All’s FaAll’s Fair in Love , Lust Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

I could only lay there speechless, stunned beyond belief. I was scared and relieved all at once. “It’s okay though,” he said.

When he said that I was somewhat angry, don’t ask me why. But that was the one thing I never thought he’d say. I must have looked confused and hurt because he kissed me and explained himself.

“Al told me, we had talked about it before. He’s expressed interest several times and I always told him that it was up to you, not me.” I was surprised that Al had even thought about it, let alone discussed it at length with my boyfriend. For a moment I did feel like an object or piece of property, being bartered for goods but it did occur to me that by sleeping with Al I had used Josh and Beth in a similar way. The moments when I was thinking, Josh had fallen asleep. I simply stared at him, loving him. But then a thought occurred to me, if Josh knew then that meant that Beth probably knew too.

I got up and, feeling like I was about to loose my best friend, went slowly to Beth’s room. Knocking on her door seemed to take an eternity. Beth was cool, but would she be that cool with the idea that I’d slept with her boyfriend. Trying not to think about it anymore, I knocked.

Al opened the door and the look he gave me melted me. But when he tried to reach for me to kiss him I backed away. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the hallway.

“Did you tell her?”

“Yes, and she’s fine with it. She just doesn’t want it to be a frequent thing.”

I gawked at him, he felt so fine with this, somewhat hurting the people we cared about. But when he leaned in to kiss me again I let him. Letting his tongue glide over mine. “Goodnight,” was all he said.

Turning back to my room I went inside to sleep.

The next day breakfast seemed strained, but only between Beth and I, our guys seemed perfectly okay with the whole thing. There were many times I just felt like saying I was sorry, but it wouldn’t have helped anyway. But there was an air of humor to our situation. When a hand rested on my thigh, for a moment I didn’t realize whose it was. When I realized it was Beth’s I burst out laughing. She was smiling across from me, almost in fits of laughter yakacık escort herself. The guys didn’t seem to get our joke, but it was enough for me to know that Beth’s and my friendship would be okay.

We went on with our lives and stayed with our intended partners. I wasn’t forced to choose again until about a week or so later.

Work had been hell that day and I needed someone to talk to and I wanted attention. When I called Josh, Al answered. Josh wasn’t home from work yet and for some reason I didn’t want to wait for him. I asked Al to come over. Beth was still at work and then she had planned to go to her mom’s for dinner, so I knew we’d be alone. When five minutes had passed and there was a knock on the door, I practically tore it off its hinges.

All I had to do was look at Al and we were off to the games. He grabbed my head and kissed me while he closed the door with his foot. The inside of his mouth was becoming more familiar as we kissed, and I already knew some places to rub my tongue inside his mouth that made him sigh. Still kissing we stood motionless right inside the front door. Thirty paces ahead was my bedroom, but I could see his eyes, and they were looking at the oversized area rug that lay in the middle of the living room. He then looked at me, to question if it was okay. I looked at him teasingly and nodded. The rug was one of those really soft ones that reminded you of a cross between animal fur and shag. Grabbing a pillow from the couch, he led me to the middle of the room. We both stripped each other. I let my hands roam over the breadth of his chest as I lifted his shirt. I was not a big fan of massive muscles but I did enjoy a well-built guy. Reaching for the fly of his jeans, I let my fingertips graze the sensitive area below the belly button. He slightly shook inside. I lifted my face to kiss him softly as I opened his pants and let them fall, noticing that in his own exuberance he had come over commando style. Once his pants were kicked aside, I knelt before him, still clothed.

Taking a good look for the first time, at that part of him that loved to fill me, I smiled. I took it in my mouth and used to same motion that yakası escort I had on Josh the night he had told me he knew. Slightly grazing him with my teeth as I went back and moistening him with my tongue as I went forward. I repeated this motion until he placed his hand under my chin to stop me. Rising on both feet, I kissed him, letting his mouth taste a bit of himself mixed in with me. He began to undress me in the same lengthy manner that I had with him but motions seemed to be a little unsteadied.

Lifting my shirt above my head made my breasts heave and slightly swing. My nipples were erect already and I suppose he couldn’t resist, because he took one of them in his mouth and made me sigh with the motions his tongue was taking. While he was still sucking on one of my nipples one of his hands was massaging the other breast while the other hand was undoing my jeans. When they fell to the floor my naked pussy felt a rush of air for the first time and this made me shudder. Al became done with my breasts and took the kneeling position in front of me, I placed my hands on his shoulders for support. The first time I felt his tongue flick at my clit I thought my knees were going to buckle. He had to hold on to my thighs to keep them steady as he lapped at me like a thirsty dog. I was on the verge of ecstasy when he finally laid me down on the rug. The softness against my bare ass was lovely.

My cunt was wet from his saliva and my own juices so his cock slid easily into me. I cried out, loving it, loving him for it. When he began his thrusts, I felt like floating. Thrusting into me missionary style was blissful, but I wanted more. I made him dislodge as I got up on my knees. Kneeling on my hands I let him approach me from behind. The length of his erection sliding across my ass, as he entered my wet center, felt wonderful. The moment he slid into me I straightened, which made his part a little more difficult, but I knew he was up to the challenge. He grasped my breasts for leverage as he thrust up into me. We kissed over my shoulder.

I never heard the door open, never heard Beth’s keys drop on the table, I never even heard her undress. My eyes ataköy escort finally opened when I felt a tongue on my right nipple and feminine fingers on my left one, pulling it. Staring into the exquisite eyes of my best friend did not interrupt my pleasure, only added to it. Beth was kneeling in front of me, beautifully naked. I brought her face to mine. We kissed, our mouths and tongues bonding. I kissed her gently just like she wanted it. The feeling of Al behind me, pumping me with his love organ, and Beth kissing me was euphoric, my mind almost erupted with the passion of it all. The entire time my eyes were open I hadn’t seen that Beth had left the door open and Josh had been standing there watching. I could feel Al trying hard to control his longevity.

When Beth sat on all fours, leaning down to place her tongue on my clit, I cried out. She began in loving strokes to try to lick Al’s penis in between his strokes all the while she was licking my engorged clit until I almost felt like bursting. While her attractive ass was in the air I saw movement through my closed lids. Opening my eyes I saw Josh enter Beth from behind. She moaned and stopped her attention to me for a moment. I stared into Josh’s eyes as he thrust into Beth and as Al was pumping up into me, with Beth’s tongue stuck in the middle. In his eyes I saw love and lust.

Al shoved one last great thrust into me, filling me wholly with him and his seed. Almost simultaneously I came on Beth’s tongue and Al’s penis, crying out loudly. Beth was writhing on the floor and grunting louder than I have ever heard her as Josh was roughly thrusting himself into her. I leaned to her face and kissed her mouth shoving my tongue in and out of her mouth, our tongues fucking in a sensual rhythm. By this point Al was on his back, filling his mouth with Beth’s breasts, sucking and slightly biting. She took her mouth from mine as she screamed out an orgasm loud enough to wake the neighbors. She came like a river over Josh and I only stared at the loveliness of it. Loving Josh, adoring Al, and tenderly wanting Beth. Josh finally slowed his thrusts as he finally came inside Beth. We all lay in the middle of the apartment, naked, looking at each other. I smiled as I kissed Al on the mouth before moving to kiss Beth. I stood up and held a hand to Josh. Walking lazily to my door, strikingly like a nude version of Adam and Eve, I took him inside and left Beth and Al to find love on their own. After all, it’s all fair in love and lust.

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