A Week with Cathy Ch. 06

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6A: Rani

I woke up a few minutes after 5 to use the bathroom; and just on a hunch, I put on a short robe and walked across the house to the den.

And sure enough, Missy was still there: the Kiss the Cook shirt was on the floor next to the couch where we’d left her, on top of her own shirt and shorts, but she was asleep on a different couch. Had she wandered off to the bathroom in the middle of the night wearing just her panties? Hopefully not, especially with Steve and Susie and the twins in the house.

I gently shook her awake. After a moment’s disorientation, she shook her head and said “I shouldn’t have had that second beer. I don’t think I did anything too awful, did I?”

“No. But you got a little loopy, and Mark was being a dick about it.” Missy seemed fine now, but Mark had had a point: she didn’t get drunk after a couple beers by any means, but she did lose some of her impulse control.

I picked up her shirt from the floor and helped her on with it. “We’re all out of guest rooms tonight, so you can stay with us.” When we got to the master bedroom, she pulled off the shirt and crawled into bed next to Rick, I took off the robe and got in on the other side of her, and we all fell back asleep.

6B: Scotty

Somebody walking around upstairs woke me up around sunrise. Sounded like more than one person, actually: were my aunt and uncle walking to the bathroom using the buddy system?

More importantly, Gail wasn’t in my bed anymore. We’d both fallen asleep after fucking for a second time.

I had fucked my twin sister. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling about that: on one hand, it was the greatest thing I’d ever experienced. On the other hand, you’re not supposed to fuck your own sister. And we’d both been virgins, too.

And yes, I had come pretty close to fucking my cousin, but this was worse.

As I thought about exploring Gail’s body, and wishing I were doing it again right now, what I’d been half-thinking suddenly came together:

It couldn’t have been her the previous night, sucking my dick and shoving her pussy in my face, because the pussy I’d been licking was clean-shaven and my sister had hair there. Not a lot, it was soft and a little wispy, but it was there. So who…?

6C: Cathy

When the alarm went off at 7:30, I saw that Gail was in the bed next to mine, sprawled out over the blanket, wearing a long t-shirt that had moved up her body enough to expose most of her panties.

When I’d gotten home last night, she was mostly under the blanket, but she seemed to have been naked. And when some noise woke me up in the middle of the night, she was gone completely, probably visiting the bathroom, presumably after putting on her t-shirt and panties.

My mind wasn’t on Gail right now, but rather on last night’s pool party: it hadn’t gotten completely crazy, of course, and I guess it didn’t compare to skinny-dipping the night before and jerking off Scotty in the pool, but there were several girls running around topless — including me, if you count how often my bikini top came loose. Up until last night, only about half a dozen guys had ever seen my breasts: now that number had tripled, and that included Barry, whom I’d pretty much grown up with.

At least he hadn’t been one of the guys who’d touched me.

Another number that more than tripled: the number of guys who’ve touched my breasts.

Not that it was only me, of course: all the girls got touched, even Gail. And most of the guys got their dicks grabbed by more than one girl.

I’m surprised the whole thing didn’t turn into a big orgy, but I guess we’re not that wild a bunch.

I woke up Gail. I knew my mother wanted to make breakfast for everybody before everybody took off: my father had work, but my mother was taking the day off to take my aunt and uncle into the city for the day for some special museum exhibit.

With Barry gone for the day (he was probably gone by now, having left around 7 for a day trip to the country with his girlfriend and her family — OMG, Barry saw my boobs and he probably still hasn’t seen his girlfriend’s!), Vicki tagging along on the museum trip, and the Conways working, it would be just me and my cousins today.

I figured I’d discuss plans with them at breakfast, but it wasn’t to be: Gail asked if casino oyna she could join the museum trip, and suggested that since Scotty had come home late from the party, we should let him sleep in.

It didn’t escape me that this would leave Scotty and me alone here all day. I’d really taken the “teasing” thing about as far as I could, so now… did I want to actually fuck my cousin? Should I go down to the guest room as soon as everybody left, crawl into his bed and take his virginity — if he wanted me, and I was sure he did.

Or maybe just give him his first blow job, not really go all the way yet?

The decision was taken out of my hands because moments after everybody left, almost as if he’d been waiting for everybody to leave, he came upstairs, headed straight to the kitchen, and began scrounging around for food.

There were still a few strips of bacon on the table, he found some cereal, and I poured him a glass of milk.

He didn’t seem all that surprised when I told him Gail was gone, and then he asked me what I wanted to do today. I considered “throw me down on the kitchen floor and fuck my brains out” — but since it was already over 80 degrees, I suggested we hang out at the Conways’ pool for a while, before it got too hot like yesterday.

I gave some thought to what to wear to the pool: Last night’s suit was the hottest thing I had, but it was still cold and wet. Then again, if I jumped into the water as soon as we got there, that would hardly matter.

And who knows, since it would just be the two of us, I might not even have the top on for very long.

I pulled it on, shivering a little as the cold fabric (what there was of it) clung to my breasts (what there were of them). As I adjusted it, I wondered why I was so surprised I kept exposing myself last night.

Scotty was ready well before I was, of course. Then I grabbed the sunscreen and some drinks, and we walked over to the Conway house.

We cut through the back yards as always, and when we got to the gate I punched in the code and we walked through.

We rounded the side of the house to the patio and there, lying on a deck chair, was Mrs. C.

Wearing only a brief bikini bottom.

We all noticed one another at the same time, and all three of us said some variation of “Oops, sorry!” at once, then I said “No, it’s your house, you have a right to–“

“But you had no reason to think I’d be playing hooky from work –“

“We’d better –” Scotty began.

Mrs. C. waved her hand. “Oh, at this point it hardly matters. Stay if you want.”

Well, clearly Scotty had no objections.

We pulled over chairs. Before I sat down, I took the sunscreen out of my bag and began squeezing some out. “You might as well take off your top too, Cathy,” Mrs. C. said. “It’s not as if anybody else is going to show up.” When I hesitated, she added “It’s not as if Scott hasn’t seen you topless.”

“Um… why do you say that?” I asked.

“Simple math,” Mrs. C. said with a smile: “I know you and my daughter were swimming in just your panties the other night, because you didn’t have suits with you. Well, Vicki could have run upstairs and gotten one, but she wouldn’t have if you didn’t have any. It’s okay, I’m not angry with anybody. And Gail kept her bra on, because her brother was here, and later came out of the pool, took it off, and put her t-shirt back on.”

“Okay,” Scotty said, “maybe all the girls kept their bras on.”

Mrs. C. gestured at her own flat chest. “I don’t wear bras unless I absolutely have to, and I’m sure neither does Cathy.”

“She’s right,” I said to Scotty. “She is good.”

“Goodness has nothing to do with it,” she said, and I removed the top of my bikini.

I’d never sunbathed topless before. I worked the sunscreen into my breasts, and Scotty didn’t even pretend not to watch. I’m sure he would have been happy to do it for me, and I’d definitely have asked him to if we’d been alone — but Mrs. C. didn’t have to know Scotty had done anything more than look at anybody’s bodies this week.

We chatted for a while, mostly Mrs. C. asking Scotty questions about his life (since she’d known me since I was in pre-school). Scotty spent the whole time lying on his front, which didn’t surprise me.

She seemed very comfortable being topless in front of us. Maybe that comes with being canlı casino older, though thirty-seven was hardly old. I’d seen her in her underwear over the years, but never topless. And Scotty, of course…

I had a random thought: I wonder if my parents ever saw her topless like this. But I forced it out of my mind: the thought of my father seeing Mrs. C. like this was just too troubling to think about.

After we’d been there for about 45 minutes, Mrs. C. turned over onto her front and said “Scott, could you do my back for me please?”

This was a dream come true for Scotty, of course, but he was also distressed because standing up exposed an erection that apparently hadn’t subsided, and was now even more evident because he was about to have his hands all over Mrs. C.’s back.

Her front probably would have given him a stroke.

I can’t deny appreciating the sight of his dick, and it made me want to yank down his trunks, wrap both hands around it, and jerk him off again. Or… wrap my lips around it. Or my pussy.

I wonder whether he had any idea how hot this was making me.

Mrs. C. sighed as Scotty massaged the cream into her back, and offering no objection when he let his hands wander to her sides, touching what little side-boob she had.

“My legs,” she finally said. As Scotty began working the cream into her muscular legs, she began spreading her legs to make it easier for him. Her bikini bottom hadn’t covered a whole lot to begin with, and soon I could tell with certainty that she was completely shaven.

His hands moved further up her legs, with her obvious encouragement, and before very long if he didn’t see she was completely shaven, he’d have been able to feel it.

“Scotty,” I said, possibly moments before he was about to start finger-fucking our neighbor, “we have to get back to the house: we’re having an early lunch before we leave.”

I pulled my top back on, and gathered up our stuff, and we left. Scotty was equal parts confused and angry: he didn’t know what might have happened with Mrs. C., but he’d certainly wanted to find out. “What kind of early lunch? We just finished breakfast about an hour ago.”

We were in my back yard now, just outside the door. “Scotty, I…” I couldn’t focus on exactly what I wanted to say, how to explain, and I didn’t even know whether I wanted to cry or not. This might be the scariest thing I’ve ever had to say. Finally I said “When we went over there, I wanted this–” and I put my hand on the front of his trunks, over his hard dick “– to be because of me.”

He was quiet for a moment, I guess collecting his thoughts, then said “Cathy, didn’t you know? It’s been because of you for years.” Then he pulled my bikini top over my head and off, and lightly kissed both of my nipples.

“Scotty…” I said after a long moment, “I need a shower. And so do you.” And leaving my bikini top on the ground where he’d dropped it, I led him inside and then upstairs to the bathroom down the hall from my bedroom.

I turned on the water, then kicked off my sneakers and pulled down and stepped out of my bikini bottoms, letting Scotty see me completely naked for the first time.

I stepped under the shower. Scotty pulled off his trunks and joined me. I’d had sex before, but this was my first time showering with a guy. And probably the first time Scotty’s ever seen a completely naked girl.

He soaped up his hands and began by cleaning my breasts. No great surprise there. He caressed them with his slick, soapy hands very gently — which was good, because he couldn’t possibly know how sensitive my nipples were. I could have cum just from Scotty touching them.

I began washing his chest, then working my way down. I was very careful when I got to his dick — because I knew how easily I could make him cum right now, I had other plans for his hard dick.

I gently soaped it up, then took my hands away. He put his hands on my shoulders, leaned in, and brought his mouth to my left breast. The moment his lips closed on my nipple, I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through my body. I wasn’t sure whether it was a small orgasm, but I liked it and wanted more.

W took our time making sure one another was sparking clean, exploring all over. I was being careful not to make him cum too soon. I made sure he understood he had to show no such caution kaçak casino with me, and he made me cum two or three more times, somehow knowing just where to touch and lick me.

I knew he was having a great time, but his hard dick reminded me that I needed to pay some attention to what he needed.

I’d have turned, braced myself against the shower wall, and told him to fuck me from behind (I’d never had shower sex, and wanted desperately to try it: just thinking about him pounding into me almost made me cum again), but I didn’t think he’d last very long. I wanted our first fuck to be amazing.

Remembering how quickly he’d gotten hard again in his bed the other day, I knew he’d be good for a second round — so making sure his dick was clean of soap, I crouched down, and took it into my mouth.

His deep breathing started almost immediately. Well, he’d probably been “ready to pop” since we’d walked in on Ms. C.

It didn’t take long before the deep breathing was replaced by soft grunts.

I let his dick out of my mouth just long enough to say “When you’re getting your cock sucked, it’s okay to let yourself cum quickly.”

As long as you last a long time during Round Two, I thought.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he said just a few moments later, letting loose wave after wave of cum, filling my mouth and going down my throat, making me cough up a lot of it. Did he always cum this much? The other times, I hadn’t really been in a position to tell.

I let the shower spray us both clean. Then I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, took a towel and handed him one, and said “Now for the main course. I trust you’ll be… up for it?”

“Before you know it,” he said with a grin.

I led him to my bed, we both lost the towels, and we began slowly touching one another all over, taking our time. And as I’d hoped (and he’d promised), it didn’t take long until his dick was first firm, and then finally ready for business.

I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs. I wasn’t being very subtle about what I wanted, and I knew he could see how wet my pussy was.

Possibly even smell me.

He got between my legs. I began thinking about how inevitable this had been from the moment Gail had called me into his bedroom last week: I knew he wanted me in ways no cousin should, and the thought of it had made me hot as hell.

I kept telling myself I didn’t really want to take it this far, be the first girl to fuck him, but in my heart I think I knew, and everything I’d been doing was leading up to this moment.

He entered me.

Was it Scotty himself, or the fact that you’re not supposed to fuck your own cousin? Whichever it was, I’d never needed somebody to fuck me quite this desperately.

This was so good…

He started out slowly, gently, then gradually picked up the pace until he was really fucking me hard.

I was thrashing around underneath him, moaning.

Goddam, between the shower and here, I didn’t even know how many times I’d cum. This had never happened before.

If I’d known this, I would have jumped him that very first day.

Just when I thought he’d last forever, he said with a soft groan “I’m gonna –“

“Yes, cum in me. Come inside me.”

And he did. Maybe not as much as in the shower, but I certainly felt it. And I came yet again.

He stayed on me, in me, and his dick softened, and he was just rolling off of me when…

6D: Rani: 12:31 PM

When we got home, I noticed somebody had left the back door ajar, so I went over to close it. I noticed what looked like a strip of elastic on the grass near the back yard door, and I picked it up. Was this clothing? It could only be Cathy’s if it was. I didn’t know what bothered me more: that she was wearing something this insubstantial, or that she’d taken it off in the back yard.

6E: Gail: 12:33 PM

The museum exhibit had sucked, so we all came home early. The heat hit us like a wave as soon as we got out of the car. I bounded up up to Cathy’s room to change and meet up with Vicki at her pool. If Scotty and Cathy weren’t there, I’d call them and find out where they were.

I flung open the bedroom door.

Oh, my fucking god…

6F: Cathy: 12:34 PM


6G: Scotty

Oh, shit…

6H: Rani

“Oh, Gail, is Cathy in her room? I need to speak with her for a mo– oh my God!”

6I: Cathy

Oh, shit.

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