Beyond the Ordinary – Into the Wind

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Ava Addams

They all began with a knock on the door. This one would be no different.

Jenna was nearest the door, but she had to slip on a T-shirt to cover her bare breasts, enjoying being topless when at home. It was a dark blue shirt, and so, not see-through. Still, the imprint of her hard nipples in the material left no doubt. A look through the peephole gave her a familiar surprise and reduced the T-shirt issue to insignificance. She quickly pulled open the door. “Brianna! What a pleasant surprise! Come in.”

“Hello, Jenna. How are you?”

When Ron heard the name, he came to the door. “Hi, Brianna. Where’s Bret?” She was still a breathtakingly beautiful woman, and he fondly remembered the times spent on their sailboat.

But the sad look on her face did not foretell of happy news.

Brianna followed the couple in. She was alone and was carrying two square boxes, each about a foot square and maybe four inches deep. “These are heavy,” she said.

“Let me get them for you,” Ron offered.

Readily relinquishing her load, Brianna said, “You asked where Bret was. He’s in those boxes.”

Stunned, that caused Ron to almost drop them, but he held on.

To the questioning expressions, Brianna explained, “Bret passed away four days ago.”

Jenna immediately hugged her. “Oh, Brianna, we’re so sorry. What happened?”

“You might recall that he wasn’t in the best of health. He had a heart attack and, well, didn’t survive it.”

Jenna walked her to the sofa and the two women sat.

Assuming the boxes were filled with Bret’s ashes, Ron wondered what he should do with them. He didn’t want to seem irreverent, but Brianna was right; they were strangely heavy.

“You can set those down anywhere,” Brianna said. So, Ron reverently placed the boxes on the dining table. “He wanted to be cremated, which was actually a relief because I don’t know where I would have buried him.” Then their friend started laughing. “I don’t know what I expected his ashes to be in when I picked them up this morning, but it certainly wasn’t plain boxes.”

Jenna and Ron glanced at one another not knowing what to say or do. Of course, the question on their minds was what had brought her here.

“As you know, neither of us had any family,” Brianna went on. “So, there was no reason to have a service. Even though we have some friends who would have come, I just didn’t feel like having to endure a somber service and listen to people . . . and, well, you know, just didn’t want to go through that.”

“Don’t blame you,” Ron agreed for lack of anything better to say.

“Aside from wanting to be cremated, his only other wish was for his ashes to be spread in the big lake that he loved sailing in. So, to answer the question that I’m sure is on both of your minds, I’m here because, Ron, you are the only other person I know that knows how to sail. So, I came here to ask if you and Jenna would take us on one last cruise on our sailboat to fulfill my husband’s wishes.”

Bret and Brianna had been Jenna’s neighbors in her previous life. They had been very fond of her but couldn’t stand her ex-husband. When her marriage ended, Jenna moved into an apartment and lost touch with them. When Ron and Jenna started dating, Ron would visit Jenna on weekends, and on one of those, they ran into Bret at the marina and he invited them to go sailing with he and his wife. It was an exciting overnight trip. Brianna and Jenna were close in age, but Bret was older. As such, and with his poor health, their sex life was virtually nothing. On that weekend sail, Bret allowed Brianna to engage in a threesome with Ron and Jenna since he couldn’t accommodate his wife. Brianna enjoyed it so much that there were a couple more such weekends until Jenna moved in with Ron and she again lost touch with her friends.

Glancing at the boxes on the table, Ron didn’t see how he could refuse. Jenna gave a barely perceptible nod of agreement.

“Of course, we’d be happy to,” Ron said.

“Oh, thank you so much,” a relieved Brianna said. “You have no idea how much I appreciate this and how much Bret would have.”

“It’s our pleasure,” Jenna added. “When did you want to go?”

“I waited until the weekend so you wouldn’t have to take off work,” Brianna said. “I’ve had the marina prepare the boat, so it will be ready when we are.”

“Tomorrow is Saturday, so that will be perfect,” Ron agreed.

“Wonderful. And now, I have another question. Do you know a good lawyer?”

“As a matter of fact, we do.”

* * *

After brief explanation, Tim, Rhonda and Corinne were able to come right over. Brianna needed an attorney to handle succession. As a divorce lawyer, that was a little outside of Tim’s expertise, although he could have handled it, but Corinne was well equipped to handle such a matter. Bret had a will—a copy of which Brianna had brought with her—that left everything to his wife, so the female attorney didn’t see any issues in a smooth settlement. ankara escort bayan

Once the business of succession was out of the way, all were able to relax. They sent out for Chinese food, opened a couple of bottles of wine and planned the cruise. Brianna invited, the lawyers and Rhonda to come along and they all accepted. Jenna invited Brianna to spend the night and they would all get up early, drive down to the shore and set sail right away. Ron performed a quick check of the weather and found that conditions would be a good for sailing.

Rhonda offered to do the provisioning, so she, Tim and Corinne left after dinner to stop at the grocery for food and drink for the trip.

Jenna and Brianna sat on the sofa. Ron poured each another glass of wine, and then went to clean up the kitchen. Brianna took a deep breath and let out a big sigh.

“Are you okay?” Jenna asked.

“I am now,” the other woman said. “I was stressing over spreading the ashes and the will. Now, that those things will be taken care of, I can finally relax. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m glad you came to us,” Jenna said.

“I didn’t want to be alone. I don’t look forward to being alone.”

“You and Bret were very special to me and I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch.”

“Well, you were starting a new life in a new city. I don’t blame you.” Brianna smirked. “But I will confess to missing the good times we had on the boat.”

Though she didn’t say it, Jenna was certain her friend was referring to the threesomes they’d had. “Yes, that was a lot of fun.”

“We’ve had no other friends that I’ve been able to, you know, share . . . special times with.”

“You’re being awfully coy, Brianna,” Jenna noted. “Are you saying there is another reason you came to us?”

Nervously, hesitantly, Brianna nodded. “Sailing and legal help wasn’t all I thought of you and Ron for.”

With a warm smile, Jenna turned toward her old friend and slowly moved her face closer until their lips met. Brianna kissed back hungrily. “Is that what you were referring to?”

Again, Brianna nodded.

They kissed again. Jenna cupped Brianna’s face while Brianna put her arms around Jenna. Brianna quickly shed any apprehension she’d had now knowing that Jenna was willing to fulfill her desperate need. Brianna could see Jenna’s nipples poking through the material of her T-shirt, so she used her thumbs to rub the tips. That lasted only seconds before Jenna lifted her shirt up and off. The other woman’s lips were drawn to the pointed nipples, sucking one and then the other.

It was then Jenna’s turn to unbutton and remove both Brianna’s shirt and bra. She reciprocated by sucking her friend’s tits. Brianna’s sigh was one of longing.

Finally, Jenna suggested, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

“What about Ron?”

Grinning, Jenna said, “We’ll leave him a trail!”

The two women arose, and Jenna led the other to their bedroom, bringing the clothes they had removed and dropping them on the floor along the way. Jenna undid her shorts and let them drop to the floor as she walked. She stepped out of them and left them where they were. Getting the idea, Brianna giggled and did likewise. By the time the women reached the bed, they had only panties on.

Laying the other woman down on her back, Jenna crawled onto the bed, spread Brianna’s legs and slid her panties off. She then got into position to eat her friend’s pussy.

Brianna was nearly crying. “Oh, you have no idea how much I’ve needed this.”

“Then enjoy.” Jenna used her best cunnilingus techniques on Brianna, who came in a shuddering climax almost right away. When it finally passed, the woman was crying.

Jenna rolled her onto her side and spooned her, running and arm under her neck and caressing her hip with her other hand. “It’s okay, sweetie. Let it all out.”

“I’m sorry. That just felt so good.”

“No need to apologize.”

Ron entered a few moments later, unaware of the brief exchange, only seeing his girlfriend snuggled to their naked friend, and assumed they were about to get into it. He decided to join in. He quickly stripped off all his clothes, eased into bed behind Jenna and spooned her, placing kisses on her neck and shoulder. He kissed his way down to her hips, and then gently pulled her panties off. She squirmed to assist. He lifted her upper leg to expose her pussy so he could taste it. Hers was always the sweetest. When he had her good and wet, he got back into position to slide his cock into her velvety hole.

When Jenna started moaning, Brianna slowly turned over to see. She grinned, so Ron reached over to caress her nearest breast. Jenna then extended her hand to massage Brianna’s other boob.

“I was hoping it would come to this,” Brianna said.

That was Ron’s cue to slide his hand down to Brianna’s pussy. She spread her leg slightly to give him better access, moaning her delight. She turned her head to Jenna so the two could ankara bayan escort mash their lips together.

When Brianna sat up for a better view, Ron rolled his girlfriend onto her back and sat on his haunches to re-enter her. Jenna reached up to play with her friend’s tit while Ron took a turn with Jenna’s lips. Without missing a thrust, Ron leaned over to kiss Brianna’s sweet lips.

“Mmm-hmm,” the woman purred.

Jenna’s hand found its way down to Brianna’s pussy which was very wet with desire. Brianna twisted enough to reciprocate on Jenna’s clit while also allowing a finger to touch Ron’s pumping cock. With their lips still joined, Ron’s hand joined Jenna’s between their friend’s legs. He slid his middle finger in.

“Oh, yes!” Brianna cried. “But I really wish that was your cock.”

So, Ron pulled out of Jenna and knee-walked sideways to take aim at Brianna’s juicy pussy. She slouched into the same position Jenna had been in as she watched Ron grab hold of his beautifully hard and glistening rod and guide it into her desperate snatch.

“Oh, oh, oh. Yes, yes, yes!” she wailed.

Ron fucked her slowly as Jenna sucked and caressed her breasts. There was a look of contentment on Brianna’s face like nothing they had ever seen. She wasn’t audibly crying, but a few tears did stream down her cheeks.

Seeing that, Jenna cupped Brianna’s chin and pressed their lips together. Ron dipped in for a kiss, first to Brianna, and then to Jenna, and back to Brianna. Jenna reached down to rub Brianna’s clit, and when her boyfriend’s cock slipped out, she sucked it, lathering it up for reinsertion. She loved the taste of the other woman’s pussy on it.

For Brianna, the feel of Ron’s magnificent cock in her pussy was heaven on Earth. It had been so long since she’d had a good fucking, she thought she’d go out of her mind. Wanting it to last a long time, she was both excited and disappointed when she felt the pangs of orgasm building again. For so long she had been deprived that her body was desperate for the intense pleasure of climax. Her body jerked with each spasm as the euphoria washed over her. “Oh, my!” She reached up and pulled Ron down, wrapping her arms around him and holding on tight. To her delight, the orgasm lasted a long time and her vagina was contracting so hard she feared crushing the instrument of pleasure that was inside of her. Finally, it passed like a wave in the ocean and she was left huffing and puffing. A moment later, she started laughing.

Jenna and Ron glanced at each other with some concern, but seeing that, Brianna quickly said, “I’m fine. I’m just so happy right now. You have no idea. This wasn’t just sexual relief, it was the release of a lot of emotion.” Looking to the ceiling, she added, “Sorry, Bret. I know I’m supposed to wait a while, but I just couldn’t.”

“I’m sure he would approve,” Jenna said. “You know how he enjoyed watching us.”

Ron’s cock was losing its erection and pulled out of Brianna by default.

Sitting up, Brianna pushed Ron onto his back, and the two women hovered over him, sucking his dick back to life. Brianna had the top of his shaft in her mouth while Jenna sucked his balls. If that wasn’t one of the great pleasures of life, he didn’t know what was. There was nothing like having two mouths on him. When Jenna took over sliding her lips on his rod, he sat up so that his lips and Brianna’s could have some action.

With his cock now heavily coated in saliva, Jenna was ready to have it inside of her. She pushed her boyfriend back supine and mounted him cowgirl. Brianna moved behind Jenna, fondling Ron’s balls as her friend bounced.

The way Brianna was playing with Ron’s cock and balls gave Jenna the sense she wanted him inside her again. Knowing how desperate her friend was, Jenna moved forward, planting her pussy on her boyfriend’s mouth. As he tongued her hole, she felt Brianna quickly move to take over the vacated dick. Jenna then rotated around so the two women were facing each other in the classic threesome triangle. They kissed as best they could with Brianna bouncing up and down and played with each other’s tits.

Ron did a great job licking his girlfriend’s pussy and brought her to a satisfying orgasm. Nothing earth-shattering as Brianna had had, but enough to keep her happy for a while. But Brianna still had so many pent-up climaxes waiting to escape that she came in another trembling, shivering orgasm.

Jenna rolled off Ron’s face onto her back, and once she came down, Brianna extricated herself falling onto her side with her head coming to rest on her friend’s chest. Ron saw a golden opportunity since he was ready to come by rising onto his knees and aiming his cock at the women’s faces.

“Yes, give it to us,” Brianna urged.

Brianna eased her face forward, Ron jerked his cock until the first couple of jets splattered Brianna’s lips and nose. He then leaned back a bit and aimed his spurting rod at Jenna’s face hitting her mouth and chin ankara escort bayanlar with several beads of cum, and finally letting the last few drops fall where they may.

Grinning at each other, the two women kissed and licked the sperm off each other.

Afterward, they laid side by side at the head of the bed with Ron in the middle.

“I hope you guys don’t think this was irreverent of me,” Brianna said. “What with Bret just—”

“Who are we to pass judgment?” Jenna offered.

They remained in silent bliss until one by one they fell asleep.

* * *

“You guys had a party without us!” Rhonda exclaimed loudly to awaken the still sleeping Ron, Jenna and Brianna. Of course, the three were still nude and had obviously overslept. Ron’s sister still had a key to his apartment from when she temporarily lived with he and Jenna. When no one answered the door, she used her key to gain access, assuming they were still sleeping.

All three awoke with a start.

“What time is it?” Ron asked groggily.

“Seven,” Rhonda replied.

“Oh, shit. We were supposed to be leaving by now.”

“Where’s Brianna?” Corrine asked, entering the bedroom. Seeing the three still in bed naked, she added, “Oh. Late night.”

Brianna drew the sheet up to cover her bare breasts.

“No need to be modest around us,” Rhonda told her. “None of us are strangers to each other.”

Sensing there was more to that statement, Brianna asked, “What exactly does that mean?”

“We’ve all, you know, been together,” Jenna explained.

Brianna frowned. “Do you mean you’ve all had sex together?”

Jenna and Rhonda both nodded.

“You’re Ron’s sister,” Brianna said pointing to Rhonda. “Tim is your boyfriend and Corrine is his cousin and you’ve all had sex together?” She asked for clarification.

Again, the two women nodded as Ron walked into the bathroom.

Still frowning, Brianna tried to imagine the five of them together. Slowly, her frown changed to a big grin. “Well, hell, why didn’t you invite me?”

Jenna and Rhonda started laughing.

“I think we should plan on sleeping aboard tonight,” Brianna suggested. “Lot of fun to be had.”

“We only packed a change of clothes,” Corrine noted. “Nothing for overnight.”

“Honey, you won’t need anything!”

The women all went into the bathroom, Brianna shedding her modesty, and found Ron already in the shower. Jenna and Brianna joined him, and when they told him of the new overnight plans, there was less urgency for them to depart. Tim found his way into the bathroom, and with the three clothed people chatting casually with the three showering as though it was the most normal thing, Brianna knew it was going to be a good day.

Rhonda was hoping to see a little fooling around in the shower, but the three kept it to business.

Within an hour of stepping out of the shower, they were on the road. Jenna drove Brianna’s car and Corrine rode with them so they could discuss aspects of the succession. Ron, Rhonda and Tim took Ron’s SUV.

The drive took a little over an hour. Ron was pleased to see that the 44-foot Catalina Morgan was in excellent condition and had been well taken care of. When they opened her up, on the dinette was a work order outlining the work that had been done. He was glad to see that the hull had been scraped, all the halyards and sheets had been inspected, as had the electric winches, stays and shrouds. All fluids had been changed on the motor, as well as the old diesel was drained from the tanks and fully replaced. Within thirty minutes of their arrival, they were motoring out of the marina.

The wind was moderate enough that Ron hoisted both the mainsail and the genoa. Neither Tim nor Corrine had been sailing before, and both instantly fell in love with it. Rhonda had only been a couple of times years before when Ron had his own smaller sailboat.

With the sails up, Brianna went below to change into a bikini. Jenna had brought a couple of hers for Rhonda and Corinne, and Brianna had extras, so the other women followed suit. Once they were no longer in sight of land, and with no other boats around, Brianna took off her top. “This is one of my favorite parts about sailing.”

Jenna had already been in the process of removing her top, knowing that Brianna typically did so over open water. It didn’t take long for Rhonda to do the same. And having learned to expect anything from this group, Corrine bared her breasts also.

Everyone settled down for the cruise. Brianna and Rhonda went below to stow the food and drink but could be seen from the open hatch. Jenna and Corinne sat on the benches on either side of the cockpit enjoying the sun.

Sitting beside Ron at the helm, Tim mused, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this . . . I mean, I never would have before Rhonda came along, but is this a cruise to heaven? Here we are with four gorgeous, topless women; does it get any better than this?”

With a chuckle, Ron said, “No, I don’t think it does. And, yeah, my nymphomaniac sister has had an effect on you.”

“She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her. How’s it going with Corinne?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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