Cat with the Golden Hair

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Occasionally I read other authors’ erotic literature, as well as standard non-erotic fiction, especially collections of short stories, in an attempt to gain new ideas for my own stories. I was browsing through my home library when Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales caught my eye. As I perused through the titles, I remembered seeing a collection of erotic fairy tales a long time ago. This is my adaptation of one such adult fairy tale. All characters are 18 and older.


ONCE UPON A TIME there was a very pretty golden-haired maiden named Katerina, but everyone simply called her Cat. She lived all alone in a pretty little cottage on the edge of a pretty deep woods with her four pretty doggies. Now everyone agreed that Cat was the sweetest, most enchanting young woman they had ever known. She was so nice to her neighbors, so charming and polite and well-mannered, and they all loved her. Especially all the boys, who would come to her house to chat and drink lemonade and help Cat with her chores. Groups of them would sit on her porch for hours and listen to her tell stories of days gone by, enthralled by events from her former life in another kingdom.

The boys would gaze as if in a trance into Cat’s eyes, their stares only occasionally wandering down to her prominent, heaving chest, and further still to her flat stomach, her smooth thighs and tanned, muscular legs. The climate was usually warm in this part of the kingdom, so Cat wore the briefest of clothes, thin white tops which barely covered her voluptuous breasts, her nipples poking through the wispy material, and the shortest of shorts. She rarely wore undergarments, as it made for less work on laundry day. Small wonder the whole village loved pretty little Cat.

One fine day, Cat was invited to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods. As the appointed hour neared, Cat hurried through the woods so as not to be late for the ceremony. She wore a long silk gown with pretty silk panties and a matching silk camisole.

“Oh dear,” Cat panted prettily, “I hope I’m not going to be late for the wedding.”

But alas! Suddenly a very large, bold hunter in green hunter tights blocked Cat’s path.

“AHA!” growled the bold hunter.

“Oh goodness!” gasped Cat, startled.

Grinning broadly, the bold hunter said, “Where do you think you’re going on MY PATH, pretty little lady?”

Cat replied, “I’m on my way to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods. Please let me pass, or I’ll be late.” A cold chill crept over Cat as she perceived a swelling bulge in the proximity of the bold hunter’s crotch.

The bold hunter’s grin broadened, saying, “First you must pay the price of passage.” The bold hunter’s bulge was growing larger and larger, stretching his green hunter tights all out of shape. Still an innocent maiden, Cat knew not what it meant but she felt a twinge of fright.

“Oh please, bold hunter sir,” she pleaded politely, “I have not even a penny on my person.”

The bold hunter replied, “I don’t give a fuck for a penny, but a fuck for you will do nicely.”

And with that he wrenched the green hunter tights from his hips, exposing a massive, red hot prick which jerked and danced merrily above a pair of large balls encased in a hairy pouch. Pretty little Cat had never seen such as this; well, maybe she had seen some of the boys from the village when they took her skinny dipping in the lake. She had even touched and played with a few whenever the boys begged her to, which was most of the time, but none were as big and as hairy as the bold hunter’s. She stood transfixed, and the very breath caught in her throat as, in a flash, the bold hunter yanked her dress up and over her head. Then he fiercely tore her undergarments away from her body, ripping the delicate material to shreds, leaving her large, full breasts and hairless mound exposed.

The next instant the poor terrified girl found herself flat on her back on the grass, with the bold hunter full upon her, his hot mouth smothering her full red lips, her neck, her swelling tits, sucking and biting the protruding nipples.

“Uh, excuse me, bold hunter sir, I don’t know what it is you’re doing, but I really need to be on my way, or I’ll be late for . . . . . . . YEEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!!”

A spasm of pain shot through Cat as the bold hunter seated his massive cock squarely in her mound and plunged deeply within. Although a zucchini had taken Cat’s maidenhead a few years ago, the vegetable paled in comparison to the bold hunter’s huge prick, which plunged deeper and deeper yet, stretching the nearly virgin flesh to its maximum limits. Wrenching, twisting and writhing, Cat tried desperately to ease the pain, and yet to accommodate the strange, not altogether unpleasant, new sensation which was mounting by waves within her.

Deeper, harder, and faster grew the bold hunter’s assault, until at length, casino siteleri he stiffened like an arrow and an anguished growl gurgled in his throat. Through watery eyes, Cat saw the trees of the deep woods spinning wildly, changing colors, and felt a hot mass of wetness spurt deeply within her. Overwhelmed with conflicting sensations, Cat closed her eyes and nearly passed out.

At length, Cat’s eyelids fluttered open and she perceived the bold hunter standing over her, his once massive cock all shiny and dripping and, quite suddenly, it seemed strangely limp and lifeless. How could such an inept-looking tool have wreaked such pain and pleasure?

The bold hunter laughed good-naturedly and helped the ravaged girl to her feet. “You’re a damn good fuck miss. I’ll dream often of that sweet ass of yours. You may now proceed to the wedding.”

The wedding!

“Oh thank you sir,” Cat gasped, throwing her dress back on over her head. She didn’t bother with her undergarments, as they were nothing but tattered shards of material. Cat hurried down the path, fearful she would be late for the ceremony.

Alas, Cat had not gone far when a second bold hunter barred the path.

“AHA!” growled the second bold hunter.

“Oh no, not again!” cried Cat.

The second bold hunter grinned broadly, saying, “Where do you think you’re going on MY PATH, pretty lady?”

And Cat answered “I’m on my way to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods, kind sir. Please let me pass, or I’ll be late.” A hot flash washed over Cat as she perceived a swelling bulge in the proximity of the second bold hunter’s groin, and this time she knew what it was.

The second bold hunter grinned broader still as he pulled down his tights, saying, “First, you have to pay the price of passage sweet miss.” And the bold hunter’s immense prick, which was ramrod stiff, sprang free and jerked convulsively.

Cat swallowed hard and felt a twinge of fright. “Oh please, bold hunter, sir,” she pleaded politely, “I don’t have any money upon my person.”

Growing impatient, the second bold hunter said, “Screw the money, screwing your cunt will be a fair enough trade!”

Whereupon he ripped the dress away from her body and, pushing her up against an oak tree, he planted the hot length of his pulsating cock against her naked belly. Cat gasped for breath and felt her body turn prickly with excessive heat. The bold hunter clasped his mouth over Cat’s and tasted of her sensuous lips and tongue. Lowering his head, he tasted of her heaving breasts, suckling her protruding nipples.

Cat found herself most inexplicably parting her thighs and subtly undulating her hips, until the rigid length of cock inched downward, its slippery wet tip seating in the hot, moist folds of her pussy. With a savage lunge the bold hunter sank his cock to the depths of the hot, enfolding flesh. Thus embraced, Cat and her merciless assailant slowly slithered to the grass. The bold hunter backed off his cock and plunged anew, again and again, each time slamming to the hilt and each time finding the flesh hotter and wetter and more yielding.

And Cat found herself rotating her ass in a mounting frenzy of excitement, meeting each thrust of the maddening cock with a counter-thrust. The raw pain of her previous encounter was all but forgotten. All that mattered at the moment was the huge member crashing full and hard within her, and the frenzy grew in intensity. Rolling, thrashing, and writhing . . . . until suddenly, the second bold hunter stiffened like a spear, throwing his full weight into one final, powerful thrust, and ejaculated so deeply within Cat that she swore she felt it in her throat. Again, the trees of the deep woods spun wildly, and Cat felt the euphoria of total weightlessness, her body suspended in a sea of gently undulating fluff.

Through the rosy after-glow of a second full-blown orgasm, Cat perceived the second bold hunter standing over her, his once ponderous prick all shiny and dripping and fast shrinking to lifelessness. The second bold hunter gallantly helped the poor ravished young woman to her feet.

“That was a damn fine screwing miss, I’ll dream of your fiery cunt on many a cold night. You may now proceed on to the wedding.”

The wedding!

“Oh thank you, kind sir,” Cat gasped, hurrying down the path completely naked, not even bothering with the tattered remains of her dress, more fearful than ever she would be late.

But alas, Cat had not gone very far when a third bold hunter appeared on the path. “Gulp!” gulped the third bold hunter as he perceived Cat’s enchanting naked body.

“Oh for chrissakes!” gasped Cat.

“Uh . . . . ” stammered the third bold hunter.

And Cat answered, “I’m on my way to a wedding in the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods, kind sir. Please let me pass otherwise I’ll be late.” She thereupon canlı casino stared squarely at the third bold hunter’s crotch but perceived only a very slight bulge. However, having anticipated a very large bulge, she was mindful that her pussy was quite suddenly throbbing anew and growing intensely warm. Cat moved close to the third bold hunter so that her perky tingling tits caressed his tunic, and she knew at once she must again pay the price of passage.

Her soft, lovely voice trembling with emotion, Cat said, “I have no money upon my person. Please bold hunter, sir . . . ” and Cat’s hand stroked and massaged the now-growing bulge through the green hunter tights, “. . . wouldn’t you rather fuck me in fair trade? Or perhaps screw me, if that is your preference?”

To which the third bold hunter replied, “GULP!”

Cat submitted serenely to the third bold hunter’s carnal demands, even anxiously aiding him for the sake of expediency. With her pendulous breasts still pressed against his chest, Cat raised her mouth to his and tasted of his lips, his tongue, and the caverns of his mouth. While thus occupied, Cat pulled down the third bold hunter’s green hunter tights and grasped the full, hot quivering mass of his cock in her hands. The poor girl’s breath staggered and grew short and her body tingled with the hot flush of excitement. She pumped the cock in her hands, faster and faster, until the bold hunter groaned as a wounded animal and Cat’s pussy throbbed with aching yearning.

The overwrought girl moaned and, parting her thighs, steered the bold hunter’s cock down her belly toward her steaming crotch. The bold hunter groaned yet again and quite suddenly stiffened, his eyes rolling wildly in his head. At the same time, Cat felt the cock she still held tightly jerk convulsively in her hands, and then it ejaculated in full spurts upon her bare belly! The bold hunter groaned once more, falling to the ground where he then lay still.

For the longest time did pretty little Cat merely stand there in all her enchanting nakedness, struck dumb with dismay as the viscous semen trickled slowly down her belly, running through the engorged folds of her hairless pussy. Cat was panting heavily, and the heightened throbbing of her cunt had not yet diminished. The pretty, unravished maiden looked down upon the unmoving figure and said to him, “Bold hunter, you are a mean, wicked son of a bitch!”

Whereupon, Cat stepped over the fallen form, being especially careful to stomp fully upon his shrunken cock and balls, and continued down the path through the deep woods. Soon she came upon a pond, and there she determined to bathe and freshen up before proceeding to the wedding.

The pretty girl did not cool down readily. The soft, gently undulating waters caressed her beautiful body as a thousand delicate fingers, tingling nerve endings already raw and alive. Cat was prompted to do some caressing and tingling of her own, and the sensations traveled to her still pulsating pussy. She labored diligently at fingering her vagina, paying close attention to the clitoris. Soon she was using three fingers in a desperate, frenzied masturbation, but every attempt to satisfy the inexplicable urging in her newly awakened body met with frustration. In tears, angry and distraught, the tortured girl pulled herself from the pond and proceeded down the path through the deep woods to the little chapel in the green dell . . . .

The wedding ceremony was fully underway when Cat appeared in the open doorway of the little chapel. As a testimony to Cat’s unrivaled sensuous beauty, the wedding guests reacted at once:

“Oh my! Whoa! Wowee-wow-wow! Oh yeah baby! Woo-wee! My gawd!”

The good minister, looking up from his book, choked in the middle of his sentence. The fair and lovely bride, turning around to see what all the commotion was about, gasped so hard she nearly swallowed her tongue. When the groom turned, he was so startled and so deeply moved by the erotic vision of the nude young woman that his monumental prick RRRRIPPPPED through the fabric of his green hunter tights, instantly erect! Cat froze, staring in wide-eyed disbelief at the groom’s cock (as did his mortified bride). Long, massive and heavy, it swayed to and fro, now and again convulsing, as though beckoning . . . .

Still yearning and aching with frustrated urging, pretty Cat lost all sense of propriety. The solemnity of the occasion mattered not in the least. Nor did the presence of a multitude of guests matter. All that flashed through Cat’s brain was a mass of erogenous signals from recently awakened areas of her captivatingly sensuous body. Cat moved toward the bride and groom as one possessed, the pulsing in her pelvic region becoming a drum beat, hot nerve endings now prickling her prominent nipples.

Cat halted, turned to the bride and asked politely, “May I kiss the groom?”

The bride, still in a state kaçak casino of shock, couldn’t even answer. But no one is ever denied a wedding kiss, so Cat bent to the groom’s monstrous cock and, taking it firmly in hand, kissed the slightly moist tip with loving tenderness. Then using her tongue, she dallied at the little hole, and swirled all over the bulbous head, and soon had her moist lips enclosed around the entire hot shaft, pumping as much of its obscene length into her mouth and throat as space would allow. It forever set a new standard for wedding kisses throughout the entire kingdom.

The bride could only stare dumbly as she watched, still in shock, while the multitude of guests stood frozen in awe.

The groom, growing exceedingly nervous, trembled and groaned, “Geez Cat! Couldn’t you have at least waited until after the ceremony?”

In response to his own question, the groom sank to the floor, deftly lowering Cat onto her back so as not to loosen her mouth from his cock, and reversing positions, sank his head into the pretty girl’s moistening crotch. Henceforth, the number 69 forever became Cat’s favorite. She convulsed and shuddered at the first touch of the groom’s tongue on her twat, and then fitfully rotated her ass in ecstasy as his tongue and teeth found her now erect clit, which he immediately began to nibble and lick. She sucked hungrily upon his cock, pumping its full length into and out of her mouth, forcing it completely down her gullet. Pretty little Cat’s running and exercise disciplines had paid off, for now she could hold her breath for many minutes at a time. And a good thing too, for the groom’s huge prick completely filled the pretty little throat, leaving room for nothing more.

The lovely bride regained her senses sufficiently to burst into tears. Fortunately the good minister was there to comfort her.

“There, there my child, we must learn to be tolerant and understanding of unforseen developments along life’s pathways.”

The good minister produced a goblet, which he filled to the brim with wine, and offering it to the distraught bride, encouraged her to down it quickly. This she did, between heartbreaking sobs, and the good minister gave her another, and another, and still another.

“Now, now, don’t we feel better my child?” cooed the good minister, slipping a comforting arm around her shoulders, his hand comfortingly caressing a full firm breast.

“M-m-much b-b-better,” the bride smiled weakly. “Maybe I should . . . Whoops! You tweaked my nip . . . have another?”

“By all means,” smiled the good minister, tweaking the other nipple. “Its my private stock you know.” His hands were now unabashedly caressing and squeezing the bride’s tit flesh at will.

In the meantime, Cat and the groom were frantically fucking up a storm, with the pretty, golden haired angel sitting atop the groom’s pelvis, enjoying the exhilaration of aggressive copulation. Her trim, perfectly proportioned ass was a veritable cauldron of frenetic motion, grinding, writhing, screwing, plunging deeper and deeper . . .

“Cat and I are the best of friends, how could she do this to me?” said the lovely bride, pulling the ribbon holding the top of her dress together, so that her voluptuous breasts fell naked to the minister. “Goddamn fucking cock-sucking whore. No morals at all!”

The poor distraught bride downed another goblet of wine, and diverted her attention to the minister, who was now feasting heartily at her bosom. All of a sudden, the lovely bride was keenly aware of hot flashes parading through her body. In truth, the good minister was partly responsible, as he suckled voraciously at the poor girl’s left breast. But there appeared a strapping young man who took to suckling the lovely girl’s right tit! And, looking down, she saw another fellow busily slurping lustily at her pussy.

“Well hello down there!” exclaimed the now delighted bride. “Are we having a party? Wheee-e-e I love parties!” It was a good thing she did too, because in no time at all she was having a gang-bang of a party!

Cat was having a party also, and hers had started a bit earlier. Once the sticky facade of etiquette had eroded, a few intrepid souls came to the realization that the wedding could as easily become a participating sport. Casting off their green hunter tights, they launched themselves into the fucking fray. Still astride the groom, his massive prick deeply embedded in her womb, pretty little Cat now had a new prick in her mouth, and another was firmly entrenched in her ass, and she still managed to service two more, jerking off one in each hand. Cat literally had all the cock she could possibly manage, and orgasm soon heaped upon frenzied orgasm.

Through senses growing numb with super-heightened exhilaration, the golden-haired beauty heard the bride cry out, “Everybody come to the party!”

The remaining wedding guests needed no further encouragement. Cocks leaped to full erection . . . . pussies blossomed like flowers in the spring. Soon, the little chapel in the green dell in the deep woods was a fucking circus!

Cat had finally come on time after all!


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