A Passion Play Ch. 02

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This is a copyrighted original work of fiction. All rights reserved.

All characters featured herein are at least eighteen years of age, even if not expressly stated. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Song lyrics contained herein remain the original artist’s property.

Many thanks to editor Tom Graham of Girls_cum_first.


Fantastic as Christa thought I might have been, all I could think while lying in bed was how I didn’t want to screw Ana or Angela, in the butt or elsewhere. With Angela maybe I could drink my way into having sex with her, but with Ana that was a totally different story. I was scared that I’d already ruined it with Ana. I had to fix the situation. Church Girl was a worry too, she was definitely stressed by the situation.

After a while I heard Ana come downstairs and go to her room. For probably an hour I pondered whether I should go and do something, say something to her….I really didn’t know what to do. She had, not perhaps – but for sure, reluctantly bet her ass and lost. It didn’t matter what happened in our friendship — our relationship — I hated to use that word but I had to face it — but from that point on it would never be the same. I seriously fucked up.

A few minutes later I got out bed, slipped on my t-shirt and sweatpants walked down the hall and tapped on Ana’s door.

“Come in.”

She was in her PJs. Her normally long, thick braid of India-ink black hair was all combed out and splayed out across her shoulders and back as she sat in front of her computer. I had to admit to myself, she looked pretty sexy.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“Ana….Ana…I’m really sorry…you don’t have to…”

“Joey!” she said raising her hands in the air cutting me off, “it was a fair bet and I know what you’re worried about. Our friendship is fine today and will be fine tomorrow. Nothing’s changed. Go to bed. I’ve got work to do. Good night.”

I felt like a mouse, I simply said, “Good night,” closed the door and slinked back to my room. I felt better though. I’m not sure how she did it, but she seemed to have diffused the whole situation. I didn’t know if I’d land up screwing her ass or not, but I felt better. And I still had Bubbles’ ass to look forward to.

When I woke up in the morning — naturally with a hard-on, I started thinking through the logistics. Number one — I’d never screwed anyone in the ass before. I knew it wasn’t simple. I’d seen enough porn to understand that there could be pain involved. I spent about half the day on the internet learning about anal sex. I learned about lubes and oils, about condoms, dildos, about taking it slowly one finger at a time, about enemas, butt plugs, relaxing the sphincter….in the end it was information overload. I figured I knew it all, I knew what to do.

The second thing was that I needed to pick the girls in order. While I was certain that I couldn’t wait to have Bubbles, I was most freaked about Ana. But her words from last night gave me a confidence to carry on with the whole crazy situation. I’d already told them about me putting stars on their doors. I just needed to carry on with the plan.

I wanted them clean. I told them that. I didn’t want any shit involved. That was my personal gross out. The internet taught me that they needed to have enemas first.

Bravely I went to the pharmacy that afternoon with the mission to buy five enema kits and five bottles of lube. I figured sharing wouldn’t be too cool. I took a deep breath to gather some courage and went inside.

There was only one enema kit style to choose from. I grabbed five boxes. The lube had a huge selection. I picked the cheap no-name stuff and grabbed five bottles. In retrospect I should have grabbed a basket because as I trundled up to the only cash register open with my arms overflowing, I accidently dropped all the boxes and all the lube onto the counter in front of the check out lady.

She was middle age, forty, fifty? Not particularly good looking. She stood there looking at the mess I made for a few moments then turned her face up to me and asked, “Did you find everything you were looking for today?”

I know I was beet red. “Yes,” I squeaked.

A girl, about eighteen, stepped up next to me with mascara and shampoo in hand, waiting to check out.

The sales lady rung up my purchases as I tried to calm down and get a hold of my sanity. “That will be two twenty seven, nineteen.”

“What?!” Clearly I hadn’t checked the prices.

“Perhaps you can get by with only four of these?” she said holding up one of the enema kit boxes for the whole store to see. She gazed at me with a stupid grin on her face.

The girl next to me in line looked at me with distress in her face and said, “Eeeew!”

My legs were shaking, I knew my face was red. I was ready to bolt out of the store. “No, I need all five,” I squeaked again.

“They are re-usable you know,” the sales lady said with mock indignation in her face. casino siteleri I hope it was mock.

The young girl’s mouth hung open; her eyes were full of horror.

“I need five, I’ll take all five,” I said trembling as I handed her my credit card. I thought I was going to die.

I survived.

On the way home I stopped at the dollar store and bought five gold colored gift bags and a packet of red star stickers.

I finalized my plan. Angela would be first because if she wasn’t, she’d be thinking that I didn’t want to do her, which of course was exactly the case. Plus Angela, being sex starved, would be the one who would most likely to give a favorable review to the others.

Next would be Church Girl. She was already clearly freaked about it. I had to deal with that situation soon.

Then Ana. I still had my doubts about whether I could go through with her.

And then Bubble’s sweet, tight, little ass. I couldn’t wait for that.

And to finish up, Christa the Orgasmatron Yeah Christa was going to be like the icing on the cake. Hot sex plus sweet revenge. It couldn’t get any better.

After stashing the gifts I went over to Donny’s for dinner and landed up coming home a little late and a lot high. I didn’t see the girls that night but before going to bed I put a star on Angela’s door.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of somebody in the downstairs bathroom. As usual my dick was hard and I needed to piss. Suddenly Angela walked into my room with a huge smile on her face. She was wearing a big purple nightie type thing. Her big boobs were swaying underneath. I could see her nipples poking out.

“I found something this morning,” she beamed while coming to sit on my bed. “I’m ready,” she said as she grabbed my bone through the top sheet, “and I can see you are too!”

“Angela. Angela, hold on. You wait here,” I said, “I’ve got to piss,” I stood up naked with my boner sticking straight out, “and we need to talk.”

“You don’t want to do it now?” she asked staring at my cock.

“It ain’t happening,” I said, “I’ve got classes all day then I’ve got to be at the dojo tonight. Wait here, I need to piss and we need to talk,” as I walked out to the bathroom holding my bone from swaying side to side.

The bathroom stunk of shit. Again. I guess Angela really was ready.

When I got back she was crying. What the hell did I do? “Why are you crying?”

“Joey you don’t have to fuck me. I know I’m fat and ugly….”

“Angela! Don’t be an idiot,” I said cutting her off as I sat down beside her putting my arm around her big shoulder, “you’re a beautiful lady. And ya…so…maybe…you could be a few pounds lighter….but you’re still….beautiful…and sexy…and funny.”

I knew I wasn’t handing the situation well so far. It was early in the morning…

“Bullshit Joey,” sobbing “you don’t want to fuck me. You don’t have to.”

“Angela. I picked you first.”

“Ya, to get it over and done with.”

“Look Angela,” I said hugging her then kissing her tear soaked eyes, “you have to understand something. This whole anal sex thing is not about my pleasure. It’s about me giving you pleasure. I picked you first because you are the most deserving. You are the one that I want to give pleasure to the most.” Did I really say that? Given the number of beers I had last night and the weed, I was surprisingly clear headed this morning. She looked up at me, a smile was creeping up on her face.

“You don’t really mean that, do you?”

“Of course I do Angela,” she was wiping the tears off her cheek. “I have a little gift for you,” I said.

“A gift?”

“It’s not really a gift.” I reached down into my closet and pulled the first of the gold gift bags out and handed it to her.

“Oh!” she said taking the bag from me with sparkle in her eye. She pulled out the enema kit box, looked at it for a moment, turned her face to me, her eyes wide opened. “What’s this?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe how awkward this just became. “It’s an enema kit,” I said meekly.

“I can see that.”


“Angela, I want us to have fun. This is what it’s all about. Not just me getting my jollies in your ass. It’s all about you ..and me…having some serious erotic fun.”

“You want to give me an enema?”

“No…no…no. I want you to give yourself an enema before we do this. Maybe I’m just funny, but I’d like you to be clean inside and out when we do this.”

She just looked at me with her eyes all wide in disbelief. She pulled the bottle of lube out of the bag, looked at it then looked back up at me.

“And I’d like you to be all slippery too.” My eyes bore in on hers. Hers on mine. “You’re making it out as if I’m the weirdo here,” I said, then continued, “I thought I heard you say that you’re an anal virgin. Have you ever had anything else in there?”

“Yeah a dildo.”

“Really?” now my eyes were truly wide open. This was going to be fun.

“Ok,” I continued “when do you want canlı casino to do this? I want us to be relaxed, not pressured, maybe we should grab a bottle of wine or something. I can get us a couple of joints if you want. I don’t want this to be a wham bam thank you ma’am type thing. I want you to cum. A lot. I want to see those big breasts of yours shaking as you cum. I want to suck and pinch those nipples of yours. I want to lick that pussy of yours and I want to fuck you up your ass.”

She was smiling now.

Did I just say all that?

“Whenever you’re ready,” she said grinning.

“How about Friday night? I asked. “Your place or mine?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your room or my room? I want you to be comfortable.”

“Oh. My room I guess,” she answered.

“Ok so after dinner on Friday you go and get yourself ready. I want you shaved, showered, clean inside and out. I’ll come to your room. I’ll bring some wine. You don’t have to dress. In fact, naked would be good. It’s not like we’re going on a date or anything. We’re going to do this and have fun.” I paused for a moment and added “Are you okay with all of this?”

I was on a roll…

“I am more than just okay with it,” she replied turning and putting her arms around me with a big grin on her face. “You are fantastic,” and added, “I can’t wait.”

She kissed me on the cheek, got up, giggled and smiled back at me as she headed out of my door.

Phew. That went well I thought to myself. I can’t get out of this now though. Even if she is fat and ugly, well not ugly, fat. She is sweet though. But I’ve got to pull this off somehow. I had a mental image of opening up her door and seeing her on her hands and knees on her bed with her butt up in the air, her big ass staring at me. Not the prettiest image. Somehow I’m going to have to get turned on and get a boner.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I had a lot of math to do. Ana helped me with it as if nothing was going on. Church Girl avoided me. Every time I saw Church Girl she didn’t look happy at all. She wouldn’t even look at me. Gay for sure. Bubbles on the other hand would give me that devilish little grin of hers every time she saw me staring at her ass. I swear, she even jiggled it for me once. My head was swimming.

Christa, I didn’t see all week.

Friday night came. Fridays have always been my favorite night. Time to party. Time to let go and have fun. And even though I had to be at the dojo bright and early in the morning I was pumped. I was really looking forward to making Angela happy. Whatever it takes. I’d bought a couple of bottles of Chianti, thinking that it would be appropriate seeing as Angela was Italian. I also got a fat joint off Donny.

When I got home I caught Angela coming out of the kitchen. “Are we still on?” she asked with a hint off uneasiness in her face.

“Absolutely,” I answered, damn sure of myself.

She was all smiles and giggles after that as she told me that she had eaten already and was heading off to the shower to get herself ‘ready’. She gave me an hour to eat and get myself ready too.

The thought struck me. Get myself ready? I hope she didn’t think that I’ll be giving myself an enema. The thought of having a dildo shoved up my ass danced in my head. I’d never done that but maybe it would be fun. Gays obviously love a cock up the ass. It’s got to feel good I rationalized. Maybe it would make me gay if I did it and I liked it. No, that’s stupid. My brain was bouncing. By the time I finished making and eating my mac and cheese and steak I came to the conclusion that I was going to give myself an enema too. Just in case something happened during the whole Angela episode, I should at least be ready I figured. Just in case. I grabbed one of the kits. It didn’t have any instructions so I had to look it up on the internet what to do, just to make sure I knew what to do. I hoped Angela figured out how the thing worked too.

The bathroom of course was occupied. So I filled up the bag in the kitchen sink. It took a lot of water. I made sure it was warm. I read that I’d have to hold it in for a while, so I rationalized I could do this in my room and then when Angela was finished in the bathroom I’d get rid of the stuff, have a shower and be fresh and clean for Angela.

I closed the bedroom door suffocating myself. Then I hung up the full bag up in my closet, undressed and then got on all fours on the floor. Using a little bit of lube from the loot bag I shoved the tube end up my ass and opened the valve.

Easy I thought.

Then not so easy. I started getting cramps in my belly. What I read said that I would feel cramps, but that they would go away. They didn’t go away. They were getting worse. My forehead started to sweat. My heart was pounding. I was on the floor with this thing plugged into my ass. I had nowhere to go. Now what do I do? It was really starting to hurt. I needed to turn it off. I looked up at the bag as the last of it drained out into my asshole. kaçak casino Holy shit!

I pulled the tube out. My butt hole was clenched tight. I needed to get rid of this stuff now! I didn’t even dare to bend over to put on my sweatpants, I was going to explode. Naked, I hobbled over to the bathroom and tried the door “I’m not ready yet,” was the response.

“Angela! Open the door you don’t understand.”

“I can’t, I’m not ready yet.”

“Open the fucking door Angela!” I was shaking. I was about to explode out my head.

“I can’t. I can’t reach it.”


I shuffled off back down the hall holding my belly with one hand and pressing the other hand against my ass. I’ve got to go to the other bathroom. To hell with Christa and her rules. I gotta go now!

Each step going up the stairs was torture. I daren’t open my legs up too much. I hobbled into the hall upstairs with my hand still pressing my bumhole. All my butt muscles where reduced down to the size of a pea, or less.

The door was locked! I was twisting the handle frantically.

“Occupied.” It was Church Girl.

“Eve let me in. I’ve really got to go!”

“I’m in the bath.”

“Ppplease, o-open the door Eve!” I was shaking so much that I dropped to my knees with my face sliding against the bathroom door. I was hurtin’ bad.

“Use your own bathroom!” Christa yelled from her room across the hall. Her door was slightly ajar.

“I can’t. Angela’s in it,” I gasped as I fell further rolling into a fetal position on the floor, still pressing my right hand firmly into my butthole. It was a race it seemed. What was going to explode first, my guts or my brain?

“Then go pee outside.”

“No, you don’t understand I’ve…..”

“What the hell?” It was a male voice. There were men’s shoes in front of my face with legs in them.

“Oh my, is he okay?” Woman’s voice, women’s shoes.

“Joey! What the hell?” It was Christa.

“I’m fine. I’m okay,” I grunted.

“Son, you look a long way from okay,” man’s voice again.

“Mom, Dad this is Joey. Joey this is my Mom and Dad.” I’m sure I was bleeding out of my mouth at that point.

“Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Harris,” I squeaked still pressing my hand against my anus.

“Brad, I don’t think he’s okay.”

“I just need to go to the bathroom really bad,” I gasped pressing the issue. The pain was shooting through my guts. It was the worst ever. My eyes were blurry.

The bathroom door opened and Church Girl stepped out with a white towel draped around her dripping. A toilet! I couldn’t stand up, so like an inchworm on its’ side I scooted myself into the bathroom naked, holding my butthole tight.

“Close the door!” I gasped.

I barely managed to get my butt on the toilet.

Splashhhh. “Aaaaaugh!” Splashhh. “Aughhh!” Splash. “Oh shit!”

“Eeeeeww.” “Gross,” I heard from the other side of the door.

“Is he always like that Christa?”

“Ya, pretty well.”

What the hell?

My senses started to come back to me. I wasn’t embarrassed before, I was too caught up in my personal distress situation. But now I had to make an exit out the bathroom, with some modicum of dignity. After flushing, twice, washing my hands and throwing some water on my face, I grabbed the only reasonably sized towel I could find. Pink. Obviously, Bubbles’ towel. I don’t know why I did it, perhaps to preserve some modesty, I wrapped the towel around me like a girl, covering my chest too and stepped out.

Four set of eyes were glaring at me.

“Christa, you know we’re always worried about you. Are you really okay here?” Mrs. Harris said while frowning at me.

“Mom, Dad I’m fine, thanks for the new computer. I don’t know what’s up with Joey though, but I think he’ll be alright,” Christa said, her eyebrows were in a line again eyeing me. Veins popping.

Church Girl tried to step back into the bathroom to resume her bath. “Eeeewww”, she was physically assaulted by the smell and reeled back in the door way.

“Sorry,” I said as I headed down the hallway, then down the stairs, “so nice to meet you.” I was totally devastated.

“Christa we need to talk,” I heard Mr. Harris say as I headed down the stairs.

That’s it, I’m done I thought to myself. They’re going to kick me out of the house. I deserve to be kicked out. I’ll have no place to go. Ron and Donny both filled their extra rooms. I can’t go home and commute. I’ll be homeless. Worst yet, I’ll not get to collect. I’m never going to collect on Bubbles’ ass. I really, really messed up now.

“Nice towel! Pink looks good on you,” it was Angela just coming out of the downstairs bathroom. “I’m ready!” she said. She was dressed in a white bathrobe and had her arms extended spanning the hallway.

Oh shit. Not now.

I dove into my bedroom and flopped onto the bed wrapped in Bubbles’ Barbie-World towel.

“Are you okay Joey?” Angela asked as she walked into my room.

“I’m fine,” was all I could mumble. I wasn’t. I was shaken.

She sat next to me on the bed and asked slowly in a low voice “Joey. Why do you have an enema bag hanging in your closet?” “I know why! You want it up the ass too!” “I don’t believe it!” she yelled as she ran out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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