Arti Bhabi: Times Two

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The readers may ready my earlier submissions titled Arti Bhabi: My First Pussy, Arti Bhabi My Teacher & Adventure With Arti Bhabi Continues for better understanding of the story.

I was madly in love with Arti Bhabi and she was even madder for me. We both left no opportunity to meet and enjoy intense lovemaking. One fine morning, I met her in stair case, she smiled said she was aware that my parents will be not be at home the following two days so what was my plan.

I looked around & finding no one in sight pinched her boobs replying, “I am going to eat you dry & fuck your brains out”.

She started giggling; pinching my cock from over my trousers said “Make it (pointing to my cock) ready for some hard work over next two days as Rajender (her husband) is also leaving for a tour tonight.”

“You be ready to bear, it has more power then you can handle.” I replied as she walked away.

I could not sleep properly that night it was very hard for me to control my desire for Bhabi.

In morning I awake to my mothers voice “Naveen it is already 9, are you going to sleep whole day, we have to go, get up”.

I immediately got out of my room to find my parents ready to leave. My mother gave me final instructions as they left.

In excitement to meet Arti Bhabi I took a quick shower, I had just come out of bathroom when the phone rang. It was Arti Bhabi.

“Have your parents left?” she asked me just as I said “Hello.”

“Yes. I am coming over to your house in next 5 minutes” I replied.

“No”, “my maid is due to come any moment so you better wait for my call” she replied adding “We will have breakfast together, I don’t want a hungry lover.”

With nothing much to do I eagerly waited for Arti Bhabi’s call. She called up after about an hour asking me to come up, giving me her usual instructions of taking care & ensuring that no body was watching me.

I closed my house & climbing the stairs rang her doorbell.

Bhabi opened the door smiling, “Welcome my sweet stud.” She welcomed me as I entered.

She was looking beautiful in her sleeveless blouse that matched the saree, exposing those lovely arms, As she bolted the door I pushed her to door & planted kisses on her lips taking her in my arms. We kissed each other madly as one of my hands moved to her boobs rubbing them from over her blouse and bra.

She pushed me back & said “Don’t spoil my clothes, wait let us have breakfast first.”

I tried to pull her back but she gave a sexy smile and pushing me firmly back to sofa, went to kitchen. I was burning with desire, I followed her but she pushed me out & quickly arranged the food on dining table.

We took breakfast together, feeding each other. After finishing as she was working in kitchen I walked up to her and gently squeezed her breasts. She did not resist this time but in mock anger said, “Easy, you want to do it in this kitchen, wait lets get comfortable in the room”.

I was over excited so despite her instructions I stood behind her, and pressed my already hard cock against her ass, nestling it between her ass cheeks from over her sari. She pressed her hips backwards and rotated them a bit as she continued working. It was like fucking her from over her clothes.

After finishing her job in kitchen she held my arms, leading me to her bedroom said, “Lets go to the bedroom and see what you can do for your Bhabi.”

As we entered room I made no attempt to hide my eagerness and quickly started removing her saree. Once the saree was off way I unhooked her blouse & undid the tring of her petticoat. She did not object at all and stood there smiling in a special sexy manner. She was left in her bra and panty & I started taking off my clothes.

As I was taking my clothes she stepped away from me and walked to towards the bed, climbing onto it and leaning back against the sumptuous cushions. Her large breasts hung naturally on either side of her body and she parted her legs & stroked herself with her fingers.

‘Ummm Naveen, you’ve got me nice and wet. Come on fast.”

Quickly removing my clothes I clambered onto the bed and crawled into her welcoming embrace. She smothered me in her voluptuous form, pulling me against her big breasts and enveloping me with her soft thighs. Her hand stroked my back as she kissed me lovingly and deeply.

Her tongue probed my mouth & I met her exploring tongue with mine. I reached around the back of her head and pulled her closer to me, our faces smashed together. Her passion was evident as her hands ran down my body rubbing my nipples and teeth biting my lips and tongue.

We kissed for some time and in the meantime I unclasped her bra and took it of her.

Bhabi took my hands and placed them on her boobs.

“Play with my boobs.” she cooed. My hands squeezed and fondled her boobs and pinched her nipples as she cried out in pain. “Slow down, my boy.” “Suck them slowly.”

I knew I had done it hard so adjusting myself properly I moved my lips down to casino oyna her right boob and started licking and kissing her nipple as my other hand started caressing her left nipple.

Bhabi tilted her head back in pleasure & her moans told me I was doing it right.

I took my mouth and hands off her and looked at her.

As I stared at her face she said, “Why did you stop my stud?”

“It feels so good”, “I’m going to do this every day if you’ll let me.” I replied trying to control my breathing.

“So why stop now” saying, she pulled me back to her boobs. I took back one of the nipples into mouth and licked it making circles around it, as my hand on other boob, cuddled it & playing with it. Bhabi held my head strongly and kept moaning.

“Ohhh. I love it. Keeeep suuucking it.”

I went along torturing her nipples intermittently biting and sucking. After several minutes she pulled my head tighter and said “Pull them, pull hard, pinch me.”

Just a short while ago she was telling me to go slow and now she was asking me to do it hard. I too liked it hard so I started licking Bhabi’s fleshy boobs and sucking her hard and started biting the nipples as my hand went on pinching the nipples and pressing the boobs harder.

She held me in her sexy arms and was caressing in great excitement and kept on moaning, “……ooohhhh…. …iiiissshhhhhhhh….. ……iiitttssss ggrreeaattttee….”

I decided to tease her a little more so without interrupting sucking of her boobs I moved my hand down to her pussy. I could feel her wetness as I gently rubbed her panties-covered pussy & it had an electrifying effect on her, Bhabi gripped my body tighter and a loud moan slipped out of her.

Encouraged by her moans, I pushed her panties aside & ran my finger between the lips of her cunt and took her swollen clit between my fingers pressing it. The moan grew louder and & her legs opened wide making more place for my hand. I slipped a finger into her pussy, placing my thumb on her clit. Without moving my thumb I slowly pulled my finger out, only to push back in and massaged that g-spot. She cried oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhiiiiii iaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa” Naveennnnnnnnnnnn, yesssss!!!!!”

“You do enjoy it.” I said, pulling back a little.

“Yes,” she replied controlling her breathing.

My second finger joined the first as I slipped back in. The double pleasure made her moans louder and breathing shallower, which made me, work even harder to please her.

She was enjoying the double attention her body was getting and she wanted it to last long. The master that Bhabi was controlled her climax, she would at short intervals clench her legs together or clamp down on my hand so hard that I couldn’t even move them an inch one way or the other thus prolonging her climax.

Finally she could not control and began to hump my fingers, making them slide in and out of her. Her moans became grunts and her pace quickened. She was firing off like a rocket. I matched her moments as she put both her hands on mine and pushed hard, her hips arched upward and I could feel her cunt compressing and releasing as she came, her voice making a low “oooohhhhhhh” sound she collapsed her hips down one the bed.

As she was trying to control her breathing I planted a series of kisses all over face and boobs and said, “Bhabi you are so sexy.”

Arti Bhabi giggled “So sexy.”


Bhabi breathed on my face and looking into my eyes said, “No, you are too sexy and strong.” “I just can’t resist you.” Saying she moved her right leg to rub her cunt on my body and kissed me back, soon we were French kissing, our tongues entwined with each other feeling her boobs onto my chest. Rolling over her, I moved to get on top. This time I made her feel my rock hard cock and kissed her holding both her hands onto the bed. She was completely overpowered by my force as I rubbed my cock onto her body. She was enjoying my cock message so I decided to get some fun out of it and moved my cock to her boobs and her nipples with my cock.

My pre cum helped as lubricant and she shivered at the touch and was instantly aroused by this act. I kept on massaging her nipples with my cock, as her hand fondled and rolled my balls and jerked along my length.

This continued for a while then she looked up at me smiling said, “I know what you are thinking.

“What?” I asked,

“You want to slide your cock between my boobs?”

“Oh yes, but I have never tried.” I replied as she kept on playing with my balls.

“Ok let us give it a try.” “Place your cock between my boobs”

I adjusted my position over her and placed my cock between her boobs. As my cock sat between her boobs Bhabi pressed the inside of her upper arms against the outside of her breasts, pressing them together, leaving a long, long cleavage line and enclosing my cock between her boobs. The feeling of her boobs over my cock was so exciting that I started to pump. This new experience was beyond my wildest canlı casino imagination. I pumped furiously and soon I felt pressure in my cock. I managed to whisper “Bhabi I am going to come.”

She released her hold on boobs and gripped my cock “Naveen hold it back, don’t cum”.

The grip of her hand on my cock helped me to over come & I was some how manage to hold back.

Once Bhabi was sure that I am not going to cum she released her grip from over my cock and asked “Did you like it?”

“Yes it was too good, why you have not done it earlier.” I replied looking holding her firmly close to me.

“My lover, every thing has a time.” “I am happy you have loved It.” saying she slowly ran her hand up and down my length & pushed me down her body “Give your Bhabi what she loves most.”

Slipping down over body I just caught her panty with my teeth’s and pulled it downward. Bhabi raised her hips and I fully slid her panty off her body.

As her panty came off I could have a clear view of hairless pussy. It was shining wet and clear fluid was trickling out of it.

I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. As I was looking at her body Arti Bhabi asked me in a special sexy style “What are you looking at”

“Bhabi you are looking more beautiful than ever” I replied.

She just smiled “Thanks for the compliments dear, I am all yours make love to me.” Saying she pulled my face down to her pussy.

I knew what she wanted. I gently held her outer pussy lips open with my fingers and licked her slit from the bottom to the top with the flat of my tongue, jabbing her clit when I reached it. I then moved back down a bit and pulled on her outer lips with my lips as she held my head to her.

“Don’t tease me.” It was more of a instruction then request.

She was very wet already so my tongue easily slipped along the folds of her pussy as she let out a low moan of passion. I continued just letting my tongue slowly roam around and around her pussy for several minutes as Bhabi’s hand came over my head & started playing with my hairs. I was in no hurry as for first time I knew I have unlimited time at my hand. I wanted to please Arti Bhabi to her extremes.

My tongue was pleasing her at the same time sucking away all accumulated juices but there was no end in sight as they flowed continuously. Bhabi had some thing else in her mind, she stopped playing with my hairs and her grip on my head was tight as she guided me to her clit.

I had made love to Bhabi so many times that I by now knew what she wanted. I bit her clit lightly then stuck my whole tongue deep in her pussy and started fucking her with my tongue. Arti Bhabi was moaning uncontrollably. She pushed her pussy over my flicking tongue, forcing it deeper inside her pussy. I tongue-fucked her with gay abandon as Bhabi kept on moaning “Yesssss, oohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh.”

As my lips touched her swollen, and very exposed, nub she screamed out. I surrounded it with my lips then, very slowly I let my tongue play with it. She started moving against my mouth in earnest now, fucking my face with an intensity I could not have imagined. My tongue lashed her clit & entered her dripping slit and I started fucking her with my tongue

I eased back a little to wipe her juices from over my nose as it was giving me trouble in breathing. She gasped pulling my head back “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I forcefully pulled my head and she looked over me with surprise in her eyes. I smiled back and lifted her legs over my shoulders giving me better access to her pussy.

I kissed and licked Bhabi again, massaging her with my tongue in a slow circular motion, before running my tongue downwards. This time I sucked on her lips, drawing them into my mouth, first one, then the other, and then both together. I felt Bhabi squirm under me as I plunged my tongue into her hot, wet pussy, into her body.

I fucked her hard with my tongue, sliding my hands under her firm buttocks and pulling her hard to my mouth. She bucked her hips to meet me, her hands rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

I brought her to the edge of climax three times before finally her orgasm hit her. She cried out, almost screaming & grabbed my hair, holding me so tight against her pussy that I could barely breath.

Gradually her grip softened and I crawled back up the bed and held her. I kissed her softly, sharing the taste of her cum, as she reached for my cock. I kissed her breasts and nipples, as her body relaxed again. Arti Bhabi pushed me onto my back, and started to kiss me. She nibbled my ear lobe, and kissed my neck whispering, “Today I will fuck you.”

Giving me no chance to react Bhabi rolled off and straddled me. I raised my hand to touch her boobs but she firmly held my hands and pinning them down pushed her mouth hard onto mine, her breasts hard against my chest, her pussy hard against my cock. Bhabi was in different mood that day, she rubbed the length of her body against mine, heightening our pleasure, kaçak casino our desire.

Bhabi pushed herself up, raising her hips so that my cock head nestled against the slippery entrance to her wet pussy. I moved slightly, but she stopped me, letting me know that she wanted to be in control. I reached for her breasts again, this time she allowed me to hold them in my hands, I was moaning in pleasure & rubbed and teased her nipples as she rubbed her clit along the ridge of my cock.

Then she shifted her position again, letting my cock head slip inside her. Her pussy was incredible hot and wet, I wanted to fuck her hard and fast. As I raise my hips Bhabi shook her head, looking into my eyes.

“I said I will fuck you, hold.” She whispered.

She eased herself up and almost off my cock, before sliding down taking me deeper into her, squeezing me. Then she stopped, savoring the sensations of my cock being buried in her, my balls against her bum.

She started moving, sliding up and down my cock, bouncing on me. Gradually her movements became more urgent, more erratic, as I continued to play with her boobs and nipples.

Her breathing was now fast & I knew she was close to cuming “Come Naveen, move now.” she cried out.

I thrust into her hard, driving my cock as deep into her meeting the downward movement of her hips. She began to pant, her eyes glistening, and her mouth loose with desire. I fucked into her as she drove her cunt down hard to meet me. We fucked each other hard, intense sensations coursing through our bodies. She grabbed my shoulders and Arti Bhabi exploded.

I could feel her juices rushing all over my shaft until it began to leak out of her.

She threw herself on top of me, kissing me to hold her cries; her pussy pressed down hard against me, my rock hard cock still inside her.

“Naveen fuck me.” She demanded.

I rolled over her holding & leant forward sucking her nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue, before kissing her mouth.

I slowly slid out of her until my tip was only just inside her, before I firmly thrust back inside. I repeated the motion, over and over, getting slightly faster as I did so, and Arti Bhabi started to get lost in the moment. Soon enough, I was screwing Bhabi hard, thrusting in and out of her as hard and fast as I could, and she was doing everything she could to stop herself from making lots of noise.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she cried as put both legs behind my butt and pulled me deeper in her giving little pushes with her hips at the same time. The bed shook under us as our bodies met and drew apart… tight walls of her pussy gripping my cock like a vice. She pulled my head down to her boobs and I sucked her boobs again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Arti Bhabi was ready to cum again, I wanted to cum with her so started to pump in a frenzy, until I could feel the unmistakable feeling of the start of an orgasm. As I started to pump my seed into her, her eyes suddenly opened wide, and she gasped out as she came again, I moaned and groaned, as my orgasm seemed to pull my very core out through my cock and into Arti Bhabi’s welcoming body.

As I lay spent, I felt my cum slide from her and dribble down over my balls as she held me tightly.

Giving me a final kiss Bhabi left me in her bed and went to shower. She came back into the bedroom dressed in her toweling robe, she had a wild and happy look on her face as she asked me to take shower.

I got up and before leaving kissed her on lips but she pushed me and said, “take your bath first”.

When I washed and came back to bedroom I saw her lying on the bed, I crashed next to her.

Bhabi took me in her arms & kissed me as her hand moved to my cock she raised her head, looking at me said, “We are going to do things that we have never done before.”

“What?” I asked.

Arti Bhabi smiled and said, “It’s a secret and if I reveal it to you now it will spoil the fun”.

“Bhabi please tell me I’m desperate.”

“OK, tell me, have you ever been with another women?” Arti Bhabi asked.

“No, you know you are the only women I had done it with.” “You have been my teacher and taught me all about this”. I replied.

Bhabi gently pulled me against her and said “I have some one who wants to join us for the fulfillment of her sexual desires.”

I was shocked; “Who?” I don’t know how it slipped from my lips.


“Priya?” I stammered.


“Your friend who come to your house quite often?” I said confusingly.

Arti Bhabi slid closer to me and putting her left arm around my shoulder said, “Yes”.

“You mean she wants to have similar relationship with me as you have?” I said still confused.

“Yes, I hope you know Priya’s husband divorced her almost 2 years back & since then she hadn’t felt a man touch.” Bhabi said and continued, “I have talked to her & told about our relationship”.

“You told her about our relationship?” I asked her in total disbelief.

“Yes, but don’t worry it will remain a secret between three of us. We have no secret between us, why you worry” Bhabi replied

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