A Celebration Party For Mum

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“This’ll have to be a quick one, dad,” Angela said as she unhooked her bra, allowing her voluptuous tits to swing free and lowered her panties, slipping her feet through them and slinging them onto the floor. “We’ve got to get to the hospital soon and bring mum home.”

“Plenty of time, sweetheart,” said Dennis, removing his clothes to join his daughter in the nude and glancing at his wristwatch, “the nurse said it would be a few hours, like last time.”

“I don’t see why Brett can’t go and fetch her,” replied Angela petulantly as she lay back on the bed and lifted her legs, placing her dainty feet across her father’s shoulders. With her legs spread wide, Dennis had a perfect view of Angela’s exposed cunt which he had had the pleasure of seeing and pleasuring countless times before and his mouth once again drooled as his excitement and his cock grew in stature simultaneously.

“We can all go and fetch her when Brett gets home, sweetheart,” said Dennis, holding his throbbing cock in his hand, his knobhead bobbing in and out of his foreskin, “now, do you want some fun or don’t you?”

“Silly question, dad,” giggled Angela, reaching down to part her labia with her hands, “I never say no to that hot wet tongue of yours.”

Dennis licked his lips as Angela spread her pussy as wide as humanly possible and leaned in across her, reaching out a hand to pinch his daughter’s erect nipples gently between his forefingers and thumbs before lowering his head to suckle the firm tits, tasting each one in turn and proud that he was the one who had been partly responsible for the creation of such a gorgeous beautiful creature.

“Suck them hard, dad,” implored Angela, “like you always do.”

Dennis opened his mouth and took his daughter’s right boob inside while reaching down with a hand to fondle her pussy, his fingers hungrily exploring the folds of skin which were already dripping sex juice. Angela gasped as Dennis worked his fingers inside her red hot cunt while transferring his mouth to his daughter’s left tit and began sucking on it just as hard as he had her right.

“Go down on my pussy, dad,” said Angela, “my hole really needs a good lick.”

Dennis quickly dropped to his knees and lowered his head in the direction of Angela’s sodden twat as he nose-dived into the hot steaming muff. He luxuriated in breathing in the delicacy of his daughter’s womanhood for a few moments and then began to run his experienced tongue along the groove between the two satin-like lips.

“Fuck, dad,” Angela said, sighing with happiness, “if I had a pound for every time you’ve licked my hot pussy, I’d be a millionairess by now.”

Dennis smiled happily, he adored licking his daughter’s cunt. Angela had absolutely no inhibitions and Dennis was quickly transported onto a higher level of horniness as he and the person he and Pamela had brought into the world once again began to make hot sensuous love to each other.

Angela closed her eyes and let out several loud “oohs” and “ahs” as she thrilled to the onslaught of Dennis’s tongue. Her grunts of pleasure grew louder as Dennis, by now absolutely captivated, began to attack her aroused clit as his daughter moved her right hand to cup her tits, still wet with the remains of her father’s saliva, and rub them together while reaching out with her left hand and placing it on her father’s head.

“Oh, you are so beautiful, sweetheart,” Dennis sighed as, after ten minutes or so, he came up for air, the taste of Angela’s juices left behind on his tongue, standing up with his hard cock throbbing proudly in front of him as he swung his arms down by his sides to show himself off to his best advantage.

Angela smiled as she manoeuvred herself round on the bed until she was on her knees, focusing all her attention on her father’s erection, which showed no signs of abating, and his low-slung cum-laden balls. In the six years since Angela’s eighteenth birthday, father and daughter had the chemistry between them off to a fine art and there was no need for Dennis to say anything, Angela knew exactly what he wanted.

“Let’s hope mum will enjoy yours and Brett’s cocks when she gets home, now that she’ll be able to see them better,” said Angela, smiling as her own eyes took in all the details of her father’s amazing appendage, the engorged head twitching with anticipation as it waited yet again to take up temporary residence in her facial orifice.

Angela was now as mesmerised and captivated as Dennis and, without further ado, she opened her talented mouth and swallowed her father’s cock in one long gulp, the long shaft sliding effortlessly over her tongue and the head hitting the back of her throat, making her choke, which was just as she liked it.

“Fucking hell,” came a voice from the doorway as Angela kept up the pressure on Dennis’s cock while wrapping her left hand around his balls and rubbing her tits with her right, “is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

Dennis, trembling with excitement bakırköy escort from another of his daughter’s killer blowjobs, turned his head to see Brett, his handsome sexy son, standing there, having returned from a run, and rubbing a very formidable-looking bulge in the exceptionally skimpy pair of white shorts he was wearing. The young man, so like his father in both looks and cock, cut a very sexy figure what with his divine arse and broad muscular shoulders, manly chest and flat belly which were likewise emphasised by a figure-hugging sleeveless vest, white to match Brett’s shorts.

“Hi, Brett,” said Dennis proudly, pleased as always to see his obsessed-with-sex son and his eyes going straight to the young man’s package, “have a good run?”

“Too right I did, dad,” replied Brett, “and seeing you two’s like this has made me as horny as fuck.”

“I can see that,” grinned Dennis, licking his lips as the tent in the front of his son’s shorts seemed to grow appreciably bigger with every passing second, “why don’t you strip off and join us?”

“Love to, dad,” said Brett, “but don’t you think we should go and get mum? She should be ready for discharge right about now.”

“Of course,” said Dennis. “I’ll just shoot my load and then we’ll head off.”

“Mmmm!” cried Angela, her father’s big cock still embedded deep in her mouth, signifying that, once again, she was only too happy to let Dennis cum his load down her throat.

In spite of his concern for collecting his mother from the hospital, the sight of his father about to explode in his sister’s mouth was too much for Brett. He hurried over from the door and stood next to Dennis, reaching inside his shorts and taking out his aroused prick which was practically an exact match in length and girth as his father’s.

Angela was groaning softly as, seconds later, she was rewarded for her always admirable efforts with several long ropes of thick paternal cream as her father threw back his head and groaned in ecstasy, his legs bucking as he gave his daughter every last drop of his incestuous sperm.

“Yeeeeess!” screamed Dennis as he flooded out Angela’s mouth and Brett increased the pace of his wanking as he watched his sister swallowing as much of their father’s sperm as she could. Large globules were dripping from the corners of her mouth as Dennis pulled his sated cock free and glanced at his son standing next to him, his eyes going straight to Brett’s hard cock which the young man was pumping heavily in his hand.

“Love to fuck you, sis,” said Brett as sweat started to erupt on his brow, “but there’s not enough time, can’t keep mum waiting. You’ll just have to make do with a facial for now.”

“That’s fine by me, bruv,” replied Angela, still savouring the delicious salty taste of her father’s spunk and lifting her face towards her brother while Dennis reached out a hand and began to stroke and touch up his son’s shorts-clad arse, “we can fuck later when mum is home.”

“Sure fucking will, sweetheart,” said Dennis, enjoying the feel of Brett’s bum as he cupped his son’s buttocks in his hand, “maybe this’ll help you cum, son,” he continued, smiling.

Somewhat reluctantly, Dennis removed his hand from Brett’s bottom but his excitement wss still raging as he stooped down and quickly took Brett’s thick pole, sticking sublimely through the right leg of his shorts, his heavy sweat-drenched balls exposed too, into his paternal mouth before his son could even blink.

“Oh, fuck, dad,” Brett gasped, “that is fantastic. My big cock feels so good in your mouth.”

Dennis rolled his eyes upwards to Brett to show his delight at his son’s remark while Angela sat on the bed, watching the hardcore father and son blowjob. She’d seen Dennis and Brett suck each other’s cocks plenty of times over the years – Brett was a year older than Angela, both of them fully consenting adults – and, as usual, Brett’s pleasure was plain to see from the ecstatic look on his face.

Dennis sucked Brett for five minutes, then Angela took over, sucking her brother’s large rod long and hard while Dennis stood back to watch and masturbate. It wasn’t long before Brett signified his approaching orgasm with a throwback of his head while his strong legs protruding from the ends of his shorts bucked, Brett almost losing his balance in the process.

“Here it cums, sis,” said Brett, and Angela quickly let her brother’s cock fall from her mouth as he resumed showing off to his father and sister his masturbation technique. Brett screwed up his eyes as he got ready to drain his boiling balls as he felt them bubble up, the thrill of his latest orgasm zizzling through him with the extra intensity a quickie always delivers as it rapidly approached.

“I’m there!” he cried out triumphantly, seconds later, while Dennis, ever the proud father, knelt down to watch the several thick ropes of cum jettisoning from his son’s proud cock, “take the lot, you little family slut.”

Angela smiled and fingered beşiktaş escort her pussy, giving herself a round of orgasms as Brett tossed himself off, groaning loudly and rocking on his legs as he leaned forward in his figure-hugging vest and shorts, spewing out load upon load of his thick brotherly cum, the first spurt hitting Angela’s forehead and the second her nose. Some of it went in her eyes but Angela didn’t mind in the least, she loved being spunked over and the more sperm her male relatives gave her the better, as far as she was concerned. And thefact that their father was watching made it all the more exciting for the sex-mad siblings.

“Give it to me, Brett,” the world’s number one cumslut said, delighted to be getting a second helping of spunk from her brother so soon after drinking her father’s, “you men are so fucking hot.”

Dennis removed his hand from Brett’s bum and clapped him applaudingly round the shoulders as Angela’s face became more and more unrecognisable under the thick layers of her brother’s spunk which joined as one with the remains left behind by her father. Dennis was immensely proud of his son and daughter in many ways but never moreso than when they were getting it together like this, using and enjoying their bodies to the full, and shooting cum and orgasming like there was no tomorrow.

Angela was still swallowing her afternoon refreshments while Brett stood back, breathing heavily as yet another of his always magnificent orgasms became history as the last ropes of cum slithered out through his piss hole and the vast quantity finally dried up – for the time being, at least. Now that Brett was finished, Angela’s face was completely disfigured, hardly an inch of skin visible through the mass of sticky congealing goo.

“Bloody hell, son,” said Dennis, “you can spunk better than any porn star I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah,” said Angela, smiling as best she could as Brett turned his head towards Dennis and kissed his father on the lips, “and you too, dad. Where the hell you blokes get it all from, I’ll never know.”

Angela didn’t say anything as both Dennis and Brett knelt again before the altar of the family slut’s spunk-disfigured face and sent out their tongues to lick up their own sperm and return Angela’s face to normality. Angela smiled as her soft peaches and cream complexion slowly started to appear again before the men’s eyes.

“I think we should all go and get cleaned up now,” said Dennis, jumping to his feet and followed quickly by Brett, “and then get off to the hospital. Your mum’ll be wondering where we’ve got to.”

“Or what we’ve been up to,” giggled Angela.

“Mum won’t mind us having some fun without her,” said Brett, which they all knew was true. There was no jealousy in the family, they had sex whenever they wanted, even if some members of the club were absent.

Brett and Dennis’e eyes were riveted to Angela’s round naked arse sashaying along in front of them as they made their way to the bathroom. Angela looked over her shoulder and smiled, delighted to see her father and brother ogling and enjoying the spectacular visual delights of her deliciously feminine bum. Dennis was also thrilling to the visual delights of Brett’s arse in his tight jogging shorts.

In the bathroom, Brett quickly stripped out of his running kit and got under the shower jets which Angela had already set in motion. Dennis joined them and they began to soap each other down.

“You can mention the party to your mum,” said Dennis as he rubbed the shower gel over Angela’s tits, “but don’t tell her what we’ve really got in mind, will you? That’s meant to be a surprise.”

“Of course not, dad,” said Angela, “my lips are sealed.”

“Not a few moments ago, they weren’t,” murmured Brett as a mental image of his sister getting a long dose of cunnilingus from their father came to his mind and the three of them chuckled heartily.

“Cheeky sod,” said Angela, affectionately.

“I’m gonna give that hot pussy of yours a nice long lick, too,” went on Brett who, like all of them, loved thinking and talking about sex just as much as actually doing it, “once we’ve got mum home.”

“That’ll be nice, bruv,” said Angela, lifting her face up to the jets of water and washing it of all traces of Dennis’s and Brett’s spunk, “and I hope you’ll give mum’s pussy the benefit of your tongue, too.”

“Too fucking right I will,” said Brett, stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel to dry himself down.

“Are we all going to the hospital, then?” asked Brett, as he rubbed the towel from side to side over his back and shoulders before drying his hair, his cock now at half mast but already beginning to stir again at the thought of having their mother home for a proper family gangbang.

“I don’t see why not,” said Dennis, “let’s get this shower over with,” he went on, as Angela too climbed out and started drying herself, “and then we can get going …”


Forty-five minutes beylikdüzü escort or thereabouts later, with father, daughter and son freshly-showered and now dressed in clothing suitable for the weather, Brett drove into the rain-soaked hospital grounds, parked the car and climbed out. He helped his father and sister from the back seat, then they entered the modern wing of the hospital and started the long trek down seemingly miles of corridors until they came to the ward where Pamela should now be relaxing with a nice – and free – cup of tea.

They gave their names to the receptionist and were directed to the very same room they had collected Pamela from a few months earlier.

Pamela was sitting in an armchair, having changed back into her own clothes after the operation and sipping her tea, the saucer on a table alongside some magazines and newspapers that were at least two years old. The patch over her right eye was enormous, just as the one on her left had been two months or so earlier, covering the whole of that side of her face. Once again, Pamela looked like she had just returned from a war zone.

Through her left eye, Pamela glanced up as her family approached and smiled as best she could at them. “Don’t I look dreadful again,” she said, rhetorically.

“No mum,” said Brett, “you could never look dreadful, even with that patch over your eye.”

“Thank you, darling,” Pamela replied, “the doctors said it was successful again but I’ve got to keep the patch on until tomorrow, just like last time. Bloody cataracts!”

“Come on, honey,” said Dennis, “let’s get you home.”

A nurse came over to them with a long sheet of do’s and don’t’s – even though Pamela still had the rules and regulations at home from her previous visit – and a bottle of eye drops. Then, swallowing the remains of her tepid tea, Pamela was free to go home.

Back in the car, Brett drove with Angela next to him while Dennis cradled Pamela into his arms in the back seat. Brett stared straightahead, trying hard not to allow himself to become hypnotised by the swishing of the windscreen wipers. The rain that had been threatening on their way to the hospital and had begun just as they arrived had now deteriorated, great plods plummeting down and rebounding off the ground from dark oppressive clouds.

“You all right, honey?” Dennis asked his wife, concernedly.

“Of course I’m all right,” said Pamela, regretting immediately her raised tone when her husband was just showing genuine concern for her, “it was only a routine op, they do them all the time,” she finished, lowering her voice to what she hoped was a more reasonable level.

“We were planning a welcome home party for you this evening,” said Dennis.

“A welcome home party?” answered Pamela, her left eye widening before she broke into a fit of the giggles, “I only went in this morning. Anyone’d think I’d been in hospital for months instead of just a few hours.”

“Let’s call it a celebration party, then, for your eye op being such a success,” suggested Brett, his own eyes still firmly on the road as the car made its slow progress through the lashing rain.

“Maybe we should hold the party tomorrow, honey?” suggested Dennis, “if you’re not feeling up to it tonight, that is.”

“Nonsense,” replied Pamela, “I know you men too well, you’re always up for a good fuck and I can see perfectly well out of one eye.”

“That’s great, mum,” said Brett, not wanting to wait until tomorrow for the chance of fucking his beloved mother again, “and think how much better it will be when you’ve got that patch off and can see mine and dad’s cocks and Angela’s pussy better than you’ve done for ages.”

“Can’t wait,” said Pamela, “but until tomorrow I’ll just have to see them out of one eye. Besides,” she went on, “its feeling them that counts,” and everyone laughed.

There was a brief hiatus in the conversation before Angela started talking again, eager to impart to her mother the news of the good time she had had with her father and brother before they went to collect Pamela from hospital.

“Dad and Brett both gave me two very big loads about an hour or so ago, mum,” she said.

“I bet they did,” said Pamela, not in the least bothered that her husband, son and daughter had had a quick threesome without her, “none of you have ever been the sort to let the grass grow under your feet.”

“Only under our arses, mum,” giggled Brett, remembering all the al fresco sessions they’d done in the past on hot summer days when they went to the woods near their home where they knew plenty of secretive little copses to undress and enjoy themselves in. No chance of some outdoor fun on a day like today, however, and as if to confirm the point, the scudding clouds let forth a loud rap of thunder, followed by several quicksilver flashes of lightning as the storm gained momentum.

“You should have seen me, mum,” went on Angela, speaking as soon as the thunder rolled away and warming to her theme, “dad and Brett came so much, I was absolutely smothered. Tasted delicious, too.”

“I know it does,” said Pamela, licking her lips, “I’ve swallowed quite a bit of it myself over the years.”

“Yeah, and I’ve plenty more where that came from, mum,” said Brett, “and the next lot’s all for you.”

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