Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

All characters engaging in any sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years of age.

Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without express consent from the author (me!).

Synopsis: A man awakens to no memory of the night before, and conflicting recollections to his true identity. This is the fourth chapter in the story arc. I hope you enjoy this submission! As always, comments are appreciated and encouraged.


Standing Under an Umbrella, and Chasing a Waterfall

Chapter 4, Part 1: “Unfathomable”

It had been a little over two weeks since Michelle had the discussion with Eve about getting a chance to ride a Sybian. The conversation had come about as part of a rather intimate and awkward admission that she had been spying on Eve and Cass making love. At times the words exchanged got a little edgy, and not in a hostile way, but rather tense. She realized now something that she had been trying to avoid during her talk with Eve. The two had been coming on to each other a bit.

For their part, neither of the women had had a move. No true intimate contact had been exchanged. Not a kiss or intimate touch. Michelle could at least feel good about that. It led to a lot less guilt when she could at least say to herself, “I didn’t cheat on Cass with Eve and come between them.”

It led to a lot less guilt. Still, she couldn’t help but notice her growing attraction to them both. This worried her. She had the remainder of her current semester and than the next before she would be done with school. Would she be able to hold her feelings in that long? She really didn’t know.

To Eve’s credit, little about their intimate dialogue had been brought up since the morning some 15 days ago. Actually, with the exception of the little bit of teasing on her part with the help of her girlfriend, Cass, no reference had been made about the events. The two girls were really being guys about the whole ordeal, and to be honest, it felt good, at least for the time being. At the moment, she really did not know how to even approach Cass about what had gone on, even if nothing had happened.

Since that day, the girls had pretty much gone in one direction and her, in another. She was concentrating on school. It was early December, and finals were fast approaching. At the moment, she was a bit behind in her studies. She had final exams in a little over two weeks in CS 414 Operating System Design, CS 380 Software Design V, American History 216 and Criminology 341.

At least she didn’t have to worry any more about her Romantic Literature class, she had the final draft prepared and waiting for a final read through before it hit the printer. Still, why she had waited until her senior year of school to complete three humanities courses? It was a mystery even to her. Well, one of them was not really a humanities course, but it did qualify as a general elective. An uncle from her mother’s side had been a detective, and she had always had a bit of interest in his line of work.

By the end of this semester, however, she had been thankful that her father had talked her into majoring in computer science. Her mother for her part had wanted her to major in psychology, like her older sister, but that was not doing to happen. She had always been daddy’s little girl or so she believed, though in truth she wasn’t sure. Her memory had been a bit spotty as of recently. Events going back more than two years seemed to be a bit clouded in mystery.

It wasn’t as if she did remember them, she did. Actually, her memory was a bit too good at times. Some of her memories had the distinct feeling of being false for some reason, though she had no idea why. Her sister, Shauna, had quietly explained that it was likely due to an accident that had occurred after her sophomore year. She had been in a plane crash, and survived it, though she had a pretty severe concussion as a result. As a result of her concussion, she had lost a lot of details of her everyday life, though oddly enough, retained all the factual information. The concreteness of what made her Michelle.

The family believed at first that her amnesia was temporary. However, two years later they were not so sure anymore. The statically probabilities of gaining old memories at this point looked rather remote. The benefit of this, however, had been that she remembered almost nothing of the crash. An accident that carried with it a great many lives, about half of all passengers on Continental Airlines flight 929 had died. Michelle did not suffer any survivor’s guilt, at least not at first. However, recently she had begun to experience some limited flashbacks to the scene, though not enough to warrant any medications, like an anti-depressant at the moment.

For the most part she had lost herself in her studies ever casino oyna since moving in with Eve and Cass. In truth though, it might have been more to avoid her growing attraction to them than trying to forget about a recent trickle in memories of that day.

Still, for their part, the two women had managed to pry her away from her computer for the afternoon. Reluctantly, she had gone along with their plan to spend Saturday afternoon at the mall with them. They had convinced her that she needed a break from her studies.

The drive to the Westfield, Capital Shopping Mall had taken a little over twenty minutes. A much smaller amount of time than it had taken the three of them to get ready. When Michelle had first gotten out of the Eve’s Honda Civic, she had been thankful for making more of a sensible choice in style than the girls. She had decided against anything fancy. A pair of blue jeans, silky chemise with a long sleeve gray shirt pulled over seemed at bit more appropriate. It had the added benefit of being warmer as well.

She wasn’t in the mood to dress up. It had been raining off and on all day with a rather high temperature of 41 degrees. She was actually beginning to miss the typical winter snowfalls of Massachusetts. They got snow, a bit of it at times, but it never stayed. What was more common was a lot of fog and cold rains. Those rainfalls often chilled her to very core of her begin. When she had asked Eve and Cass about snowfall, they had talked about taking her up for a weekend to Mount Rainier.

“It will put anything you believed to be a snowfall to rest,” Cass had said. This had been about a month ago. Michelle often wondered if the three of them were still on for that trip, though she had not brought it up to either of them since.

Walking into the mall, Michelle could not help but be amused at both Eve and Cass. Cassandra was wearing a black dress. A little black dress really, complete with high heels and tangling, silver ear rings. Eve for her part, had not dressed much down form that. Cass, like Michelle, had worn jeans. That, however, is where their similarities stopped between them. Eve’s choice in jeans was booty tight. The designer ones with the fake rips. The top was a bit too revealing as well. Her choice in a top was black form fitting and looked almost like a corset. “At least that had the awareness enough to bring coats,” Michelle thought.

Upon entering the mall, the three of them stopped at an Olive Garden. It had been at Michelle’s insistence. The three had settled into a table in the back open entering. Eve even took the time to flirt with a blond waiter of about six-three to Cassandra’s annoyance. When she did eventually take her seat again, after a quick trip to the restroom, Eve got a bit of the cold shoulder from Cass until Michelle broke in with conversation.

The two girls ordered very little. Eve and Cass each had a small plate of pasta with a shared basket of bread sticks and a diet drink. Michelle, however, given her freakishly high metabolism, decided to go a bit wild. She ordered a chicken and sea food meal, and side order of stuffed mushrooms and Bruschetta bread. Her drink of choice was a raspberry-lemonade, non-alcoholic cocktail.

The girls looked on with much amusement. Now it was Michelle’s turn to be a little irritated. “What?” Michelle exasperated, though mostly in mock tone.

“Careful honey, you don’t want to start packing on the pounds,” Eve calmly stated.

“You are still interested in boys, right Michelle?” Eve warmly echoed. A bit of knowing betrayal in her voice caught Michelle for a moment.

“Sure, I still into boy,” Michelle responded, a bit too quickly.

For their part, neither girl seemed to take notice of this. All three went back to eating. This mostly consisted of the two older women picking at their plates, while Michelle continued to blow down her food, kind of like a teenage boy would.

“Eve, are you crazy!” Cass snapped.

Michelle looked up, the two girls had moved in close to one another on the other side of the wooden booth. Putting her fork down, she picked up her drink and looked on.

“Cut it out, Eve… I’m serious,” Cass whispered, a few moments later.

“Why?” Eve moved in for a kiss. The kiss was a bit awkward, ill timed and Cass fought it for a second or two before giving in. Their exchange got a little hot and heavy, but just as suddenly Cass came to her senses and pulled away.

“Have you lost your mind girl, you’re not doing that…” she trailed, looking over at Michelle who was eyeing them intently. Giving no pretense to looking the other way, she was very much interested in what was going on.

“At least you taste good, though not as good as another part of your body does.”

“Eve!” Cass toned unhappily.

“What, I was talking about your neck, honey.”

The departure from the Olive Garden came not too soon for the two older women. They were both a bit embarrassed by their actions afterward. Still, they waited for canlı casino Michelle to finish her meal.

A few stops were made in rapid succession following their exit from the restaurant. The first stop was to a Gap, this was followed by American Eagle Outfitters. Finally, they stopped at the Buckle, though that time the women took a long break in the bathroom while Michelle did some browsing. Eventually becoming bored, she had exited the store and waited on a bench outside. She had begun to get a bit worried, when they emerged a long twenty minutes later and showed little signs of what had been taking place between them.

The two women than took her back into the store. They encouraged Michelle to try something different. For her part, Michelle did, though she kept it modest. She tried on two pairs of jeans, seeking approval from her two “adopted” older sisters, and settled for the light blue stone washed jeans with faux ripping details. Cass had tried to get her to look at a dress, a red one and Eve had talked about maybe trying out a sweater skirt. She was having none of it, she really wasn’t in the mood.

On the way out of the mall, Michelle got up the courage to ask them what had plagued her mind since there little untimely visit to the bathroom. All three had entered together, but Eve and Cass had stayed behind.

“What were you two doing in the restroom anyway?” Michelle stifled out.

She saw the nervous glance that Cass gave Eve. “Nothing really, we just…” Eve stopped.

“It was nothing, Michelle,” Cass picked up.

Stopping, she turned to face them both. “Are you sure you two weren’t… fooling around a bit?”

Cass shot Eve a tense look. Eve bit her lip. “Maybe, though it wasn’t too intimate or anything… we just kissed a little.”

“Yes… ah, we kissed a little, like we did back at the restaurant,” Cass cut in.

Michelle did not at all believe them, but Eve was already looking past them. Turning around, Michelle was greeted to the slight of two rather hot guys. Oddly, it did almost nothing for her. The thought of Eve and Cass getting a little down and dirty was way more interesting. This scared her.

“Speaking of intimates, how about we check out Victoria Secret before calling it a day?” Eve inquired to the two other women.

“I don’t know, Eve… I’m a bit… you know,” Cass stressed.

“It will be alright, it will only take us a couple of minutes,” Eve teased. “We’ll pop in and out,” Eve cheerful added.

Michelle contributed, “It sounds fine to me.”

A wicked smile came over Eve’s face, but she was not looking at Michelle, only at Cass. “Two to one, we out rank you.”

“Damn, woman,” came Cassandra’s response.

Moments later they were in Victoria Secret. What had seemed like a good idea in the beginning was no longer to Michelle. She was rather embarrassed by her surroundings. All of the lingerie was uncomfortable. It was not really her style. She liked feminine things too, but not really to this degree.

Worse, she had a hard time keeping her eyes off the other women in the store. One beauty, a black girl who had on incredibly tight jeans and was with her plain Jane white friend caught her attention. As did a woman of about her age, a brunet with short cut hair, and a lovely face and figure. She had pouty lips, soft pink hues to her beige complexion. What really drew her eyes to the girl, however, was her tight body, bubble butt and small, but busty chest. Her ass and breast seemed to almost leap out of her jeans and green long sleeve t-shirt. Like her, she was really the only that girl not dressed up.

For her part, she had been doing her part to look on in discretion. The girl hadn’t noticed, at least not knowingly, though she did flash a bit of a smile as she moved on by. Who had noticed her eyeing of another girl were Cass and Eve. Eve gave her a bit of a grin, a knowing smile. Cass seemed rather perplexed. Guilt consumed her, and she looked away, bidding her time looking over a few racks of jeans.

Thankful, neither girl was in much of a shopping mood, though Eve did tease Cass a bit with pulling out some rather sexy underwear. Cass countered with a sexy bra or two. Not more than ten minutes later, they were ready to leave and Michelle was relieved.

The walk to the silver Civic was mostly in silence, though Cass and Eve did exchange some bodily gesture that Michelle could not make out. Once in the car, Cass pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the main nearby highway on their way back home.

Coming to a stop at an intersection, Cass mumbled something under her breath as she waited for a green light; a green light that seemed to be a long time in coming. Cass caught a glimpse of Michelle out the rearview mirror. An uncomfortable Michelle, who seemed to be lost in thought.

“Michelle, are you gay?” Cass wryly asked.

Eve shot her a look of, “What the fuck!” Looking back at Michelle only after keeping her eyes transfixed on Cass. Anger showed in her facial kaçak casino muscles. When she looked back at Michelle, her facial gave way to a frown.

Moments later, the light turned green and the car was in motion once again. Michelle had been saved by the bell. Still, it made her a bit uncomfortable to not answer Cass. She may not have been a lesbian, but she was very aroused by women. The only proof she needed was a two beaming, erect headlights on her chest, covered only by a white tee-shirt bra, chemise and gray sleeve shirt hide the evidence.

That really wasn’t true. This happened all the time with her. It was cold out anyway. It happened all the time when she got cold. An ever growing warm and damp feeling between her legs made it a bit difficult to go into total denial. Her white cotton panties might not have been soaked, but there was enough moisture in the area to send a clear message to her. This was nothing new of course, but it made lying to Cass a bit difficult.

Cass coughed and cleared her thought, keeping her eyes on the road, and only ever so briefly taking them off to glance back at Michelle directly instead of looking at her through the rearview mirror.

“What I meant to ask was, are you bi-curious or just bi?” Silence fell between the three of them in the car. “You don’t’ have to answer it, if you don’t want to, honey.”

Michelle felt trapped. “No! I’m not gay…” she began. “At least I don’t think I am.” Cass saw that Michelle seemed to be lost in a moment of introspection. The girl was really grinding her gears over answering her question.

“Forget it, it’s not important… Michelle.” Eve gave Cass a smile, thankful that she was willing to drop the line of questioning.

“Maybe,” Michelle suddenly mumbled.

Cass almost lost control of the car. “What Michelle?” Cass inquired.

“I said, I might be bi, at least a bit, though I’m not really sure,” Michelle grimaced.

The rest of the drive was completed in silence, though Cass an Eve did look at Michelle from time to time. She was not in tears, but she looked lost. Her butterfly had been broken by the lack of wind.

Pulling into the neighbor, Cass reduced her speed considerable, having just turned off from the main street and onto their exit. The last two blocks felt like torture for Michelle, who by now wanted to just bolt from the car and run away. Far away where no of this would ever get back to her older sister or family. During these two aggravating blocks, Cass got a text from the office. They needed her in to work on a summary.

A bit annoyed at having her Saturday disturbed, Cass let the girls off, but not before the two older women exchanged a brief hug and kiss. Out of the car, Eve and Michelle walked up to the front door. Once in the apartment, they made their way up to their unit. Inside, Eve came up and hugged a rather unresponsive Michelle. Eve had promised Eve that she would try to talk to Michelle as they departed. They were going to have the “little talk.” The truth was, however, that Eve really didn’t know what to say.

Coming out to her parents had been a bit of a shock. Her father had surprisingly been much for accepting of it than her mother, though she came to see her side in due time. What had been so unexpected about it was that in high school she had been so boy crazy. She had lost her virginity at sixteen, holding off an extra two years. The first time was of course, not that great, but in due time it became tolerable and than actually good.

In high school she had seriously dated a high dozen guys. To her credit, she had only slept with two of them. Nick being pretty good in the sack, though average built where it counted and a bit thin overall. Sam though was pretty special, in all ways. The star shooting guard on the basketball team, the two had been an item through all of her senior year. The two only parted ways after he was offered a scholarship to Penn State. They still remained in contact from time to time to this day.

It wasn’t like these feelings came out of left field for her either, because during those same high school years she noticed the girls in her locker room as well. She even had a bit of a crush on one of her friends, Miley, a cute short brunet with an athletic body. Not once had she acted on these feelings while in high school, though they did enter her head while having sex with her boyfriends from time to time or during her self loving.

Her first encounter with a woman did not happen until she was a sophomore in college. Her roommate was a lesbian, though not to her liking. They were friendly, but that was all. The girl was forgettable. What she did do that was not is introduce her to Misty who was a brunet. A bit overweight, she made up for it with her soft curves and wonderful boobs. They gave Eve entertainment for countless hours

It all began innocently enough. Somehow during an unplanned outing together, they had begun making out and it had ended with Misty giving her a demonstration of her prowess in cunnilingus. The girl had sent her into orbit. Giving Eve her first multiple orgasm. Not the sequential kind of which she had been mildly familiar, but rather the intense, one after another multiples.

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