Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 09

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This is the ninth in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


After a little rest Pam sat up astride my body. I reached up and toyed with her beautiful breasts. “Not just yet.” she pleaded jokingly. I smiled up at her as I released her tits.

“Let’s take a hot tub.” I suggested. “It’ll make you feel better.” Pam smiled at me as she got up off of my body. As I stood up, I glanced over to the garage and John smiled at me with a nod. We had good stuff on film. John went back to enjoying Beth, knowing that the tub was out of camera range and that I would be there for awhile with my beautiful, young lover.

I reached down and scooped Pam up in my arms and carried her across the deck and we descended into the warm water of the hot tub. Pam slid off my lap and sat on the bench as I reached over to turn on the jets. She lay her head back on the deck as the warm water swirled around her beautiful, young body. I leaned over a kissed her full on the mouth, pressing my tongue between her lips. Pam was tired but tried to respond.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked and she nodded. I climbed out of the tub and drying myself off, went into the house. Pam just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the water as it caressed her sexually spent body. I brought out a tray with cold juice. She sipped at the drink and then laying her head back, drifted off to sleep. I went back into the house and slipped into the studio to see how the film was going. I could see that John’s cock was deep in Beth’s mouth and decided to leave him to enjoy her. I decided that I would keep things slow with Pam until I got a signal that John was ready to start filming again.

When I returned to the back yard, I brought out some lunch and we ate next to the tub. Excusing herself, Pam went into the cabana and cleaned herself out. She couldn’t believe how much cum her body was able to produce. After some rest we swam and I played with Pam’s body as we teased each other. It was time to continue.

“I need your help.” I said and Pam looked up at me. “Give me a hand with this, will you?” I asked as I rolled the padded bar out from under the weight bench. Pam took one end of the bar and saw how it fit into twin notches on each of the poles. It stretched about a foot further than the pole on either side. Once in place, we closed the catches over the bar. It wasn’t going anywhere.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“You’ll soon see.” I quipped as I patted her firm ass. Pam looked at the bar. It was suspended about a foot and a half above the bench and a few feet below the overhead bar. Pam’s mind was racing as she tried to figure out what position I would fuck her in next.

“I brought you a present.” I said as I handed her a wrapped box. Pam was surprised and pleased as she took the box from me. “Open it.” I said and she did. Holding up the penis shaped vibrator, she looked at me with a sardonic smile. “Batteries included.” I quipped.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?” she asked.

“Two guesses.” I teased.

“Oh no.” she said putting the vibrator down.

“Okay, maybe later.” I said putting the plastic prick aside. I led Pam back to the bench and had her sit on the very end of it. Pressing back on her shoulder she leaned back against the large foam block. Her thighs were slightly parted as she lay back over the cushion. Her huge chest was raised as her back arched beautifully. She looked delectable. I straddled her body and lay my cock between her huge tits. Reaching down, I grasped my ramrod and guided the tip over her very erect nipples. Pam gasped as she felt the velvety smooth skin of my glans rub over her sensitive nubs. I switched back and forth rubbing my cock across her hard nipples as her eyes were riveted to the tip of my shaft. Letting go of my cock I reached down to her nipples and pinching them gently pulled up and then I pressed her pendulous breasts around my hard shaft and began to stroke back and forth in her deep cleavage. Pam liked the feel of my cock between her tits and her eyes were riveted to the tip each time it emerged from between her firm breasts. She could see drops of cum glistening on the tip as she tried to reach it with her tongue. Her face contorted with pain as I pulled on her nipples so I let go of them and cupping the sides of her magnificent breasts, I pressed them around my shaft as it slid between her huge tits.

Turning my body around, I straddled her body once again and placing my own feet on the footrests, I raised my body over Pam’s face and lowered my balls to her lips. Pam opened her mouth and swallowed my balls as I began to tease her taut nipples. I felt her hands reach up and caress my cock as her mouth sucked hard on my loaded balls.

Taking hold of the overhead bar, I lifted my balls out of Pam’s sweet mouth and shifted bursa escort my body slightly forward. “I want to feel your tongue in my ass.” I said as Pam looked up at my tight asshole. She had never thought about licking anyone’s ass before but as mine descended onto her mouth, she slid her tongue along the length of my ass crack. I let out a deep moan and Pam knew she was pleasing me. She continued to stroke my cock as I felt her talented tongue probe into my tight asshole. Something I would be doing to hers very shortly.

As I continued to grind my ass against Pam’s mouth, her sucking and licking became more intense. I stroked her chest and pinched her taut nipples as she pleasured me. Lifting my ass off of Pam’s sweet tongue, I stepped off the bench and pulled it slightly forward. Pam’s waist was now under the padded bar as her legs dangled off the end of the bench. I stroked my fingers over her chest and then down across her firm stomach and between her legs. Pam eased her thighs a little further apart for me.

“Lift your legs up.” I instructed and Pam tried to comply. She could not get the leverage with her ass practically off the edge of the bench, so reaching over her head, she grasped the sides of the bench and then lifted her slender legs to a vertical position. Placing my hand on her leg, I teased the backs of her thighs as she squirmed under me.

“Now spread them wide – as wide as you can.” I said. Slowly Pam eased her thighs apart and stretched her legs as far apart as she could. She held tightly to the bench to keep from tipping over. I sat down on the deck between her open thighs and teased her pubes with my tongue. Pam’s whole body shook as she strained to keep her legs open and raised as I licked at her drenched love hole. I continued to suck on her clit as her body trembled beneath me. Finally, reaching out to her knees, I guided her ankles under the ends of the pole. With her ankles hooked under the ends of the pole, her long legs were held open, taking some of the strain off of her stretched muscles.

As I sucked on her gushing pussy, my hands reached out for the vibrator. Pam’s head rolled from side to side as my lips and tongue caressed her clit. I rubbed the side of the vibrator along her swollen pussy lips and Pam wasn’t sure what it was. Slowly I pressed the plastic prick into her pussy and slid it in and out. I turned on the low speed and Pam felt the vibrations fill her juicing loins. A loud moan escaped her lips as I continued to tease her clit with the vibrating cock. Her body shook.

Looking up, I could see that Pam’s hands were caressing her huge breasts as her back was arched over the foam block. I reached for her hand and pulling it down between her legs wrapped her fingers around the end of the plastic prick buried in her hot love hole. Pam grasped the vibrator and slowly began to pump it in and out of her juicing pussy. She liked the feeling but it wasn’t the same as a real cock or at least my real cock and besides, it was not as thick. Pam pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and looking up at me whispered, “Fuck me!”

Standing between her open thighs, I aimed my cock between her swollen labia and slid in to the hilt. Pam gasped as my cock filled her pussy and she dropped her hand to the deck and let the vibrator slip from her fingers. As I stroked into her luscious body, Pam’s huge tits rolled beautifully on her chest. Her pussy was tight and wet as hell. I felt her love muscles work their magic on my cock as I pumped into her sweet pussy again and again.

Pam reached up to take hold of the padded bar and her tits began to bounce even more as her body convulsed in orgasm. I began to tease her heaving tits as I plunged my cock in and out of her tight hole. Reaching for her legs, I eased her ankles from behind the bar. I guided her legs around my body and then reaching under Pam’s back, slid her off the edge of the bench. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck as I stood up and her entire weight slid down the length of my impaling cock. Pam loved the feeling of my cock firmly planted in her love hole. She hugged me tightly and then kissed me passionately. My hands ran up the sides of her body and then down to her ass as it was spread wide. I imagined for a moment how this was going to look on the video.

I lifted Pam’s body until her sweet ass rested on the padded bar. My cock still filled her tight pussy as she continued to hug me tightly with her powerful thighs. I pressed back slightly on Pam’s shoulders and she leaned back until her ass slid just over the edge of the bar and her shoulders came to rest on the padded bench. Her back had an amazing arch in it as her huge tits rolled toward her chin.

My hands stroked the front of her body as I eased her legs from around my hips. Pam reached up to the bar to keep her balance as I raised her legs and spread them bursa escort bayan wide apart. I started to plunge my cock into her grasping love hole as Pam’s body gushed cum. I let go of her legs and began to tease her clit with my fingers as I rammed my cock in and out of her tight pussy. Pam’s legs flailed all about as her body continued to convulse with orgasms.

Taking hold of her legs, I began to turn Pam over. She realized what I was doing and tried to adjust her upper body as her legs turned over. Quickly she found herself draped over the padded bar with my cock still pumping in and out of her tight pussy. She lifted her chest off the foam block and held her body up as her huge tits bounced back and forth with each thrust of my cock into her tight pussy. Pam had never felt so ravaged as she did now. Her body was responding with everything it had. She grunted like a rutting pig as she collapsed onto the foam block in exhaustion.

I continued to plunge into her tight pussy as Pam continued to moan with pleasure. Reaching down between her thighs, I stroked my fingers between her pussy lips, coating them with her sweet flow. Then bringing my fingers up to her ass, I teased the crack of her ass. Pam didn’t want to be fucked in the ass but by now she was so lost in lust that she was powerless to resist. My fingers prodded her tight sphincter and Pam’s body went rigid. I felt her inner muscles clamp down hard around my cock as she raised her body off the foam block and her head flew back. I continued to prod her tight hole as my cock pressed back into her trembling body.

Slowing my pace in her pussy and easing my pressure on her virgin asshole, I eventually came to a stop in her body. Reaching forward, I wrapped my hands around Pam’s hanging titflesh and teased her rock hard nipples. I then eased my cock from between her oozing pussy lips and bending down, placed a warm and very wet kiss on her smooth asscheek. A shudder went through her body.

Kneeling behind the young beauty, I began to lick and kiss her smooth asscheeks. My fingers slid up the inside of her thigh and began to toy with her ever-erect clit. Pam’s feet barely reached the floor as her legs flailed about and cum oozed out of her wet pussy.

Finally my tongue found her pink sphincter and I began to lick her asshole. Pam now knew how much I had enjoyed it when she had licked my asshole. I didn’t want to hurt her so I took my time and prodded her tight hole with my tongue as my fingers continued to work her clit. As I thrust my tongue into her ass, her head flew back with a gasp. Pam lifted her body off the cushion again and I felt her press her ass back towards my invading tongue. I pressed on and teased her tight hole as I withdrew my fingers from her dripping cunt and spread her wetness across her virgin asshole.

It wasn’t easy but I managed to slip a finger into her tight asshole as I continued to lick and kiss her. Her body went rigid as she convulsed in a deep orgasm. Slowly I pumped my finger in and out of her ass as my tongue continued to tease her ass. Pam’s own hand came down between her legs as she stroked her own pussy. As her ass loosened a bit, I slid my finger out and replaced it with a slightly thicker one. Again Pam gasped as she felt her tight hole stretched. I began to pump that finger in and out of tight loins.

Pulling my finger out, I slid my thumb into her ass. Pam’s body shook at the invasion as once again she lifted herself off the cushion. As my thumb filled her ass, my fingers slid back into her pussy and for the first time ever, Pam felt both of her holes filled at once. The sensation that burned between her thighs sent orgasms rippling through her young body. I reached down to pick up the vibrator.

Turning the motor on, I pressed the plastic prick along the crack of Pam’s virgin ass. Her body didn’t like the feel of the plastic but the vibrations felt good. I gently pressed the vibrating cock into her seething pussy as my thumb continued to ravage her virgin asshole. I shoved the vibrator in and out of her oozing pussy until it was coated with her wet flow. Easing my thumb out of her ass, I pressed the vibrator into her tight sphincter. Pam’s muscles involuntarily clamped shut around the vibrating cock. It was thicker than my thumb but not as thick as my cock. Gently I loosened Pam’s ass with the plastic cock until it moved easily in her tight asshole.

I slid my cock back into Pam’s seething cunt and felt her muscles welcome my return. She grunted loudly as I filled her body and for the first time in her young life she felt both of her holes filled with hard cocks. I slid in and out of her pussy several times as my cock was coated with her sweet, wet flow. Easing out of her loins, I withdrew the vibrator from her ass and pressing Pam’s smooth asscheeks apart, pressed my ramrod against the young girl’s virgin asshole. escort bursa I eased forward slowly as Pam lifted her body off of the cushion.

Pam grunted as my cockhead slid past her tight sphincter. I waited. Slowly I eased my cock all the way into her virgin ass. Pam felt her muscles stretch further than she imagined they possibly could. I was all the way in. I could feel her warm cheeks against my hips. I leaned forward and kissed Pam on the back. My hands wrapped around her body and caressed her huge tits as they hung heavily below her chest. I felt her hand close around mine as she pressed my fingers around her huge tit.

I ground my hips forward and Pam clenched her muscles. I thought she was going to chop my cock off in her ass with them. She was so unbelievably tight. Placing my hands on her hips, I began slowly to stroke into Pam’s virgin ass. In a matter of moments her body was pressing back against mine with every stroke as her ass clenched around my invading cock. I increased the rhythm of my strokes and Pam’s body became electrified. She raised herself up and began to thrust hard against my impaling cock now that her asshole had stretched a bit further and it was no longer uncomfortable. I felt her feet kick against my ass as she spurred me on to ravage her virgin ass. I pumped hard into her bowels as she grunted and groaned with sexual lust. I felt her hand between my legs as her fingers wrapped around my balls. It was hard for her to maintain her balance and she soon let go.

Once I felt she was loose enough to pull out and be able to get back in, I slid my cock out of Pam’s ass. Looking down, I could see how open and stretched her tight sphincter was. Climbing over the bar, I straddled Pam’s body and then slipped my cock back into her open asshole. The angle of my penetrations was different and Pam felt my cock thrust deeper into her ravaged asshole. I reached down under her body and cupping her huge tits, lifted her upper body off of the bench. Pam felt the tremendous arch in her back as my fingers gouged her heaving tits.

When her upper body was almost vertical, I slid my hands up and pulled her arms to the overhead bar. Pam reached for it and held tightly. Her body was almost vehicle and as I held onto the overhead bar, I slid my body back and down. Hooking my feet under the strap on the weight bench for leverage, I hauled my body up into Pam’s virgin ass. She couldn’t believe the depth of my penetrations as she held onto the bar for dear life. Again and again I rose up, impaling Pam’s sweet, virgin ass on my cock. Her tightness was unbelievable and I knew it would only be moments before I would erupt in her virgin bowels.

Pam’s hips were trapped between the bar and my impaling cock. Her arms were raised above her head and her huge tits bounced violently with each thrust of my hips. As my cock entered her ass, her pussy and in particular her clit, were pressed and rubbed against the padded bar. The sensations rippling through her loins were almost more than Pam could handle. Her juices were flowing like never before and just then she felt the familiar tension that filled my body just before I shoot my load. Thrusting back hard, Pam squeezed as tightly as she could and I thrust forward, mashing her sensitive clit against the padded bar already wet with her sweet flow. We both erupted in powerful orgasms as my load shot deep into her tight asshole. What a body – what an ass!

Pam was exhausted. She let go of the bar and eased her body back down onto the cushion. I stayed imbedded in her sweet ass for a few more pleasurable moments. Then I raised myself and sliding my cock out of her ravaged asshole, climbed down from Pam’s lovely and spent body. I stepped aside so the camera could get a good shot of her gaping asshole, cum beginning to ooze out of her open sphincter.

Coming around the bench, I lifted Pam’s face and kissed her passionately as my tongue probed her mouth. I felt her suck my tongue between her lips and then thrust her own tongue deep into my mouth. I helped her stand up and then sliding the bar out of the chocks, eased Pam’s body back onto the bench. Again her back arched gently over the cushion as I leaned forward and gently sucked her nipple into my mouth. Pam’s hands caressed the back of my head as I sucked on her tits. As she relaxed, I eased my body down and licking my way across her abdomen buried my face between her trembling thighs. I felt Pam’s fingers stroke through my hair and then lifting my head she looked at me with a smile and said, “Enough!”

I laughed and kissed her clit. Pam grabbed my head and lifted it away from her pussy and then looking at me with a lustful grin, jumped up from the bench and dove into the pool. I smiled up at the camera and then dove in after her. John sat Beth up on the console table and pressing her legs apart, eased his tongue between her engorged pussy lips and licked her twat. She was filled with cum from hours of masturbating and he was ready to try and suck it all out of her sweet pussy.

To be continued……

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