A Night worth Waiting For

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Thinking about you this morning… again. Last night as I was falling asleep I indulged myself in a little fantasy. Centering again on us getting together. I am in a hotel this week, so that is where my fantasy was set… So let me just let you in my head again.

I’m lying in bed waiting on you. We had planned to meet earlier that evening but you were held up unexpectedly. I had gotten over my initial disappointment and was relaxing again. We had a plan, I had left your name at the hotel desk so you could simply make your way up to the room. This way I could relax without worrying about you being able to get up to the room. You had said that you would be quite late, and that I should try to get some rest before you got here. Because it had been an early morning for me I took you up on that “offer”. I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing that I’d wake to you entering the room.

Well apparently I was more tired than I thought and fell asleep hard. I did not hear you unlock the door. I did not hear you enter the room. I did not even hear you set your bags down and freshen up in the bathroom. Part of you may have been disappointed that I didn’t jump you right when you walked in…

What I *did* wake up to was your body next to mine… You had stripped down and gotten under the covers with me and then, with your body pressed against mine, you began gently kissing the back of my neck.

I startled awake, but relaxed when you wrapped your arms around me and whispered in my ear, “Hello dear” in that voice that I had heard so many times before.

With a moan and a smile I apologize for having fallen asleep and go to turn to see your face for the first time… But you don’t let me turn. You casino oyna take control, turning me more onto my stomach and begin to kiss my neck again. I feel your arms slowly caressing and massaging my shoulders. I then feel your weight shift and then you are on top of me. One leg to each side of my hip. You are using your weight to really massage my back and shoulders. With my head turned to one side I catch you in my periphery, but you are careful to lean to avoid contact with my eyes.. we both laugh a bit, enjoying the game. You continue to massage me. I feel you stop and reach to grab something out of my vision. I then gasp as I feel a small amount or oil trickle onto my back. You begin a deep massage of my shoulders, hips and back. I moan and begin to writhe just a bit beneath you. I can feel and hear that you are enjoying the long slow build up. The way you are sitting over me, I feel your cock resting on my ass.

As you get into the massage I feel your cock grow. It is at one moment sliding up my ass and hitting the small of my back then with a shift of weight it slips down… teasing the lips of my pussy. You feel that I am soaked in anticipation of your cock. The moment the head of your cock hits my clit I gasp… With a laugh I say “if you are not careful you are going to make me cum”

To that you answer, “well, my dear, that is my intention… to make you cum and cum and cum again”

You then lean over me… I revel in your weight on top me. You are kissing my neck again, whispering in my ear.. I can feel your cock throbbing between us. I am melting and totally yours at this moment. I hear a whisper, “close your eyes.”

Then your weight shifts… and you are letting me turnover. I feel canlı casino your cock sliding against my ass then my hip. I come to a rest and your cock is resting on the mound of my pussy. I reach down to grab your cock… wanting to feel it throbbing in my hand, but you stop me. Taking my hands in yours and laying them back on the bed. I can feel you laying over me, leaning close and then I feel the head of your cock pressing at my wet pussy…

I feel your breath on my face, then finally you say, “ok, open your eyes”

I do, and the smile on my face grows as I see the lust and passion in your eyes and the smile on your face. With a soft giggle I say. “nice to finally see ya, now… please fuck me!

“With pleasure my dear” is your response as I feel your cock press inside me…

A swift but gentle thrust and your cock is buried deep inside me… “oh John, yes!”

You begin to fuck, in and out, in and out. Slowly but with strength. My hips are rising to your thrusts and my pussy is squeezing you tight. I begin to moan as the sound of our fucking fills the room. The feeling of your cock inside me after all the time spent imagining it… all the phone calls and chats… I am already near orgasm and you know it. You catch my eyes again and say, “cum for me! I want your cunt throbbing around my cock!”

With that and another deep trust my body tenses and my pussy clenches tight around your cock… “oh fuck yes!!” Your thrusting slows as my body writhes in orgasm. But the fact that you are fucking me as I cum is amazing to me! I start to calm down a bit and your speed increases…

You are fucking me hard now. Your cock is soaked and you glide easily in and out. My legs are spread kaçak casino wide for you, wanting you deeper I wrap them around your hips… You thrust in deep and I hold you there. We catch each other’s eyes as I lift myself off the bed a bit, “my turn on top”

We flip over, your cock stays inside me and I settle in on top of you. Enjoying the sensation of your cock throbbing inside me as we position ourselves. I smile and look into your eyes… “I want your cum inside me babe”

At that I begin to move up and down, your cock sliding in and out. You feel my juices dripping down as I fuck you. I bring my knees up and start to really bounce on top of you. My hips are moving side to side a bit as well as up and down. Squeezing your cock tight as we fuck. Your shaft is sliding against my clit as you slide in and out. That sensation and your cock hitting deep is quickly pulling me to another orgasm. Your hands find my breasts and you begin to tug and tease them.”Oh fuck John!” I want to hold my orgasm until you squirt inside me so I slow my pace a bit and really squeeze you.. I can hear your moans getting louder and breath getting quicker…

I look into your eyes, “Are you ready?”

I start to bounce on top of you again, as you moan and nod… Squeezing you tight now and fucking you hard and fast. Arching my back as my orgasm begins to overtake me. I yell out, “Oh fuck yes… I want to cum!!”

At that I feel your cock throb and release your cum… You are moaning loudly as you empty your balls inside my pussy and that causes my orgasm to overtake me. My pussy throbs with your cock and we both yell out loudly.

At the end of my orgasm I collapse down on top of you. Our breathing slows and I feel your cock slip out of me. I rise up again to catch your eyes, begin to kiss you passionately. Moaning as you flip me over and return the kiss… We both know that neither of us are anywhere near done with the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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