A Much Needed Vacation

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Close Up

“Life is the great indulgence – death, the great abstinence. Therefore, make the most of

Life – here and now.” – Anton LaVey

Chapter one|

Jay closed one of his favorite books, a book read so many times over the corner of a majority of the yellowed pages went forward with evidence of many a bookmarking. The weight of the paper book felt good against his thigh, his eyes closed to enjoy the warmth covering his face. Being a full-time writer Jay never had much time to relax, that is why he decided to call up his publisher and demand a vacation. Due to the success of his last book, “A noble sacrifice,” his publishing company was all but too happy to pay for him to take a much needed vacation.

Not having time to really travel anywhere outside of the United States, Jay just pick a map of America and closed his eyes, flipped a coin, and saw where it landed. San Francisco. As a child he had always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and hopped on a plane that evening to California.

The flight was terrible, the plane was delayed, he got the aisle seat so the stewardess bumped his elbow with the cart every five minutes, his seat buddy wouldn’t shut up about his real estate business, his bags had gotten lost at the LAX landing, and his hotel room was accidentally given away, causing him to have a much less scenic view. To compensate for this bumpy start Jay decided to hit the beach early. Never one to be a believer of fake tans and being stuck inside writing all day had left Jay somewhat lighter than most on the beach, however he did work out frequently, giving him a boost of confidence in that aspect.

“So you like rainbows huh?” Startled by the sudden voice, Jay opened his eyes, blinded at first by the California sun. “Um, I uh…” Jay could only speak in vowels; fear crept into his stomach when he saw three muscular men. Jay looked down at his chest to his left pec, seeing the tattoo of a rainbow flag he had gotten when he graduated from high school. Before he could say anything in his defense the three men did something strange, they laughed.

The one who had spoken laughed until tears formed in his eyes and he fell to the ground, Jay gave a nervous chuckle. Once they had all stopped laughing one of the other two men, an Irishman with dark canlı bahis şirketleri red hair and emerald eyes, spoke up with a thick accent, “Aye, were only a-kiddin’ ya.” He placed a thumb into his own trunks and pulled the waistband down a small bit, revealing a rainbow tattoo. The man who had spoke first, a brunette with chestnut hair and deep chocolate eyes, smiled at Jay, “but you should have seen your face!” At this the laughter started again, this time including Jay.

After hours of getting to know one another and chatting about everything from work to seasons of Will & Grace, Jay felt more comfortable around the three men. Jay learned that the Irishman, Ewan (whose drag/stage name was Ginger), was n airplane mechanic in the Air Force. The brunette, Mark (or as everyone called him, Marky Mark) was a physicist for NASA. Finally, the third member of the crew, a younger boy with almost-white hair and glacier eyes, Mynx (his parent’s were hippies) was a college student in Alaska who had come to San Francisco for an anime convention. Jay had also learned that they had all met online through a gay social networking site, and had all agreed to meet in San Francisco.

Jay stood up in stretched, making sure to playfully touch his toes and wink at Mynx. Mynx, who had not said a word all evening, blushed a deep red and looked away. The others clapped and giggled, Ewan gave him a slap on the ass. It was Mark who had the idea, that they should all hit a bar or two. Jay, never really much of a drinker, reluctantly agreed. Jay also raised the question of Mynx’s legality and ability to drink, to this Mynx finally spoke up, “I’m a graduate student,” his voice was soft but sweet, almost adorable, “and this is my fourth year, I’m twenty-two.” Everyone was dead silent. Apparently this was the first time Mynx had spoke. Mynx felt all the eyes on him and he quickly looked at the ground, shutting his mouth tightly.

Ewan was the one to break the awkward silence, “well let’s fucking part-ay then!” Everyone smiled and Mark made a crack at Ewan being Irish and always wanting to drink, to which Mark received a kiss. The kiss lasted a few seconds, and evoked a small moan from Mark’s lips. During the embrace Mynx leaned in to whisper to Jay, “they are dating,” a simple yet sufficient canlı kaçak iddaa explanation. This did not bother Jay a bit because he was not interested in either Ewan or Mark; it was Mynx that had caught his eye. The young boy, Jay was only about five years older, ran a hand through his soft hair and looked over at Jay and made accidental eye contact, causing another blush and a quick eye diversion.

Jay laughed, “Get a room you two or save it for later, we have clubs to hit!” Ewan and Mark both laughed but broke their kiss, and settled for holding hands. The quartet made the long walk up the beach, towards a gay bar that was supposedly, by Ewan’s anecdotes, ‘fabulous,’ and not very far. Jay had forgotten all about the horrible morning he had, and all his frustration and tension was replaced by anticipation.

Chapter two

The bar had lived up to everyone’s expectations. It was a small building that sat atop the edge of a pier, practically levitating over the ocean. Outside the building was quite modest but inside was exactly the opposite. Christmas lights stretched over every wall and neon flashed brightened alcohol icons. Inside was packed with bodies, some shirtless, and the small stage hosted female, as well as transsexual, dancers. After being hit on for hours, drinking four Fuzzy Navel’s (Jay still giggled when he ordered one), and dancing tirelessly, Jay decided he needed some fresh air. The bartender told Jay he could go out onto the balcony of the bar which overlooked the water.

Once Jay had taken his drink outside and shut the door behind him he realized he had company. Mynx was sitting on the balcony’s edge and was sipping a small colorful drink with an umbrella. Obviously Mynx had not heard him approach; the bar’s sound system was breaking the sound barrier, so Jay decided to take advantage of the situation. Slamming the rest of his drink Jay felt suddenly brave, probably because that was his fifth drink of the night, and decided to act upon his new found courage accordingly.

Jay slowly crept up behind Mynx and quickly wrapped his arms around Mynx’s small stomach and pressed his mouth to Mynx’s ear, “well hello there.” Mynx almost had a heart attack! He yelped and struggled to get free until he saw that it was only Jay, Mynx offered canlı kaçak bahis an uneasy smile. Jay returned the smile, “Don’t talk much do you?” Mynx shook his head. Jay nodded, “that’s okay.” He leaned in and placed his lips against Mynx’s cool neck, reveling in the taste of the sweet sweat that had begun to form along Mynx’s slender neck. Mynx moaned and blushed, trying desperately to clasp his mouth with his hand. Jay smiled at how red Mynx’s face turned.

Knowing full well that he could now score with Mynx, Jay suggested they go take a walk. Mynx reluctantly agreed.

Sitting on a park bench near the bar, but guarded by trees, Mynx and Jay were slowly kissing. Loving the way the other’s lips felt pressed against their own. Jay leaned in and slowly pulled Mynx’s shirt off. There was little protest. After Jay’s own shirt and his pants had been removed, Mynx leaned down to pull Jay’s thick member out to suck.

Mynx put his lips around Jay’s cock, loving the odd taste of precum, and bobbing his head up and down to try and get Jay in deeper. Jay let out a deep moan and ran his finger’s through Mynx’s hair, urging him to go lower and take him in deeper. “Oh fuck..mmm!” Mynx took Jay’s cock out of his mouth, licking his lips he undid his own jeans and bent over the ebench for Jay.

Lubricated by Mynx’s mouth, Jay pressed his cock to Mynx’s tight little ass. Mynx moaned out in anticipation, leaning back to push Jay’s tip inside of him. “It feels so fucking tight!” Jay moaned out and pressed forward, strecthing Mynx’s ass deliciously with the shaft of his thick manhood. Once he got in as far as his could go, Jay picked up speed and lightly spanked Mynx’s ass. Apparently he liked it. Mynx moaned out louder, “fuck me..fuck me..oh fuck! Faster!”

Jay grabbed Mynx’s hips and began to fuck him good and hard, slamming his hips into Mynx’s ass, thrusting his cock deep into Mynx’s tight ass. It felt so good! Everytime Jay pulled back it was like Mynx’s body squeezed his cock, milking it for his cum. Jay reached around and lightly squeezed Mynx’s stiff cock and started to jerk him off. “Oh fuck I think I’m going to cum!” Mynx shouted out and rammed back on Jay’s cock, “Me too!” Jay came, shooting his thick load depp inside of Mynx’s ass. When Jay came that send Mynx over the edge, cumming all over the bench, spraying it with strands of thick cum.

Jay and Mynx kept in contact for the next few years until Mynx finished with college, meeting frequently and soon were married in Canada.

– Fredrick E. Griffory.

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