A Valentine’s Day Massacre

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On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1929 between the verse and chorus of the song, “Ain’t Misbehavin,” a shriek of, “My tit is fallin’ outta my gown you big galoot!” could be heard over the giggling and drunken chaos of the Clark Street speakeasy. Flossie Braun with her red hair curled close to her face spat at the goon hoisting her by the arms to the wall. Sure enough Flossie’s forlorn breast and curious little nipple hung it’s head woefully out the side of her satin and beaded gown…she was helpless to tuck it back in because every time she tried she was smacked hard on the hand.

“L.l.leave itttt out lady, nnnnothing gets put under wraps unless III say so,” the big goon called Stuttering Al slapped at her hand but not before giving the exposed nipple a furious little flick of his finger causing her to screech even louder. She was followed by 5 other decked out prostitutes all summoned there under false pretenses to “entertain” what they thought were going to be the boys from the Moran gang, with whom they were employed. Instead it was Capone’s goons (Moran’s rivals) who surprised them at the door and then ushered the apoplectic women to the back room, all of them caterwauling about death and missed appointments.

Addie Fischer, a small dark haired girl was the only one who remained completely impassive and instead fingered the green beads hanging down between her breasts while she sized up the dire situation they were in. “Hands up against the wall ladies, we intend to do a little search,” Vinny “the horse” whistled through his buck teeth, but not before pushing a knee between Addie’s legs and forcing them widely apart.

“If it’s your mother you’re looking for, I saw her last night with her face pressed up against my ass, you stupid prick,” she said, with a wiggle of her ass, pressing her hands firmly against the rough red brick wall to prevent from falling.

Maggie Malloy kept her curly blonde hair wrapped around her finger and through great gasps of nervous giggling kept asking to use the phone. “Listen lady, there’s no telephones in hell and if you don’t shut to fuck up you’ll be shaking hands with the devil before you can say Bugs Morgan,” Marco’s big rounded hand, the size of a shovel, grasped at her buttocks and projected her a couple of feet forward with an excited, “ooh!” until she could feel the rough bricks pressing her nose.

There was an instance of chaos when Addie turned and kneed one of her captors in the balls and made for the door. She was instantly stopped by a distinguished looking man, “Gentleman” Vic Petruchio escorting in the notorious cock sucker, only known by her first name, Tess. “Listen lady, I love it rough. The rougher the better, but if you know what’s good for you, enjoy these last moments of your life.” Addie was shoved violently to the wall where she was licked from the back of her shoulder up to her ear and then goosed hard on the ass.

“Pig!” Was the only thing Addie could utter, her fear cutting off her usual constant line of obscenities and insults. Tess gave Addie a wary look and the two held hands as they waited for what was sure to be a firing squad.

The last two of their group were called “the twins”, they were completely unrelated but did everything and EVERYONE together and now sobbed in unison, as they each, Dottie and Betty Lou, dragged their satin shod feet into the dimly lit storage room followed by a gun toting 19 year old pimpled faced hooligan named Tony. A commotion in the corner behind the whiskey barrels erupted as one of the men dragged an unknown girl from the darkness by a handful of blonde curly hair. None of the other girls seemed to recognize sweet Katy McCafferty, the proprietor’s wife and manager of the speakeasy.

“Where the hell did she come from?” said Vic unlatching the back door to let in a couple of others carrying violin cases. “I thought the place was supposed to be empty. No matter, stick her ass up against the wall with the rest of the whores,” he said signaling to one of the other guys.

Sweet Katy landed on her elbows from the boot in the ass delivered by one of the two new visitors. Scurrying to her feet, she found herself pressed to the wall with three ladies on each side, all apparently terrified, looking to her for answers. Two of the men had withdrawn machine guns from the violin cases and most of the women now realized that they were somehow caught up in a gangland dispute that had nothing to do with them personally. Within minutes they all expected to be dead.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with us?” Katy managed to find a voice for what every one of the other women, including her, wanted to know.

“It’s really simple lady, they all work for Moran and we intend to control prostitution on both sides of the city. When we are finished here there won’t be a whore in town that won’t get the message. And YOU just happen to be in a bad place and the wrong time now didn’t ya lady?” Vinny hissed as he breathed out “lady” g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri with a fog of whiskey and garlic into her unflappable face as he fingered one of her impertinent curls.

Katy coughed in disgust, ” Listen, dead we’re useless to Moran and Capone! Alive, we can make your world spin. Why don’t you come up with something we all might like and you won’t end up spending the rest of the day cleaning up after your own mess.” Katy played with his lapels, her fingers rubbing the material as she might tease his balls with her tongue. Then she turned coquettishly towards the wall and pressed her full breasts into the brick with a smile and lick of her lips. There was baboonish laughter amongst the gangsters as they eyed each other hungrily and then looked at the meat that was lined up before their very eyes. Katy smiled dreamily, the beguiling look in her eyes masking the revulsion and the fearful quiver in her lips.

Maggie stared blankly at the brick wall counting the lines that went horizontally across and then counting the vertical lines and then giggling and starting over, everyone seemed to miss that she was stoned out of her mind. The “twins” stopped their crying and held hands again, looking hopefully over their soft shoulders. Addie and Tess licked their lips at the boys. Flossie broke the ridiculous charade by shouting out, “There ain’t no way I’m touching one of these filthy, dirty pigs…see this fellas? ” She held her tit in her hand and shook it at them…this is the only private part of me that you’re ever gonna see!” The men threw back their heads in bombastic laughter, the echoes of their voices permeating the dank, closeness of the room.

The girls shouted in unison for Flossie to shut her trap, except for Maggie who just sang softly to herself, “I wanna be loved by you, by you and nobody else but you, I wanna be loved by you…alone…boo boo bi doo!” as she counted those fucking lines.

Vic reached inside his violin case and retrieved a handled, twenty four-inch long, piece of leather known to most of the ladies as a barber’s strop. “So let me see if we are all in agreement,” he said, strolling along the line of terrified women. Stopping next to Flossie, he laid the leather strap across her left shoulder prodding the end of the strop against her bared tit. His face was pressed to hers and his mouth grazed gently along the lobe of her ear. “So what do you think I should do with this big leather strap?”

“I think you should use it on that girl over there, the one who ain’t one of us, the one who had the big bright idea in the first place.” Flossie said through her teeth, her green eyes squinting with unadulterated anger and hatred at the man who held the strap lightly over her threatened breast.

“Hey fellas, suppose we teach these girls a very painful lesson instead of blowing their pretty heads all over the wall?” suggested Vic. The room was silent except for Maggie’s incessant singing. The four men began to inspect the women as if they were genuinely evaluating the difference between fucking them silly or blowing their brains out.

“Suppose we spare them, what do you think Capone would say?” says “Tall” Tommy the lanky dark haired one with the deep Italian accent.

“He would kill us without a single thought,” replied the garbage breathed Vinnie as he bit off the head of a cigar and stuffed it in between his cheek and his gum, befouling his breath further.

“Yea maybe, but if we rough them up enough to send a message to the rest of their kind, and they agree to work for Capone, then maybe he would treat us like kings,” Marco, the stout broad shouldered guy said with a genuine smile. “So ladies, what do you say, how’s about coming to work for Al Capone and telling your friends to do the same?”

Katy was again the first to reply, “Look you can do anything you want with us and you have my word that we will never again utter Moran’s name.”

“Who made you the Madam and us you’re little hoard of whores? BITCH!” shouted Flossie, signaling her disfavor with a spit against the wall.

Katy had already turned to face the menacing thugs. Grasping at the buttons of her dress she slowly began to unbutton them with daring and bravado sprouting from her eyes. Her eyes scanned the five main men surrounding them, the other two having gone back outside to keep a look out, gazing along their crotches as if she were looking in their eyes. All but Flossie and Maggie turned to face their fate, each extending a gesture of submission, unique in their own way. The twins clung to each other and kissed, long and deeply, cooing their satisfaction while Addie lifted her skirt to her chin displaying her bright red frilly bloomers, bending into a catchers crouch as if ready to send signals to a fictitious pitcher. Tess curled her tongue like a magic carpet, wiggling the tip invitingly.

Katy seductively stripped her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall in a heap at g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri her feet. Kicking it across the room, she began strutting behind the line of women, stopping only to poke Maggie in the back, “Hey, sing so we all can hear!”

Maggie, still mesmerized by the pattern of bricks, began to roar out her tune. “I wanna be loved by you……..” Katy strutted and performed to the tune, touching each of the men enticingly in the process. There was no doubt that she had become the master of ceremonies. The question remained, however, whether it was to be a wake or an orgy.

Capturing a chair from the corner, Katy danced across the room placing it in the center. After circling it a few times and stepping on it with one foot then the other, she arched her body so that her bottom perched high in the air. She grasped the chair’s back. “Hey, is anybody going to use that strop or do I have to spank myself?” Smiling, she looked back invitingly over her shoulder. Vic was the one holding the leather strop. Pretending to use it as a flyswatter, he swung it aimlessly through the air striking a pillar or two en route to the daring Katy.

First he pressed his hand against her back, feeling the firmness of her youth. His fingers trailed across the small firm arch, emanating a tantalizing feeling of life and femininity. “Ladies, so this is the deal. Each of you is going to take a beating in exchange for your life. Katy here will be first, and anyone else wishing to be alive when this is over, form a line right here.” He pointed to an invisible line on the floor a few feet behind.

Like a game of musical chairs, three women pushed and shoved their way into line leaving singing Maggie and Flossie still with their hands pressed firmly to the wall. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of these broads,” said Vinnie. In one swift movement he pulled his belt free of his pants.

“So what do they call you?” Vic asked, as if it mattered to know the name of the woman he was about to beat.

“Katy, you can call me Katy, and I hope you have plenty of experience with that leather thing in your hand,” she said, with a fairly obscene wiggle of her bottom.

The room was fairly silent, save for the incessant humming of Maggie who continued to poke at the cement connections between the bricks. Vic raised the strop and landed it with a loud thud across Katy’s frilly panties. She hardly moved an inch, nor did she cry out, she more or less growled under the heavy assault. Her bottom seemed like steel to the leather strap. He raised it again and snapped it with force across her bottom producing an even deeper hollow growl. Katy remained motionless, seemingly challenging him to strike harder. And that he did, raising the strop behind his shoulder and stepping with his left foot like a baseball batter, he slammed the leather across her tightly torqued derriere a dozen times. Her growls became defiantly guttural.

Tess stood mesmerized, wincing at the sound and sight of the leather strap. Oddly, it excited her to see another woman beaten, particularly one with the bewitching resilience of Kate. Her mouth gaping open with small droplet of spit hissing between her gritted teeth each time the strap landed. Her eyes appear dilated and detached and her lips curled in a sardonic smile as if she were being fed something never before tasted. Tess felt her body relent to the dominant sexuality she was witnessing….watching someone that could turn torment into pleasure. Her arousal was Pavlovian.

Tess’s sudden movement forward interrupted the less than solemn beating. Most were aware of her oral expertise, but none had ever seen her strip. Sticking one leg out from under her mid-length dress, she slowly raised the hem until it exposed her black garters and bloomers. Her stockings were short, ending just below the knee, and her suspenders dangled without purpose like bungee cords hanging loosely around the frilly black bloomers. Her ample thighs were sunless and pale. With one massive step to the side her legs splayed wide. She unbuckled the dress and threw it across the room. Her large breasts filled and spilled from the tightly packed cups of her contoured corset.

Dropping to her knees she drew her hand down the front of Stuttering Al’s pants grasping the zipper as her hand passed over it, ending between his legs and grasping his balls. Her other hand fished around inside the zipper, finding and releasing a long hard purplish cock, which she strained to surround with her fist. Tess dropped her head almost to the floor, still holding the cock firmly in her grasp.

Al stood motionless gazing around the room at every eye fixed on Tess’s fist with pride, his handsome face alight with raw lust. She twirled the giant dick in a circle and then back around, slowly rising like a swaying cobra perched ready to strike with her only weapon, her unequivocally talented mouth. . Her eyes begged his permission, her smile signified her immoral g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri intent, as her ruby red lips slipped over the head and down the purple column stopping only when her teeth tapped against the metal zipper. Tess was a pro and wasted little time gagging on Al’s member, pumping it furiously, she suctioned her lips tightly around the rooster’s crown.

Vic raised the strop in a vain effort to continue beating Katy who now had pushed a hand between her legs and was frantically tunneling her finger along her pussy. Tommy pulled Katy away from the chair and pressed her over a whiskey barrel. He roughly pulled Katy’s pantalets off and pushed her up on top of the barrel. With one hand he fumbled to open his zipper. The other hand steadied Katy by grasping her ankle. Once in position he leaned forward between the splay of legs and pulled her two legs back, embedding himself in one harrowing thrust. The barrel rolled easily under Katie, giving Tommy complete control of her body as he pushed and pulled her back and forth using her legs like wheelbarrow handles. He beat her harder and harder with his hand as his orgasm became more and more imminent, his thrusts punctuated by the snapping short bursts of skin on skin and hushed moans from Katy.

Vinnie began lashing Flossie and Maggie with the full length of his belt. Flossie turned and spit in his face. Angered, he pulled her in a circle by the hair, flopping her to the floor. Grasping Maggie by the back of the neck he pushed her on top. “Sit on her back and hold her down,” Vinnie instructed, pushing Maggie into position with her legs straddling Flossie’s back, pinning her arms with her knees. “Pull your dress up and hers too” he instructed.

At no point had Maggie stopped singing. She seemed oblivious to all that was happening. Obediently, she yanked at Flossie’s beaded skirt, baring her from the knees to the waist, pushing most of the dress securely under her bottom. Leaning forward she managed to pull her own dress free but not before stretching her legs out and mostly laying face down on Flossie’s back using her exposed tit as a handle. Vinnie ripped off the ladies undergarments and lashed at the two, landing the belt across Flossie’s thighs and ample bottom. Maggie was small in comparison, but her bottom stuck out muscular and firm. He lashed at the two, alternating between the wriggling women amassed at his feet.

Maggie cocooned her head into Flossie’s neck, licking and biting while pinching at her nipple in between verses of “Makin Whoopee”. Flossie whose fiery temper turned to sudden, uncontrollable lust moaned and struggled to raise her bottom while she twisted and contorted her head to stick her tongue into Maggie’s singing mouth.

Vinnie continued to strap both women, seemingly more entertained by their foreplay then the stern whipping he was administering. Red stripes rose like colored railroad tracks across the two bottoms. Landing on the heaped women, Vinnie struggled to unzip his pants before releasing his stout column. Holding Maggie by the shoulders he thrust into Flossie, while bouncing on her like a mattress. Gasping for air, Flossie flailed at the floor as her pussy was stretched and pummeled. Still stoned and on fire from the beating, Maggie wormed her bottom invitingly against the assault. Her wriggling must have dislodged Tommy who thrust out aimlessly. His creamy coated member, blinded and unparticular, found it’s way into Maggie’s firm bottom. Flossie lay pressed to the ground while her friend got fucked in the ass.

Marco grasped one of the twins and pulled her toward the chair. Hand in hand the other followed. Marco pulled one across his lap, lying left to right and then the other right to left.The twins lay one across the other with their feet firmly planted on the floor. Marco raised both of their dresses and began to wail away using both hands. The girls giggled and wriggled and somehow managed to twist around to lock lips with each other. He continued to spank the twins, landing two hands at the same time, like beating bongos, but terminating with force on the two girl’s bottoms.

After Al had finished filling Tess’s mouth with his last ounce of desire, he shoved her violently to the side and diverted his stare to the frilly-bottomed twins. Pushing his hands up their thighs, he ripped and pulled off their flimsy bloomers, shredding them in the process. He tossed the two fistfuls of silk and yanked the strop away from Vic with a short apologetic nod to his higher up. Marco threw his arms around the two kissing cousins and held them firmly.

Al began to lash at their bottoms with the leather strop, “thhhhis is ffffun!” he giggled maniacally as he landed his lightning licks into the shouting twins, each with her own tone, Dottie’s high and lilting, Betty’s Lou’s low and throaty. Dottie fell to her knees and grasped for Marco’s cock. At some point he must have been pleasuring himself because out it sprang and into Dottie’s mouth. Betty Lou slid off Marco’s lap as well and kneeling behind Dottie nudged at her bottom pushing her nose up against her velvet thighs. As Al continued to whip Betty Lou, her headw went into concealment beneath Dottie’s dress where she licked and suckled her beautiful “twin’s” anus in swirls of candy sucking ecstasy.

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