Club Nocturne Ch.01

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It’s 9:00 PM. The nightlife is just about brimming. The line of patrons around the club NOCTURNE is branching around the block.

The bouncer is a tall muscular man, a Lou Farigno Look alike.

Me. My name is Fiona. I’m 4’11 with red hair and emerald green eyes. This evening I have a midnight blue dress with no bra, and a dental-floss thin pair of panties.

I don’t smoke, but I could care less if you do. It’s not up to me what you do.

There’s a heavy throng of music as I work my way on in, getting my hand swiped a garish green, paying my five-spot.

I can see there are plenty of people there, but there is a little punker girl that catches my eye.

I slide myself over to her. “Hey they’re gorgeous, Want to tango?”

She doesn’t say anything, but slides her hand into mine.

I wonder where we can go to next. I knew of several private rooms that available in the club if you know where to look. I’ve been here several times before, and I have a pretty good idea where the rooms are located. “What’s your name, baby?”

She stays silent for a moment, and I wonder if it is just something that she’s trying to do so that I’ll find her more attractive. She need not worry.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you canlı bahis Spark. My names Fiona.”

Spark nodded and we continued on our way.

I had several ideas of what I wanted to do with her but I wasn’t sure how far that she would be willing to go.

I knew that she was into girls; otherwise she wouldn’t have picked me up. But other than that I knew precious little about her. I wondered just what her limits were and if she would let me test them out. But if she was into straight sex, that was fine with me as well.

The stairwell was surprisingly well lit, for the fact that it was actually hidden in the middle of a club scene with easily 5,000 people enmeshed in it.

“What are you into my dear?” I slip my hand around her waist, and feel her tighten from the touch, but she doesn’t shrug away, instead she falls closer to me.

“I dunno?” She says, her voice is slow and methodical as if she hadn’t really given it much thought.

“Would you care to see what you would like?” I check my watch, its now 9:45, we have taken few precious moments from when we entered to the actual courtship. “I promise I’ll be gentle.” I can tell that this is her first time with another woman, or possibly with anyone. I want her to try and enjoy bahis siteleri herself. We can get onto rougher stuff later.

As we get to the top of the stairwell it is easy to tell that there are multiple rooms lining the hallways. These are for several things, like if a patron is too drunk to drive home, and wishes not to spend their time in a vomit-covered backseat of a cab, or if, like now, someone wishes to have a special rendezvous with a new found friend.

My fiend, Asher Clayborne came here a few months back, looking to find something more delicate… Something in the fetish area I believe. He fancies himself a modern day vampire and blood sport is one of his fetishes … He didn’t go away empty handed.

But for me, I just want something simpler, less painful. Straight out sex is all that I want. I take out a key card from the back of a pocket, and slide it into one of the magnetic readers on the door.

Spark looks at me with a raised brow, asking me where I had gotten that in the unwritten language of curiosity.

The rooms are lovely, and clean. This one happens to have a large kingside bed with blue satin sheets on it. There is little else in here, as most patrons know what these rooms are for. Go, get it on with whomever, and bahis şirketleri then get out

Spark sits down on the bed, and looks at me with the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. They are a very, very pure blue, almost as if she had bathed her eyes in a sapphire blue sea. I kiss her on the lips, and she reaches around to my neck, drawing me in closer to her. I feel her tongue as we touch, and I draw her into me. Her lips are warm and wet. I slide my hands down into her jeans. It appears that her lips aren’t the only things that are warm and wet.

“Spark, do you want this, really?” I break apart from her just to see that she is right about this to see that she hasn’t changed her mind from our original plan.

“Please continue… please…” she pressed further into me and I ran my hands around to the back of her pants, clutching gently onto the warm flesh of her buttocks. I can feel her shiver as I run my nails around the sensitive flesh. “Please…”

I take this as a cue, and gently pull her jeans down her butt, she stands up for me to do this. Her legs are lovely, long and white. So pure, like the new fallen snow, she steps out of her pants and leaves them on the floor.

Below us the music is pounding harder and harder, a raving techno beat. She is in a pair of panties and a shirt, both of which she slowly divests for me so that she is naked underneath my gaze…

“Come to me lover. Come to me Fiona.”

I saunter over and run a fingernail up her thigh…

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