A Night with Clair

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This was not real to me at first. I had thought it all a dream. My phone had rang not even fifteen minutes earlier. And I picked it up to hear my cousin Clair invite me to come over. I have had a crush on him for over three years since we were first introduced. We never even knew we were cousins until after the first year. I’ve always thought him to be exceptionally handsome. He is at least 5’11, has a nice build, is 23, has blue eyes, and brown hair. And is tanned dark enough to look like he’s a Mexican. I’ve often dreamt what he’d look like without any clothes on.

As I waited for his arrival I replayed our first meeting. And laughed as I remembered yelling at our friend to get her pet spider when it appeared in front of me. After she had grabbed it I went to sit down and ended up in Clair’s lap knocking the chair over backwards. We laughed and got up then sat on the chair the right way without falling again. I guess you could say I literally fell for him that day.

Just as that memory faded I heard him pull in. I opened the door and said that I’d be right out. Grabbing my shoes and yelling to my mom I was leaving, I ran out the door. Once I got into the car he pulled out and headed to his place. When we got there he teased me for sitting on the floor instead of on the couch with him. By then I was red but thankful the only light was from the TV. I sat on the sofa and looked over at him. He laughed at me and told me to sit with him.

“Come on, I don’t bite. You can sit with me you know? Besides I kind of wanted to use you as a pillow.” “I know,” I said as I got up and sat beside him as he put his head on my lap. At that simple action I felt myself becoming aroused. He smiled up at me and watched the movie for about two minutes before sitting up. “Why don’t you lay down with me? I know you’ll be more comfortable. Come on don’t be scared.” Boy could he push the right buttons to make someone do what he wanted. I finally laid with him and he covered us up. I smiled as he hugged me to him.

Before I knew it he was tickling me without mercy until I fell off the couch. We got into a round of him tickling and me trying hard to ignore it, until I got cocky. “What’s the matter don’t like being tickled?” “Nope.” “Remember how you used to canlı bahis have a crush on me,” he asked. “Uh huh,” was all I could say. He asked me more stuff but all I’d do was say “uh huh, or unh uh.” Finally he found a way to get me. He started the tickle attack again and flipped me over pinning my hands above my head. “You’re going to get yourself hurt,” he whispered, lowering his face to mine.

As I watched him a new wave of arousal hit me. He leaned down to kiss me but I moved my face, and laughed. We continued this until he finally won, and captured my lips. I smiled as I felt his lips on mine. This felt like bliss, but the best was yet to come. I wiggled free and we went back to trying to watch the movie. Until he decided to talk again, “Do you still have a crush on me?” I wouldn’t answer him so he turned me to face him. “Well? Do you? Seriously, do you still like me?” I smiled trying to stay quiet, but my smile gave it away.

He laughed then got off the couch and picked me up, he carried me to his bedroom and sat me on his bed. I looked at him confused. “Why’d you bring me in here,” I asked as he closed the door. Which confused me more, since he lived alone. But he finally answered me. “Because I had something to tell you and something to ask you.” Simple as that was I felt lost. “Since I’ll take your smile as a yes to still liking me I figured that it’d be safe to say that I like you, a lot. And to ask you if you felt more then just like towards me,” he stated.

I looked at him wide eyed as he turned a light shade of red. I couldn’t help but smile as I stood up and walked past him towards the door. “I’ll take that as a no,” he said looking down. When he looked down I walked behind him and hugged him tightly. He turned to me and I kissed him, putting all the passion I could into this one kiss. “No, Clair, take this as a yes,” was all I said before kissing him again.

I pulled his shirt over his head and smiled as he looked at me questioningly. Then I pulled mine off, before he could say another word I was fully naked. “What’s wrong Clair? Should I not be doing this,” I asked confused. Then started to pick up my clothes to get redressed. Before I could stand up he had me on the bed, and was kissing me hard. He played with one bahis siteleri of my breasts then the other, and then went down until he found my clit and tortured it. I smiled as I felt him rub it. This torture made that first kiss a lost memory this was bliss. And when his fingers entered my hole I nearly screamed in ecstasy from the feeling.

He moved me further onto the bed and teased one nipple with his mouth, then the other. When he was done doing that he slid down, kissing my stomach until he reached my clit. There he returned to sucking, and fingering me. Within minutes my first orgasm hit. And I wanted to repay his gift. I pushed him onto his back and kissed him before taking his cock and rubbing it. I looked down at it, 8″ of soft lightly tanned cock, and I wanted to taste every bit of him. I took it into my mouth just the head at first, and then worked my way down until he was completely in my mouth.

I never had oral sex before but I realized quickly that I’d enjoy this. It felt like smooth velvet as I sucked, licked, and bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I wasted no time in massaging his balls and sucking his dick. When he got close to his release I took all 8″ inches in my mouth and swallowed his cum. It was sweet and warm. I never tasted something so good. When I finished I looked up at my cousin, and his brown hair and blue eyes looked wet. He was sweaty and on the verge of tears.

I crawled up to face him and asked, “Clair? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? If I did I’m so sorry I didn’t mean t…” I was cut off as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a passionate, firey kiss. “No you didn’t hurt me. I was just thinking how wrong this is yet it feels so right. No one has made me feel so good, or so happy. Thank you.” After that was said, I smiled. “Hey Clair, I love you,” was all I said before I impaled myself on his hard cock. When he was fully in me I realized that he was bigger then I thought possible.

His 8″ cock had lengthened another inch, and was at least 3″ in girth. Yet somehow he fit perfectly. I know he realized it as well by the expression on his face. “I, you, we fit perfectly? How is that possible? Of all the sex that I have had there was always extra space. Either I was too long or she bahis şirketleri was never a perfect fit.” I laughed at his rambling, and then rode him hard. “Shut up Clair and enjoy yourself.

I continued to ride him as he sat up and suckled on my breasts. I felt him tense up just as I was close. Before we could breathe we were both cumming. I moaned his name as I felt his hot cum hit my pussy walls. We relaxed for a few minutes before I got off him. I smiled at him and winked. “Hey Clair, you up to an all nighter? We can try anything you want.” He smiled and nodded before flipping me over.

He pulled me up onto my knees and pushed me forward so that my ass was in the air. I felt him stick his dick into my cunt and he started pounding into me as hard as he could then pulled out. He put the tip of his dick at the entrance to my ass and pushed the head in. Waiting for me to adjust he leaned forward and licked my spine sending shivers through my body. Then with one push he shoved his dick all the way into my ass. The pain turned into a lust filled scream as I yelled his name.

It felt like I was ripped apart but at the same time I went straight into a third orgasm, causing him to cum instantly as well. He smiled at me and started to pump in and out then stuck two fingers into my cunt, adding another every few minutes until he had managed to put four of them in my cunt. He continued like that until he decided to try putting his thumb in. Soon I had his dick in my ass and his fingers in my pussy pounding away at me. He tensed up and came again as he bit into my neck. The pain of his teeth in my flesh put me over the edge. After he was done he stood up and lifted me off the bed.

He carried me into his bathroom and started his shower. Then sat me in the tub. We cleaned ourselves off then I got on my knees and sucked his cock again. I just couldn’t get enough of its taste. When we finished we realized that it was already well past sunrise and that we had been having sex for well over seven hours. How we managed I have no clue. But we fell asleep after we were done. And as I drifted off he finally replied back, “I love you to.” I’ll tell you one thing though, that will be a night that I will always remember. Every day after that we’d count down the minutes until we were able to do it again. He’d get me when he got off work and we’d go back to his place and go at it again. We soon decided to just live there together. And have been having sex every night since then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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