Catherine and Rebecca Ep. 02

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It was late Friday night. Rebecca just got done with her last class of the week and headed to her car in the school parking lot. It had been a long stressful week and she needed to relax. As she exits the parking lot, she calls Catherine on her Bluetooth.

“Hey babe, I just got to my car.” Rebecca tells her girlfriend. She rolls up her window as she gets on the on ramp of the freeway.

“Yay! How was school?”

“Eh, nothing that exiting. Basically just worked on projects the entire time.”

“Oh okay. So, you on your way over?” Catherine sits up in her bed and takes a sip of water.

“Yes ma’am. I just got on the freeway, so I should be there in about 40 minutes.”

“Yay! I can’t wait to see you baby. I missed you a lot this week. I just want to cuddle you and hold you… and do other things…”

“Other things?” Rebecca raised her eyebrow at Catherine’s sly remark.

“You know. Like, kiss you… kiss you down your body… the main essentials.” Rebecca laughed. Catherine was never really good at dirty talking and Rebecca always thought it was cute when she tried.

“Alright baby, whatever you say… Hey, I’m going to go. I want to listen to these mixes I’m working on before I see you, okay?

“Okay. Make sure you park on the right side of the street when you get here. I don’t want you to get a ticket or something. I love you!”

“Love you too.” Rebecca clicked off the phone and casino oyna put in her CD. She listened to it all the way to Catherine’s place.

Catherine was up in her room listen to some music when she heard a car park across the street. She looked out her window and saw her girlfriend dodge a truck running across it. The bangle of Rebecca’s keys hit the side of her hip as she ran down the house’s driveway to the backdoor. She ran up the stairs to the door and waited for Catherine to come down.

“Hey love!” Catherine opened the door and hugged her girlfriend. She loved the smell of Rebecca’s cologne and the feeling of her breasts pushed against hers.

“Oh, hey there babe! Wow, you really did miss me, huh?” Rebecca said as Catherine released her.

“Yeah, I did. Come on upstairs, there’s something I want to show you!” With that, Rebecca followed her into the kitchen, through the hallway and to the stairs. They marched up the stairs, where Catherine’s cat, Walter, greeted them.

“Hey Buddy!” Rebecca said as she bent down to pet her “best friend”.

“He’s so annoying. Don’t be nice to him.” Catherine didn’t even look at the cat as she sat down on her bed.

“Anyway…” Began Rebecca setting her bag down as she turned toward Catherine. She had her eyebrows raised, her face turned slightly to the side and she was biting her lip. Her eyes beamed into Catherine’s. Catherine’s heart started pounding canlı casino as Rebecca walked over to her. Catherine’s mouth fell slightly open as she grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. Rebecca leaning on top her. Her breasts barely brushing up against hers.

“So what were those other things again?” Her voice was a little hoarse, but her words were soft as they entered Catherine’s ears. Rebecca’s knee separated her legs. She moved it up barely touching Catherine’s crotch.

“Uh…” Catherine could barely speak. “I just… wanted…” Rebecca leaned down and kissed her. Their kiss was passionate and deep. Their mouths opened in sync. Catherine’s tongue grazed over Rebecca’s. Their lips met as Rebecca let go of her shoulder and grabbed her face. They continued to kiss as Catherine reach up and met Rebecca’s breast. She grabbed it and Rebecca pushed further into their embrace. Her thumb grazed over her hard nipple as she let out a soft moan. Catherine released her lips and began kissing toward her ear. She nibbled the lobe and breathed into it.

“I am so wet” Her voice was hoarse and instantly gave Rebecca chills. Rebecca let go and ran her hand down Catherine’s body. The back of her hand raced past her breasts. Further and further down until it found the start of her jeans.

“Fuck baby!” Rebecca breathed.

“You are so fucking hot.” Catherine whispered in her again.

“Ugh baby!” Rebecca kaçak casino leaned down into her ear. Her hips thrust forward. Catherine raises her knee up until it meets Rebecca grinding pussy. “Fuck!” She moaned again. Catherine grabbed her hips and pushed her into her knee. Rebecca’s breathing started to quicken with every thrust. They feel in sync, both girls breathing rapidly.

“Baby!” Rebecca found the breathe to speak. “I’m really close!” Catherine let go of her waist and undid her jeans. Her hand crept inside her pants, quick to find her wetness. Her pussy was sopping wet. Catherine’s fingers found Rebecca’s swollen clit and flicked it; her fingers moving quickly.

“Oh my god! Yeah baby… Keep going!” Rebecca’s thrusting was faster now. Catherine leaned into her ear again.

“I want you to cum for me baby!” There was desperation in her voice as if she was the one getting off. Rebecca didn’t hesitate to obey. Her pussy thrust harder in Catherine’s exploring fingers. Faster and faster Rebecca’s clit drove in Catherine.

“UHG! Baby, I’m going to cum! Yeah, FUCK! I’m… going… To… Cum… FUCK!” Rebecca fell into orgasmic convulsions. Her back arching in pleasure. Catherine slowed down and gently rubbed her throbbing pussy.

“Oh my god baby…” Rebecca was still in shock of what just happened. She couldn’t believe how aroused Catherine had made her.

“What?” Catherine rolled her way to the side of the bed and stood up. She walked across her room and opened her top drawer. She grabbed the 6″ pink dildo from the inside and walked over to Catherine with it behind her back.

“I’m just getting started.”

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