A Different Kind Of Fairytale

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The young prince was restless. It was the eve of his twenty first birthday, and in the morning he was due to be wed to Princess Clarissa. It was the last thing he wanted, but he knew that he had to do it in order to save his father’s kingdom.

As he gazed at his handsome face in the mirror he wished that things could be different. His golden curls shone with good health as they cascaded about his shoulders. His jaw was firm and square, perfectly framing the full, sensuous, blood red lips. When the lips parted they revealed perfectly even and white teeth. Above the strong, straight nose his sad blue eyes gazed back at him.

Prince Charming cupped a hand around his royal package. It felt so good through his satin breeches. His cock was his best and constant friend. Life in the royal court could be so lonely; often times the castle seemed like a prison. As Prince Charming tugged on his cock it lengthened and thickened. Suddenly there came a rap on the door. Quick as a flash Prince Charming drew his cape around him.

‘Enter.’ he called out.

The door opened and a household servant entered. He bowed low.

‘Speak.’ Prince Charming commanded.

‘His Majesty wishes and audience with you Sir.’ the servant said.

What could the old man want now? Was it not enough that Prince Charming was going to marry to please his father? His bride was spotty and overweight and a thoroughly unpleasant person; Princess Cuntface, he called her behind her back.

‘Ah, Prince Charming, come in.’ his father cried out when he stood at the door of his father’s private quarters.

‘I believe you wish to see me, Sir.’ Prince Charming said.

‘Yes. I’ve been thinking….as you are doing me a favor by marrying Princess Clarissa I ought to do you one in return. On this the eve of your birthday, and of your wedding, I’m prepared to grant you anything that your heart desires.’ the King said.

‘Anything at all, father?’ Prince Charming’s hopes began to rise.

‘Anything at all, except for a cancellation of your forth coming wedding.’

‘In that case, Sir, I should like to have sex with a man.’ replied Prince Charming.

‘What!’ spluttered his father. ‘Have I heard you correctly?’

‘You heard correctly, Sir. You said that I could have anything that my heart desires.’

‘But you are to be married in the morning.’ said the King.

‘Would you rather I fuck a man after my wedding?’ asked the prince.

‘No, of course not. Who exactly do you have in mind for this abominable act that you so desire?’ asked the King, realizing that it would be best to give the young man what he wanted.

‘Frederick would do nicely.’ replied the prince. There was a lascivious smile on his face now.

‘But Frederick is a gardener, for goodness sake. Could you not at least have chosen a nobleman? I’m told that Earl Kinkyboots shares your tastes.’

‘Only young Fred will do.’ the prince stood his ground.

‘Very well then.’ said the King with a sigh.

The canl─▒ bahis King rang a bell and a servant appeared.

‘Fetch Frederick the gardener.’ he commanded.

Frederick arrived, cap in hand. He was unshaven and still wore his rough woolen work clothes. He went down on his knees, worried that he had done something to upset the King. Only last week the game keeper was caught poaching and lost his head as punishment.

‘My son desires carnal knowledge of you.’ the King told him.

‘Please, your Majesty, I don’t understand you.’ Frederick whispered.

‘He wishes to fuck you.’ the King said, more bluntly.

‘Up the arse, Sir?’ Frederick asked. His eyes seemed to light up.

‘I should imagine so.’ the King said. ‘There will be a bonus of five years wages for you if you agree.’

Frederick started unbuttoning his trousers.

‘Not in here man, in there.’ the King said, indicating his private bedroom quarters with a nod.

A huge grin crossed Prince Charming’s face as he took Frederick by the hand and led him into the King’s luxuriously decorated bedroom. There was probably as much silk, satin and velvet in that room as there was in the whole kingdom.

‘Father, tell the servants to bring hot water. We wish to bathe before we begin our night of bliss.’ Prince Charming said.

The King fumed as he set about arranging this.

When the golden tub was full Prince Charming poured into it a selection of fragrant oils. Poor Frederick was unused to such luxury and stood in awe of it all. In fact he was unused to even taking a bath and consequently was a little whiffy. But Prince Charming had seen the pearl within the dull oyster shell and he would win his jewel from its clutches.

Very gently be began to undress Frederick. He marveled at the young gardener’s strong shoulders and hairy chest. His nipples were two pink buds lost in a thicket of black hair that swirled all over the solid chest and down the flat stomach of this outdoors man. Prince Charming was happy to drop Frederick’s stinky shirt and waistcoat onto the floor. Next he unbuckled Fred’s belt and undid his trousers. He wore no underpants and soon a thick black bush came into view. As Prince Charming lowered the trousers further he caught his breath. A thick and long sausage of a cock hung over a good sized pair of hairy nuts. The man’s solid thighs were covered in more dark fur. In haste Prince Charming spun him around, almost tripping him up, and marveled at the smooth, solid butt. He spread it with his fingers and saw the frosting of dark hair around a little pink hole. It was simply the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and he knew that he would hold onto the memory of its puckered pink perfection for the rest of his life.

The prince’s own nine inch cock was tenting his breeches. Its foreskin had long ago retracted and a wet spot appeared where the head rested against the expensive fabric. He stepped out of his clothes now and invited the gardener to join bahis siteleri him in the tub.

Holding on to Fred’s strong, muscular frame as he washed him down was pure magic. Fred, for his part, was enjoying being pampered, and by a member of the royal family at that. Imagine having a prince of the realm wash your butt. His friend’s would never believe him.

Fred was soon hard, his cock jutting out of the soapy suds. Prince Charming sure knew how to make a man feel good. His hands roamed all over Fred’s chest, tweaking his nipples, stroking his pecs, before sliding down to his cock. A firm hand tugged his cock this way and that. Another hand played with his warm balls. And to think he was being paid five year’s wages for this.

Prince Charming instructed Fred to step out of the bath. He began to dry Fred with a towel of cotton so soft and downy that the poor man had never imagined could exist. Fred’s throbbing hard cock stood at attention throughout. The vigorous rubbing just made him hornier and hornier. There was a smile on his handsome, rugged face now.

Prince Charming sat him down in the King’s own seat and brushed Fred’s teeth. Next he applied a touch of expensive cologne to the back of Fred’s neck and behind his ears.

‘Come and lie down, Fred.’ Prince Charming said.

Fred was happy to oblige. He got onto the bed and pulled the Prince in to his arms. He had often noticed what a handsome man the Prince was turning into. But these were private thoughts that he had to keep to himself. Until now, that is.

‘You’re gorgeous, Your Highness’.

‘Call me Charming. And you’re beautiful yourself.’ Prince Charming replied.

The two young men took each other’s throbbing cocks into their hands as they gazed at each other. Fred sighed. It just felt so good to be doing this, with his Prince, and in such luxury. Prince Charming brought his delicious red lips up close to Fred’s face. Fred knew what he wanted and parted his own lips. Soon their tongues were dueling with each other as they shared their first, furious kiss.

‘Oh Fred.’ Prince Charming sighed. ‘Why do I have to get married?’

‘It’s your royal duty Sir.’ Fred said, with all seriousness.

Prince Charming laughed at this charming creature. If anyone deserved the name Prince Charming it was Fred, the gardener, and not him. He pulled him close and they kissed once more. The Prince’s hand left Fred’s cock and started to roam up his strong back, feeling the muscles moving under the skin. His back and buttocks were surprisingly smooth for such a hairy man. Prince Charming let his hand rest on the solid mound of Fred’s butt.

Fred moved over him, lost in lust, pinning the prince underneath his weight. Their cocks rubbed together, increasing the pleasure they both felt. Prince Charming’s grip of Fred’s butt grew more insistent as he slid his fingers into the heat of the lowly servant’s hairy crack. His fingers teased the delicate pucker nestled deep between those powerful butt cheeks.

‘Oh bahis ┼čirketleri sir! Fred moaned.

‘Lie down on your belly, Fred.’ Prince Charming said urgently.

Fred lay down, as instructed. In a lust fuelled daze the Prince parted his cheeks and buried his tongue deep in Fred’s arsehole.

‘Sir, you’re licking my arsehole!’ Fred yelped, stating the obvious.

On the other side of the door the King turned purple with rage.

‘Yes Fred, and I love it.’ Prince Charming replied, before busying himself once more.

Fred thrashed around on the bed as his prince drove him crazy with delight. He opened his legs wide to allow the Prince full access. And now the Prince was doing something else to him, rubbing some cold cream into his hungry little hole. And it felt so good when the first finger entered him. He squeezed his sphincter muscles around the finger, eager to draw it in. But the Prince took his time, torturing poor Fred until finally he had to beg for what he really wanted.

The Prince’s cock was at its fullest extent. It was a deep red color, there was just so much blood trapped in there. He lubricated the sensitive head and almost shot his load just from that. By thinking about Princess Cuntface he was able to calm down a little and enter Fred. The gardener sighed a long, happy sigh as Prince Charming’s thick salami slid into him. Fred wriggled his hips, welcoming the cock that was about to pleasure him.

Prince Charming fucked slowly, ever so slowly. It almost drove Fred crazy. His breathing was ragged right from the start, every nerve in his body was alive and frenzied. As he fucked, Prince Charming whispered sweet nothings in Fred’s ear, telling him that he was the sexiest man alive. Fred bucked back against his Prince, asking for, no – demanding -more cock. But still Prince Charming kept up his slow rhythm. They fit together like hand in glove. Delicious little noises escaped Fred’s arsehole as the Prince gently fucked him. Finally Fred could stand no more.

‘Fuck me, you dirty slut!’ Fred screamed.

The King had to restrain himself from breaking down the door. But it was exactly what Prince Charming wanted to hear. He immediately switched gear, pistoning his way into Fred’s very relaxed arsehole. The noises grew louder and sloppier. Still Prince Charming increased his thrusting, now and then pulling all the way out before plunging back in. Fred was being fucked to within an inch of his life and he was loving it. The Prince, for his part, was just a machine. And that machine blew a gasket. It could not go on. With a strangled cry the Prince shot his royal jism up the lowly gardener’s arse.

As they lay together in the afterglow Prince Charming fed luxury chocolates to Fred. The you man’s tired arsehole twitched as it came down from its high and he could feel the royal cock cream dribbling out of him. It was a delicious sensation and one that he would treasure as highly as the luxury, pampering and damn good rogering that he had had.

‘Stay with me the night. Fred.’ Prince Charming said.

‘Your wish is my command Your Royal Highness.’ Fred replied, before cupping his hands around the royal jewels.

Daniel Blue

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