Aunt Janet’s Hot Tub Ch. 03

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“Thank goodness you’re here,” declared Aunt Janet as she opened the door. She waved to my wife, Roxanne, as she was backing out the driveway. We had gotten a call from Aunt Janet that morning that the hot tub wasn’t working. She asked if I could come over and see if I could fix it. So here I was!

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing seems to work,” she replied.

So I went to see it and she was right. Dead in the water, so to speak. I went to check the electric box and the circuit breaker had tripped. I put it back on, and it was fixed! I was a genius.

“Billy, you saved me a house call and at least $100. How can I repay you? Let’s go inside and have a cup of coffee and figure that out.”

Once inside she never got to the coffee pot, when she slipped her hand up my cut off jeans and grabbed my prick. I guess she figured out payment!

Aunt Janet was on her knees and I dropped trow as fast as could be. She had a hold of my cock, stroking it in rhythm as her head bobbed up and down the shaft. I soon had my hands on the back of her head pushing my cock further into her mouth, when she finally took her hands off my cock and swallowed the whole thing. Here I was face fucking my newly found favorite aunt!

Aunt Janet finally disengaged, stood up and told me to strip. She took her own advice as well. She grabbed my cock and pulled me into the bedroom. I grabbed her from behind and turned her around. I planted a huge kiss on her lips as I started to fondle her D cups. Soon I was pulling at her nipples and they came alive, extending out a good half inch. My tongue quickly followed and I worked the whole nipple in and out of my mouth, sucking and then gently biting the nipple. Aunt Janet groaned with pleasure and told me “bite a bit harder.” I happily obliged as she squirmed beneath my mouth. I needed to get to her pussy so I jumped on the bed and told her to bury her face on my cock as I ate her pussy.

How sweet that was! Her pussy was sweet and clean. No hair at all. I worked my tongue all around her pussy lips as my fingers started to penetrate her hole. Her clit was huge. It stuck out from her pussy lips, begging to get played with. Soon I was sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy. My middle finger was all the way in, then I slid a second one in as well. She was groaning and cheering me on.

“Shove it in, suck my clit, you’re a bad boy.”

Then she told me “stick your finger in my ass!”

Using pussy juices I lubed up the middle finger on my other hand and started to play with her puckered anus.

“Stick it in,” she demanded.

Slowly I inserted my finger. Up to the first knuckle when I heard her tell me farther in. So in it went, buried as far as I could. Then I started to take it out and then jam it back in. She seemed to love this. I could feel my middle finger of my other hand in her pussy as I was finger fucking her ass.

Aunt Janet exploded with an orgasm, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming!”

Aunt Janet rolled off me and said that she had more plans for me. I thought perhaps there was something else to repair at her house, when she opened the drawer of the bed side table and pulled out a dildo.

“I want you to fuck me while this dildo is in my ass!”

She started stroking my cock as she pulled some Astroglide out of the drawer. Soon she had my cock all oiled up and then she got on all fours and presented her ass to me.

“Lube me up. This is half the fun!”

That bursa escort was all the encouragement I needed as I took a gob and started to work it onto her butt. Soon I was concentrating on her butt hole. Using more Astroglide I inserted one finger and then two. Aunt Janet’s butt was twitching as she asked for a third finger! Stretch my asshole good. Then I want your cock in my cunt. You can put your thumb in my ass to begin with. I followed instructions and was soon sliding my cock in and out her tight pussy with my thumb stuck in her butt.

“Pull out and stick that dildo in my ass!” So I did. The dildo was silver metallic with a bullet head. I ran it around her bung hole as Aunt Janet beseeched me to stick it in.

“I need that in my ass! Push it in but not too fast!”

Slowly I started to pierce that puckered starfish. Her asshole opened up to take the whole width and then I started to push it in deeper.

“Yes, yes. Deeper, deeper. Now stick your cock in my pussy again!”

The dildo was almost entirely in her ass, and I started to push my cock in her pussy. Wow, was it tight now. I could feel the dildo in her ass, and my cock got deeper and deeper.

“Fuck me, harder and deeper,” Aunt Janet cried out.

Stroke after stroke I could feel the pressure of the dildo on my cock and I wasn’t destined to last long.

“Shit, oh shit, spurt your cum inside me,” Aunt Janet implored.

About three more strokes did it and then Aunt Janet pulled away and started cleaning my prick with her tongue. All her pussy juice and my cum were being cleaned off very hungrily by her. Then she pulled me close and kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth.

“Your cum and my juices taste good don’t they.”

I agreed with her, but thought that I wasn’t sure I was ready to taste my own jism.

Meanwhile Aunt Janet was digging in my bedside table again. Out came some pasties.

“Pull on my nipples,” she commanded. When they were good and hard she slid the pasties over the nipples. She explained that they clamped on my nipples, just hard enough to be fun! Then she stood in front of me and started to swing the D cups in a sexy dance. Those tits were soft and hung down her chest some. I thought they were perfect! Soon her tits were swinging in a circle in unison. Suddenly she stopped and grabbed the dildo from the bed. She turned around and bent over. She spread her ass cheeks with her hands.

“Do you like the view?”

“And how,” I barely muttered as I was almost speechless. What a sight! Her pussy and butt hole fully exposed and a set of knockers hanging toward the ground from between her legs. And what was she going to do with that dildo?

The answer came quickly as she slid it in her pussy and then pulled it out and slid it in her ass. And then to her pussy and then to her ass. I sat there mesmerized with my erection in my hand and stroking up and down.

“My, you young guys have some stamina. Do you think you have any cum left? I’d like you to shoot some on my face.”

With that I started jerking in earnest and Aunt Janet kneeled in front of me as I let a spurt go onto her nose and eyes. She grabbed my appendage and sucked the rest out and then swallowed.

She beamed up at me and declared, “Now to the shower!”


Roxanne was a bit late arriving at her oldest and best friend’s house. She rang the door bell and Tara answered dressed in only a strap on.

“We started without bursa escort bayan you, Roxy!”

“I can see that.” I replied. Tara was a tall and slender Black woman. In high school she was a good basketball player. She still had that look, but her body had matured wonderfully now. Her boobs had become C cups. She had a short Afro, had trimmed her pubic hair so that only a small triangle remained. She looked good enough to eat, and I planned to do that later on.

“You should remember Chastity from high school. She was just getting ready to take my strap on when you arrived,” Tara said.

Chastity was shorter with blond streaked hair. She always reminded me of a cute pixie. But I knew that she was wild and crazy about all types of sex. She had small tits, large labia and was always ready for sex. I had heard that when she went to college she gave blowjobs to the football team one night. She spit their cum into a beer cup as she went from one to the next!

“And the fourth is Anne. She’s new to our group. She’s nice and I think you’ll like her.”

Anne was a bit heavy, but still had a nice figure. But it was hard to see because she had huge boobs. They had to fly around during sex. She would be fun to play with.

Tara immediately said, “Did you bring toys? I think we need to undress you Roxy.”

As Tara started to undo my shorts I told her that I had brought a couple of my favorite toys, including my new dildo.

“I have a new toy with me, a double ended dildo, one in the puss and the other in the butt. That should be a fun one to try,” I said.

I went right over to Chastity and started to lick her boobs. I circled her nipple with my tongue. Then I put my teeth on her nipple and gently bit down. As Chastity moaned, I increased the pressure and she started to moan louder. I let up and started on the other. Now I started to rub her love button with my fingers and finally slid my middle finger into her pussy. My thumb was massaging her clit as I started to bite her other nipple. She started to scream “faster, faster, harder, harder.” I was happy to follow instructions and Chastity came for the first time that morning!

While I was making Chastity come, Tara had mounted Anne from behind. She was pumping her pussy slow and steady and then started to increase the pace. Anne had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit as she was fucking the dildo. Suddenly Tara pulled out and inserted a finger in Anne’s butt. Anne was begging for more. Anne demanded, “Stick two fingers in!” Tara added her index finger to the middle finger and they disappeared up Anne’s butt hole. Those black fingers against Anne’s white ass were erotic. Tara added a third finger and then announced it was time for the strap on. Anne was on all fours and her heavy tits were hanging and swinging wildly. As I watched I had unconsciously started to rub my own clit. I looked at Chastity and she had picked up the double ended dildo and was inserting one end in her pussy.

Tara was banging away at Anne’s ass when all of a sudden Anne’s let loose with a primal scream and then went limp, collapsing to the floor. Tara pulled the strap on out of her asshole and started to take it off. As soon as it was off her sat in front of Anne moved her pussy in front of Anne’s face. Anne got the idea as she lifted her head and stuck her tongue in Tara’s triangle. Soon she was licking her clit and had reached around and inserted her middle finger in the black puckered anus escort bursa of Tara. Slowly she pushed her finger in to the first knuckle. Tara was squirming with pleasure. Anne pushed in to the second knuckle and Tara was now purring “my ass loves it, jam it all the way in! Finger fuck my ass.” Anne now pushed her other middle finger in Tara’s pussy and was finger fucking both her ass and pussy in unison. All the while she was circling Tara’s clit with her tongue. Tara tensed up and then completely released as she started to come. She came in wave after wave as Anne continued to finger fuck her two holes for another minute.

Chastity had ideas for the double dong. She had both ends in her, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. But she was frustrated that she wasn’t deep down in her holes. She pulled one end out of her ass and started to thrust the other end into her pussy. More and more disappeared as she became more excited. I grabbed the end from her and started to thrust it in. Soon she was moaning “it’s hitting bottom!” Her hands went to her clit and that moved her over the edge!

Next she told me that she wanted one end in her ass and the other in my ass. We grabbed some lube, oiled other other’s butt hole. I got on all fours and she started to insert one end in my butt. Wow! How hot was this? Tara and Anne had finished their act and had come over to help. Anne was massaging and sucking my tits. Chastity was backed up on all fours to my ass, while Tara was placing the other end of the dildo in Chastity’s butt. Soon she was pulling and pushing the dildo in and out of our asses. Anne now had her huge boobs in my face and I was sucking her nipples. I couldn’t hold out any more and announced “I’m coming!” at the same time that Chastity started to scream as well. What a way to break in a new toy!

Tara then declared it was time for the others to spend attention to the out of town guest, me! She and Chastity were strapping up and Anne was playing with her tits. She had big floppy boobs with huge areola. She was stretching her nipples, lifting the boobs from her chest. I told her to get in front of me and I started to jam my middle finger in her cunt as she was putting on the good show. Tara and Chastity were ready and Tara lay down on the floor. The strap on was pointing straight up in the air. She told me to squat on her dick. As I lowered my labia around her dick I felt the head start to penetrate my vagina. Soon I was sitting on that strap on and was completely full. Anne was sitting on Tara’s face facing me. Tara had her tongue pushing in and out of Anne’s pussy while Anne was pulling on my boobs. I was pulling her nipples and stretching her boobs out as well. I love to see stretched out nipples and boobs!

As I started to shake her boobs by the nipples I started to move up and down on Tara’s dick. Behind Tara was Chastity. She had the lube out and was oiling up my asshole. Soon she inserted a finger and then two. I was feeling full when she told me to lean forward. Anne had to move back as I leaned over with my tits in Tara’s face. As Tara was sucking my nipples, Chastity was pushing her strap on up my ass. There wasn’t a lot of room with Tara’s dick in my pussy. Chastity took it slow and finally was in full. I felt like I was being split in two, but it was an incredible feeling. My first DP! Soon they were thrusting in time and I was on the edge when I came “Fuck me harder! Fuck me!”

What a reunion. I knew I had to get back to Aunt Janet’s to pick up Billy. But I promised to get back to see the girls as soon as I could. As I drove to Aunt Janet’s my pussy was sore and my ass hole was stretched out and abused. I hope that Billy wasn’t going to want to fuck tonight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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