I agree to let that happen. casino oyna Anyway, last month a few of us went to dinner and they asked if I had a steady yet. I was quite frankly tired of explaining myself so I said that I did. Here’s the embarrassing part for me. One: I don’t have a steady and two: I lied and described you as my lover and used your name,” she said and sat back like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

“Well that’s okay,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“This is very difficult for me Gloria.”

“What being a lesbian or not having a steady?” I asked. I saw her wince when I asked.

“No Gloria, I’m fine with that, the difficult part is telling all this to you. I’m usually a very private person.”

“Grace whatever you tell me will be our secret, I won’t tell a soul,” I said still wondering why she is telling me all this.

“Okay, let me just say it. Friday night we’re having one of our gatherings and I was wondering if you would accompany me and pretend that you’re my girlfriend. There’s a cocktail hour, dinner and then dancing. It’s at a hotel here on the eastside, you don’t have to do anything with me sexual, just be there as my date. If you don’t want to do it I completely understand, it’s a lot of me to ask of someone.”

I answered “Sure I’ll go, sounds like fun.” I know this would have been the time to tell her I was bisexual, but I kind of like the fact that an older successful women was so dependent upon my decision. I figured I’d milk it and see what happens. I think Grace was surprised by my quick positive response.

“Gloria you realize what I’m asking you? You’ll have to pretend that we’re lovers.”

“I know, I can do it, don’t worry,” I said. I’m not sure she was completely convinced that I understood my part, but it was a plan now.

She then gave me the details on what to wear and how we’ll get there without everyone here seeing us leave together. I could see she gave this a lot of thought.

As it turned out she told me I didn’t have to come in on Friday so I said my goodbyes to my coworkers the day before.

Grace sent a car to pick me up at my townhouse early Friday evening. From my place the car went into the city and picked up Grace who was standing in front of the apartment where she lived.

As Grace got into the car she gave me a big smile which I returned to her.

“You look absolutely gorgeous Gloria,” She said with a smile on her face.

“You look stunning yourself, “I told her, and it wasn’t just a return of a compliment, she looked hot!

I was wearing a stylish “little black dress” with nude colored shoes and handbag and a sequin bolero jacket and big gold hoop earrings. The way Grace was looking at me I guess I made the right clothing choice.

“Gloria just don’t be nervous, just play it by ear and you’ll be fine,” she said.

“I’m fine Grace, don’t you be nervous,” I said with a smile.

We arrived at the hotel the doorman and our driver helped us out of the car. It was a hotel I never knew about, it was very upscale from the entrance, lobby and the private dinning room that we were escorted to.

The room had a bar along one wall, a DJ booth in one corner with a dance floor in front. The remainder of the room, which was quite large, was set up with tables and chairs with a name card at each setting.

There were a lot of people already there and I asked how many people are attending and she told me just over hundred. I didn’t think there would be that many. As we entered I took Graces arm which I thought would be a nice touch, judging from her smile she agreed. Grace noticed a few ladies at the bar waving at us and we walked over to them.

Graces closest friend was named Bonnie and her date was Lori, another lady there was Carol and her date was Amy and the third friend was Denise and her date was Marie. There were others we met while having a drink, but too many to mention right now.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that from the people I was introduced to that all the women that were Graces friends and members of the group were in their forties and fifties and all the “dates” were in their twenties. I looked around the room that was now full, that it seemed that most of the couples had an age difference.

Amy said she had to go to the potty and I told her I had to go to. While we were walking Amy asked me if I have ever been to one of these functions before. I told I hadn’t this was my first time and she said it was her first time also. She also said it was also the first time for the two other girls I met. I was beginning to think there was more to my date with Grace then her just showing up with a steady girlfriend. Even though I knew something was going on I was kind of excited to see what develops.

We returned to the bar and joined the others. The DJ was playing a slow song, and I asked Grace to dance with me. Out on the dance floor she held me like a man would hold a women when they danced together. I wasn’t sure who was to suppose to lead, canlı casino but she said she would.

“You know Grace I can’t but notice that all your friends have younger dates.”

I could feel her tense ever so slightly.

“I knew you would catch on sooner or later,” she said.

“Is there something you should tell me?” I asked.

“Well I wasn’t completely honest with you, so yes I owe you an explanation,” she said.

“I’m having a good time and I like your friends and their dates, so just tell me.” I said.

“Okay, here goes, all the women in the club decided that we needed some young blood in the club, so we decide that for this dinner we would all bring a younger gay or bisexual date. The reality is I didn’t know anyone that I could ask. So the part about my friends saying they were going to set me up was true. I really did describe you when I told them that wouldn’t be necessary, I found a date. I guess I should have just told you everyone was going to bring a younger date.”

“Grace, this could be fun you don’t have to be all secret about it, I’ll play along,” I said.

This might be a good time to interject the beginning of my bisexual experience to my readers that I mentioned earlier.

When I was in high school I was sleeping over my best friends’ house and we were sharing her bed. I woke in the middle of the night and realized that my pajama top was unbuttoned. I’m not sure if I was just too tired to button up or what, but I left it open. A second or two later I felt a hand touch my breast, my eyes shot open, and I saw my friend looking at my breast while she was touching me. She wasn’t looking at my face so she wasn’t aware I was awake plus it was still dark. I was so surprised that I froze not knowing what to do, so basically I did nothing. The more she touched me the bolder she got and began to kiss and sucked my nipple. I could feel my body starting to react to her touching and believe me it was in a good way. At one point she raised herself and looked at my face, I smiled and leaned up and kissed her on the lips. We spent the rest of the night kissing and touching. I was hooked!

We remained friends and lovers though she was the first to have a boyfriend.

I didn’t know anything about bisexuals so I figured I was a lesbian and really didn’t have much of a problem with that, but was confused that I liked boys too, even though I didn’t have a boyfriend. Well, with my new found sexuality when I think about I was a pain in the ass. I would proposition women that I didn’t have a clue what their sexual preferences were. A lady I did some baby sitting for, my English teacher and even a friend of my moms, they were all at the receiving end of my advances. None of those three responded, but didn’t make a big deal out of it either

I had sex with some other friends and a few girls I met around, but I eventually started dating boys too. So you can see even though I was in a rather strange situation now at this dinner, the lesbian part of it is exciting.

After several dances both slow and fast we sat down to dinner. I met many more of the club members during dinner and they were all successful business women and it appeared their dates were employees. I wonder how much pressure was put on some of the girls to show up to this dinner as dates.

We were having a lot of fun talking during dinner and Grace would give me a kiss on the cheek sometimes and kept her hand on my leg most of the time. I found her to be a very sexy woman.

When dinner was over the tables were cleared, but you could still sit there and enjoy drinks and snacks. The DJ was playing great music and at times almost everyone there was on the dance floor, a lot of adrenaline was being pumped.

I was dancing a slow dance with Graces friend Bonnie when her hands moved down my back and she was holding my butt. Bonnie had a firm grip too! I wasn’t sure if this would cause stares, but as I looked around the dance floor I saw a lot, if not most, of the couples doing more touching and kissing than you would normally see at a dinner dance. I guess the drinks and desires were kicking in. Grace was dancing with one of the other girls, Marie, and I saw that her hands, though not holding Maries butt, were moving over her body as they moved to the music.

For the next dance Grace made a point to get back with me.

“Gloria, there’s something else I should mention now,” she said.

“You’re full of surprises,” I said with a laugh.

“Me, Bonnie, Carol and Denise have a suite here for the night and after a few more dances all of us are going up there for more fun.”

“What kind of fun?” I asked.

“A little adult fun,” she answered.

“How is this going to work if I’m not gay like the rest of you?” I asked wondering how she was going to play this one.

“Well for one, the other dates Amy, Lorie and Marie aren’t lesbians or bisexual either, they were told the same thing you were about just having to come here tonight and pretend.”

“I don’t get it,” I said and kaçak casino I really didn’t.

“Well my little group decided to add something special for tonight, we decided to bring someone that is straight and make them come tonight and we will make them experiment with the gay life style.”

“What if someone says no and won’t do it?” I asked.

“Lori works for Bonnie and if she refuses she’ll be out of a job.Amy works for Carol and the same thing can happen to her. Marie is so ambitious she would do anything to get ahead”

“I don’t work for you,” I said.

“No you don’t, but I still have you internship review sitting on my desk,” she said.

“This is cruel Grace,” I said.

The thing is I wouldn’t want to miss what’s going to happen next for anything. It appears that if I told her the truth in the beginning about me being Bi she wouldn’t have invited me. Now all I have to do is play along, so I was okay with it. She was playing a dangerous game though, if I really felt like I was taken advantage of, if I told my daddy or big brother she could get her legs broken.

I did look around to find Amy and Lorie and they were both on the dance floor with Carol and Bonnie and they looked shell shocked. Marie was with Denise and I couldn’t tell how she might be feeling.

As the evening was drawing to a close everyone was saying their good-bys. Bonnie gathered our group together and told us what suite to go to.

When we got to the suite I headed right to the bar that was set in the corner of the large living area. I like playing bartender when I go someplace when they have a bar set up.

Once we all had a drink Denise stood back and said ” Girls as you all know we tricked you to coming here tonight and even though you might be upset, we will, if you play along have a fun evening. First; what we want you girls to do is remove your dresses and get more comfortable. We are going to take ours off also.”

The four of us girls all looked at each other to see who would start to undress first or run for the door.

As I turned my back to Marie I said,” could you pull down my zipper?”

We all started to take our dresses off and sneak glances at each other and the ladies.

The ladies because they knew what was planned were all wearing thigh high stockings and us girls were wearing pantyhose.

“Girls remove you pantyhose too,” said Grace

“I don’t have panties on under my pantyhose,” I said.

“Then I guess we get to see more of you,” said Denise with a smile.

The other girls were now in their bra and panties and I was just wearing a bra.

We stood in a line facing the ladies not knowing what to do. Then each lady walked up to the girl they brought and looked us over like we were at a slave auction. Grace gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “You are so fucking sexy.”

I then felt her hand touch my pussy.

“Do you like me touching you Gloria?”

“It’s different,” I answered, without letting her know I loved it.

“Let’s get you out of your bra,” she said as she unhooked the clasp on the front of my bra.

She took a step back so she could see me from head to toe. I looked at the other girls and they were pretty much going through the same thing. Amy looked like she was about to cry when she looked over at me and I gave her a reassuring smile, she gave me a weak smile back. The other two girls didn’t seem to be bother by this treatment and Marie seemed to be enjoying it.

Grace stepped closer and held my breast and licked my nipple. I could feel a tingle go through my whole body.

“Sit on the sofa Gloria,” she told me,” Okay now spread your legs.”

She then kneeled in front of me and started to kiss my inner thigh and slowly worked her way up to the hair on my pussy.

“You have a nice soft bush Gloria,” she said as she looked up at me.

She then spread my lips open with her fingers and began to lick and suck on my bud.

I looked around the room and saw that Denise was doing Marie on the floor and Bonnie had Lori in the same position I was on another sofa. Carol was walking Amy over to the sofa I was on. Amy had tears running down her cheeks. She sat next to me and spread her legs as she was directed by Carol. Carol kneeled next to Grace and began licking Amy’s pussy.

“Are you okay Amy?” I whispered.

She shook her heard and whispered “yes I’m okay, thanks.”

I was getting so excited I was lifting my hips off the sofa to meet Graces mouth. I finally had an orgasm that shook my entire body; my shout startled everyone including me.

At some point before or during my climax Amy took my hand and was holding it while she looked down between her legs to see her boss sucking on her pussy. At the same time I could hear the sounds of lovemaking, well okay raw sex, coming from the others. Marie came already and Lori was going to any minute.

I looked over at Amy and said, “Just go with it don’t hold back.”

She gave me a smile and began to rock her hips to meet Carols tongue.

Amy came and squirted at the same time and a stream of wet shot all over Carols face and chest. I never saw anything like that, but Carol must have because she laughed and wiped it on more of her face.

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