Casanova Redux Ch. 04

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Watching Jenny masturbate was like an epiphany to me. Her response was so honest that I had actually cum without knowing it. It was a beautiful gift that she given me; the gift of the trust that an intimate friend or lover gives to another and I wanted to give the same gift back to her. We had been friends for so long and had experienced such different adventures together that I felt that there was no one else with whom I would share my gift.

She had opened a new world to me; a world of self-gratification that would serve me well in the years to come. Whenever I was lonely, instead of searching out the services of another human being, I resorted to the soft safety of my bed and fucked myself into oblivion. But Jenny had another gift to give me; another secret to share with her best friend and of course, quick learner that I am, I was all ears…

* * * * *

Cassia watched her friend approach but was frozen in place when she realized what her friend was about to do. Jenny’s lips touched hers and a stab of adrenalin tightened her chest and her nipples unexpectedly hardened painfully. casino siteleri Cassia had been kissed before. She had received hundreds of kisses from her mother and father and had even stolen one from Jacobi, the shepherd, but it had been so hurried that she hadn’t been able to enjoy it.

This kiss was different. There was none of the roughness she associated with Arthur or Jacobi; no whiskers or scraping bristles to deal with here, just the smoothness of another woman’s mouth and it excited her. Breaking the kiss, Jenny pushed Cassia onto her back and began to undo the buttons on the front of her own dress, pushing the fabric aside and showing Cassia her small but well-shaped breasts, capped with dusky rose nipples that had hardened into tasty raspberries.

Cassia raised her hands and cupped them, rubbing the stiff nubs against her fingers and watching the play of bliss crossing Jenny’s features. Jenny sat up and finished undoing the dress, then let it fall to the ground. Cassia pushed herself up onto her elbows and took in the sight of her naked friend. “Come here.” Jenny crawled canlı casino over to her and allowed Cassia’s lips to take one of her nipples. The sensation spiked into her pussy and she trembled as a burst of hot juices parted her nether lips.

Jenny pulled up and made quick work of ridding Cassia of her dress and lay on top of her friend, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. Cassia moaned as Jenny’s mouth covered hers again, their tongues gently dancing together. Jenny flexed her hips and pleasure exploded in Cassia’s body as their clits pressed together and Cassia shook in Jenny’s arms.

“Did you feel that?” Cassia could only nod at her friend. “Let me show you another way.”

Jenny tugged on Cassia’s arm, making her friend move until she was against the boulder now. She paused to give her a kiss as her hands softly moved down Cassia’s arms, down her sides and over her hips. Cassia felt Jenny pull her knees up and thought she was going to shake apart when her hands slid over the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Jenny’s finger split Cassia’s sopping wet pussy lips and pressed into kaçak casino the juicy crevice, searching for the secret opening. When she found it, Cassia came immediately, impaled on Jenny’s finger and she gasped for air, grasping handfuls of grass and dirt as two more orgasms raced through her.

Jenny pulled her finger from her friend’s creamy slit, smiling as she watched Cassia twitch in satisfaction, her open legs showing her flexing hole and her curiosity got the best of her. Catching Cassia’s eyes, she raised the juice-coated finger to her mouth and sucked, tasting her friend. Cassia moaned, using two fingers to press her clit down and rocking back and forth with the onset of yet another orgasm.

The scent of her friend’s pussy lit a fire in Jenny and she crawled forward, burying her face into Cassia’s weeping pussy. Cassia screamed in absolute pleasure, unable to breathe as Jenny’s tongue slipped into each nook and cranny, splitting the slick folds and thrusting into her hole. Lights flared from behind Cassia’s closed eyelids and Cassia would swear that she’d gone to Heaven. Her pussy muscles rippled and creamy juice poured onto Jenny’s tongue and she eagerly lapped them up.

“That’s the best way to have an orgasm.” Jenny pulled her trembling friend into her arms, smoothing the hair out of her eyes. “Want to try it on me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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