A Dream Fulfilled

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There were so many reasons why it seemed unlikely. Her life and his life was filled with complications. Time and distance worked against them. Events out of their control conspired to keep them apart but he knew one thing.

He loved her.

Patrick’s flight landed in Florida. He had told her what hotel he was staying at and when he would be there. She made no promises. All he could do was hope.

He drove his rental car across the city and stepped into the lobby. And their she was. Caroline was dressed simply, yet elegantly in the black dress he dreamed about.

All the things he wanted to say froze inside of him. He was moved so deeply that he couldn’t speak. So he walked over to her and kissed her slowly and deeply.

She was fragrant and fresh. Her soft skin was smooth and tanned. He held her so close he was afraid he might crush her and at the end of the hug he halkalı escort lifted her in his arms for another kiss.

He checked into his hotel and asked her to join him. He had no idea how long Caroline had to spend with him; an hour, 3 hours, a day or 3 days it didn’t matter to him.

The entered his room and he opened the blinds to look out on the ocean view. The beach of their dreams was illuminated in the moon glow. It was as if they were living out the dreams they had shared.

Patrick turned and held Caroline tight in his arms. The passion built and it overwhelmed them. Their clothes disappeared as their frenetic kisses evolved.

At last they were naked and nearly entwined.

Patrick lifted Caroline and laid her gently on the bed. He knew one thing that he needed at once. He was on fire to lick that hot wet pussy.

Her lips were şişli escort shaved but her blonde thatch invited him. He knew it was time to taste her essence. Patrick began to give Caroline a pussy licking like she had never experienced. His tongue was like a paintbrush working her sweet bud.

Licking left, right, up, down and sideways, Patrick worked her into a sweet lather, Caroline grabbed his head and pulled him to her core. She was bucking her legs up into his mouth when her first orgasm washed over her.

He quickly rolled over onto his back and Caroline mounted his shoulders. Rolling up his tongue into a ball, she fucked his mouth without mercy.

This climax was so intense she spurted her hot honey all over his lips and and face,

The licking continued for an hour. Patrick didn’t stop until Caroline was sated, She sarıyer escort collapsed and as she rested, Patrick’s cock went to work.

He used the head of his big dick to rub her nub and pussy lips. Back and forth the motion continued until she pulled him inside.

Their tempo started slow and steady. He was fucking her deeper, faster and harder. The rhythm built and grew until the sounds of their bodies smacking together filled the room.

Patrick wanted it to go on forever but her sweet muscles grasped his cock and milked him, His balls tightened and he knew he was going to cum hard.

Caroline placed his hand on her clit and together they worked it as he drove his rod into her, He felt the wave coming and as he shot his warm sperm deep inside her, Caroline came with him.

Caroline eased down Patrick’s body and took his still-hard member into her lips. She tasted their juices and it felt amazing as she was sucking him. She worked him over with her lips and mouth and got him so hard he had to have her once more,

Caroline rode Patrick’s hard cock until they collapsed once more, shaken by their desire.

He never knew it could be so sweet to meet at last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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