A Friend Indeed Ch. 02

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Her head lifted off my now glistening cock. She rubbed her throat with one hand while she held my cock between her thumb and forefinger. “Wow,” She was still gasping a bit, “it’s big.” For a moment it seemed that she had forgotten me completely. Her eyes were large as saucers locked on my smooth hard prick. She dropped her head back down and began licking at the touch of skin between my cock and balls. Her head resting comfortable on my leg, I could feel her ear pressing against me as her tongue whipped across the sensitive underside of my cock.

She repositioned herself on the couch. My legs out in front of me stretched to the right and left as far as the couch would allow. She positioned herself with her ankles hanging over the edge of the couch. She leaned back, resting her ass on her heels. Her breathing was short and she was getting slightly flushed. “I like it…” She seemed to loose her words before she spoke them, but her hands washed over her body. They seemed to crave the skin beneath her clothes. “The way it feels… when I.” lowered herself down onto my body. “Do you…”

She stopped speaking for a moment. She whipped her hair quickly from side to side. Her long hair flew around her like a tornado. She let her chest roll down. The tips of her hair began touching my cock as they flew around her head. She slowly lifted her back straight again. She pulled her shirt off. I might have wished she did it more slowly, but that fraction of a second is part of my memory forever.

Her breast was a poem made of flesh. They moved the way that angel’s wings would move. I felt myself moving. My body had thrown itself forward; my hands were falling towards her magnificent tits.

Her eyes flashed and her body dropped on mine. She caught my wrists in her hands as she fell and with istanbul escort all of her strength she held me down. Her breasts were pressed against me, the sweat of our bodies mingled and her soft skin floated across mine. She pulled her knees forward onto my thighs and arched her back. Her chest lifted off me until only the tips of her nipples touched my skin. She dropped herself forward massaging my chest with her breasts. My cock twitched wildly in my lap.

She collapsed onto my chest and whispered into my ear. “You wanted to know what a dirty little slut I could be. I’ve got more. I’m the only little whore you’ll ever need. My cunt can never get enough.” She lifted her body up even further and pressed her tits against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked her nipples hard. I bit down on her and she moaned. She stood up and pulled her hips from right to left and she popped the button on her jeans and pulled them off her legs.

She was wearing a little black string of underwear. She spun around, rested her hands on the coffee table and dropped herself into a partial split. “Oh,” she dropped herself onto her knees on the carpet beside the couch and leaned into to whisper to me again. ” And I like to get fucked up the ass.”

I grabber her by the scruff of the neck and pulled her high up onto her knees. “You are a filthy little slut.” She seemed to sigh and moan and her hair pulled tighter against my fist. “You want something don’t you?” I let my fist lead her head down onto my crotch. Her tongue was faster than a snakes. I pulled her just far enough to deny her my cock. “Do you know how to beg?” I asked her.

She got back onto the couch and settled between my legs. She kissed my thigh half way between my avcılar escort knees and crotch. I could feel a tingle washing around her kiss. “Please.” She implored. She moved herself slowly up my leg. Letting her soft hair drag across my skin as she moved. “Please.” She straddled my left leg tightly. I could feel her panties moving across her skin as she grinded aginst my thigh. Her pussy was wet. Her panties had a slick feel in their movements and I could feel the heat of her radiating cunt pressing into me. “Please.” She begged.

“You may.” She collapsed onto my cock again. She licked every inch of my prick getting it wet. She mumbled to herself as she did, even moaning from time to time and she completely covered my cock with loving attention. She took the head of my cock into her mouth as she began stroking the length of my shaft with her hand. It slipped and caught on her hand.

She laughed as she took her mouth off my cock, but kept her left hand on my balls massaging them gently as she took her attention away from the cock. She spit onto her hand and licked across her palm. When she put her hand back on my cock it moved slowly up and down.

She replaced the tips of her left fingers with the tip of her tongue and washed my balls completely. She took each ball into her mouth and rolled it across her tongue. All the while her hand pumped steadily up and down my cock. I was completely incapacitated. Never could I have dreamed…

My balls came out of her mouth with a pop and the swallowed the shaft of my cock again. She moved in a short rhythmic pattern. Her tongue working a small spiraling pattern of it’s own. I reached my hand down and grabbed her hair. She let the slightest touch of my hand guide her mouth and she swallowed my cock şirinevler escort completely again. She bobbed her head like mad. I couldn’t believe the stamina and endurance she displayed. With a steady and deep motion she took my cock over and over again.

Her eyes were clenched in concentration. Then suddenly she broke pattern and flicked her tongue against the underside of my cock. The flicks turned to licks and then her tongue ran from the base of my cock and up to the tip of my penis. She licked to the side, twisting as far as her neck would allow as she continued to worship my cock.

She sat up for breath for a moment and kissed me. “Thank you,” she panted, breathing for a moment before she continued, “I’ve always dreamed about your cock.” When she said the word ‘cock’ there was a glint in her eye. I could only enjoy it a moment before she dropped back onto me, swalling me to the hilt. She forced my cock as deeply as she could into her tiny throat. I could feel her gagging. It was the most remarkable feeling I could every imagine, the muscles in her throat grasped the head of my cock and began massaging it. It wasn’t like a pussy, or like anything else I’ve ever felt before.

I could hear myself vocalizing and my back began to arch. My cum was raising fast in my balls and there was nothing I could do to stop it. She seemed to sense the change in my and increased the intensity of her mind-blowing work. “No!” I grunted and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I pushed her back onto the couch and held her with my left hand while my right worked nimbly to pull every ounce of cum from deep in my body. She was beyond words. She still spoke, but in a nonsense gibberish of filth and desire. It pushed me over the edge. My cum erupted from my cock and splashed across her right cheek. Her head instantly twisted to catch the gooey prize in her mouth. My balls tightened again and again and splashed her with drops of cum all offer her lips and nose.

I melted into the couch and she said…. Well read the end of the first story. This part kind of goes in the middle. I want to hear if you enjoyed this. Was this hot enough for you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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