ADA Miss Cumalot pt. 5

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~Chapter 22~

Later that night, I called Darren.
“Hey.” I said sipping tea out of my college mug.
“What’s up sweetie?” he asked.
I could hear his radio dispatch in the background.
“I wanted to talk to you about my birthday.”
“What’s up?”
“I know what I want.” I said.
“What is that?”
“A threesome.” I said matter of fact.
He let out a hearty laugh.
“I am serious.” I told him.
“I hear ya.” He said.
“Darren, I am serious. I want to have a threesome, I have never had one before and I would like to experience one.”
“Is that right? With another woman?”
“No, two men. I want it to be about me.” I said.
He made a sound.
“And I want you to be involved in it.” I told him.
“Is that right?”
It was my turn to sigh.
“Yes, that’s right.” I said.
“Me and who? Do not say that fool Drill, or Drell, whatever his name is.”
I laughed.
“Yes, you, me and Drell.” I said.
“Darren, it’s my birthday, you really wouldn’t do this, for me?” I asked.
“Fuck no, I don’t want to do a threesome with you and some other man, that’s a train.”
“What? That is not a train fool”
“One woman, two dicks, that’s a train.”
“No sir, look up the definition, that is not a train. And you wouldn’t even be like this if you heard a man wanted a threesome.”
“I wish a motherfucker would ask me to be a part of his threesome, I would beat his ass like a runaway convict.”
I laughed.
“What makes you think I want to watch another man fuck you?”
“You act like we are in a relationship, it’s my fantasy. Hell, be glad that I even want you there.” I told him.
“Naw, you can count me out.”
“You have nothing to lose, it’s about me. You are always telling me I need to explore and be adventurous….”
“With me, not with some other man!” he said.
“It is with you, and another man….. you have done a threesome before, do you regret it?”
He got quiet.
“Wasn’t it fun?” I asked.
No answer.
“Didn’t you look back on it with fond memories?”
“Yes but it was with two women and it was all about….”
“You…. It was all about you.” I said.
“I don’t think I want to watch that, I honestly don’t think that’s some shit I want to be a part of, watching some fool fuck you and make you scream the way I do.”
“Watch? I would hope that you would choose a hole and fuck me in it, not sit on the sidelines and watch.”
He got quiet.
“Did you tell Drell all of this?”
“Yes and he is willing to do it, because I made it clear this is what I want, I made it clear there are no strings attached, it’s one night.”
He made another sound, like he was contemplating.
“Come on. It’s one night, and it’s at my request, what do you have to lose?”
“I’ll think about it and let you know.” He said as the dispatch called out his badge number.
I paused as he answered the radio.
“Ok, well…. My birthday is Saturday. I want to do this Saturday night.”
“At your house?”
“No, I am getting a hotel room. I know exactly how I want this to go down.” I told him.
“You put thought into it?”
“Yep, all the way down to what I want to wear.”
He chuckled.
“A threesome, huh?”
“Yes sir.”
He sighed.
“And to be honest, you know you want to do it.”
“Is that right?”
“Yeah, because now you know I want one. When Saturday comes, you will think about it. And when Saturday night comes, you will obsess over what am I doing. And for that reason, your ass will be there, to watch for yourself.” I told him.
He made a sound.
“So….. you, me and Drell, Saturday night.”
“I said I will let you know.”
“I know what you said and I am telling you, I am putting you down as a ‘yes’.”
He laughed.
“I am not fooling with you.” He said laughing.
“Come on, I know you want to be there.” I said with a seductive tone.
“Anyway, I am about to get this all planned.” I said.
“I’m sure you will, let me go handle this wreck, I will call you later.” He said.
“I will text you the details soon.”

I got on my laptop and looked up hotels around metro Atlanta. I was determined to have a memorable night. I wanted a sexy hotel, with a view. I wanted a big bed and I wanted some sort of sound proof walls. The idea of my ass and pussy being fucked at the same time, was too much excitement. I couldn’t think of two better men to fulfill this fantasy. I knew, at least, I was guaranteed multiple orgasms.

~Chapter 23~

“Hey!” I exclaimed as Drell walked in the restaurant.
“Happy Birthday” he said hugging me.
“I am glad you made it, I thought you might brush me off.”
“No, just had to finish up some paperwork for a probationer.” He said.
I nodded.
“Let me introduce you to everyone.” I said grabbing his arm and leading him to the private dining room.
“Everyone, this is Drell. Drell, this is Darren, as you know. This is my assistant Cherie, my sorority sisters Leah and Cheryl. Over there is my god-sister, Michelle. And this is my cousin, Tyrek.” I said.
Drell half waved to everyone before taking a seat.
“Is everyone here?” Michelle asked.
I nodded.
“Yeah, I think, I don’t think my brother is coming.” I said.
The waiters came in and brought our drink orders, as I sat at the head of the table, surrounded by balloons and flowers.
“Thank you all so much for coming.” I said looking around the room.
Drell was to my left and Darren was to my right, both unknowingly touching my legs under the table. I was dripping wet.
“What are you thinking of eating?” Leah asked.
“Steak, I hear their steaks are amazing.” I said looking at the menu.
“So after dinner, what plans do you have? Should we take you to a club?” Cheryl asked.
“No, it’ll be an early night.” I said coyly.
Darren cleared his throat.
“I am surprised to see you here Darren.” Leah said.
“Why? We are still friends, besides everything else is water under the bridge.”
Leah shrugged.
“Not from what I hear.” She whispered.
I sat and watched Leah sip her fifth drink. She was a lightweight when it came to drinking. She has a tendency to let her mouth run wild when she had too much to drink.
“What does that mean?” Darren asked.
“I don’t think you are as forgiven as you think you are.”
“Oh really? Do you know something I don’t?” he asked, now turning to face to her.
“There is a difference between forgiveness and horniness my dear.”
His eyes got big.
“So….” He began.
“So…. She may like and want your dick, doesn’t mean you have a chance in hell of getting her back.” she laughed as her appetizer arrived.
Darren rubbed his chin, looked over at me.
“You ok?” I asked.
“Fine.” He said keeping his eyes on me and sipping his drink.
“Did you get a hotel room?” Drell whispered in my ear.
“Yes, I called in a favor for the Mandarin Oriental, the presidential suite.” I winked.
“Damn, doing it big, huh?”
“Of course, it’s my birthday.”
“What did you do big?” Darren asked.
I looked over at him.
“The hotel room I got.”
“Where at?”
“Mandarin Oriental.” I said.
He nodded.
I touched his arm.
“You ok?”
“I am fine. Leah may have had too much to drink, but I am fine.” He said shrugging his shoulders.
I shook my head. I knew she had started spilling her guts out, by that statement he made.
“Well, it’s Leah….”
“What’s Leah?” she asked a little louder than necessary.
“What number drink is that?” I asked.
“Five, why?”
“Oh Lord.” Cheryl said.
“Oh Lord, what?”
“Leah, slow down and sip some water honey.” I said softly.
“I am fine. Trust me!” she said.
I looked at Cheryl, pleading with her to help me.
“Let’s just do some water right now, and then we can drink later.” Cheryl whispered in her ear.
“Seriously, canlı bahis I am fine. Don’t I seem fine Sergeant Darren?” She asked.
“I wouldn’t let you drive.” He said.
“Oh you wouldn’t?”
“Would you take me home?”
I looked at Drell who seemed to be enjoying the circus.
“I would make sure you got home ok, yeah.”
“Would you walk me up to my room, too?”
I sat back and laughed.
Darren didn’t know what to say.
“Tell me.” She demanded.
“Leah, stop.” Cheryl said.
“Stop what? I have heard about you buddy, so if you will make sure I get home safely, then please make sure I get to bed satisfied.”
“Ok Leah.” I said looking at her with a death stare.
She got quiet.
“I am curious as to what she has heard.” Darren said looking at me.
“Nothing, she heard nothing.” I smiled as I sipped my wine.
“I would love to fuck you and ride you. I may never get the chance, but if I did, I would take it, happily.” Leah whispered in Darren’s ear before getting up from the table.
Darren’s mouth dropped open.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him.
“Nothing, I am fine.”
“You sure?” I asked.
He nodded.
“What did she say to you?” I asked.
“She was just apologizing. No big deal.” he said.
“Oh ok.”
He grabbed his cell phone and looked at his text messages.
“Oh shit, let me handle this, I will be right back.” he said.
I nodded.

Darren walked out the private dining room and headed to the lobby area, where other patrons were waiting.
“Where are you running off to?” Leah asked.
“I wasn’t running anywhere, where did you go?”
“The restroom.” She pointing over her shoulder.
“Were you serious about what you said?” he asked.
She smiled.
“Of course.”
He looked at her up and down. Leah was slender, about one hundred and forty pounds. She had curves in all the right areas. Her breasts were a perfect C-cup fullness. Her big brown eyes complimented her round face and naturally curly hair.
“You ain’t ready.” He said teasing her.
“Think so? Try me.” she said putting her hand on her hip.
He motioned his head towards the front door.
“Follow me.” he said.
They walked out the restaurant towards his Chevrolet Tahoe.
“This is yours? Nice.” Leah said.
He opened the back door, pushing the back seats down.
“What are we? Teenagers?” Leah asked.
He laughed.
“Get in.” he said.
She rolled her eyes, sucked her teeth and looked around.
“See, you are playing.”
“Whatever.” She said climbing inside.
He climbed in and closed the door.
“Well, we don’t have a lot of time.” He said touching her thigh.
“Let me see it.” Leah said.
Darren unzipped his pants and pulled his nine-inch dick out.
“Oh my God.” Leah said taking it in her hand.
She moved her hair out of her face and lowered her mouth onto his dick.

I looked up and saw Darren walk back into the dining room.
“Everything ok?” I asked.
“Yeah, just had to take care of something.”
He sat down at the table and sipped his water.
“How’s the food?” he asked.
I looked at him as I cut my steak.
“Great.” I said as Leah walked in.
“Bathroom.” She said meeting my gaze.
I looked at her and then looked at Darren.
“Was the line long?” I asked.
She nodded as her food arrived.
“Very long” she said smiling to herself.
I looked over at Darren, who was drinking his water.
“Really?” I asked him quietly.
He shrugged.

Once dinner was over, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ before I blew out my candles.
“Did you make a wish?” Darren asked placing his arm around me.
“Yes, I did.” I smiled.
“Happy Birthday honey.” Leah said hugging me.
“We have to talk later.” I said.
I gathered my cards and gifts and the remaining birthday cake before heading out to my car.
“So….” Drell said walking up.
“Mandarin Oriental Presidential Suite.” I said.
“Do I need a key?” he asked.
I reached in my purse and handed him one of the keys.
“I will see you then.” I smiled as Darren walked up.
“Here you are.”
I handed him the remaining room key and gave him the same information before driving off.

I walked into my hotel suite and placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door knob.
The room was perfect. All two thousand and three hundred square feet were at my disposal. The living room was huge with its eleven foot ceilings. I had already taken advantage of the fireplace when I first arrived, earlier in the day. It had a dining room with a full bar. I opened the doors to the outdoor patios and walked out, looking at the view of Atlanta. I allowed the cool breeze to come in as I walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was top of the line luxury. I turned the tub on, allowing it to fill with water. I changed into my black lace halter teddy with a thong back. My ass looked delicious. I brushed my hair as I heard the door open.
“Keela?” Drell asked.
I walked into the living room and found him on the patio.
“Damn, this is nice.” he said as he turned around.
“Oh shit.”
I smiled.
“You like?” I asked.
“Hell yeah, turn around for me.” he said.
I turned around as he grabbed my ass.
“You look amazing.” He said pulling me in for a kiss.
“You want a drink to unwind?”
He nodded.
“Where is ole boy?”
“On his way I am sure.” I said pouring some champagne and opening my Altoid container.
“Breath mints?” he asked.
“No, I called in a favor and these are something a little special.” I said.
I smiled.
“Seriously Keela? I can’t do that shit.”
“It’s not for you.” I said putting one in my mouth.
“Wow…. You are really going all out.”
I nodded handing him a glass.
“I don’t want to be shy.” I said as Darren walked in.
“Hey…. I’m….”
He stopped when he saw me.
“That’s what I said.” Drell told him.
“Damn girl.”
“Look good, huh?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Very good.”
I poured him a glass of champagne and sashayed over to him.
“Here you are.”
“This is nice.” Darren said looking around the room.
“Yeah, I wanted something private and luxurious.” I sighed.
We all had a moment to pause.
“Did you tell Darren about your special breath mints?”
I laughed.
“I have ecstasy.” I told Darren.
“Seriously?” he asked.
I nodded, showing him the Altoid container.
“You want one?”
He paused, looking at the container.
“Sure, why not? I am on annual leave for the week.” He said taking one.
I looked at Drell.
“Are you sure?”
He sighed heavily.
“Take one.” I said.
He hesitantly took one and popped it in his mouth.
“Now, let the games begin.” I said touching his glass with mine and drinking the rest of my champagne.

~Chapter 24~

About an hour later, I stood up and walked over to where Darren and Drell were sitting on the couch. I sat in between them. Darren was in his white wife beater and checkered boxers, dress socks still on. Drell was shirtless, wearing only boxers and tube socks. I had both hands rested on each of them. I looked at Darren, he was beautiful. His dimples were perfect I thought to myself as I leaned in and kissed him. It was magical. My tongue played with his and I moaned. I had never kissed like that before. Drell moved his hand up my thigh. His very simple touch made my pussy juices flow. I could feel his mouth on my neck, his tongue kissing and sucking on me. I moved from Darren and turned my head towards Drell. His mouth met mine. Our tongues started playing with each other. Darren unsnapped my halter top before pulling it down to reveal my breasts. I spread my legs open as his hands moved down toward my pussy. I couldn’t help moaning as Drell tongued me down. Darren’s hand pulled the lace material to the side as he bahis siteleri began rubbing my clit. He took my nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as he played with my clit.
Drell began rubbing my other nipple with the palm of his hand. I grabbed his dick with my right hand, rubbing it through the material.
We broke away, long enough for me to stand up as Darren took my teddy off. I was completely naked. I walked over to the bed, taking them both by the hand. I undressed Darren first, then moved over to Drell.
“Lay down.” Darren said.
I lay on the bed, on my back, as he moved in between my legs. He grabbed me by my waist, pulling me closer to him. I felt his lips kiss my inner thighs softly. It felt amazing. Just as I looked over at Drell who was stroking his dick with his hand, Darren buried his face in my pussy. I gasped as his tongue flicked over my clit. I motioned for Drell to come over to me. He climbed onto the bed, his knees by my head. I moaned as Darren ate my pussy. Drell moved in closer, his dick aimed directly at me. I propped my head on a pillow as I kissed the tip of his dick. He moaned as I took him into my mouth. His dick tasted better than I remembered. I sucked him harder as Darren ate my pussy with passion.
“Oooo shit.” Drell said as I moved my head back and forth on his dick.
The more Darren ate my pussy, the harder I sucked on Drell’s thick dick. I could feel an orgasm coming as Darren pushed my legs wider, not allowing me to move. I came on his tongue with Drell’s dick deep in my mouth. He rubbed the side of my face. I grabbed my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples as I exploded on Darren.
“Turn over.” Drell said.
I turned over on all fours excitedly.
Drell got behind me as Darren got in front of me.
I climbed in between Darren’s legs as Drell kneeled behind me. I took Darren’s dick inside my mouth, licking up the pre-cum that was spilling out. I stroked his shaft with my hand as I felt Drell spread my ass cheeks apart. I was feeling so good in that moment. I sucked Darren’s dick as Drell began licking my ass. His tongue darted in and out of my asshole, his fingers rubbing my clit. I moaned, looking into Darren’s eyes as I deep throat him. He sucked in air through his teeth, rubbing my head. Drell rubbed faster and licked up and down my ass crack. His tongue felt incredible. Darren began thrusting his hips, pushing his dick further in my mouth. My mouth was dripping with saliva around his dick.
“Oh shit baby.” Darren moaned.
I felt another orgasm come upon my body as Drell started ass motorboating me. I couldn’t talk with Darren’s dick hitting the back of my throat.
“Damn baby.” Drell said as I began dripping down to his hand.
He cupped my pussy juices before rubbing them over my ass crack and licking it up some more.
“Damn.” Darren said.
I kept sucking just as he came in my mouth, causing me to almost choke on his cum.
“Oh my God.” I said out breath and wiping my mouth.
“Damn.” Darren said falling back on the bed.
I turned over, my legs open in front of Drell.
“You ready?” he asked.
I couldn’t even answer him as I felt him thrust his dick inside me.
“OH SHIT” I yelled.
Drell started pumping in and out of me with no mercy. I squeezed my breasts as he rubbed my clit. I tried to grab on to the side of the bed, but couldn’t. I bucked my back up, closed my eyes and moaned, mouth wide open. Darren reached over and put two of his fingers in my mouth. I began sucking on them earnestly while Drell rammed his dick inside my throbbing pussy.
“You like that?” Drell asked through clenched teeth.
I nodded my head. I was unable to answer with Darren’s fingers acting as my personal lollipops.
Drell paused and I felt cold liquid hit my clit. I opened my eyes to see him spit onto my clit and rub it in. The cold liquid felt so good against my hot womanhood. The room was spinning all around me, but in a good way.
“Damn this is sooooooo good.” Drell said, his head leaned back, eyes closed.
He fucked me for a few more minutes until he released a load of cum deep inside me. He pulled out, staggering back towards the wall as Darren stood up. I lay there, on my back, out of breath, but still wanting more.
“Come here and suck it.” Darren said.
I hastily moved towards him, dropping on my knees and sucking his dick while rubbing his balls.
“Oh shit…. Yeah baby….. just like that….” He said rubbing my head.
I sucked his dick faster, all the while, rubbing my clit. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Drell standing and watching.
“You ready to give me that ass?” Darren asked.
I nodded.
“Come outside.” He said opening the second set of balcony doors.
I climbed onto the chaise lounge chair that faced the Atlanta view. Darren climbed on behind me. He inserted two fingers inside my ass, getting it ready as he stroked his dick with his left hand. I moaned at his touch invading my asshole. I was beyond excited for him to fuck my ass with all nine inches of his thick dick.
“Relax for me baby.” He said.
I grabbed on to the decorative pillow as he introduced the tip of his dick to my ass opening. I rubbed my clit as he pushed in a little more. Moans were escaping my lips.
“Yeah, keep rubbing baby…..” he said as he eased himself into my ass.
“Ooooo fuck me daddy.” I said picking up the pace with which I rubbed my clit.
“You like that?” he asked.
“Yeah baby, fuck my ass harder.” I said as he began thrusting his hips.
I kept my rubbing my clit as he went in and out with such force.
“Oh shit…. I’m about to cum daddy.” I said whining.
“Cum on this big dick….”
I couldn’t hold it anymore. I came violently and loudly.
“FUCK!” I yelled into the pillow as Darren pulled out of my ass.
He was breathing heavy as I tried to regain my composure.
The Atlanta wind was blowing, a chill was in the air, but I didn’t care. My body was shaking for an incredible orgasm that overtook me.
“Oh damn” he said slapping my ass.
I turned over.
“Push your titties together.” He said.
I sat up and pushed them together as he lifted his right leg onto the chaise lounge chair and began jacking himself off over me.
“Damn that ass felt good.” He said, his eyes closed.
“Yeah? You want some more of my ass baby?” I asked.
“Hell yeah, you gonna give me that ass?” he asked.
“Yeah baby, you know I want that dick. All. In. My. Ass” I said slowly as he continued jacking off.
“Oh shit, just what I wanted to hear.” He said as the cum oozed from his dick onto my breasts.
I scooped some on my index finger and licked it off, looking at Darren in his eyes.
“Damn, you are amazing.” He said standing up.
I stood up and walked back into the bedroom.
“Drell?” I asked.
Darren sat on the couch, butt naked, head in his hands.
I peeked in the bathroom, where Drell was standing in the shower.
I looked behind me at Darren. By now, his head was laid back, staring at the ceiling.
I opened the shower door and joined Drell.
“I wasn’t trying to hear all of that.” He said.
I nodded.
“I understand.” I said standing up the showerhead.
I moved closer to him.
“You ok?” I asked reaching up to kiss him.
“No, brush your teeth first and rinse your mouth out.” He laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
“Enjoying your birthday?” he asked.
I kissed his chest.
“Very.” I said.
I reached my hand down and caressed his dick.
“I love how you fuck me.” I said.
“Do you now?”
I kissed his neck, up to his earlobe.
“Keela, I need to regain some energy.” He said.
“Want me to stop?”
His breathing got heavier.
“Tell me to stop.” I whispered.
He said nothing as he stood directly under the water. I bent down and slid him into my mouth, bahis şirketleri the water stream beating down on my head. It felt like I was underwater, unable to breathe through my nose. There was a level of excitement in sucking his dick, but having to hold my breath as I did it.
“Damn, this feels so good.” He said holding on to the shower wall for balance.
“Trying to make me cum again?”
I smiled as I sucked him off, allowing his cum to spill down my throat.
“Finish your shower, we aren’t done yet.” I said before stepping out.

I sat in the tub, allowing my body to soak. Outside I could hear the snores of both Darren and Drell. I was beyond relaxed. I wasn’t sure if it was the ecstasy or what, but I was feeling good. My adult fantasy was coming true. I knew if I could get some rest, I would be ready for the next set of rounds.

I climbed into the bed, just as Drell was turning over.
“I need to sleep.” I whispered.
He cracked a smile.
I was laying in between him and Darren. They were about as far apart as two heterosexual men could be in a bed. I instantly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to Drell’s fingers playing with my ass. I moaned. I knew it was his way of getting me ready. I pushed my ass back towards him, making his fingers go in even more.
“Climb on top.” Drell said whispered in my ear.
I rolled over and straddled his dick, inserting him inside my pussy. There was no foreplay, I was ready to go. Just as I started rocking back and forth, I could feel Darren stir in his sleep. I leaned forward on Drell, allowing his dick to pound my pussy. Darren woke up, watching me ride Drell. Drell had his hands on my ass, spreading my ass cheeks apart.
I looked over my shoulder at Darren who was stroking his dick.
“Come on baby.” I said out of breath.
Darren didn’t have to be told twice, he jumped up, dick in his hand and squatted down behind me. I leaned more into Drell, leaving my ass completely open to Darren. I felt his dick enter my ass just as Drell stopped pumping into my pussy.
“Ahhh” I screamed.
I had a dick in my ass and one in the pussy.
“Fuck!” I yelled.
I moaned as Drell fucked my pussy with no mercy, while Darren was in my ass. I couldn’t believe the sensation my body was having. All I could do was hold on for dear life as they both fucked me senseless.
“You like that?” Drell asked.
“Yeah….. I love it.” I cried.
Darren pulled my hair as he fucked my ass.
“Damn, that ass feels good baby.” He said as he leaned in, pushing all of his dick inside my ass.
I screamed.
“Shut up and take it.” Darren said, his mouth inches from my ear.
“This is what you wanted, right?”
“Yes.” I said.
“YES” I yelled.
“Nasty bitch getting fucked by two men in both holes…. Nasty ass is gonna take this dick fucking your ass.” Darren said.
I looked down at Drell who by now had my nipple in his mouth. He bit down gently on it, causing me to cream all over his dick.
“Oh my God.” I said shaking. I couldn’t control my body at all at that point.
My body fell slightly limp as Drell finished fucking me to his satisfaction before emptying his balls deep inside my pussy.
Darren sat back, eased his dick out a little before ramming it back in.
“Oh fuck…. oh shit” he said picking up the speed.
He was fucking me so hard, that it was causing me to rock back and forth on Drell’s dick.
“Oh damn.” Drell said.
It was almost like Darren was forcing me to fuck and ride Drell just by sheer force.
“I’m about to cum.” Darren said pulling my hair hard, yanking my head back.
I closed my eyes and just went along for the ride until I felt the hotness oozing from his dick into my ass.
Just as he came in my ass, I collapsed down on Drell, who was still fucking me. Darren pulled his dick out and staggered back.
“Oh shit baby.” Drell said as he exploded in my pussy.
I was literally filled with cum. My ass was farting Darren’s cum out, and my pussy was letting Drell’s cum stream out.
“Oh my God.” I said rolling over.
“That was amazing.” I said laughing.
Drell got up and walked into the bathroom while Darren got his clothes out of his bag.
“You ok?” I asked turning over to my side.
“Yeah, are you ok?” he asked.
“I am great.”
“I bet you are.” He said as we both heard Drell turn the shower on.
“That was amazing.” I laughed.
“I need to get home.” Darren said.
“Speaking of….” I willed myself up, wrapped up in the sheet.
“What happened with you and Leah?”
I walked over to him.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t play me.”
“She gave me head.” He admitted.
“Yes, she whispered in my ear that she would suck my dick, I just decided ‘why not’?”
I nodded, pouring some water.
“One of my best friends.” I commented while sipping the water.
“Come on, given what happened here over the past night, don’t pretend to be upset.”
“I’m not.” I shrugged.
He made a confused face.
“You’re not?”
“No, it was my birthday, I had more orgasms than I can count. So, you got head.”
He stopped packing and looked at me.
“It wasn’t as good as you.”
“Oh I know, but that’s your problem now.”
“How so?” he asked as his cell phone rung.
He looked at the number and then over to me.
“Leah?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Now that’s your problem.” I said patting his back, as I dropped the sheet and walked into the bathroom.
“Have fun.” I said.
~Chapter 25~

I stepped in the shower with Drell as he rinsed his back.
“I need to wash.” I said startling him.
“Damn you scared me.” he said.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I told him.
“Where is Darren?”
“Leaving. He got head from Leah at my birthday dinner.” I said.
“Damn, for real?”
I nodded.
“He just told me and she just called him, so I am sure he is on his way there.”
“Naw, he doesn’t want to date her. Leah is attractive but…. She aint all there. Sorry.” He said.
I laughed.
“I love her, but you aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know.”
I grabbed the shower gel.
“You enjoy your birthday?” he asked.
“It was perfect, I wouldn’t do another threesome, but it was perfect.”
“I wouldn’t do another one either, I wouldn’t want to watch you and another man.”
I smiled and wrapped my soapy arms around his neck.
“You don’t have to worry about that.”
“Speaking of…. I was thinking.”
“Uh-oh” I teased as I rinsed my body off.
“What if we stop being casual?”
“Stop being casual?” I repeated.
“Yeah, what if we stopped being casual and made this exclusive, made this into something?”
I paused.
“You’re asking me this after you just fucked me in my pussy while another man was in my ass?”
“Hey… hey…. I don’t want to think about that, but I do realize, I don’t want to share you and I don’t want to lose you either.”
I looked at him.
“Me and you, huh?” I asked.
“Yeah, me and you. I know damn well now that Darren messed with your best friend, that ship has sailed.”
I smiled.
“Yeah, he doesn’t though.”
“He will.”
I nodded.
“So…. Me and you.”
“No sex until after my next cycle though. I need time to heal.”
“And no head…. We both need time to detox.” I added.
His smile disappeared.
“I am asking, please.”
“When is the next period??”
“About a week and half it should be here.”
“Damn near two weeks.”
I nodded.
“I just need a small break from sex.”
Truth is, I just fucked two men in one night, call me crazy, I just wanted my period to come and confirm I didn’t accidentally get pregnant.
“Ok.” Drell said.
I smiled and kissed him.
“Me and you.” He said.
“Deal, me and you.”
“I’m gonna turn your ass out, you know that right?” he asked.
“Honey, you can’t turn out someone who is already turned out.”
“Is that right?”
“I nodded.
“Then let the adventures of ‘Drell and Keela’ begin.”

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