A Day At Home Ch. 01

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I didn’t want to go to school. It was a really nice day outside, and I stayed up a bit late. I just didn’t want to go. Luckily, I have some pretty laid back parents. They knew school sucked at times, and I was a good student (in my final year). S so when I said…

“Mum, I don’t want to go to school today.”

“Have you got a test, any assignments due?”

“No. I just don’t feel like going.”

“Oh wow great excuse r-tard”, taunted Sarah.

“Shut it Sarah!”

“Children please. If you don’t have any tests, you can stay home on the proviso you clean the kitchen, your room and vacuum.”

“Maybe I want to go to school then?”

“Your university classes are too important to miss Sarah. Kyle, the decision is yours, I’m off to work.”

“And, unlike someone I know, I’m going to school!”

And that was it. Mum and sis left and I decided to stay at home. Although I wasn’t keen on cleaning, I sort of… well ya see.. I was 18 ok. 18 and single. I was… you know… hanging out for some time with myself and Mrs Palmer. It didn’t take long to straighten up my room, I’m normally pretty neat anyhow. The kitchen was, you know, a kitchen. And I did a half assed job vacuuming so I had the whole thing down by lunch.

It was at this point, though I didn’t know it at the time, that I’d do something that would change the course of my life. My friend, Ryan, had an elder brother Sam. Sam used to tell us all sorts of amazing stories about girls he slept with. I didn’t know if any of it was true, I just liked the fact he had a massive porno collection. Spindles of burnt DVDs of everything you can’t imagine. However just two days earlier, Sam was talking about some drugs.

“Hey bro what are these?” Ryan asked as he picked up some pills.

“Hey put that the fuck down dude that shit’s expensive.”

“What is it?” I asked, as Sam wrestled with Ryan to get his drugs back.

“It’s called V10, it’s some new super drug like Viagra, only way more powerful. Gives you a stiffy for ages, chicks dig it apparently.”

“Apparently?” I asked, confused by his choice of words.

“Yeah well, to be perfectly honest I’ve not tried it yet. I’ve been waiting to try it with Julie but I can never find the time.”

“I bet that shit don’t do nothing. Sam you bought smarties!”

“Shut the fuck up dude. The guy I got it off is legit.”

Insert sibling argument, punch up thingy here. Whilst those two were fucking around, I managed to sneak me 2 pills. It was the reason I didn’t go to school today.

And so, it was lunchtime. I’d just watched the lunch time news and got a boner over the weather chick. I figured it was a good 4 hours ’til Sarah got home from university (which she still called school for some crazy reason). I sat there, in front of the TV with the curtains all pulled and looked at the pills. I’d never taken drugs before and I was a little scared. At the same time, a boner that lasts for such a long time… when would I ever get this opportunity again.

I took both the pills. I already had an erection so I figured why waste any time. I flicked over the channels and caught Daisy Fuentes flogging some exercise gym thingy. That’d do me. Quick as a flash I had my pants down and was going full slather.

Nothing felt different, until I started reaching the ‘end’. I felt ready, I felt like it was going to happen. My orgasm was coming. But it didn’t.


I was sitting on the brink without release. I hadn’t cum. I felt like I was about to, heck I was even making that silly face and my legs got üsküdar escort all tense, but couldn’t go over the edge. So I did the only thing I could. I kept beating off. Harder, faster, quicker. Oh it felt great. It felt like I was about to cum with the force of the Guns of the Navarone, but all I got was a big fat nothing.

I stopped. I had to, I was about to have a heart attack. I was sitting there panting, sweating with this big fat boner staring me in the face. As I calmed down I thought about where to go from here. I’ve had this sort of thing happen before, a boner that wouldn’t go away. It normally happened when I’d been wanking hard a few times in one day though, and not the first time in a few days! Regardless, the only cure, from previous experience, was to get more into it. I decided it was time to start bringing out the big guns.

I jumped down under the TV and started flicking through the DVDs. Not boob spectacular movies like Dead or Alive no, I needed the real hardcore shit. Sarah’s swimming meet 2008

Ok so I had a thing for my sister. Don’t roll your eyes at me! She’s fucking hot. At first I went through all the “oh this is icky and wrong” bullshit that you’re probably all thinking now but these days, I can live with it. She’s a fucking honey and when she’s not being a bitch she can be really quite nice. She’s got the perfect swimmers body; that is, without getting those man shoulders.

Quite a little aqua dynamic hourglass figure. Seeing her in a 1 piece, so tight (to squish her tits in and create less drag) that her nipples are as clear as day. The way that her swimsuit was cut to make it look like her legs when up to her armpits. Oh man….

Fap fap fap fap. Damn she’s hot, but still no orgasm. I sat there for god knows how long, beating off to her (and all her delicious swimming friends). So many honeys with pokie nipples. So much raw sex appeal it’d get a 90 year old off, but alas, not me, not that day. I was getting stressed, and to be honest, my arms (I had switched a few times) were getting tired from all the vigorous pumping. I decided the next step was the internet, for 2 reasons. I wanted some hardcore porn, I didn’t care what. Fisting, vaginal pumping, BDSM, anal, squirting, watersports, whatever. ANYTHING to help me.

But before that I wanted to look this V10 up. I wanted to find out what I had taken and how long it would last. In retrospect, I really should’ve done that first.

All I found, besides the technical mumbo jumbo, was site after site of case studies where V10 had gone bad. Permanent erections caused tissue failure, diesel dick, they called it. Where, in bad cases, the dick might even die off. DIE OFF! Jesus fuck! Emasculation due to permanent stiffy! Oh man, if I ever had a reason to beat off, I’d found it.

I started whacking it like my life depended on it, and as far as I was concerned, it did. I must have spent a good 30 minutes straight going full pelt, and even now, after all this time and all these near misses. Still nothing. My dick was now starting to look like a kid’s knee after a bike accident. Red raw, and blazing hot. I was saturated in sweat and I basically needed to calm it all down. I decided a cool shower might help, if nothing else than to relieve my red hot penis, and I figured a shower wank might be of benefit.

By the time I hit the shower I was so exhausted wanking wasn’t even a thought. But after I stepped out, and I looked down and saw Mr Popsicle staring back, I knew this was still the calm before the storm. I sat tuzla escort on the toilet and, since my right arm was still pretty tired, took to beating off, again, with my left. Fap fap fap. My mind was awash with weather girls, Sarah, hot teens in swimsuits, and fisting videos. I tried to focus on it all and kept going at it, I was zoning. So much so that when I heard the voice yell out “Oh fuck” I wasn’t entirely sure it was real.

It was.

It was the sound of Sarah catching me, butt naked jerking off sitting on the toilet.

“Oh fuck” she yelped as she turned and made a bee-line for the door.

“WAIT!” I yelled out.

Now, I don’t know what I thought I was going to do. In the state of mind, state of panic, I found myself in at that time I wanted Sarah there for moral support. Well that and, if nothing else, I needed her to know that this was a serious wank I was having. It was a medical procedure.

“WAIT!” I jumped and ran past her slamming the door shut. I managed to grab a towel and badly hide my naked form.

“You’ve got the help me!”

“What the fuck?! Move Kyle!”

“Wait no you don’t understand!” I told her, well, most of it. I told her that this was a drug induced stiffy and it wasn’t going away.

“Just shut up you freak! God handle your own problems.” She screeched at me.

“You’ve got to help me.” I pleaded.

“Help you?! What the fuck you want me to do?” You should go to the hospital.

“Are you even kidding Sarah? I’m not going to the hospital with a problem of ‘big fucking stiffy'”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I need your help. I need you to stay in here.”


“Look, sis, I figure any chick standing in the same room as me has gotta help me ‘focus’ on the, pardon the pun, task at hand”

“You sick fuck, I’m your sister.”

“Oh please, I’ve been beating off to you for years.”

Fasten all seatbelts we are in for some turbulence.

“….” said Sarah. The lack of words perhaps even scarier than anything she might’ve said.

“That sorta came out wrong. Look, all I mean to say is you’re a hot body and, well frankly, it’s what guys call spank bank material. Cute tits, nic..”


“You should take it as a compliment”

“A compliment? That my twisted as fuck brother has been beating off thinking about me, not only for the last few years, but, somehow worse, the last few hours! And now wants me to watch so he gets of faster. That about the sum of it?”

What was I going to say? No?

“Ahh yeah, pretty much.”

“You need help, for both your fucking heads.”

“I could lose my dick, Sarah. If I don’t lose my erection, I could REALLY lose my erection. Please.” I was serious. This now wasn’t a fun and games quick jerk to happy land before sleep. This really was getting intense, and Sarah could start to see it.

“You’re fucked you are.” Sarah dropped her bag and went and stood on the bathmat. Just try and keep the sound down. God I feel sick.”

And so I sat back down, now with the added titillation of my sister watching (well not really watching) me jerk off. I figured this time for sure. Sarah was the first to speak a few minutes later.


“It’s not working I just can’t come.”

“Well that’s sorta a relief I am you’re sister after all.”


Woah. That’s where I cracked it. I was now screaming at my sister about thinking about pendik escort her whilst masturbating… whilst masturbating. I started to cry, crying with still the ever mocking erection.

Sarah didn’t yell back, I guess she saw this for what it was. I heard her sigh and maybe say something under hear breath, than…

“Kyle, this better help.”

Sarah took off her jacket. . She looked a little strange, on the one hand doing a sexy strip tease, on the other, her face looked disgusted at what she was doing. Never the less, she started to run her hands up her legs. If I didn’t already have a stiffy, I think I would have got one. When she got to her skirt, she undid the zip along the side, and slowly but surely let it fall to the ground.

Her blue panties were micro small. The term camel toe seem to have been invented for her, and my masturbation speed increased to almost the fastest it had been that day. Whilst I was, I will admit, now staring, salivating, over the sight of my sister’s panties, she was quietly unbuttoning her top. I almost didn’t notice her bra covered breasts until my left arm grew tired and it was time for the right to have a tug.

Sarah had a very distant, distinct, look on her face. She was standing, legs spread, and now had placed her hands behind her head, forcing her chest out. She stood like that for at least 10 more minutes whilst I gave it everything I could. And the result? Nothing. Even now, even after all of this, I still couldn’t come. I broke down. My penis felt like molten rock from the heat and my arms were getting cramped. I didn’t know what to do so I just cried, tears falling on my dick.

“Kyle… Kyle I want you to know, this is purely for medical purposes. And I will never forgive you for this.”

Sarah than picked up a towel off the rack, walked over to me and placed it folded on the ground between my feet. I was still full of self pity that I had failed to comprehend what she was doing. That lasted all of 10seconds.

When her tongue hit the head of my penis, any whimpering I was doing ceased in a heartbeat. Her mouth was like ice to the lava of my dick. The cooling effect in itself was amazing. Within seconds, Sarah had my length in her mouth, her tongue licking out in bursts across my balls. I was getting the first blowjob off my life, and it was from my sister.

This, as the saying goes, was heaven on earth. Actually scratch that, pretty sure you don’t get blow jobs off your sister in heaven. This was amazing. To be honest, if I was to have my dick amputated after that day, I’m not sure I would have cared. Small price to pay. She sucked, licked, and deep throated all at the same time. I don’t know where she learnt to do that, but whoever taught her should win some prize. For the first time that day, my eye started to twitch.

“Ohh I think…” Was all I could manage. Normally when I orgasm, I cum one big burst to start, maybe one smaller one, and then the anything left over sort of dribbles out. Not today. Today it was like all those times I nearly came, were backed up. Today I was a fireman’s hose and my sister’s mouth was about to be the burning house.

I came not once, not twice, but eleven times. Eleven, each one, I’d guess, at least as big as a normal wanks worth. Sarah didn’t for a second take my penis out of her mouth; she kept sucking me and licking my balls so each and every time I came I shot my wad directly down her throat.

When I was done spurting my entire bodily fluids down her, my dick did something spectacular. It went flaccid. Sarah still kept it in her mouth right up to the point it resembled a dried raisin. I pulled out, wiped a few remaining drops on some toilet paper, and slumped back. Relieved and worn out.

“This never happened, never speak of it. And she walked out. As quickly as it had started, and perhaps as surprising as it had started, it had ended.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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