Andrea Takes Over Ch. 02

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–Following the change of life my wife decided, I learn by her tutoring me to embrace my new submissive role. —

My wife Mistress, who has decided to expand the toy box decided to go shopping and take me along mostly for company and maybe suggest or choose something, when allowed to.

“Since we are going to get toys for our use, we are currently within the D/s mode, so I will call you slave.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Who do you belong to?”

“To you Mistress.”

“Good, now we are going to shop at a place I knew long ago hope it ´s still there, a well sorted one and the owner a wonderful person. When we get there if it happens to be the same owner, I will call you slave.” My Mistress wife looked at me, awaiting my reaction and response.

“Do you have to Mistress?”

“No, I don’t have to but I can if I want to.”

“Have I got a say or choice?”

“Not in this case, no.” As she parked the car and we got off.

“But that’s a house.” I said somewhat confused.

“Yes it is, will see if it’s just a house now or the glorious shop I knew.” As she rang the bell.

“Yes who is it?” A voice came through the intercom.

“It’s Joxxy.” Mentioning her not forgotten I.D. from all those years back.

“A second, please.” The voice answered about a minute later, “Please come in.” The buzzer of the door unlocked and we went in.

“Ohh yes slave, let’s hope it is as I remember it.” She said in exited anticipation.

“Hello, in what can I help you.” A young woman said as she came up to us.

“My I.D. is ok?”

“Yes it is, we keep record of all our distinguished clients, you never know when they could be back.” She said with a smile.

“Are you interested in furniture, bondage, insertion toys, whips, floggers, or some other? The woman asked in order to guide us.

“We could start with chastity.” Andrea looked at me as she said it.

“I’ll guide you there.” and we were taken to the section.

“Please take hold of this small remote, and if you need me summoned just ring once and I’ll come over to you. Feel free to wander around. All price tags are on. I’ll let you get on with your shopping now. One last thing, the owner told me to send her regards and that you are allowed to try whatever you want and to let her know the next time you decide to visit us so that she can see you.”

“Please, send her my kindest regards and will let her know, I’ll give you my home number to pass on to her when we leave. Thank you for your assistance.” Andrea said and she left.

“What was that Mistress?”

“You could say an old friend.”

“Now slave, we will be buying plenty of things and do not get scared, some we may not get to use often.”

“What have you in mind?”

“Oh, if it were for me, we would live in here. Now let´s see, cock cage, I will not buy it pink but you will have one on, when I want it.”

“Please can we take it easy?” I said.

“Sorry dear, we have known each other for so long that stepping into this mode now got me geared up and see that you follow suit, that’s why we go at this pace and soon you will crave every moment, believe me.”

“Hope so.”

“Truly, believe me, you are made for this, that is why we are still together, have you thought of it?” And moved on to the inserting section.

“No, but you do have a point there, strange it did not happen before.”

“It happens when it has to happen, no sooner, no later, but the right time. Andrea said and changed subject, “Oh, here the strap on’ s, yes you are going to have everything with me.” she said in an affirmative way.

“That also?”

“I’ll wait and ask the owner about the strap on before purchasing it. Hmm but those two vibrating canlı bahis dildos are worth taking. Slave get the lube and condoms, bring them to me and get the price tags from them, so that I get them charged before we leave. Since we are alone, get your pants and underpants down, it’s an order.”

I looked at her knowing I could not do other and started getting the clothing down, “Please.” I said as Mistress the opened the condom and placed it on one of the dildo with remote control.

“I find it a turn on making you submit to me. I’ll lube the toy that’s now going to get acquainted with you, bend over slave” Mistress ordered.

“No. please don’t.” I said

“Ease yourself as I invade you.” Mistress said, and the dildo went up my butt. “Now pull your clothing up.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said as she turned the vibrator on and felt it humming.

“Let ‘s go to the following room.”

“Hoods, masks, blindfolds and armbinder or mono sleeve as you like best. Ok here I am going to try some equipment with you, good that I brought you in slave, since you will be the one wearing them, sweetie.” she said.

“You look radiant. You are a kid in a sweet factory, just that I happen to be the sweet and you the one who chooses the wrapping for it.”

” Yes and I love it.” As she said that she played with the speed of the vibrator in my ass.

“I love you Mistress, but I do not know if I will cope with this, I do not want to put you off, but I have doubts.”

“Don’t worry I know you and see that this bdsm life is beautiful in every way and you are cut out for it .” And with that she kissed me.

“Let’s try one hood for size and then I’ll buy at least three of them. Here, kneel slave.”

I did as asked and on it went, a very tight fit, it’s made of latex. I felt her hands fitting it and as soon as it was done, she took it off.

“Ok then, this one and these other two I had an eye on, plus that blindfold.”

“Mono sleeve, let try this one with a zip. Put your hands behind your back. Yes that way. Ok let’s see. Now the zipper up it goes. Oh, yes so sexy.”

“This also?”

“Yes, and the one with laces so that I take my time tying you up, it’s just sexy for me”

“Come, let’s go to the next room.”

When we went in, I wanted to get out right there and then, it is full of whips, canes, paddles, floggers, etc, etc.

“Can we go to the next room, please Mistress and dearest wife?”

“No we cannot dear husband. I do have to have something to correct some mistakes and teach you to accept my authority, after some training both of us will have a wonderful time, I will go slow at the beginning, maybe then you will crave them.” She confidently.

I was scared now and said nothing. She knew me too well and could see it, but said nothing.

“I’ll take that thick flogger it is more noise than anything else. In time you will love it, mark my words. “

“If you say so.” I said and stopped the vibrator.

“Ok for today we are done, I thought of some additional costume, lingerie, but I bought some of it already and for the time being, I think we can have plenty of fun.”

“I still have to see if I can take it. Do you think I’m some sort of toy?”

“Let me correct you, I don´t think you are some sort of toy. You are my toy, husband, slave, love of my life and in a couple of weeks you will simply acknowledge it and will become happy with it. I know what I’m telling you, as your Mistress, Goddess, Queen, wife, friend and love. With the short experience you have had there’s no way you want to go back. Think of it, before jumping into an abrupt answer, Rob.”

“Now we jump into vanilla?”

“Yes because I want you to understand me. Not bahis siteleri only my needs, but what I have become to notice your growing needs. If you weren’t into this you would have left me in the first room, or even before coming here making me know that you are done for good. I know you love me Rob, but that alone would not have kept us together and we both know it.” Andrea said in a peaceful way.

“I will not answer abruptly as requested and yes you do have a point here Andrea. Maybe I’m scared of leading this life, and as you said, there’s no going back. I wish I had more time to think about it.”

“I know you are scared, but once over the firsts of everything we do, confidence builds up, next you know, you will drool knowing I´m your dominant always. Even if you want to deny it, you know it also, lie to yourself if you want to, I cannot stop that.” Andrea said thoughtfully.

“Sometimes I hate you for being so blunt, but right at the same time. I love you Andrea my Mistress.”

“I know you do. Come here and give me a kiss.” we kissed deeply.

“Loosen up dear, you are in it, so enjoy the ride for the rest of our lives.” And she smiled at me.

“Then let’s go to and pay for these items.”

“Toys, dear, toys. For us. I’m making you enjoy one right now aren’t I”?” And laughed.

“I..” and remained silent as we went to the counter.

The woman was there, looked at us and waited till we were with her.

“Did you find all you need. Would there be something else you are looking for?” She added in a kind manner.

“No thank you. Maybe ropes but for the next time. Here are a couple of price tags of equipment we tried out apart from the ones you see we are taking.” Andrea said giving a card with the phone number and some handwriting on it.

“I’ll give it to Debra as soon as I see her.” The card says, he is my hubby and slave. The woman simply looked at Andrea understanding, but not making it noticeable.

It was all packed into a plain brown paper bag with handles.

“Thank you for coming by, looking forward to having you back.”

We left and made our way home. Got there and as soon as we were in, the first order was given.

“Slave I want you nude.”

“Please let me have a coffee Mistress.”

“Yes you can but get undressed also, and whilst you are at it get one for me. And behave, because a vinyl maids outfit will be coming next.”

What? I said to myself nearly blurting it out, but now knowing better to keep quiet.

She noticed my face reaction but said nothing.

“Andrea your coffee is ready.”

“Slave, we have to avoid mixing up the way you address me. So when I say slave you will keep that mode until further instruction, unless overwhelming circumstances make it impossible, by that I mean third party who are not into this sort of life. As an example, before the shop owner Debra, I can call you slave and it’s ok, but someone else we know no, such as our friends.”

“I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

“As we tread along, you will see it becomes natural to you.”

“Now that we have had our coffee, come here, stand giving your back to me with your arms ready for the sleeve.”

“Yes Mistress.” I did as ordered and the sleeve was fitted and tightened on me.

Then she came up to my front and put the latex hood on, which had nostrils and mouth openings only, so I could not see and my hearing slightly impaired. Then knee pads and leather cuffs for my ankles tying them up with a foot and half of rope. I felt her touching me, then nothing. A moment later her hand placed on my head making kneel with help from her.

“It is time for you to eat me slave.” I heard her say to my ear and was guided by her hands. bahis şirketleri As soon as I was on her clit, she pulled my head up and slowly slapped me once.

“Go slowly slave.”

I did as ordered being guided by her hand. And when her finger touched a part of my head I went to another bit and depending the finger touching I slowed or went faster. This went on and it became synchronized with us. She started moving, I guessed that the first one was on the way and yes it was, because she lost the grip on me. Then soon the instructive hands kept guiding me, two, three, four times more. The last one was loud.

“Aahhhhh,hummm, mmmm, ahhhh.” And a giggle after it.

I was sweating. Mistress made me go to a side and helped me fall on the carpet, remaining in that position and she turned on the vibrator of the dildo still in me. She remained there, then I heard her move and go away.

“I’m left here alone now?” I said, but got no answer. I tried to move but all I could do is move my legs. I felt helpless. My mind was in such a rush that I did not hear her come in.

“Come on up, slave.”I heard her say with her hands helping me up.

“Set me free Mistress.” I said.

“You do not give orders, slave. Do I make myself understood?” And spanked me three times.

“Ahh what was that for?”

“So you understand who gives the orders. And for you information I was about to set you free until you opened your big mouth, if it were gagged trouble would have been avoided.”

“Please Mistress.”

“No slave, you have to learn. I love you but I have to train you to become a good slave to me.”

I heard her go away and a while later I heard the heels, which only meant that her beautiful legs were encased in the high thigh boots. Damn and I could not see her. I admit she knows how to get me going.

“Slave open your mouth.”I heard her say to my ear and felt the ball gag go on and tightened at the back of my head.

“Hmmm, hmmm.” I tried to complain.

Then her gloved hand started stroking my cock.

Oh how nice, but torturing at the same time, I thought.

“Ahh, ahh.”I said to my Mistress, through the gag.

She stopped. She edged me. Shit. I went bonkers. I tried to move desperately. I heard her giggle, which made it worse.

“Mhmhmhm. MMMM.” I tried to cry out. About two minutes went by, me there frustrated. Then I felt her hand again stroking me and again through the same process, frustration added to it. Three minutes went by, at least for me. I had cooled off completely.

“Slave, are you learning?” I heard.

I just moved my head and as I did she started stroking me again, but this time she carried on and I was getting there, and she stopped just before but did not let go of my cock. Then stroked twice and stopped and her hand holding and then two more strokes and stopped, but this time precum and cum started flowing out and she let go. My teaser left me there a minute, I felt the rope holding my feet being removed, followed by the sleeve. I stood there until the gag and hood were taken off. The vibrator turned off.

The light seemed very strong for my eyes. Now, able to see her with the boots and gloves on, knowing that I would like the look on her.

“Slave are you starting to understand that you belong to me, this is only the beginning of a long road for us.” She said smiling at me.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

She came up to me knelt, took my cock in her mouth and cleaned it up, got up and kissed me fully.

“You will be a good slave, that I can assure you. Now get a shower and refresh yourself.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said, confused, but knowing I had no way out if this relationship and somehow admitting that it has all I want in it.

“Be good and maybe we will have sex tonight.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I said ,looking forward to it.

“My love it´s easy, you just have to obey me.”

“Yes Mistress.” Knowing I will.

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