A Fun Bus Ride Home

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+++ Another one I wrote some years ago and have refined a little since. +++

It had been a long day at work. As usual, I was waiting for the last bus home, in the dark and virtually alone at the bus station. It wasn’t unusual at this time of night to get the bus home and only see two or three other passengers, so there was nothing special about this particular evening.

Or at least not at first.

Presently, the bus arrived and I got on, paid my fare, sat down near the back and started to read the book I’d started in the morning. I’d been so engrossed in the book, and certainly a little tired after the day that I hadn’t noticed that someone was sitting in the seat across the aisle from me.

“Long day at work?” I heard a female voice beside me ask. I composed myself, a little shocked that I hadn’t noticed her, looked up and replied.

“Yeah, same as always really.” I glanced across to see who this was who had joined me. Her hair was dark, shoulder length, brown eyes, smartly dressed, blouse, skirt, jacket. Attractive looking woman, I thought.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Been on my feet all day,” she replied, “no-one told me the rota had changed. If only I’d known…”

I looked down at her long legs towards her feet, and spying her black, heeled shoes intervened “…you wouldn’t have worn those?”, pointing towards her feet as I did so.

“Exactly,” came the curt response.

That seemed to be the end of the conversation, or at least neither of us could think of a next line, so I went back to my book, and she pulled out a magazine. But I found it hard to concentrate. She’d captivated me, and I couldn’t stop glancing at her legs and feet, and thinking how much she’d appreciate a massage. And how much I’d love to give one to her.

The more I looked, the more it kept eating away at me. I desperately wanted to come out and ask her, but couldn’t force myself to do so. Every so often, she’d move her legs a little; I wondered if she was doing it on purpose, to tease me.

No, she couldn’t know what I was thinking. And besides, I’d only been glancing at canlı bahis her, I hadn’t raised my head from my book. No, she didn’t know, she was just trying to get comfortable.

I could see her wiggling her toes in her shoes, trying to reinvigorate her feet after what had been a hard day. I could only imagine what she was feeling, but I guessed she couldn’t wait to get out of her shoes and tights when she got home. I wished I could be at home to see that…or make her take them off before then.

But how? I couldn’t say anything and I couldn’t very well just grab hold of her feet — that would never work. I’d noticed that there was no-one else on the bus, and I wondered if she had. I turned to look out of the window to see where we were.

Still miles from home, plenty of time to go yet. Clunk. Clunk. What was that? I turned, and saw her moving to get out of her chair, minus a shoe. Here was my opportunity, I had to act now or it would be too late.

“Stay there,” I said, “I’ll get it.”

She didn’t say anything, but leaned back in her seat. Now I had her where I wanted. I got out of my seat, put my book down and picked up her shoe. I looked at it, the heel must have been about three or four inches in length.

“No wonder your feet hurt, walking round in these,” I said a little uneasily, “I don’t know how you do it.”

It wasn’t much of a compliment, or a chat up line but at least it bought me some time for my next move, which was to sit down on the chair opposite her, put her shoe back on the floor and slowly pick up her left foot. I brought my thumbs round to the ball of her foot and began to gently massage.

“You don’t want to do that,” she said, “they must really smell.”

“It won’t do any harm,” I countered, “Besides, you might like it.” I knew she’d like it. I knew I’d like it too, but she wasn’t to know that.

“But what about you?” she said, feigning concern.

I just smiled, motioning her to be quiet before placing both hands back on her foot. Her foot was warm, hot even and moist with sweat. I gently worked my way up and down her foot several times, bahis siteleri pressing harder as I went.

After a while, I took hold of her foot, placed it on my lap and took up her other foot, removing her shoe and this time starting from the top of her foot, caressing each of her toes in turn before massaging her sole and heel.

Although her feet were warm and sweaty, they were beautifully soft and I could see how well looked after they were through her tights. Her toes were well defined and looked as good as they felt.

I then took up her other foot so I was holding one in each hand. Supporting her heels with my thighs, I slowly massaged both of her feet, from toe to heel, top to bottom, again, increasing the pressure as she went.

I glanced up at her and could sense she was enjoying having a complete stranger ease the pain of a long day at work. And I was getting increasingly turned on by worshipping her feet. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen as I continued to massage her soft, sweaty, hot feet.

I’d noticed she had abandoned her magazine, and was totally absorbed in what I was doing. I wondered if she wanted me to go on, or stop, or whether she wanted me to do what I wanted to do, and take things a stage further.

I desperately wanted to lick and suck her stockinged feet. I couldn’t stop myself.

As she momentarily closed her eyes, I dropped to my knees, and gently kissed the tips of her toes. I wasn’t sure how she’d react, but she reacted in the best way, she kept her eyes closed, and murmured her appreciation.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, quietly, but it was music to my ears. It was my signal to go on and worship her feet like I’d wanted to all journey. I wanted her to really feel good, so I was going to take it slowly. I kissed each toe in turn, before slowly licking and kissing my way up and down the tops of her feet up to her ankles.

The taste of her sweaty feet was driving me wild by now, and I could feel my dick harden more and more the more I continued. I took both of her feet and placed them over my face, her soles covering my eyes, giving me a real bahis şirketleri noseful of her feet. lifted them a little, and began to lick her heels, slowly at first, before increasing the pace and licking them all over.

I lifted her feet a little more so I could taste her soles. They were so soft to touch, and they tasted so good. I started slowly, kissing before licking and sucking her soles all over and as my tongue reached the gap between her soles and her toes, I was overwhelmed with the feeling I was getting from worshipping her feet and I realised I was now fully erect.

I wasn’t sure if she’d noticed, but I wasn’t about to care. I realised that I’d been at her feet for a short while now, and that she must be nearing her stop.

With that in mind, I moved straight to the tips of her toes. I let one foot drop, resting on my leg, and took hold of her other foot, and closed my mouth over her toes. With the sensation this gave me, I could feel my prick stand to attention and as I gently sucked her third, fourth and fifth toes, she began to move her other foot up and down my leg.

She had noticed my erection, and as I moved to sucking all of her toes on that foot at once she manoeuvred her other foot so she was stimulating the tip of my dick.

I didn’t know if she knew quite how good she was making me feel, but as I sucked harder and harder, she wiggled her toes more and more, making me feel incredible. But then, alas, she stopped.

“Look, I’d love to carry on, but my stop’s coming up. I have to go.”

I felt a pang of disappointment, as I knew I could have sucked her toes all night and she could have made me come for fun with her feet, but I knew that all good, or great, things must come to an end so I reluctantly removed her foot from my mouth, and helped her put her shoes back on.

As we neared her stop, she gathered her things, turned to me and briefly rubbed my dick again, as if she thought I might come for her, but it was too late. I didn’t mind though, I’d come later on whenever I remembered the episode. Many times.

As she left, she said, “Bye then, and thanks. I hope we travel again sometime soon.”

She winked, and disappeared into the night. I never saw her again, and I’d never even known her name. But she’d given me a night I’d never forget.

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