A Couple’s Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 02

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After their first encounter Danielle teased John mercilessly about how horny she was and how if she still had the key to his chastity device she wouldn’t be able to resist sucking him until he came in her mouth or fucking him until he ran out of come. She decided to wear her sexiest thongs under her work clothes and changing immediately when she got home into high heels and skirts because, as she said, she needed to practice walking in them for her date.

John could feel his cock slightly bruising against the metal cage but he couldn’t help straining against it whenever she walked by. His first task of looking for the hottest lingerie for his wife to wear didn’t help any. He looked through pages of sexy women showing off everything from black leather straps to frilly lace pastel toned lingerie that hugged every curve. He decided against school girl plaid numbers or anything roleplay related since they basically already were doing that. After spending far more hours on his search than he was planning, he settled on a matching black bra and thong set that had two extra straps making a pleasurable framework for Danielle’s figure.

That night as John was on his computer Danielle walked into the room in her high heels and this time with their strapon firmly attached at her waist.

“Slave, get on your knees now.” She said, waiting for him to do as ordered. “You embarrassed me with your poor performance today; your new Master told me you weren’t very good at taking his cock. Well now’s the time to practice, show me how you’d go about giving head given the option, no the privilege, again.”

John looked at Danielle’s eyes, hoping there was some spark of a joke in them but he could tell she was dead serious. He entertained the idea of not following her orders, seeing as she no longer controlled his key, but quickly decided she probably had more control over it than he was aware of. He quickly got on his knees and crawled over to his Mistress, opening his mouth for the fake plastic cock about to enter it. He moved his head down on it, immediately tasting the plastic and started moving his head back and forth.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t just start by going at it directly. Start over, but this time tease it a bit. Really run your tongue across it and get to know all of its nooks and crevices. There’s a lot more to sucking cock than just sucking it.” Danielle scolded.

John took the cock out of his mouth and followed orders. He started tonguing just the tip and moved on to running his tongue all across the ridge of the head. He tried to remember how Danielle licked his cock and made his muscles tremble with anticipation of entering her mouth further. Eventually he moved to licking the shaft up and down, getting it wet enough that his hands could easily slide across it. Then he played with the tip, pushing it just barely in his mouth more and more, in and out, until soon he was taking it in to the point of gagging. The maximum amount he could seem to take was ¾ of the dildo, but then Danielle grabbed a hold of his hair and fucked his mouth until the dildo was 95% of the way in. John started gagging again while she rammed it into his helpless throat, until he really pulled back and choked for air.

“See, slave? Just like that. We’ll keep practicing until you get used to it. That was pretty fun! Ugh, you made me so horny though! Since you’ve been such a dear and lubed it up how about you put it on canlı bahis and make me cum all over it. It really is a shame your cock is all locked up by your new Master or I’d fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

John’s cock futilely strained against the uncaring metal device as he gasped for breath, wiping the saliva from his face. He wanted more than anything to fuck his wife right now, but he would have to settle for using a strapon.

Another day passed and John satiated his hornier-than-ever wife with the strapon once again. After she had come she then turned the tables and pegged John in the ass, stimulating his prostate to unbearably new frustrating heights. He would do absolutely anything to get out of that chastity cage and come, but his new Master had his key and wouldn’t even think about coming over until the new lingerie arrived.

The next morning a knock came at the door and the Fed Ex man dropped off the package labeled “next day shipping”. John excitedly texted “Master” in his phone the good news, staring at his phone in excitement. Time moved slowly as John watched his phone eagerly for a text back, but eventually had to go to work.

Another boring day at the office, the routine that was so familiar to him by now moved by slower than ever. In the middle of a morning meeting he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, the vibration of a newly received text message, but couldn’t look at it yet. Today’s weekly meeting went on longer than usual and 45 minutes after the first text John felt another vibration. Seeing no end to the meeting in sight he quietly excused himself to use the bathroom. Pulling out his phone he saw two texts from Master:

“I’ll pick up Danielle at your house at 7:00. We’ll be going to Luigi’s, so make sure she’s on time and looking incredible. I want her to wear your new lingerie under her clothes. Afterwards we’ll come back to your place where you’ll be waiting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom with restraints attached to it. You will be allowed to watch me fuck your wife this time. If you clean both of us up with your tongue and swallow everything when we’re finished you may get a reward I’m sure you’re more than ready for. What is your home address?”

The second text said:

“45 minutes and no response? It looks like you’re not trained very well. The best way to get slaves in line is a punishment. Since this is the first time I’ll go easy on you. From now on you’re not allowed any pubic hair whatsoever. If you are anything but smooth anywhere under your boxers you will not be unlocked for an entire week. That includes surprise visits that I’m sure I’ll make.”

John looked at the second text in despair. He’d shaved his pubic hair before, but knew how much extra work it took to keep smooth. He also didn’t appreciate how boylike it made him look. He was pretty sure that Danielle wasn’t attracted to the lack of any hair there, and that she liked the manly stubble he had on his face and nether regions.

At first he considered telling Danielle that he wasn’t as into this whole cuckold thing as he first thought, it wasn’t fair that Tom got to have this much control over his life, to the point where he would be less attractive to his wife. But then John thought again about how much this idea had initially turned him on. He thought about how Danielle over these past few days had been hornier than ever before in her life. This was exactly what he wanted bahis siteleri before; he might as well at least see it through for a couple weeks.

John replied to the text with the details that Tom wanted. The rest of the day was filled with daydreams of his wife in her sexiest dress going out with another man. He could barely focus on anything else.

That night Danielle got home at 6:20 and John had already picked out her clothes and laid them on the bed, as he was pretty sure who would be in trouble for her not being ready on time. Danielle didn’t regularly wear elaborate makeup, so she dug out her makeup kit from the cabinet.

Danielle slowly stripped out of her work clothes, making sure her breasts popped out from under her shirt as she pretended to get her shirt stuck on her head. John watched as she slowly pulled her pants down, bending over at a 90 degree angle and arching her back so he got a complete view of her marvelous curves. She unhooked her bra, making sure to hold it in place as the straps slipped off of her arms. She turned to John and slowly cupped and massaged each breast underneath the bra, rubbing them and letting out a little moan, with her other arm still holding the bra in place. Then she let it fall, turning around somewhat quickly to bend over once more and remove her thong in a frustratingly slow fashion.

John enjoyed this immensely but couldn’t help but check the clock on the wall. Only 20 minutes left until Tom was supposed to be here. Danielle walked naked into the bathroom and started putting on her makeup.

“Slave, I noticed you’ve picked out my outfit for the night,” She said as she took out the eye liner and started putting a thick coating on.

“Yes Mistress,” John replied.

“And you’re just going to stand there and gawk? You’re not being a very helpful slave.” She said condescendingly.

John immediately went back to the bedroom and grabbed the lingerie, dress, jewelry, and shoes that he picked out for tonight. Danielle was liberally applying mascara when he got back, creating a dark smoky eye effect. She knew that John was a huge fan of the smoky-eyes look.

“You’ll have to dress me, slave, I’m running out of time,” she said, not taking the time to look at him.

John grabbed the dark stockings and moved to put them on her. Danielle lifted her leg and he rolled it up her calves and inner thighs. His hands lingered longingly on her warm, supple skin, but he didn’t have the ability to do anything without his key. And to get a chance at getting his key back he had to do a good job at everything he was ordered. He was planning on meticulously shaving his pubic hair while they were on their date. He slid on the other stocking and then the panties he had bought for her.

It was a strange feeling for him, almost as if he was wrapping a present, a beautiful, delicious present that another man would get to unwrap and use to the extent of his desire. There was a painful frustration in the longing that accompanied that thought, but at this point he was locked in to one of two futures. One of them had his key and one did not.

John’s hands rubbed the curves of Danielle’s ass after slipping the panties on all the way. He sighed as he squeezed slightly.

“HEY!” Danielle recoiled from his touch, “Bad slave! You’re not allowed to touch me on date nights. That’s my first rule and you had better follow it or I’ll make sure your Master just leaves bahis şirketleri your key at his place. If this is too much excitement for you I’ll remove your visual privileges as well. After all, my body is only for Tom tonight, not you!”

John was taken aback. He had never heard his wife talk like this before. She was really taking her role seriously in this game.

“Well?” She said, obviously looking for a response to her last statement.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress. I won’t touch you again without permission, it was stupid of me to do so.” John whimpered meekly.

“Good answer. Hurry up now it’s nearly seven.”

John carefully put the matching bra on his Mistress and latched the clasps without any touching of her skin. Next he grabbed the dress he had picked out, a skimpy black dress that she hadn’t worn in years. Its front dipped almost as low as its back, but it covered the bra straps well enough to not show. Danielle was done putting on her eye makeup, giving her face a dark and sultry look that John never could have resisted. She was now darkening her eyebrows.

Danielle was shorter than average and thin, giving her a dainty elegance that screamed femininity. She didn’t have large breasts, but they were beautiful and proportional to her body, and always perky. In this dress her hourglass shape was accentuated, and the high heels showed off her sexy, toned legs. Danielle’s long brown hair flowed down her back, shining in the bright lights of the mirror. John finished putting on her dress, being very careful not to lose his vision privileges by cupping her breasts or rubbing his hands on her waist. Eyebrow makeup done, Danielle’s face could have been on the cover of any fashion magazine. She was almost done applying lipstick now, a deep red to accentuate the darker tones of her skin.

It was 7:00 and no text yet. John stared at his wife like a dog staring at a raw steak. He couldn’t believe this was happening. It wasn’t too late to stop it now, but at the same time he hadn’t been this excited in years. He could feel his heart beating in his ears, and he ached with longing for his wife. She finished the final touches up and stepped back to look at herself in the mirror.

“Daaaaamn, you did a great job! I don’t think I’ve looked this hot in years. Just think,” she walked over to John, “you could have this all to yourself tonight if you hadn’t shared your little fantasies with me.” She punctuated the last sentence with a firm grab of John’s cock in its cage and balls with her right hand. “But this is exciting isn’t it? I never really wanted to sleep with anyone else before, but ever since you brought up your fantasy of seeing me with someone else I’ve almost been craving it. Maybe he knows things that neither of us do!”

John’s phone vibrated in his pants, which caused his blood pressure to shoot up in surprise. He looked at the text from “Master” that said,

“I’m ready to take your wife out now. Send her off with a kiss because the next time you get to see her she’ll taste like another man.”

“He’s outside,” John said to Danielle. “Have a great time Mistress” he said walking with her to the door.

“Thanks, slave, I expect you to clean the apartment and set up the restraints on the chair in the bedroom while we’re gone. Oh, and you better be sitting in it when we get back, however long that may be, or I’ll make sure Tom doesn’t unlock you.” She said the last part with a wink, and kissed her husband deeply, communicating without words that this was about fulfilling a desire both of them had.

John watched as she walked up to his car, got in, and they pulled out of the driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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