A Brother’s Memories Part 1

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Thanks to gypsy@endor.com for her assistance in editing our story.

Chapter One:

I can be really stupid, but sometimes, it’s worth it

OK! I know it was a mistake. I should have turned my computer off when I left the house. But I was only going to the market for a moment. Nobody else was at my apartment so I just left the computer on and took off. When I got back home my sister, Monica, was sitting there on the couch. Her face was a little flushed and she was looking at me strangely. I put my stuff away, went to the kitchen, and made us some coffee. When it was done, I got us both coffee and we sat and chatted for a while. She was still looking at me kind of strangely. I started to ask her what was the matter but just about then she said she had to leave. After she was gone, I went back to my computer to continue my work.

As I had suspected, my computer had gone into screen-saver mode while I had been gone. I hit the space bar, picked up my coffee, and was taking a drink when I turned back to the screen. All I could do was stare at the words on the screen and say “AH SHIT.” My hand was trembling and I had to sit down or else fall down. I looked at the door hoping it would open and I would be able to find the words to explain. I looked back at the screen and there at the bottom of the page, I had been working on was just two words. I knew I had not written them, and that left only one person who could have done so, my sister. As I stared at what was written, I knew that my life was never going to be the same again. At the bottom of the last page of the document I had been working on was written the words ‘YOU REMEMBERED!’

I am 51 years old and I live in California near my divorced sister, Monica, and her children, Lisa 20 and Scott 19. I have lived alone for the past 11 years. I am very overweight now, but I used to be in fairly good shape, especially when I left the Army and came back here. I have become a real hermit in the past decade. I don’t have any real, what you would call friends that I hang out with. I have wonderful neighbors and the people I work with are the best but no one to just hang out with except my older sister. I have been married twice and engaged to a third for 5 years. I have never been what you would call a stud, but I had always thought that I was a good lover. My penis is smaller than average and very sensitive; I always tend to cum quickly in my lovemaking. I am also a diabetic and must take insulin shots twice every day. This has affected my ability to get and sustain an erection. With all these things, combined with the fear of AIDS and other sexual diseases, it has been almost twelve years since I have had sex with anyone.

Having lived a good number of my adult years in far away places, I have had some interesting experiences (both sexual and non) in my travels and have been trying to put them to paper for several months. Why, I don’t know except that, I love to read my stories and even though an erection is rare, the excitement is intense. These stories were what I had been working on before that fateful trip to the market. Having Monica find out about my stories and reading what I had written was bad enough; but, I had been in the process of writing about when we d had had our first sexual encounter, together! And now my dear sister knew that I was a fat old pervert.

I was scared, worried, and even excited thinking about what she must be thinking of her little brother. Her words had pointed to the fact that she remembered, also. But did she remember, with the same delight and desires as I did? Or did she see it as a dark and dirty thing that was best forgotten? I turned off the computer and lights and sat in my chair, trying to decide what to do. I had the phone in my lap, and several times I tried to call her and explain, but I couldn’t make the call. I awoke before dawn with the certain premonition that I was never going to forget this day either.

I finally decided that what was done was done and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. I got my fat ass up, took my shower, and went off to work. I was determined to take my medicine and be a man about it. Every time the phone rang I expected it to be Monica calling to tell me what a sick bastard I was. I don’t know how, but I made it through the day.

The first thing I did when I got home was to check my answering machine to see if I had any messages. There were none from Monica and I took this as a sign that I might just survive the day. I had been sweating all day, and smelled like a gym locker and was sticky enough to be a human post-it note. I decided that I really needed a shower, and that if Monica called while I was in there, I would just have to call her back. I put on a CD, kicked-off my clothes, and headed for the shower. After a long scrub and soak I got out and grabbed a towel and started to dry off when I heard Monica calling from the kitchen, “Hey Little brother, may I get you a cup of coffee?” I was totally stunned to say the least. My sister hardly ever comes over without calling first, and istanbul escort has never even came in to my apartment when I was in the shower. If she hears the water running she will just wait outside for me to finish.

“Sure sis, just give me a minute to get dressed.” I hollered back.

I had just pulled on a pair of shorts when she stepped around the corner with my coffee. She was dressed like she had just come from work in a pink silk blouse with a modest skirt and heels. The top two buttons were undone and I could see her warm soft breasts. I felt a stirring in my loins that was a pleasant surprise. But, as pleasant it may have been, the last thing I needed was for Monica to notice I had a hard on. I was trying to concentrate on anything except for how sexy my sister looked and how much I wanted her.

I followed her into the living room with our coffee, watching the sexy way she moved, and trying not to get a hard on. Instead of sitting where she normally does, off to my side on the couch, Monica sat directly across from my easy chair, where I usually sit. As Monica bent over to set her coffee down on the table, I stole a glance, and saw that she was not wearing a bra. Her blouse sagged open and I could see the twin mounds of her full breasts. I had to quickly sit down before the tent, my cock was making, in my shorts was too visible. As Monica sat down and crossed her legs there was just the briefest flash of her upper thigh.

“Well, are we still on for Vegas this weekend?” Monica asked.

“Sure, why not?” I had forgotten all about the trip. Several times a year I take her, and the kids, to Vegas for a getaway weekend. We always have a good time, and there has never been any hanky-panky, even when it was just the two of us.

Monica said, “Lisa has to work late on Friday night so we will have to wait until Saturday morning to leave, if that is ok with you?”

“I hate to lose a whole day but I guess it’s ok”

“Or we could let the kids just come up Saturday morning, then we could go ahead and leave on Friday night, if that’s ok with you?”

The possibilities flashed through my mind. We would have a whole night and morning to be alone together if we went in two cars. Enthusiastically I replied, “That sounds ok. Will they be ok alone Friday night?”

“Rich, they are both responsible adults. They would have moved out already except they are afraid they would have to cook their own meals. So I will pick you up after work on Friday and we can get an early start.”

Several times while we were talking she had crossed and re-crossed her legs, each time giving me a better view of her creamy thighs, as her skirt rode higher up her thighs. There was no way to stop my dick from getting as hard as my mind remembered a time, long ago, when I had buried my face between them. Monica crossed her legs again and I was treated to a view of her lace panties and garter belt, she was not wearing pantyhose tonight.

Monica leaned forward, got her cup, and said, “Could you get me another cup of coffee please?”

I had no choice but to stand up and get her cup, with the entire front of my shorts standing out like a tent. I knew she saw it, and when she didn’t explode in my face, I took it as another sign that I might survive. I took her cup and got her coffee, taking time in the kitchen to rearrange my equipment so it was not so damn visible. When I got back I noticed that another button was undone and as I sat the cup down I noticed that her big brown nipples were hard and poking through the thin material of her blouse. I turned quickly and went back to my chair. We talked about other details and then she got up to leave.

As she got to the door she turned and said, “Oh, Rich, I just finished my last book and won’t have time to go to the bookstore, could you bring something for me to read?”

“What would you like,” I asked in a trembling voice.

“I don’t know, just something you think I will enjoy,” Monica said with a smile, as she turned and left.

After she was gone and I was left there with a raging hard on that desperately needed my attention. I closed the door and did the only thing I could do, I dropped my shorts, grabbed my cock, and jerked off so hard I almost tore it off. After a long night, and a very long day at work I rushed home to move my ‘Reading Material’ to my laptop and pack my bag. About dusk she drove up and beeped the horn.

The trunk was open when I got downstairs, to the car, so I tossed my bag in the back and put the laptop on the back seat, jumped in the passenger seat, and away we went. Monica had on another silky blouse, a red one this time and a dark burgundy skirt, hose and open toed sandals. Normally she wears jeans and a sweatshirt for the drive so I asked her, “Why didn’t you change after work? I mean, you look great but won’t you be uncomfortable?”

“I didn’t have time to change if we were going to beat traffic.” Monica told me, “If I get uncomfortable I can always change when we avcılar escort stop later for dinner.”

“You could have changed at my place.”

“Don’t worry, if I need to I’ll stop and change.”

It was a warm evening and we had the windows open as we headed up to the pass to the high desert. As we drove the wind was blowing her silk blouse against her breasts, no bra again tonight and her nipples were sticking out like bullets. I was enjoying just sitting there and watching her as she drove north along the highway. As I sat there I thought that it was amazing that my ex-brother-in-law would leave this beautiful, sexy woman for an overweight aging Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

As we drove on, the sun setting behind us, I noticed that the skirt she was wearing was the wrap-around kind. I have always loved women in that style of skirt. I find them much more exciting than even a tiny little mini-skirt. As she had been driving for a while, the wind had parted her skirt enough for me to see her legs, almost up to her panties. I knew that she was teasing me, and I loved it. I was determined to wait till she made the first real move. But did I ever want to run my hands up and down her sexy legs. Several times I had to shift my position to keep my dick in a comfortable position. She must have been getting too hot because she had turned the air conditioning on and had aimed the vent right between her legs. She was talking about work and I was having a hard time concentrating on what she was saying, all I wanted was to lay my hand on he leg and tell her how sexy I thought she was. But since she was driving I didn’t want to startle her and have an accident, even though I was about to have one in my pants. After a few more miles, I decided that it was about time to give her a little payback.

“Sis, could you please take the next exit? I said in an urgent tone, “I am not going to be able to wait till we stop for dinner to go to the bathroom.”

“Well, if you insist, I guess I can stop,” Monica said with a grin.

“Thanks sis, I really do appreciate it.”

She took the next exit and pulled over to the side of the road alongside some bushes. I got out of the car and stood a little to the rear of the car, un-zipped and forced myself to take a piss, not easy with a hard-on. I was turned mostly away from the car but I knew that if she looked in her side mirror she would be able to check me out. As I had hoped, when I glanced in that direction, she was staring at my cock in her mirror. I pretended not to notice and calmly shook the last drop off with a quick jerk and slowly put my cock away. As I got back in the car I was able to see that her panties were red silk with lace trim just like her blouse.

A little later, when we stopped for dinner, she said that now she had to go and rushed off to the bathroom while I got a table. She was in there for a long time and looked very flushed when she joined me. We just had a small salad and coffee, because we always went out for dinner after we got settled in our hotel room in Vegas. As we headed back to the car, Monica asked me to drive the next leg so she could rest her eyes. I got back on the freeway and tried to concentrate on my driving. She had undone that third button on her blouse again and I could see glimpses of hard nipples every time we passed a car or truck. She reached into her purse for a cigarette and I saw what looked like a pair of red panties in it. As I drove along she spread her legs and the wind lifted and parted her skirt again. She had let the back of her seat down and was resting, her legs were slightly parted, and I found myself having to restrain my hand from reaching for her again.

We were about an hour out from Las Vegas when Monica sat up and asked,” Is there anything on your laptop I can read?”

I said, “Sure, I keep lots of stuff on it so I always have something to read.”

I felt a real twitch of anticipation along the length of my cock as she twisted around to get my laptop from the back seat. As my sister stretched to reach the laptop, behind her seat, one of her breasts slipped out of the partially unbuttoned blouse. I could see it plainly as she was practically turned sideways in the seat. It took every bit of will power I possessed to keep my hands on the wheel. I wanted to feel the weight of her breast in my hand, and to roll that hard nipple between my fingers. As she fumbled with the laptop it fell on the floor behind her seat.

I said, “Let me get it for you.”

As I reached my arm between the seats, trying to get the laptop, I rubbed her nipple along the entire length of it. She pushed it into my upper arm as I fumbled for the laptop. It felt like a hot bullet was pressing against me. I really was trying to help but all I succeeded in doing was pushing the computer further under her seat. Here I was in a real dilemma, I had reached so far back my head, and mouth, were almost touching her bare breast. Do I turn my head and kiss her beautiful breast, or get the laptop and let her get more excited şirinevler escort reading my stories?

Monica decided for me as she said, “I’ll get it.”

She twisted around in her seat and reached over the back for the computer, and the wind lifted her skirt completely up and gave me a perfect view of her sexy rear end. I quickly adjusted my mirror for a better view, and was treated with to the most excellent view of her shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were all puffy and red, shiny with excitement, and I knew she must have masturbated at the restaurant.

By the time Monica had turned around, I had readjusted my mirror and was paying attention to the road. I was really enjoying the game we both were playing, it was very exciting to almost bring it out in the open (our desires) and then put on another face. She turned on the computer and searched for something to read in the normal document folders. She said the nothing really sounded good and wasn’t there any place else she should look. I gave her the name of the hidden folder where I kept my stories and grinned when she said that there were so many things there to read that she was sure that she would find something to her liking.

Traffic was getting heavy as we passed the Nevada State Line and I had to pay attention to my driving and let her find her own stories to read. I stole a glance as we passed under a light and saw that she had her right breast out of her blouse again and was pinching her nipple as she read my/our story. She was so engrossed that I don’t think that she even knew I was watching, or maybe she did and that was why she was doing it. I knew that this would be a night to remember.

Chapter Two: Who cares who we are? This is Las Vegas

As we pulled into Vegas she straightened her clothes and buttoned up her blouse a little. Turned off the laptop and told me that I really had some interesting material on it. I laughed and pulled into the hotel and parked. Since the kids were coming in the morning I had rented a two-bedroom suite for the four of us. One bedroom was for the Monica and Lisa, and the other for Scott and I. Both bedrooms had their own bathrooms and, there was a common sitting room and a little kitchenette as well. As we unpacked and put our things away I noticed that she had kept the laptop in her room. I chose the bed with the best view into her room and stretched out while she freshened up.

We always hit the casinos for a few hours when we first get in town to test our luck. I was so horny that I didn’t want to even open the door. I assumed that Monica was changing into some safer clothes when she called me into her room to ask where we were eating. She was in the bathroom with the door open a crack so I could hear her. I looked up and could see her reflection in the mirror. She was standing at the sink. Her blouse and skirt off and was freshening her makeup and doing her hair.

What a sight she was, standing there with her beautiful breasts standing proud with rock hard nipples. She still wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see her shaved pussy all puffed and glistening and she was wearing stockings and a garter belt again. I wonder how she knows that I like that. As we talked, and I checked her out, she never made eye contact with me in the mirror but I knew that she knew what a show she was giving. She gave her pussy a squirt of perfume and pinched the lips and slipped into her skirt. Then she gave her nipples a pinch as she put her blouse back on, leaving the extra buttons undone again. As she turned to leave the bathroom I turned my head and looked out the window so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Down to the casino we went, stopping for chips and change along the way. We found a couple of slots that looked promising and sat to play a while. We won some and lost some but every time she won she would hug me and grab my hand and hold it tight. We had a real nice dinner and shared a bottle of nice wine. We usually go see the major production shows on Friday night, when the crowds are smaller. This time she asked if we could skip the show and just call it a night. I agreed and we left the restaurant and headed to our room. When we got there I asked if she would like some more wine, she said yes and I ordered a bottle from room service. After it was delivered, I put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and went to open the wine.

As I was getting the wine ready, Monica went to her room and returned with her small suitcase, handed it to me.

She said, “Take this to your room, and follow the instructions inside, and don’t come out until I call you.”

I handed her a glass of wine and being the good little brother, that I am, I did what I was told. She went back to her room and closed the door. In the suitcase were a pair of cutoff shorts, like I wore one hot summer long ago, along with a white t-shirt, socks and a pair of sneakers. In the bottom of the suitcase was a vintage sex magazine. The instructions were to take a shower, put the clothes on, and wait till she called me. I was also supposed to look through the magazine and pick out my favorite picture. It wasn’t hard to do since the centerfold was a great 69 shot. I heard her shower going while I got dressed and waited for her to call. I had a good idea of how she would be dressed, considering my outfit, but was totally blown away when she did call me.

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