Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 04

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I’d love to have your FEEDBACK or COMMENTS on what you like and what you don’t. It’s knowing that someone actually reads my work that inspires me to keep writing. After submitting the original two part story I am adding chapters because all the feedback I received said you were waiting for the next installment!

Chapter 04: Patty

After working my night shift until 4 am I caught a few hours of sleep, and when I got up I found a note on the door window.






Well, I knew K was Kelly. The rest was pretty much a mystery. Maybe my pool. Someone I need to entertain, or at least host? Oh well, I trusted Kelly. It looked like a hot day anyhow, so I decided I had better put on my suit and see if someone was there.

I swung open the gate to the pool and at first didn’t see a thing. But once I looked around to the end of the enclosure I saw the answer to at least part of the puzzle. There was a woman, face up and apparently sound asleep on a chaise which she had tucked into the corner that was in the deep shade, out of the sun. And what a sight! A forest of blazing red hair and a pinkish, freckled body covered only with the orange and black tiger striped bikini she wore. I was so surprised I forgot and let go of the door, which was spring loaded and closed suddenly with a loud whack. She woke with a start, head flying off the cushion, and she looked right at me, as I stood there mesmerized and looking rather foolish.

She took a deep breath and said, “You’re Ron, I hope.”

I walked over and replied, “Uhhuh, that’s me. Kelly left me a note that someone was here, but not much else.”

As I neared her chair she put out her hand, and I thought she wanted to shake hands, but when I grasped it she pulled herself up off the chaise, and stood next to me. “I’m Patty Shane,” she said and went on tiptoes and kissed my cheek. With a big smile she added, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m here.”

By now I had realized that despite the rather unique look, she was gorgeous, a short little bundle of freckled curves. She couldn’t have been more than 5′ 3″ or so, but with a full bust and hips, and a firm flat stomach and small waist in between. When she stood, the hair formed a wild thatch of unruly red curls that fell easily a foot behind her shoulders. “Very glad to meet you Patty, and if you’re a friend of Kelly’s you’re certainly welcome here!”

I could see her relax, and she put both hands on my shoulders and reached up to kiss me again on the cheek. As she did, I felt her full breasts under the bikini brush against my chest. “Kelly told me you are a good friend,” she said. “I see she’s right. Some people might not be so happy with a stranger showing up in their yard. Kelly invited me to come visit after she moved here, but she hadn’t realized I had moved out of town. The other day I called and told her I was coming to see the family and she asked me to spend a day with her. But when I got here this morning, she had a toothache and an emergency appointment with the dentist. So she told me to just “make myself at home” at the pool and she’d see me whenever she got back. That was a couple of hours ago and I’ve had my cell on, but haven’t heard anything from her yet.”

“Ouch! I didn’t see her yesterday, and I had no idea anything was wrong. But don’t worry, knowing Kelly, you would have ended up at the pool anyhow, and I don’t mind a bit. I just hope she’s ok. Do you have everything you need?”

“Well, I do now,” she said. “I was getting lonely out here, but since you have your trunks on I assume you intend to stay a while?”

“Sure,” I said, liking the idea of spending time with this little beauty. “It’s a hot day already and going to get hotter. Perfect day for the pool.”

“Before I dozed off I was thinking going for a swim. Would you like to take a dip with me?” she asked. I noticed that she was looking right at me and giving me the once-over. I hoped she liked what she saw, because I knew I did. As for a dip with her, well …

“Sounds great,” I said, “let’s go!” With that, I turned and trotted to the pool edge and dove in, gliding underwater until I reached the opposite side. I stood and turned around just in time to see her jump from the edge, but when she re-surfaced she gave a little high-pitched squeal of surprise. A moment later I saw her throw something up onto the pool deck. Concerned that something had happened, I quickly swam over to her and said, “You ok?”

When she bounced on her toes and turned to face me I got a hell of a surprise. She had a grin from ear to ear, and she giggled, “I’m just fine, but I hope you don’t mind. I’m topless! When I jumped in, the water caught my top and pulled it right over my head. It was tangled in my hair.” For emphasis, she gave another little bounce, and out of the water came the most perfect pair of pink breasts I had ever seen!

I know she was watching as the expression on my face changed from one of amazement to one of sheer delight. I felt like I was drooling. “I certainly ankara moldovyalı escortlar don’t mind if you don’t,” I grinned. “And by the way, they’re beautiful!”

“Oooooo, thank you!” she said with a big smile. But it was what she did next that floored me. She went up on her toes again and cupped both breasts in her hands lifting them clear of the water, holding them for my inspection. And when she released them, she grasped the tips of both nipples with her fingertips and pulled, instantly making them hard, long and pointy. Then, she did it again, with a giggle, for emphasis!

“Mmmmmmmmm, the water makes them so hard. That feels good! But I’ll bet it’s even better when someone else does it. Would you like to try?”

I was so dumbfounded I couldn’t say anything, but she immediately moved towards me, and when she was close enough, my hands reached out of their own accord and cupped those gorgeous, heavy, round, smooth, wet, pink breasts. And then my fingertips caught the hard tips and squeezed and pulled. She gasped, closed her eyes and threw her head back, arching into my hands.

She moved even closer as she said, “Ahhhhhhh, see? I was right! That feels much better!”

I wasn’t sure I was the one to judge that for her, but I replied, “Mmmmmmmmm, they sure feel great to me!”

The next thing I felt was another surprise. Her hand, underwater, suddenly brushed over my freshly hardened cock, then grasped and squeezed. “Oh my! Someone else thinks it feels nice, too!” she said in mock surprise.

That brought me out of my state of shock. Fully comprehending the situation, my hands moved to her hips and pulled her against me. Then I slid my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her straight up until we were face to face. She put her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist as my lips found hers and ground against them. Her lips were wide open as my tongue slid into her mouth, searching for hers. I squeezed and rubbed her ass in my hands as she ground her body against mine, moaning into my mouth all the while. She was so short that her pussy was grinding against my belly instead of my cock, as I would have preferred, but all that bare skin still felt wonderful. When our lips parted for a moment I said, “You’re right, your breasts do feel much better with someone else touching them!” She giggled and squirmed against me as I kissed the side of her neck, and gasped when I nibbled on her ear lobe. When I closed my lips over hers again she tightened her arms around me and crushed her breasts into my chest.

She was mostly supporting herself with both arms and legs, so I was able to slide my hands down over her firm round ass and along the bottom of her thighs. That allowed my fingertips to trail across soft smooth skin inside them. When our lips parted again she gasped breathlessly, “Kelly told me you’re a really nice guy and she thought I’d like you. So far, she’s right!”

Well Kelly had only mentioned Patty’s name to me, but I had come to trust her judgment on such things, and if she had sent Patty over to my pool, I was sure Kelly thought I would like her, too. Right on, neighbor! Patty was making it pretty clear she was willing to be good friends.

I let her down again, to stand on the bottom of the pool, and she pressed against me as we ran our hands over each other. My hands ran back up from her smooth bare ass along her sides, until I could slip them between us and find those gorgeous breasts again. As I squeezed and kneaded, weighing them in my hands, I felt her hands run down my chest and stop when they got to my swim trunks. She started to slip her fingers under the waistband, but, frustrated, said, “We don’t really need this, do we?” and instead, used both hands to push the suit down over my hips. When she got it far enough, my iron-hard erection sprang free and pressed against her stomach. She immediately grasped me in both hands, and turned her face up to me with a big smile. “See, this is much better!” she giggled.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh.” was all I could reply, almost in pain from the pleasure.

She was lightly stroking my cock with both hands like she had found a new toy, and I wanted desperately to get my mouth on those rock hard red nipples, but the water was too deep, and they were underwater. Reading my mind, I think, she said, “This water is kind of cool, why don’t we go sunbathe for a while?”

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her over to the ladder, while she gave out with a playful screech and kicked her feet in the water. On the way I lost the trunks. She was right; we didn’t need them at all. I lifted her up for another kiss and then positioned her to climb the ladder. As she grabbed the railing and started up, I grasped the little ties on the side of her bikini bottom and pulled, ending up with it in my hand as she pulled away. The view I got as she climbed, head turned back to look at me with a big grin, left me breathless.

As she stepped off the hot concrete deck onto the grass, she stopped and pulled her very wet ankara ukraynalı escortlar red hair over her left shoulder, starting to wring some of the water out of it. I took the opportunity to step up behind her and wrap my arms around her, catching a breast in each hand and kissing the back of her neck at the right shoulder where she had pulled the hair away. With a combination of a gasp and a moan she pressed back against me, trapping my hard cock between her cheeks, and at the same time, arched forward, pressing her breasts into my hands.

The hair was forgotten as I kissed up and down her neck and nibbled her ear. My fingertips found the swollen rubbery tips they had been seeking, grasping them gently and rubbing, squeezing, pulling and rolling. Every new touch elicited a little cry or gasp from her, and she was writhing against me. That only served to make my hard cock even harder. I was shaking with excitement, and finally spun her around, and bent my head to kiss her again. Our lips locked and tongues fought as our bodies ground against each other. My arms held her locked against me as I slowly kissed down her chin and across her shoulder, and I loved the little sounds she was making constantly as my lips and tongue, little by little, moved lower.

Suddenly I gasped as I felt her fingers gently curl around my cock once more. As I continued to kiss my way over her body her hand slowly stroked the length of my shaft, and it was my turn to gasp. She had a wonderful touch that was slowly but surely setting me afire! I was moaning softly against her skin as my lips slid over her smoothness.

When I felt the beginning of the curve of one of those plump pink breasts, my tongue licked slowly around its circumference, lips imparting little nips and kisses all along the way. I nuzzled into her cleavage and felt the warmth on my cheeks. No longer able to resist, I raised my lips to hers for one more kiss, then bent and slowly slipped them over the waiting swollen red tip. She moaned, her head went back and her hand tightened around my cock, stroking harder as the warmth and wetness of my mouth engulfed her. My lips closed around it and I sucked hard as my tongue first teased, then swirled, then ground against the rough hard nub. Both of us were breathing heavily, and her moans became louder and longer. I was trembling from the excitement of unexpectedly having that amazing body in my grasp and from her grasp on me.

Knowing I wanted lots more, I scooped her up in my arms and laid her on the shaded chaise, her ass at the bottom edge of the cushion. I knelt next to her, our lips and tongues locked together as I ran my hands over her. One hand clutched a breast, kneading, teasing and squeezing, and the other slid down over her flat stomach.

When my Palm felt her smooth mound with its little thatch of hair, she pulled her lips from mine and her head went back as she let loose a long slow moan. I moved my lips down to that luscious breast and sucked in the nipple, grinding my tongue against it as my fingers lightly explored her pussy. I stroked the outside of her lips up and down, then slipped a finger in the crease between them, finding it filled with her nectar, and it quickly opened for me as I rubbed up and down with her slippery juices.

Her body was squirming on the chaise, and she was making little mewing sounds. Her hips had begun to churn and her pussy was slowly undulating under my hand. Her legs were spread wide, and I quickly moved to the bottom of the chaise, running my hands up and down her thighs. I grasped one calf and lifted her leg to my shoulder, so I could kiss and nibble on the inside of her thigh. My tongue and lips slowly slid higher, and I could smell the scent of her waiting sex. I put my hands on her hips and as I leaned closer she felt my breath and moaned, “Oh yes, oh god, please!”

Obliging, I kissed her swollen mound in the middle of the little bush of reddish hair, burying my nose in it. I pressed my tongue between her lips and slowly slid down, lapping up the overflowing juices. Her hips started bucking, pressing her pussy into my face, and I kissed and licked and teased her lips as I sucked them into my mouth. I slipped my hands underneath her firm round ass and lifted as I buried my face between her legs, my tongue sliding deep into her as I drank the reservoir of creamy juices. My tongue swirled inside her as I ground my face against her delicious pussy.

“Oh fuck that’s good! Oh I love it! Eat me Ron!” she gasped out in between moans. Her hips were pumping harder and faster and her cries got louder and higher. Suddenly, she lifted off the chaise and ground against my face as an orgasm pulsed through her body. I continued licking, kissing and tonguing until she settled back, breathing with ragged gasps.

I stood and leaned down over her, covering her body with mine as I kissed her hard and deep and she tasted herself on my lips and face. My cock was pressing against her stomach and I felt her hand grasp and squeeze hard. She began pulling and stroking it, making ankara minyon tipli escortlar me moan with pleasure. “Switch!” she whispered when our lips parted.

I rolled off her and she slipped off the chair, kneeling beside it. I took her place and lay back as her hand grasped me again. She was stroking up and down my length as she leaned over, kissing me on the lips and grinding her mouth against mine as her tongue explored. Those gorgeous breasts were pressed against my chest, the hard nipples scratching little trails of pleasure as she moved against me.

She slowly kissed her way down over my chest, her hand continuing to stroke my shaft as she flicked my nipples with her tongue. She slid her tongue down to my belly button and teased me, making little circles around it. I gasped and sucked in from the exquisite tickling sensation.

She shifted to the end of the chaise, between my legs, never letting go of my aching-hard cock. She gave me a wicked smile and licked across the top of my cock like an ice cream cone, her tongue gathering all the pre-cum that was running down it. I heard a contented purr as her lips engulfed my head and closed around its base. Her eyes closed as she sucked and licked to her heart’s content. Meanwhile, I was gasping and writhing on the chaise, hips bucking. She opened her eyes to watch me again as her lips slid slowly further down my shaft, till it reached the back of her mouth.

We stared at each other for a moment as her tongue ran up and down the length of it. Then she started bobbing up and down with short fast little strokes, her lips squeezing tightly. My head went back and my fingers dug into the cushion of the chaise as I moaned, struggling to endure the intense pleasure. She slowed again and pressed down as far as she could, sucking and licking once again. Then she slid very slowly up to the tip of my cock and licked it gently, over and over.

When she engulfed me again she did it very slowly, sliding all the way down, then all the way up, then half way again, just holding me in her mouth, lips squeezing. She had a big smile on her face as she played with me constantly, changing her rhythm, bringing me to the edge but never pushing me over. Even though she never took me really deep, it was a wonderful treatment.

After several minutes of one of the best blow jobs ever, I knew I couldn’t take it much longer. I sat up and ran my hands through that wonderful red hair, by now almost dry, and then grasped her under the arms. As she started to get up I pulled her over me so she ended up straddling my legs and the chaise, and I wrapped my arms around her. Squeezing her to me, I locked my lips on hers as our bodies ground together, both of us gasping and panting. Her pussy had my cock trapped against my stomach, and her hips were rolling, her pussy lips stroking it. I slid my hands down her back to her ass, pulling her against me even harder, and we ground against each other.

She lifted up and I used one hand to grasp my cock, holding it as she rubbed against the tip. When she found the spot she slid slowly down and she gasped out, “OH … that … feels … soooooooo good!” My moan of pure pleasure concurred with her.

She was so wet she went almost all the way down the first time, and the second she settled onto my legs with a grunt of pleasure, impaled on my rigid shaft. I leaned to her and we kissed long and hard as she slowly rotated her hips, my cock swirling inside of her. With her atop me, we were almost exactly face to face, and our eyes smiled at each other. She started lifting slowly, then dropping back down, just hard enough that it made a little “smack” when our bodies touched. Little by little she moved faster and pushed down harder, and I moved my hands to her hips, ramming her down on me as my hips lifted with every stroke.

Both of us were gasping and panting, sweating profusely even in the shade, in the hot, humid air. When she leaned back, holding me at arm’s length as she fucked me, I slid my hands up to her breasts, grasping and kneading them in time with our thrusts. Soon her little moans got louder and louder, and when my fingertips grasped her swollen nipples the moans became little cries.

I lay back on the chaise and she leaned over me, never losing a beat in her steady rhythm. I raised my legs, putting my feet on the grass and she pulled her knees up onto the cushion. Now she could ram herself down on me even harder, and I was able to drive up into her, meeting her thrusts. Her body glistened with sweat and she was bouncing with the impact, and the chaise was rocking back and forth.

When my fingertips found her nipples again I squeezed and pulled hard, and her eyes opened wide. A few more thrusts and she gasped out, “Oh FUCK! Damn you! That’s it!” and as she sat straight up, a tremendous orgasm ripped through her. She rammed herself down and ground her ass against me, her whole body bucking and shaking. The scream she let out was loud enough that I was glad Kelly was the closest neighbor! Finally, she collapsed forward on top of me, panting, gasping and moaning at the same time. When I put my arms around her she was as wet as when we got out of the pool, and my hands slid easily up and down her slippery back. Suddenly she giggled, and lifted her head a little. “Hi Ron, my name’s Patty and I’m VERY glad to meet you!”

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