A Hot Tub Surprise with Nikki Ch. 03

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Cindy arrived shortly after my conversation with Nikki and I must admit that it just felt different. I was looking at Cindy, knowing that she wanted to have sex with me and knowing that she had already enjoyed sex with my little Nikki. I felt love for Nikki and I didn’t want to share her with anyone but, if Nikki wanted to try a threesome, Cindy was the logical candidate.

Nikki and I went shopping that afternoon and I bought her some clothes appropriate to wear while working in my law office. I took her to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and we enjoyed a slow, leisurely meal. The two hour meal had an emphasis on wine and conversation with only occasional interruptions for salad or pasta.

I had always appreciated Nikki’s intelligence but I had seen her through the eyes of a father. Now, I was looking at her as a man looks at his lover and I was proud to have her by my side. She was witty and creative and she sparkled when she talked on subjects about which she obviously felt passion. She had enough courage to entertain thoughts and adopt ideas that might make her unpopular on a college campus – she was an avowed political conservative – and I respected her independence and the self-confidence which it revealed.

“Nikki, you are such a little darling,” I said. “You know, every man in this place is lookin’ at me and sayin’ to their wife ‘that damn fool’s old enough to be her father’ but what they’re really thinkin’ is ‘I’d like to be that lucky sonofabitch.’ I hope I can keep you entertained and interested.”

Nikki thought for a minute and then replied. “Daddy, there’s a few girls my age in here and they’ve been lookin’ at me. They’re probably sayin’ ‘she’s just fuckin’ him so she can get his money’ but they’re really thinkin’ ‘he could be her daddy; that’s so fuckin’ hot!'”

I smiled. “That’s the nicest lie anyone ever told me.”

“Daddy, you worry too much.” She paused and then added, “I’ve had enough to eat and drink. Now take me home and stick it in me so hard that it pops out my poopy!” She giggled at herself for her combination of dirty sex talk and baby talk.

Without hesitation, I signaled for the waiter to bring me the check and I quickly settled the tab. While riding back to our home, Nikki told me that she really wanted slow, passionate love tonight and she asked me if I liked the missionary position.

“I’d love it with you, honey. Is that what you want?”

“Yeah, Daddy. I wanna see your eyes when you’re inside me and I wanna kiss you when you’re cummin’ inside me. I wanna feel your arms around me, makin’ me feel like the most special girl in the world. College boys don’t get that. All they wanna do is impress you with their supposedly extraordinary skills at oral sex and then do it doggy style ’til they cum. Then they just look at ya like … like they’re waitin’ for a standin’ ovation. All they know how to do is fuck but I want more than that.”

“I’ll give you love, honey … all the love I have,” I replied.

When we got home, we went to my bedroom and Nikki looked as if she was going to rip all her clothes off.

“No!” I said abruptly, but gently, and then I explained, “I’m undressing you tonight. You just stand there and don’t move.”

I positioned myself behind her and reached up to release the clasp on her pearl necklace. I held one end with my right hand while I released the other with my left hand. The loose end of the necklace immediately dropped down into Nikki’s cute little cleavage and I slowly pulled it up until it cleared her neck. I bent forward and placed little kisses on her neck and slowly moved my mouth upwards until I was nibbling on her ear lobe.

“I don’t wanna take a chance on hurtin’ you, so I need you to take off the earrings,” I instructed her. She quickly had the earrings out and she handed them to me. I placed the jewelry on my dresser and then returned to my previous position.

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Are you wearing any underwear?”

“Of course, Daddy, I know you don’t want me leavin’ the house without any underwear on. You’re the only one who gets to see me naked now.”

“Good girl,” I replied.

I reached up and grabbed the zipper tab on the back of her dress. I lowered it about twelve inches and then began pulling her dress aside to reveal the clear, pale skin on her upper back.

“You are a beautiful woman and you need to know that your man appreciates you.” I began kissing the nape of her neck and I put my arms around her waist and held her tight. I bent down and moved my mouth lower along her back, lowering the zipper down to her waist as I continued to shower her body with kisses.

I returned to my normal posture and put my mouth close to her ear. “I’m going to make love to you tonight. I am going to put my seed inside you and then we’re gonna go to sleep with you in my arms and my seed in your beautiful pussy. Is that what my little girl wants?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered.

I pulled the shoulders of her sarıyer escort dress away from her neck and down her arms and the upper half of her dress fell away from her body. I placed both hands on the cups of her bra and pulled her body back into mine. “You make me so hard and so horny, I’d go crazy if I couldn’t have you,” I declared.

I lowered the zipper tab the remainder of its travel and her dress fell to the floor. I bent down and motioned for her to step out of the dress, which she quickly did. I draped the dress over a chair and once again returned to a position behind her.

“Nikki, you’re standin’ here in just your bra and panties and you know a little girl isn’t supposed to let her daddy see her like that … unless she’s tryin’ to be naughty! Are you tryin’ to be a naughty girl?” I asked with a mock accusatorial tone.

“Daddy, I jus’ wanna make you happy. Do you want me to be a naughty little girl?” Nikki seemed happy to be slipping into a little role playing with our adventure.

“You know your daddy wants to make you feel good. What would make you feel good, sweetie?”

“Daddy, I get real excited when you see me naked. Sometimes it makes me get wet … you know, down there, in my … coochie.”

“Is your coochie wet now, little girl?”

“I don’t know, Daddy. Maybe you should feel my … coochie to … you know … see if I’m wet.”

“I’m gonna do that, sweetie, but, first, I wanna see you naked.” I reached up to her bra strap and released the clasps that held it in place. I pulled the straps over her shoulders and she allowed the bra to slide down her arms and to the floor.

My cutie stood before me wearing just her panties. “You’re not supposed to let boys see your little girl titties. They’d probably wanna stick their boy thing in your coochie.”

“Daddy, you’re a man, not a boy. You wouldn’t stick your thing in my coochie, would you?”

“Well … it’s okay to let Daddy do that, ’cause you know Daddy won’t hurt you.” Her nipples were hard and stood out like pencil erasers. “Honey, are your little boobies getting’ cold?”

“I don’t know, Daddy. Sometimes my nipples get hard when I’m cold and they’re real hard right now.”

“Here. I’ll warm ’em up for you,” I offered. I reached around her body and placed my hands on her boobs. Her nipples were hard and I don’t think it was because of the air temperature. I began massaging her small breasts while I held her back against my chest.

“That feels good, Daddy. Will you lick on my titties and suck my nipples?”

“Of course, I will, honey. Whatever makes you feel good,” I answered.

I repositioned myself to stand in front of her and I bent down to take her right nipple between my lips. At first, I just kissed it very lightly, then I started rolling it between my lips. When she started moaning, I started licking on the very tip of her nipple, gradually licking around her areola and then finally sucking it into my mouth.

“Daddy, touch me between my legs!” she said, and I was happy to oblige. I placed the tip of my right middle finger at the top of her panties and then slid it below the elastic band, continuing its descent until I felt her clit. She was definitely wet.

“Honey, you’re absolutely wet. Do you need any help with your coochie?”

“Keep touchin’ me there, Daddy, and … put your other hand in my panties and feel my bum-bum.”

Again, I was eager to please and I slid my left hand down the crack of her ass and I squeezed her butt cheek.

“Oh, Daddy, put your finger inside me!” she begged. I left the firm little bump at the top of her pussy lips and slid my finger down further until I could push it inside her. I felt for her G-spot and began massaging it. She responded by thrusting up and down, fucking my finger and getting more aroused.

“Pull my panties down and lick me, Daddy!”

An army of horses couldn’t have pulled me away from the young object of my pleasure. I knelt in front of her and grasped her panties with both hands. I pulled them down slowly. When her pussy was finally exposed, I leaned forward and covered it in kisses

“Oh, yeah, Daddy! Make me cum!”

I finished pulling her panties down and, as soon as she stepped out of them, I pushed her back onto the bed and my tongue attacked her pussy like a hungry animal being fed raw meat.

I licked her clit, I licked her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and I sucked on her clit. I licked her little anus and then I licked her clit again. I put my middle finger in her and stroked her G-spot while I sucked on her clit.

When I looked up, I saw Nikki playing with her nipples, rolling both of them between her fingers. Her eyes were closed and she was unaware that I was watching her play with her own titties.

She moaned and she panted. She moaned again and managed to say, “Daddy, don’t stop … I’m so close … I’m so … I’m gonna cum!”

When I thought esenyurt escort she was at the point of no return, I moved my little finger between her cheeks and lightly caressed her little pink star. That was all it took.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. I could feel her pussy squeezing my finger in peristaltic spasms, in synchrony with waves of alternating tightening and relaxing of her sphincter. As she started to come down from the height of her bliss, I reached down and drug my tongue across her heinie hole. She started coming again and I lifted her ass off the bed so I could try to push my tongue into her back door.

“Fuck me!” she screamed as she was overcome with another orgasm. “Stop, Daddy!” she demanded.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, concerned that I had done something to either hurt her or offend her.

“Nothing, but … if I cum any more right now … I’m afraid I’ll start peeing in the bed and … it’s been a long time since I did that.”

I chuckled. “I guess that mean’s I did something right,” I boasted.

“Damn, Daddy. I’ve never cum that hard in my entire life. Yeah, you did somethin’ right.” She paused to collect her breath and her thoughts. “Now, cowboy … what can this girl do to make you happy?”

“Well, you said somethin’ earlier tonight about lookin’ into my eyes and makin’ love and that sounds like what I need, too. It’s a bit old fashioned but … how about the missionary position?”

“I might need to pray on that,” she quickly responded. We both laughed. “You gotta get naked, Daddy!”

It took only a few seconds for me to shed my clothes and join Nikki in the bed. “Well, I don’t need any more foreplay to get me worked up, but you just might, so close your eyes and just enjoy this,” Nikki instructed me.

I closed my eyes and could feel that she was changing her position in the bed. I felt her arm on my leg and then I felt a warm, wet sensation envelope my turgid member. I felt her tongue on the underside of my man meat and then I sensed her sucking like a baby sucking a bottle. Suddenly, she stopped.

“I like the taste of your cum, Daddy, but I need you inside me now,” she explained. Nikki rolled off of me and into bed beside me, lying on her back.

I got between her legs and aligned my dick with the entrance to her pussy. I pushed into her and felt the velvet glove engulf my hot member. I stared into her eyes and confessed my love. “Nikki, you’re not just a daughter to me. You’re not just somebody to have sex with. I love you like a father loves his daughter but I love you even more like a man loves a woman. I love being close to you and I hope I can keep you happy for a long, long time. I love you.”

“Daddy, I’ve loved you since I was a little girl. Back then, it was just puppy love but I fell in love with you when I got older. Nobody else ever had a chance with me because they just couldn’t measure up to you and I hope I can satisfy you like a man needs to be satisfied by his woman. I don’t have a lot of experience …and I don’t have much in the boobs department … but I hope I can make up for all that by loving you with every ounce of my body.”

“Nikki, you’re beautiful and I love your boobs. I love your pussy, I love your ass, I love your face, I love your hands and feet, and I love you. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet so don’t worry about being able to hold on to me … ’cause I’m not gonna let you go.”

I bent down and brought my lips to hers. At first, we kissed lips-to-lips but soon I felt her tongue pushing on my lips and I opened them. My tongue probed her mouth while her tongue probed mine; it was as if we were dancing an Argentine tango in our mouths.

She broke our lip lock to tell me, “Harder, Daddy!”

I began thrusting faster, harder, deeper, until I felt I had reached her cervix. “I’m close,” she said. “Cum in me, Daddy!”

She had her legs in the air with her ankles locked together behind me, pulling me into her with each thrust inward. I felt her hard nipples against my chest and her breathing was becoming more shallow and rapid. I felt the gathering storm and the lightening within my body as my ejaculate began to pump out of my stiff rod.

“Cum in me,” she said again, and hearing those words put me over the edge. My cum began pumping through my member and into her waiting womb.

“I love you so much,” I said as I felt the pressure in my testicles being relieved. As my cum slowed down, I also slowed my thrusting until I came to rest with my manliness buried in Nikki’s hot and wet pussy.

“Don’t move. That feels soooo good!” Nikki said.

“I can’t imagine you leavin’ to go back to school,” I said. “I’ll miss you so badly!”

“I know, Daddy, but … maybe I could finish school at the university here instead of going back to USF.”

“I’m not opposed to that, but it’s probably too late for you to try to transfer for the fall semester.”

“Then I could just take off a semester avrupa yakası escort and work in your office until school starts in January.”

“You can’t work in my office full-time for six months and then just leave me. I know you talked about getting a car and then getting a part-time job when you went back to USF in the fall, so how ’bout if I get you a car and you start school here in January and work in my office part-time while you’re in school?” I felt like a teenager with a crush and having those feelings scared me … but I couldn’t hold back from feeling excited about this new relationship. It felt so wonderfully right, even if it was rather unconventional.

“So when do we get married?” Nikki asked.

Suddenly, what we were doing hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t see her facial expression when she asked that question so I didn’t know if she was joking or if it was a serious question. Nonetheless, the very thought of that matter – marriage – took this relationship from a summer romance to something much more serious.

“Nikki, I know how I feel about you and I hear what you are saying about how you feel about me … and I don’t have any reason to doubt what you’re saying. If these feelings last … if we nurture our relationship and it grows … if you don’t get tired of being involved with someone old enough to be your father,” I laughed, “then I wouldn’t have any hesitation about putting a ring on your finger and asking you to share the rest of our lives together … but we need some time to … well, obviously, we know each other pretty well, but … we know each other very well in a father and daughter way, but we don’t know each other very well as lovers and best friends, so … I think we need to give ourselves some time to get comfortable with our new relationship and, maybe six months from now, we’ll know if this is meant to be forever.”

“Wow, Daddy. I actually asked about getting married being, you know, facetious, but … I have to admit that I have thought about it, and … I’m very flattered … and honored … to know that you feel that way and to know that’s what you think about the subject. I think that’s a pretty reasonable approach and … even though I’m a kid, compared to you, you cradle-robber,” and then she laughed, “I don’t need to rush in to things, so … there’s just one change in plans. About that separate bedroom and keeping up appearances … if we can’t be honest with other people about our relationship, then it feels like we’re sayin’ that we’re doin’ somethin’ wrong, and this doesn’t feel wrong to me, so … you’re gonna need to break loose with about half of that closet space in here.”

“You’re absolutely right, my dear. We can’t build a relationship that starts with anything resemblin’ bein’ ashamed of what we’re doin’, so you live in this bedroom and feel free to tell the entire world that you have a new boyfriend.”

We went to sleep with me lying on my back and Nikki snuggled up to me, her head resting on my shoulder. Words cannot convey the feeling of peace and contentment that I felt.

* * *

Nikki started working in my office, answering the phones, doing some filing, and other secretarial functions. My other employees knew Nikki so no explanation was necessary for why she had been hired. To keep it legal, I paid her a paycheck just like my other employees.

About two weeks after she started working, one of the other employees walked in to my office while Nikki and I were sharing a kiss that was obviously not a father-daughter kiss. I called each of the employees in to my office that day and explained that my relationship with Nikki had changed and that, while I didn’t expect to engage in frequent demonstrations of affection, I hoped they would not be offended if it did happen.

I began to have Nikki escort me to professional functions and I introduced her as my girlfriend. My male colleagues either accepted it without comment or gave me a jealous, sly smile. My female colleagues were generally accepting of the situation, although a few did seem to have an attitude of self-righteous indignation. I assured Nikki that these few disapproving souls probably hadn’t gotten laid in 10 years or more and that was their problem.

Nikki told Cindy and Cindy only said that she was jealous of Nikki but she also promised Nikki that she would do everything she could to support the relationship. Cindy became a frequent visitor in our home and, the few times that Cindy and I were alone together, she never did or said anything improper.

In August, Nikki and I went on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. Of course, that meant more shopping with Nikki in advance of our departure. I was delighted to provide luxuries as well as the necessities for my little Nikki. I was thrilled to be the one who took care of my little princess.

The cruise was fabulously fun. Every night that we entered the ship’s dining room arm-in-arm, I could feel the eyes on us, and I’m sure that every man on the ship wanted to be me. Nikki and I had a good time and we vowed to take another cruise soon.

We filed Nikki’s application to transfer to UNF and it was approved as a matter of course. She was a good student and any university would be happy to have her as a member of its student body. She was scheduled to begin classes in January.

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