Boss Likes Hypnosis Pt. 03

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“Alright, Joh… I mean, Cumdumpster.” Jack starts, “When I say ‘wake’, you are going to act like a happy, frisky and effeminate gay man. Further more, even though you are convinced that you are straight, you will still have the hots for any man’s package AND any man’s ass.”

“Yes Jack…” John drones.

“And whenever I hit on you, you sure as hell better come on to me like you are a very horny slut who wants to be my property. Hell, from now on, I want you to get turned on, hot, and bothered every time you hear me talk. You will fully believe your only job here is to be the office whore. You got it?”

“Yes Jack…”

“Good.” Jack holds up his fingers and SNAPS them “Wake.” John wakes up and gives Jack a sort of curious look. “So remind me,” Jack says, making John quirk a smile. “What is your name?”

“Oh, I’m Misster Cumdumpsster~!” John says as he leans on one leg and holds his own hips as he smiles brightly. His voice is now a lot lighter as he takes on a bubbly personality and the crotch of his boxers even twitches.

“Right.” Jack nods, “And you’ve been working for me for up to 7 years.” Jack says he looks to his reprogrammed employee, “But what is it that you do again?”

“Weeeeell, back in the department of developing,” Mr Cumdumpster lists as he holds up his fingers, “I diiiiiid, management. I diiiid, hiring. Agreementss with other branch managers. File paperwork that needed to be ssorted and sstuff.”

“And what is it that you do now?” Jack asks.

“Oh, I have the honor of warming your cock, sir!” John answered brightly. He then puts a hand onto Jack’s shoulder and leans in to his head. Jack tilts his head towards John as he whispers, “With my buttHOOOOOLE”

“Hm. Very interesting. Interesting.” Jack nods as John moves back, “Aaaand what if I want you to fuck MY ass? I’m more of a bottom, to be honest.”

“Ohhh my Gooood!” John beams and gasps as he puts his hands on his chest, “You want MEEEE to sstuff YOUR big ol’ butt?? Oh my God, that would be” He rolls his eyes up “AH-MAZE-ZIIIIIIIINNNNG~!”

“Wow, John.” Jack smirks as he talks to him, “You’re definitely singing a new tune than when you got here.”

“T’oh, babe. Call me Cumdumpster.” John says as he leans in gets closer to Jack, “God, I don’t know what it iss about you.” John giggles as he gently pulls onto Jack’s silk tie. “You just drive me sso hot and crazy, you know~?”

“You don’t say.” Jack says before he reaches down and around and slips his hand inside of John’s boxers and cups his buttcheek.

“Hoohhh!” John gasp-squeals as that warm hand grabs onto his fuzzy mound. “Ohhh Jaaackk~”

“You know what one of my fantasies are, Mr Cumdumpster?”

“Oh God, please tell me.” John begs as his hands go to Jack’s sides. He snuggles up to his boss and grinds up against him as a hard bulge is already forming in his shorts.

“I have a thing for office clothes while getting fucked in the ass.” Jack says as he grins as John moans more and more submissively.

“Oh sssstuuud~” John moans as he even starts to hump Jack’s naked thigh.

“Hell. What if I were to tell you that I could offer you a promotion? Top Executive Bitch In Heat.”

“Jesus Christ, that sounds amazing.” John nearly squeals as his back arches.

“You’d have to earn it though. You can’t just fuck ME, you know. You’re going to have to blow as many as your coworkers as you can, shove your cock into as much ass as you can get. Hell, don’t even get me started how much actual butt-kissing you’d be involved with. And of course, you’ll be required to throw your legs up more than a a gynecology office.”

“I can do it, boss. I promise.” John says sincerely. “If it means I can be a filthy whore anywhere in the building, I will do it!”

“Also, might not want to tell your wife.” Jack smirks “Women just don’t understand, you know?”

“Of course! Totally! She’s so uptight anyway, I don’t even get to sleep with her more than a few times a month!”

“Good boy. Now that we have your career track figured out. You need to start kissing some prime real estate ass.” He pegs on John’s chest and then takes a few steps back. He then turns around and grins as he sees John reacts as Jack bends over, spreads his own asscheeks, and exposes his experienced sphincter to the straight, married man. “And you can start with Frenching MY platinum-quality asshole.”

“Oh yesSIR!” John nearly skips to him before he gets down. John then puckers his lips right up, and magnetizes his mouth directly onto Jack’s anus in a long, wet, loud kiss!

“WOoo!” Jack laughs and moans as he feels the pull-suction and slurp of John’s romantic and ambitious mouth “Fffuck casino siteleri me, you really know how to suck mouth. Grease up that pucker, Cumdumpster. You have a LOT of penis and ass to wreck!”

John hums and moans happily as he smushes his lips right on that hole and literally kisses his ass. His hands roam over the fine fuzz on Jack’s butt as his tongue slurps and licks up and down on that anus and shoves his tongue in fairly easily into that loose entrance.

“Ohhh yeah, that’s phenominal.” Jack moans as he masturbates while John makes out with his rearend. “Get that ass nice and wet in there.”

“Mm-hm, mm-hm” John nods as he slobbers and lubes up Jack’s asshole, with the crotch-opening of John’s boxershorts opening around his emerging erection for his penis to poke out into the open.

“Ohhh Gaaaahhhhd. Kiss that butthole, Mr Cumdumpster, because I’m going to make you do the same thing to my nephew tomorrow.”

“Oh, my GAWD~” John beams as he stands up and strokes his cock. “I didn’t know you had a nepheeew~!”

“Ooh, we’re skipping to the good part now?” Jack grins as he looks over his shoulder at John’s throbbing meat “Oh yeah, I want that in me.”

“Mmm yessiiirrr~” John giggles as he lines up his member to Jack’s mid-aged ass.

“Aw yeah, get it in, get it in…” Jack waits just before his head shoots up “OooOOOOHHH! Ohhhhhhfffuuucck!” His ass opens up around John’s hard pole and swallows it up. “Ohhhh yeah, fuck me, you goddamn breeder.”

“Mmmhh gladly, Mr Boss~” John says in his new effeminate mindset as he holds onto Jack’s office jacket shoulders and starts to hump him doggy-style on the mahogany desk “Ohhhhmyggaawwwwd” John moans long as he slides his member in and out of his superior’s experienced hole.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh yeah, massage my prostate… Yeah, really get it in there…” Jack tells him. John smiles as he tilts his hips and Jack immediately feels the change as his back erects “OH FUCK! Right there! Right there, right there, right there! OHhhhhhh”

“Ghhh, you like that, you fuckin stud?” John asked as he hugs Jack and forces him up to really jam his cock into that hot and wet tunnel, knowing that he’s just crushing that old G-spot “How’s THIS got ya, huh???”

“Oh Jesus, yes, there, right there, that feels amazing, ohhhh” Jack moans out as his own cock stands rigid as his hands go to cup John’s buttocks. John cranks his hips to punch his dong right on John’s doorbell inside.

“AW! Aw! OH! Ah-HAH! OH!” Jack then puts both hands onto his desk while John starts to roll his hips and stuff his rod back and forth in a rhythem “OH, oh, oh, yeeaahh, stretch that hole, aww… Mmm… Oh… Ghhh… Mmmfff…”

“Ssso tell me about your nephew, Jack~” John says as he calms down as he humps his boss, “Is he cute?”

“Heh heh… Thought you were straight.”

“Oh I am. And ugh, love my wife, she cooks the besst food. And don’t even get my started on my kids~” John grins as his lower body pats Jack’s behind with his dick rolling in and out with precum and saliva. “Buuuuut if he’ss anything like you, hehehe. Does your nephew’s tight little butt too? Or iss he a little stud?”

“MMFF, uhh, he’s great. Love’im. Been working for me for a couple years now” Jack moans as his ass takes that meat “Actually came out to me. Says he always thought I was ‘hot’ and ‘rocking’. Gheheheh, never even had to hypnotize him, the boy is just into older man, OOF! Uhhh… He works hard… I try not to fuckIINNNggg spoil himmMMM.” Jack winces with intense pleasure before huffing a hard breath, “Fuck, you’re jamming me, John.”

“Ugh, Jaaack.” John rolls his eyes. “It’s Mister. Cum. Dumpster. Get my name right.” John then starts to rail and harshly fuck Jack’s ass.

“Oooh, a-ahh! Getting rougher there, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh” Jack moans as John’s pelvis starts to widen his hole and slap his asscheeks “OoOoOoOoOohhh fuck yes, love that MMHH! Cumdumpster, play with my dick.”

“Mmff” John reaches down with one hand and starts to masturbate Jack’s iron-hard member. Jack squirms and moans out.

“And my nephew has a major Tarzan fetish. Among his porn stash, I actually found the movie ‘George of the Jungle’ along with several other periarticles.”

“Oooh sounds funny” John giggles as he pleasures his boss. “He sounds so quirky!”

“Yep.” Jack smirks as he takes that pole “So when I set you up to be my nephew’s bitch, you are going to show up wearing a realistic wig. You’re going to shave, you are going to manscape, and you will wear nothing but a leopard patten loincloth. Or thong. Or briefs. Or better yet, I’ll just have you bring a wardrobe and let HIM pick.”

“Uhhh I don’t know, Jack” John canlı casino says as he humps Jack in the same rhythm, not really buying into the thought of acting like some silly movie character, “I mean, never really been into roleplay sstuff? Kissing is butt is one thing? But like, I don’t know if I wanna do stuff. I mean, I got like, plans and such~”

“Mmh, Cumdumpster, I have you hypnotized to do whatever I want. His birthday is coming up, and this is the best present he can ask for. MMHHPFF” Jack grunts and moans as he tries to focus on talking through the fantastic ass pounding. “Especially since he’s been working more overtime than you.”

“But I jusst don’t think I’m gonna be interested in-“

Jack holds up his fingers “Fuck me while acting like a chicken.”


“Brk!” John irks as his fists shove into his clothed armpits. His cranked arms to flap awkwardly as his brain rewires his speech as his hips still continued to hump Jack’s fine booty. “… B-Caawwk! Buk buk buk!”

“Hahaha, what was that?” Jack sneers over his shoulder as John clucks at him curiously.

“B-Bukwak? Bukbukbukbuk!” John attempts to communitcate, but his elbows just keep jumping up and down.

“Still didn’t catch that, John.”

“Buurrrk… Baaaawk, buk-buk-buk. Ahem!” John coughs, his arms flopping around beside him as his fists stay anchored into his armpits. “BUUUK! B-b-b-b-bawk bawk!” John furrows his brow as he tries to move freely, but he just keeps banging his meat into his boss’s bunghole while clucking. “Baaaawk, bawk bawk bawk bawk?” His mind is intact, but he can’t control himself otherwise. “Bkkkk… PUK-GWAaaak?”

“Mff! Ooff, ahh-hahh, mmmhhh” Jack just moans as his anus massages around at rod “Get it now, Cumdumpster?”


“If I wanted to, I could have you parade around the whole building naked — like I did with Harrison.” Jack holds up and snaps his fingers, “Now when I snap my fingers, you are going to feel as if you just laid a massive egg.”


“BAAAWWK! B-GAAWWK!!” John yelps and crows out while his arms flap wildly as he feels a hardcord explosion ignite from his asshole!

“Ohh! Oh fuck yes! FUCK!” Jack yelps and moans out as John’s ‘egg’ makes him rail his ass even harder. His body jerks and moves as as John’s meat bangs hard into him. “Again.”


“BOOORRRKKK!” John’s pelvis lurches forward again as his anus feels another invisible bomb shoot out of him like a very slow cannon blast into an imaginary nest. His fists bury and shove into his underarms as as his elbows rocket and shoot like a crazed bird! “BAWK! BAaaawwwWWK!” His hips fuck Jack even harder as his brain makes him believe that he just laid an ostrich-sized egg while his body is still clapping Jack’s ass. “Buk-buk-buk-BUH-KEEKKK!”

“God I love hypnosis…” Jack checks the time and winces “Ooh, but we need to wrap this up.” He holds up his hand again “Now act like a needy little gay tween fucking his ‘Daddy’ until you cum in my ass”


“O-Ohhh!” John then goes down and wraps his arms around Jack and hugs him right. “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!” He whines as he moans passionately as his hips piston rapidly into Jack’s rump. Both men grunt and irk as John’s pace goes crazy fast as he rails on his boss as fast as he can.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!” Jack grunts as his whole body jerks from the force of his ass getting jammed with that hard pole.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my cock, ohhh! Daddyyyyy!” John squeals with a horny lust as he clutches onto Jack’s polyester chest as his boxers get sweaty from drilling into him, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cuuuuum!”

“Here,” Jack reaches forward and gets a solid gold buttplug with a glittering ruby on the end, “Shove this in my hole when you pull out.”

“Yeeess Daddyyy!” John takes it as he goes faster “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Here I cum! Here I CUM! OHHHHH!” John then shoves his cock deep into that crack as his manhood flexes harshly as it starts gushing.

“Ohhhhffffuuuuuuck” Jack moans as he feels that flood of hot thick love inside his hole. His eyes flutter closed as that penis inside of him spews out the sperm right into his hot hole.

Obediently, John carefully slides his spent rod out of Jack’s hole, and then strategically pushed the buttplug into it before a single drop of white gravy could slip out, pushing until the genuine gemstone was nestled right into that crack.

“Now” Jack gets ready to snap, “Dress me up.” SNAP

“Yessir” Before he could even answer, John’s body was already going to the wet briefs on the floor, his dripping cock drooping and dangling from the slit of his boxers.

“Not kaçak casino with those, dummy.” Jack jested, “I have some fresh underwear in my desk.”

“Oh yessir.” John smiles as he goes around and opens a drawer and fished out some snazzy red briefs. He goes to his boss and lets those shoed feet into the whole and takes a moment to gaze at Jack’s chubby member. Both hands go to roll and caress those fat nuts and stroke a finger affectionately along the skin of that thick yet short member “Ohhhh I do so love your penis, Jack…” He mumbles as he kisses the moist head of Jack’s manhood.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t cum yet” Jack laughed, “I get so wrapped up in getting railed. Here”


“Suck my cock and don’t stop until you’re swallowing my cum.”

“Yessiaallmp!” John irks as his mouth is already schlorping around that meat mid-sentence and bobbing up and down.

“Awww yeah… Mmmmm… Goooood boooy” Jack moans as he rocks his hips and reaches down to pull his underpants over his bottom while his balls dangle on the waistband, moaning and flexing his buns to tighten his sphincter’s hold around the thick plug in there. “Yeeaahh… Can’t wait to show you to my nephew… He’s gonna go nuts.”

“Mmmllghh… Mrrmm” John just mindlessly polishes that penis with his tongue and mouth.

“My nephew’s gonna love it. He’s going to walk into my suite, expecting a small party with his peers. Then you walk in like Brendan Fraser — skimpy loincloth, long brown hair, shiny muscles, holding an entire bunch of bananas.”

“Mmmmgglllk” John deepthroats and buries his face into Jack’s thick bush.

“Awww yeah… Gonna make you into a total slut version of Tarzan. He is going to love having his own horny butt monkey all on his own…”

Mr Cumdumpster isn’t even listening. Right now, having this savory dong storming his maw, tickling the back of his throat with the thick log, tasting the precum is sheer heaven. This is even better than his honeymoon with his actual wife.

“Ooh, there we go, there we go, oof, oof oh yes” Jack gently holds onto John’s hair and humps is face while the buttplug squirms around his cum-filled anus “Oh, oh, oh fuck, it’s coming, it’s coming…” He tenses and erects his back as he shoves John into his crotch and finally drops torrent “OHHHhhh yeeeesss. Oh fffffffuuuuck yeeeessss”

John irks as his cheeks puff as his mouth suddenly fills with salty milk. His eyes cross as he feels his throat work itself over on its own and swallowing his first taste of another man’s cum. His lips squish around that spasming member as he gulps down Jack’s semen and just nurse it until his mouth finishes polishing off Jack’s potent protein.

John then tucks Jack’s loose nuts into the red underwear and gives that softening penis one last kiss before putting it away. He smiles and nuzzle Jack’s package. “Mmmm… I love your fat cock, Jack…”

“And he loves you too, you cum-guzzling breeder.” Jack chuckles as John pulls up Jack’s pants and even closes up the buckle for him. “Now. Isn’t there someone else you need to kiss-goodbye?”


Jack smirks as he turns around, arches his back, and presents his rump “You’re forgetting about me!”

“Awww, how could I forget my best girl?” John swoons as he pets Jack’s bum, and plants a kiss right on the crack.

“Oh come on, you can do better than that” Jack snickers “I’m your boss’s butt! Kiss me like we’re in porno!”

“Woof, you got it, baby.” John gives a charismatic grin as he takes Jack by the hips and plants his face right in there.

“MMMMffffff…” Jack bites his lip and his toes curl in his shoes as feeling John lick and bite into his clothed booty sends him quietly reeling all over again “God if I was younger, I’d so be hard and loaded again right now…” He mumbles as he gropes himself.

John moans passionately as he drags his tongue in circles onto Jack’s seat. He squelches his lips and gnaws hungrily on either cheek and nuzzles his nose into Jack’s asscrack and twirls his tongue firmly into it.

He just smooches and makes out with Jack’s butt for a whole minute before he smiles and giggles, nudging his nose into the rear and giving one last peck on the right bun, then the left cheek, and one right in the crack. He lovingly pulls up Jack’s pants and works to buckle up his belt even from behind, snoofing and breathing in Jack’s rump the whole time before those trousers are firmly in place.

“Gotta go now. I’ll see you later and you can give me more of that hot sugar my way, babe.” John seduces as he strokes and rubs Jack’s behind more thoroughly.

“Oh yes you fuckin will.” Jack moans and snickers. He looks over his shoulder just as John was standing up on his feet.



John’s face falls dormant again as his arms hang on either side of him again as his eyes gloss over and his mouth goes ajar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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