A Wartime Christmas Wish

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Bing’s voice crooned across the room from the radio in the corner — but just like I knew we wouldn’t have a white Christmas here in Alabama, I knew Bobby wouldn’t be home to celebrate it with me. It had been almost two years since I had felt his rough hands glide up my thighs, and I missed their touch more and more each day.

Sitting at the dressing table, I slowly took out my pin curls and watched my auburn ringlets fall around my face. The light glowing behind me created a copper-gold halo with my hair. I ran my fingers through the curls wishing I could run them through Bobby’s silky black hair instead. He always looked so striking with his midnight mane and eyes like sapphire ice. I sighed, dreaming of the last time we were together. His naked body stretched out on my little bed. His legs wrapped around mine. We shared a cigarette, and my eyes fell to his duffle bag sitting in the bedside chair. “Are you leaving so soon?” I asked, my eyes indicated the pack.

“Not too long.” he answered, his expression apologetic. “I won’t be in the Pacific too long. I promise.”

Two years is much too long to be without a man, and my pussy ached to have his dick inside me again; I bit my lip to fight the arousal. I longed to feel him penetrate me; it was the only Christmas present I wanted this year. I leaned over to reach for the hair brush, and my nipples pressed against my camisole, growing hard as they rubbed against the rough cotton. I thought of those big hands cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples red and hard as they protested with delight.

Warmth spread through me at the thought, and I shifted uncomfortably in the seat, my pussy rubbing against my panties and the firm chair. With a sigh, I put down the brush and walked to the window. I know I should have stayed away from the window–with my room’s light glowing against the inking darkness, I was a beacon of desire. Anyone at Fort McCellan could easily see the silhouette of my curves, and I welcomed their eyes and begged for their sex. I opened the window, inviting in the cold bite of the December. The cold only increased my arousal. I felt my juices trickle into my panties and down my thigh. I tried to catch my breath. My thoughts raced. I felt such desire penetrating every inch of my body. My clit swollen and throbbing, echoing my longing for Bobby’s cock — or any cock, at this point.

With a sense of daring, canlı bahis I crept through the window onto the roof of the porch below. I pulled off my camisole and set my large, firm breasts free from the cotton shell. My nipples became hardened into peaks when the night breeze brushed against the liberated flesh. I sat down carefully on the rough shingled roof; I splayed my legs, wantonly reveling in the scratch and tease of the texture against my bare skin. I slid my hand into my panties, and dipping my fingers between the wet lips of my pussy, I closed my eyes and thought of Bobby.

My mind flooded with images of his naked body, so strong and hard, the head of his thick cock, glistening and engorged. I found myself lightly stroking my clit with the image. Within moments, a shudder rippled through me like an electrical pulse shooting through my body; then it sparked through me again and again. I closed my lips tight to hold in the moan of delight building inside me. The waves of pleasure were so intense, I could hardly control myself. When they finally subsided, I lay in the cold darkness, my ragged breath clouding the air around me like an after-sex smoked cigarette. My heart beat rapidly, rejoicing in my self-satisfaction.

As I lay there spent, but alone, I listened to the sounds of the crisp holiday night. The distant carolers, the families celebrating, and here I sat wanting the only present of ’43, I’d never get.. I pulled my legs up to my chest, pressing my breasts firmly as I wrapped my arms around my knees. I sat there with my chin resting on my goose-fleshed arms for what seemed an eternity.

I must have drifted off, because I didn’t hear the door to my room open or the footsteps across the floorboards. All I knew was that suddenly felt the rough graze of a hand on the small of my back gently stroke me and then pull me up against a woolen uniform. He went to speak, his lips brushing against my ear, but he hesitated. Chin on my shoulder, he silently cupped a breast and held me tight.

He turned me around and smiled. He brushed my soft auburn hair away from my face, his touch felt so tender and warm. Where he stroked me, my skin tingled.

“I have so missed your beautiful face.”

“Are you really here, or am I dreaming?”

Bobby kissed my forehead. I felt the warm, hard lump protruding through his uniform. I felt my pussy engorge with bahis siteleri blood.

He smiled and stroked my breast with his weathered fingers. His touch filled me with desire.

“Thank you, Bobby!” I stood on my toes and kissed his lips. As we embraced, I started stroking his crotch, but he grabbed my hand.

“Shouldn’t we go inside? I have missed your body in that soft bed over there.” He lifted me up and held me firmly against him, wrapping me in his arms. He released me only long enough for us to slide back into the warm bedroom.

Once inside we crushed into each other’s arms. We kissed, and our mouths passionately drank in the desire we both felt. I fumbled with his buttons. Our lips parted only long enough for me to gasp, “Too many buttons.” He smiled wickedly as he quickly undressed and then pulled me back into his arms.

“Oh how I have missed my beautiful little girl.”

Bobby’s strong fingers explored my body, running over my breasts and down to my quivering belly. My skin buzzed and tingled with pleasure. His lips urgently kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine. His large hands stroked my swelling clit, and I could feel his cock growing harder in my hands.

I felt him breathing heavily against my neck and it made me tingle with delight. It had been so long since either of us had been that close to anyone. It was electric, and I buried myself in his warm, musky chest, giving myself fully to him.

“Take me now,” my voice begged, ragged with desire. Bobby leaned over me and kissed my naked breasts. My nipples were rock hard between his lips.

“I have thought about you every moment for the last two years,” he mumbled as he pressed his cheek against my large, soft breasts. He groaned with pleasure and bit my nipple.

I writhed with delight. The look of lust and passion in his eyes swallowed me with desire. I caressed his throbbing dick. I loved the feeling of his wide, veiny cock in my hand. He held me tight, thrusting slightly into my hand.

“How much have you missed the rest of me?” I looked up innocently at his face. Oh how I loved seeing his beautiful face looking back down at me. He smiled and nodded.

“Please take me…I want you so much,” I whispered, kissing his ear lobe and caressing his cock with my free hand.

I stroked his erection between my eager fingers, and felt pre-cum leak out bahis şirketleri the head of his cock. I ran my fingers through it and wiped it on my lips. It was a beautiful lightly salted flavor; the silky texture was even more wonderful. I had missed it so much. I licked my lips and savored the taste.

It seemed to drive him wild. He pulled me onto the bed and forced my legs apart roughly and brought his hips close to mine. I felt his big, hard cock pressing against the moist lips of my cunt. Bobby ran the swollen head of his cock over my clit. I moaned loudly as pleasure pulsed through my body.

He pushed the head of his cock against my aching pussy. It had been so long, my hips thrust up, forcing the head inside. Even just having the engorged head of his cock inside me sent waves of electricity from my pussy through by body. His breathing was deep and intense. He pushed harder, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I moaned like a wild animal in response.

“Don’t stop! Never stop!” I begged, and tears filled my eyes. I pushed my hips harder against his, wrapping my legs around him.

“It’s all right, baby, I’ll fill up your tight little pussy.” His voice was drenched in lust as he slid further inside me, stretching me. The ache I had felt for so long washed away in waves of ecstasy. Bobby began thrusting slowly in and out of my moist pussy. My clit was tingling, and I knew I was going to cum. His thrusts grew faster and more powerful, pushing me quickly toward an orgasm.

“Oh, Bobby… I’m going to cum,” I moaned breathlessly.

“Oh, yes — cum for me, baby.” His voice was a low growl, and his groaning told me he was close to exploding, too. I wanted to wait, but my orgasm was already bursting through me. I dug my fingers into his back as the waves of pleasure crested. He lowered his body closer to mine and fucked me deeper.

“Oohhhh, Bobby!” I cried uncontrollably.

“Tell me you’ve missed me!” He growled in my ear, thrusting harder.

“I’ve missed you!” I screamed with pleasure. My body shook in his arms as I writhed beneath him in intense ecstasy. “Oh, God, how I’ve missed you!” I wailed. Just then, his body wracked above me, shaking with his own orgasm, filling me with two years of cum and pleasure. He leaned over me, resting his cheek against mine.

I smiled — I’d never felt so good, so warm or satisfied. Bobby kissed my lips and smiled lovingly.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered. Then wrapping his arms around me, he kissed me again. I felt warm and safe in his arms.

“Merry Christmas, indeed, my love. I certainly got my Christmas wish.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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