A Slutty Sweetheart

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As I looked at uncle Bobby rub his large, erected cock with his muscular hands, pumping up and down the bed, my desires for him grew stronger and stronger. As I stood on the hallway of the summerhouse, leaning on the wooden frames of the door peaking at him masturbate made my cunt erect and wet. I lifted my silky white summer dress up with my left hand and slid my right hand fingers inside of my red see-through g-strings and began feeling my shaved, and very wet pussy. Looking at uncle Bobby reach climax and turning red made me rub my cunt faster and faster, dying to reach climax. It was difficult for me to reach climax standing up, so I lay on the wooden floor and began rubbing my cunt madly. Back and forth back and forth, mmmmmm…. YES YES YES!! I loved the feeling, and wanted to reach orgasm badly. On the other hand, I made sure I didn’t make any noise, for I was right outside his door.

After the masturbation, I walked to the living room and sat on the Sofa where I was given to stay for this summer. I began thinking about how attractive Uncle Bobby was with his big muscular arms, hairy chest, and beer stomach. After seeing his long, massive cock with round humongous testes with it, I found him even more attractive. I began feeling sorry for him, for I knew he was lacking sex. Aunt Mary and him seem to have a very cold and feeble relationship, in which over the 15 years of their marriage, Mary, had gained quite a lot of weight. Mary works as a waitress at a steak tavern down town, while Uncle Bobby works as a truck driver. Uncle Bobby mostly stayed home, where the only times he would be out would be from 3-5 the afternoon.

My father is a businessman who works in the city, where of course means I grew up in a city. The reason I came to my aunt this summer was because I wanted to relax in a more peaceful, and isolated place for the summer where my father thought, was a great place for me to forget about my boyfriend and the break-up we had. Truthfully, the break-up didn’t leave me with much pain, but rather left me off very horny.

As thoughts ran through my head, I heard Uncle bobby in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Since it was only 7 the morning, it was logical that I would be sleeping, so I decided to undress myself. I took my white summer dress off and red g- strings and put them on the handle of the sofa, and then covered the bottom half of me with my white bed sheets and slept sideways. As I pretended to be asleep revealing a bit of my 36 C cupped breasts, I heard uncle bobby walking towards the kitchen.

He was wearing his white boxers and then suddenly he stood in front of me and said ” Lisa, wakie wake up what would you like for breakfast?” I acted as if he had just wakened me up, and so I yawned, stretched my arms up and spread my legs apart. Then I realized that Uncle Bobby was staring at me in a very different way. He stared at my red g-string, kneeled down facing me, held the g-string up and then began licking and teasing the bottom part of it. As he did it, he was looking at me teasingly and after a while, he whispered into my ears ”

I think you will want to get dressed for breakfast, let me help you get dressed. ” He inserted his finger into my mouth, felt my lips, made it wet with his fingers, and then glided them down towards my breasts circulating both of them, then to my thighs, my knees, and when he reached my left foot, he took my g-strings and put them on for me. After putting them on, he began licking my very erected and wet pussy. He kissed them, licked them, trying to penetrate his tongue through the see-through material. He began biting my pussy lips, while I pushed his head closer towards it moaning ” MMMMMMMYES! I want more, it feels wonderful, don’t stop…. “

He licked my pussy harder and harder, where finally; he took the g-strings off again, spread my legs apart and began exploring my vagina, licking my clit as if he was magnified to them. I knew it; I knew that he thought I was attractive and beautiful, in which having him suck my cunt made me feel sexy.

Uncle Bobby is the best cunt licker, now, as I am erected and dying for the cock in me, I slid my hands inside of his boxers and grabbed his very manly organ out and licked the tip of it, and then teased it. As I licked his cock, I played with his testicles and then began rubbing his cock back and forth slowly, then faster and faster. When kadıköy escort I got him erected, I stopped. I didn’t want him to reach orgasm yet. After the blow I stood up and began dancing holding up my long brunette hair and then down, feeling my breasts and rubbing them together, and then rubbing my cunt. Then I walked towards the dark brown wooden table and laid down there and began rubbing my cunt, moaning and moaning, and sucking my middle finger. ” Oh, Bobby, mmmm don’t you want me? …” Giving him a rat smile as I moaned with pleasure.

Uncle Bobby walked towards me, took off his boxers, and then guided his cock towards my pussy. He teased it by rubbing it around my pussy lips, up and down the entrance, and then said, ” So, you little slut, you want some good fucking, don’t you?” He inserted his massive cock into me slowly. He moved in slowly, and out, in and out very very slowly, then faster and faster, so fast that the table moved with his rhythm. As he was fucking me with rage, he picked me up and moved towards the couch. It took him quite long to reach orgasm, which made me reach a full orgasm. Before he shot his load, I hummed his cock into my mouth and tasted all of his cum. It tasted great, and mostly, seeing uncle Bobby red and satisfied made it even better.

It was the best sex I ever had, but as I took a shower, guilt began pouring. I had betrayed my Aunt, and I wondered if she would have killed me if she found out. On the other hand, if she and Bobby aren’t really in love, then why can’t I make him happy? The very truth is, Mary acts like a total bimbo. Well, I don’t care, I had a great time with Bobby and there will be no way that I will stop having sex with him.

Bobby left to work, so I was home alone. After my shower, I decided that I wanted a nap, in which I wanted to sleep in Bobby’s room. So, I unwrapped myself from the towel, and put myself under the silky blanket and fell asleep.

” What makes you think you can sleep on my bed naked? Huh?” I opened my eyes and saw Uncle Bobby on top of me, and then suddenly he gave me a peck on my lips. “Well, what are you going to do? Spank me?” I said sarcastically.

Then I hugged Bobby from the neck and began kissing him. Then he began feeling my breasts and pussy. Inserting his middle finger in it and began fingering me. As he fingered me, I moaned and gasped with pleasure, I loved it.

” Lisa, it’s almost 6, we better clean up before Mary comes home. ”

I ignored his words and began licking and humming his wet fingers filled with my cum. Then I left the bed and walked towards the living room and put my summer dress on.

” Lisa, I am taking a shower, if Mary comes home, tell her I want to eat pasta. ”

As he shouted, I walked towards the bathroom, opened the door and said, ” Need some help?” Biting my second finger.

” I would love to, but Lisa, Mary is going to be back in any second. ” He said nervously.

These words made me very jealous. I didn’t understand why he was so afraid of Mary and why he would even remember her while he was with me. With full jealousy and anger, I walked towards the sofa, grabbed a magazine and began flipping pages.

After a minute, someone was unlocking the door, it was Mary, and she was back with bags of groceries. ” Please, Lisa, would you mind giving me a hand?”

I walked towards her and helped her with the bags so that she could put her purse down.

I began unpacking the food from the grocery bags and saw that she bought spaghetti.

“Oh, Mary, Uncle Bobby said he wanted to eat pasta tonight. Well, I guess you just don’t know what he wants. “

“Oh, did Bobby say he wanted pasta? I am sorry. ”

“Bobby, I am so sorry! I bought spaghetti today, I’ll make pasta tomorrow, k?” she said with a guilty tone.

“Oh, no problem honey! ” he shouted from the bathroom.

When dinner was prepared, I sat across uncle Bobby while Mary sat next to him.

“So, Lisa how was your day today? Did you go anywhere, or did you want some rest?” Mary asked trying to break the silence.

” Well, I stayed home. ” I answered. As Mary talked about her day in the restaurant with the trouble customers, on how the business went, and then finally to how much tips she got, I played with Uncle bobby’s cock with üsküdar escort my toes under the table. I rubbed his cock with the palm of my foot up and down, teasing it. We both were calm and gave full attention to Mary as we played the little game.

When dinner was finished, Mary did her usual routine cleaning the dishes, leaving Bobby and me alone watching TV. I whispered into his ears, ” I’ll meet you at the swing tonight at 2. ” And then gave him a peck in the cheek.

Then I went towards Mary and started a friendly talk with her. In a way, I felt sorry for Mary. She was the kind that could be deceived so easily, and was so innocent. On the other hand, I loved the feeling of deceiving her and having sex with her husband. It is both exciting and sexy.

It is quarter to two, in which I was waiting for Bobby to come out of the room. I walked naked to the swing, where I laid down on it, as I waited for uncle Bobby. Waiting for Bobby made me anxious and wet. I began feeling my clit, and sucked my fingers at the same time.

” I see that someone is busy. ” It was uncle bobby standing at the doorsteps, wearing a white towel robe.

I stood up, walked towards him and whispered in his ears. ” I find you very sexy. ” He kissed my neck gently, and picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his. He guided me towards the wall as he kissed me. Then he entered his cock into my pussy. He pumped up and down, giving me a full feeling from his massive cock entering my small vagina. I had no control of his action as he fucked me harder and harder, faster and faster.

“MMM.. Uhh.. UHH,,,, mmm…Uhhh…” I moaned as he fucked me. I loved the feeling of being fucked against the wall with no control of his action. Finally, he reached orgasm, and before he shot his load he walked towards the swing with me. He laid down on the swing as he breathed uncontrollably. I laid next to him with half of my naked body hugging his sweaty and warm naked body. I began playing with his chest hair and said ” Do you have sex with Mary?”

” I am sorry, but of course I do, she is my wife. ” He said,

“Well, then why did I see you masturbating?”

“Mary has become less active in sex. ” He explained.

” Do you love me? Will you stop having sex with her if I tell you to?” I nagged.

“I really don’t know honey. ” He said, and then gave me a kiss on my forehead. I knew he was trying to stop the conversation. At this very moment, I got very jealous; I could feel that he loved Mary. In which I couldn’t accept the fact. I wanted him to love me and only have sex with me. I didn’t want him to love Mary; I wanted him to go crazy for me. I didn’t only want to seduce him physically, but also mentally. I was mad, from the fact that he didn’t really seem to care about me.

After the conversation, I sat on top of him, and inserted his cock into my vagina. And slowly moved forward and backwards. He loved me doing it, and then I began riding on him. As I rode on him, the swing began moving a bit, and sounds were made. After I reached orgasm, I stopped, walked away and went back inside where the sofa was and fell asleep.

When morning came, I was wakened up by Mary’s footsteps. She was going to work. After she left, I went into her room, where Bobby was sleeping. I lay down next to him, and hugged him from the back. As I hugged his naked body next to mine, thoughts ran through me. I wanted him to want me badly; therefore, I decided that I would flirt with his friends, and if I would have to, I would even have sex with them.

Bobby suddenly turned around and hugged me in return unconsciously. I began kissing his neck, down to his chest, and then towards his cock. I licked the tip of it and hummed in as much of his meat. I glided my mouth up and down, up and down, up and down, and rubbed it with both my hands in a circular motion. He was wakened by the pleasure and moaned ” Don’t stop baby, don’t stop. ” I blowed him until he became very erected, and until he reached orgasm. Then I stopped, and told him, “Come, lets go out for a coffee. “

” Oh, Lisa, No, please, lets have sex first. ” He pleaded.

” We will have sex after the coffee, come on, wakie wakie, get changed. ” I said.

We went to a cafeteria nearby, where all his truck driving buddies hung out. ” The cafeteria was all males, where I was the only tuzla escort female there. They all stared at me and whistled as I entered. I was sure they all thought I was hot. I was wearing my mini red skirt and a white tank top with no bra and underwear on. We sat with a few of his friends, in which were all big, buff and tattooed.

” Oh, Bobby, who is this hot babe you got with you?” A man wearing a Harley Davidson vest and with a dragon tattoo on his very buff and muscular arm asked.

Without hesitation, I stood up and went very closely to the man and said ” I’m Lisa, and you?”

” I’m Roger. ” He held my hand and kissed it.

“Bobby is my uncle, and I am here for a vacation. ” I said biting my lips.

” Roger, leave Lisa alone, and come drink your beer. ” Bobby said, controlling his anger.

When Roger sat down, I sat on his lap and hugged him from the neck.

“Wo ho ho! Bobby, not my fault. ” Roger said innocently.

I looked at uncle bobby, and then guided Rogers’s hands onto my inner thighs. He then began rubbing my thighs and then with his other hand felt my breasts. I noticed that everyone was looking at us. The feeling of being watched by so many men made me feel great, and mostly, letting Bobby see Roger feeling me made me feel victorious. By now, Roger had already inserted his 4 fingers into my cunt exploring it. My legs were spread wide open as I let him explore me while the audience watched.

People were whistling and smiling at the same time, screaming out “MORE! Come on, BABY! “

Roger took my tank top off and then began rubbing then bouncing them together as he licked the sides of them.

” Man, she has the nicest breasts! ” A man called out.

” Listen guys, stop this crap! Bobby yelled out, and then tried to stop Roger.

” Bobby, stop it, I am enjoying it. ” I yelled.

” WHOA! YEAH, the chic likes it, let her have some fun man! ” Roger replied.

Roger put me on top of the table, unzipped his ragged jeans, and took out the largest dick I had ever seen in my life. It was humongous! He inserted his cock in me, and fucked me very quickly! In and out, harder HARDER and HARDER! SO fast and hard.

I was in pain, and couldn’t take it anymore, and yelled out. “Help! Help! STOP! I can’t take it anymore! PLEASE! “

Roger ignored my words, and continued fucking me with rage smiling with pleasure. His cock was too large for me to take it, and with the speed of it, I was suffering. I screamed out again “HELP! PLEASE! STOP! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! stop, please! “

Suddenly, I see Bobby pushing Roger away, picked me up, and left the cafeteria. He took me all the way home, where he threw me down onto his bed hardly when we got there.

“What the fuck did you think you were fucking FUCKING doing?” He yelled.

“Why? Were you jealous?” I answered nonchalantly as I sat myself up.

“You know what you are? A FUCKING WHORE! ” He screamed, pointing at me.

“A fucking a Whore? What do you care what I am? It’s not like you even care about me. All you want is sex, aren’t I right?”

“Who said I don’t care? Huh? If I didn’t care, I would have left you in that cafeteria and let each one of them fuck you like a dog! A FUCKING DOG! “

After he said that, tears ran through my eyes and I began crying. I was beginning to feel embarrassed of what I did, and didn’t know what insanity ran through me that made me do such a sluttish thing. He was right, I am, and I have become a whore.

“Yeah, I am a whore, so leave me alone. ” I said as I cried.

“Listen, Lisa, you are still young, and very beautiful. Please, don’t cry. ” He wiped the tears off me and tried to comfort me.

He held my shoulders with both his tough hands, laid me down on the bed and began kissing my neck and gave pecks all around my body: My lips, my neck, my breasts, my vagina, my knees, my toes. As he kissed me, tears ran down my eyes uncontrollably. Suddenly, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t know why I did so much. Did I love him? It wouldn’t be that I loved him since I knew I couldn’t be with him, and all I wanted to do was seduce him.

But now, I had suddenly realized that I did everything because I loved him. I let him do whatever he wanted as thoughts and pain ran through me. I loved him, but I felt guilty. I felt sorry for Mary, and felt bad for taking her husband away. She had been very truthful and nice to me all along. She was a workaholic and cared about Bobby a lot. Where she gave him so much care, while Bobby cheated on her with me. I realized that I had been very nasty, and therefore, I finally decided to go home. I couldn’t take the fact of what a slut I had become.

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