A Shot in the Dark

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Michael and I were best friends since childhood. Since we were 4 years old we’d lived across the street from each other, and spent almost every afternoon at one house or the other playing and watching TV. Two or three nights a week I’d have dinner at his house, and two or three nights a week he’d have dinner at mine. So it was no surprise that when we got accepted into the same college that we signed up to be roommates.

We had a blast that first semester at school, going to parties and doing what guys do when away from home. We’d each gotten laid a bunch of times during the semester, and if we came home with a girl, we’d leave an “X” on the white board hanging from the door, to warn the other guy to stay away until 2:00. That was our designated time that ready or not, I’m coming in the room!

One night right before Christmas break, I’d gotten home around 1:30, went into bed and collapsed. A little while later I heard Michael come into the room, and it was clear he wasn’t alone. I pretended to sleep as they climbed into his bed and started fooling around.

At one point, his date said “What about your roommate? Won’t he hear us?”

“Don’t worry about him,” Michael said. “Once he’s asleep nothing short of an explosion can wake him up.”

Michael knew that I was actually a very light sleeper, and was most likely awake by now.

Our beds were on opposite walls, and offered no privacy. I laid there, watching as they quickly undressed and the girl (named Stacy, I would learn later), started sucking on his cock. She really had him going, and it wasn’t long before Michael called out “Ohhhh shittttttt…” as he filled Stacy’s mouth with cum.

Stacy laid down on the bed as Michael started exploring her body with his mouth. I could see her arching her back as he sucked on her breasts, and as he moved his hand down to her cunt she moaned loudly.

Michael whispered “Shhhhhhhh…” pretending he thought I was sleeping.

I watched him move down her body, and heard him slurping her pussy juices. She was thrusting her hips against his face as he tried to hold her down, and before too long she cried out, cumming over and over on Michael’s face. I saw him get up, and heard his dresser drawer open. The familiar rrriiippppppping noise of a condom being opened followed, and I watched as Michael climbed on top of her.

He wasted no time thrusting his cock deep inside of her, as her constant moaning merter escort could attest. I listened to the squishing sound his rubber-covered cock was making with each thrust, and could tell that Stacy was getting closer to cumming again. Mike rolled her over so she was on top, and I watched the outline of her huge tits bouncing up and down as she rode Mike’s cock.

My own cock was rock hard listening to them, and I started stroking it. I reached over to my night table to grab a couple of tissues as I watched them fuck.

Mike must have started rubbing her clit as she fucked him, because I heard her telling him “Ohhhh yessss Mike…just like that, rub it a little faster..” followed quickly by “…OHHHHH SHITTTTTTT OHHHHHH GGOOOODDDDDDDDD MIKKKKKEEEEEE” as she came again. Right behind her, Mike cried out in his own orgasm, sending his cum shooting into the condom, and I made it a threesome as I quietly shot my load into the tissues.

Stacy got up, put on Mike’s robe and told him that she had to go pee. She went down the hall to the bathroom. Mike clicked on the light. “Not a bad piece of ass, eh Jake?”

“Man, that was fucking hot. Where’d you meet her?”

“Her name’s Stacy. She’s in my Econ 101 class. I ran into her down at the Rat, and she agreed to come back here. Sorry if we kept you up, man.”

He saw the tissue.

“Looks like you took care of things yourself, huh?”

I couldn’t hide it, so I tossed the tissue out in the wastebasket. “Yeah, I couldn’t help it.”

Michael laughed. “Hey no problem man. I’d have done the same thing. Look, let me make it up to you.”

“How,” I asked.

“Switch places.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. “You serious?”

“Hell, yeah. Hey, I only wanted to fuck her, not marry her. Besides, I hear she’s already fucked half the freshman class. Let’s see if she notices.”

I got naked and got into Michael’s bed, while put on some boxers and went into mine. I clicked off the light just as Stacy came back in. Mike and I are around the same height and same build, but I didn’t think this would work, unless I was really quiet. Stacy sat on the bed next to me.

“Mmmmm, Mike. That was great. But I need to go.”

She kissed me, and I reached into the robe to feel her breasts. They were soft and firm, and more than a handful. I squeezed them, rolling her nipples between my fingers.

“Ohhhhh nişantaşı escort Mikkkkeeeeee…I need to gooooooo…”

I kissed her again, our tongues intertwined as I moaned into her mouth. I opened the robe and pulled her onto my lap. We kissed like that for a while, my hands exploring every inch of her body as my cock pressed against her stomach. I rolled her onto the bed and started attacking her breasts. She was arching her back towards me just as I’d seen her do to Mike as I reached down to her pussy. I smiled to myself as I discovered she was shaved, and shoved two fingers deep inside of her.

“Oh Miiikkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee…yesssss ohhh just like that Mikkeeeeeeeeeee,” she cried out, as I fucked her pussy with my fingers. She was so excited I knew she wouldn’t last very long, so I scooted down the bed and dove into her pussy. I love the taste of pussy, especially a shaved one, and I lapped hungrily at her juices.

“Ohhhhh Mikkkkeee,” she moaned. “Ohhhhhh Ggggddddddd Mike…” I spread her lips apart and fucked her with my tongue, driving it in and out of her slit. Stacy grabbed my head and rubbed it against her pussy. I teased her by sucking her clit in and out of my mouth. She clenched her legs around my face and screamed out again.

“Ohhhhhhhh GGGGDDDDDDDD MIKKKEEEEEEEE…I’M CUMMMMMING!!!!!!” she yelled, as she exploded on my face. I licked up all her sweet nectar as she came for at least a full minute. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me furiously. Our mouths mashed together, the scent of her pussy juices filling our nostrils, as my hard cock poked against her hole.

“Ohhhhh Gggooood Michael. That was even more intense than the first one. What got into you?”

I kissed her and said nothing. I got up and took one of the condoms out of Michael’s dresser. I put it on and got back onto the bed. Stacy reached down and fondled my cock, getting me nice and hard. I rolled her over, as Stacy said “Mmmmmm…I love it from behind…”

I got behind her and eased my cock into her well-oiled pussy. She’d already cum at least three or four times, and I thrust my cock in to the hilt in one easy motion. As I thrust back and forth into her, Stacy squeezed my cock with her muscles, clenching me deep inside of her. I reached underneath Stacy to play with her tits, which made her buck harder at me, my cock slamming into her over and ortaköy escort over. I was pinching her nipples, making her go even faster, and I decided to see what happened if I pulled on them.

I gradually pulled her nipples down, causing her to hiss, and cry out “OHHHHH GEEEEZZZZZ MIKEEEEEEY…OHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS…”

I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. I moved one hand off her breasts and down to her asshole. I pressed my thumb into her ass, causing her to cry out. “OHHHHH YESSSS MIKE…OHHHHHH GGGODDDDDDDD …OHHHHH FUCK MY ASSSSSSSS…PLEASSSSE FUCK MY ASSSSSSSS…”

I pulled out of her cunt and sat down on the bed. Stacy faced away from me, and gently lowered herself on my cock. I spread her cheeks apart as inch by inch I filled her tight ass. As my cock slid into her, I started rubbing her clit. She moved up and down on my cock as I fingered her clit, and as I was half-way inside her, I pulled down on her hips, impaling my cock deep inside her ass. She turned around and kissed me, my fingers playing with her clit as she moved up and down slowly.

We leaned back against the wall as I fucked her ass deeply. I pushed our legs apart, exposing her cunt to Mike, who was still laying on my bed watching us fuck. I motioned for him to come over to us, and with her eyes closed and her legs spread far apart, Stacy didn’t know what was happening until Mike drove his tongue deep into her tasty cunt. Stacy cried out again and pushed Mike’s face into her pussy as I fucked her ass.


Stacy exploded onto Mike’s face as she came. I was right behind her, and pulled her hard onto my cock, sending it deep into her ass as I shot my load. I came again and again with my cock in her ass, as Mike lapped up all her sweet pussy juices. I clicked on the light, and saw the look of surprise in her face as she realized who was fucking her for the last half hour.

I thought she’d be pissed, at the very least that we’d both get slapped. Instead, she got off my cock, turned around and kissed me. Our mouths grinded against each other as I squeezed her ass. She broke our kiss, turned back towards Michael, and kissed him the same way.

“I really have to go guys,” she said, as she got dressed. “But how about next time, we forget the games, OK?”

She scribbled her dorm room on a piece of paper.

“Why don’t you both stop by tomorrow night? I know my roommate would love to meet you.”

Our mouths dropped to the ground as she kissed us both on the lips softly and walked out the door.

What happened next, is of course…another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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